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the most beautiful girl 2007


the most beautiful girl 2007

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									Judging by the case of watering to the Agung Kurniawan Annisa Bahar is actually a
mild case and can be settled amicably and family. Annie assess Great little excessive in
dealing with this and seemed to seek popularity.

"Haha .. Alay, son kite. This is not actually there to talk about, but my phone stayed, we
sat down together to talk. If it like this, because I'm nyita time, effort, money. Emang not
pay to use a lawyer, too excessive," Annie said when met at Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta,
Thursday (14 / 4).

Pedangdut known for rocking this broken explains, although he is still in the position of
witness testimony, he was also subjected to acts which unpleasant article.

"Still witness testimony, this article acts which unpleasant, is still limited to that because
there was no criminal act," he explained.

Regrets were reported to the police? "Actually, yes sorry and not sorry, because there are
factors of chance," he said.

If the case proceeds to trial, Annie confessed ready. He also will prepare the team of
lawyers to accompany later.

"Yes please, may I ask, accompanied by a lawyer. Maybe another week I called to
check," he said.

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