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the most beautiful girl 2008 by erzaerzaerza


the most beautiful girl 2008

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									The period of probation who traveled artist Jane Shalimar has entered the second month
of the ten months imposed by the judges. For the mother of Muhammad Zarno it, there is
no fear at all in carrying out his days, despite its status as an inmate.

"Juice is not scared at all, no one should ditakutin also, here's just more to dissatisfaction.
I'm as victims who have been wronged," said Jane Shalimar when met at the inaugural
board of the Laskar Merah Putih period 2011-2016, at Wisma Maluku, Central Jakarta on
Friday (04/15/2011).

Jane Shalimar joining the CBOs Laskar Merah Putih (LMP), there is a desire to help
ordinary people who have problems like that ever experienced. Through his organization,
tried to donate the experience while providing tangible assistance.

"I'm 10 months probation and 5 months in prison, if you make a mistake. Many have
asked to me 'do you ngelakuin hell is Jane?" This is what I will change. I'm a public
figure can only diginiin let alone a layman, so I want to change it, "said the woman who
served as the Public Relations Society Organizations LMP.

His status as an inmate served in a relaxed, and Jane did not want to cause harm to the

"Trauma does not, Ko relaxed and I do not want to make him (Zarno) feel uncomfortable
and I nunjukin if we fine-just fine," he said.

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