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					Related news that the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), which would revoke the movie
SIGNS ASK for spreading understanding of pluralism in Indonesia, according to writer
and director Damien Dematra it can not. Damien said the MUI had no right to do so
because of different authorities.

"To pull out the circulation of the MUI is not eligible because it was in the realm of the
Department of Film, but maybe the MUI can proscribe it wrote," he said when contacted
by telephone by ™ Thursday (14 / 4).

As coordinator of the National Movement of Pluralism, Damien explains that pluralism
has a lot of flow ranging from religion, culture and other social. In the movie this
TANYA ALERTS Hanung tried to enter the religious pluralism which is still considered
something that is forbidden by the MUI.

"Here the problem so my friends in the MUI see loh kok generalize religious pluralism
snack. So therefore I do not blame Hanung. This is a sermon that is too hard, not
necessarily acceptable to people. So it's more religious pluralism does, it wrote that the
lens of pluralism, "he explained.

Damien added that as well as MUI, the Indonesian people are also still considered taboo
on this and hard to accept.

"Yes to most of the pluralism of society as a taboo.'s Still hard to accept because his
principle, people still think that something that really is the religion itself. While in the
movie, you are shown all the same religion there is no difference now if the problem of
religious pluralism , if all religions just wrote, why we have religion gitu loh, "he

Film director OBAMA DREAM CHILD Kampoeng and explained that in this matter
there is no right or wrong. The problem is people who can digest the premises or not this

"It's about whether our society has been able to digest this, or is it so difficult to digest.
As an activist I would not criticize pluralism Hanung, but side Hanung penyerahkan
could be a prophet, but the other side Hanung must be prepared for the stoning, because
of his attitude which may be too far ahead so you know, "he said

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