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					Although it has been left the acting world that has been digelutinya for 10 years, but
Dian Sastrowardoyo not mean much of the activity in the entertainment world. Instead
these activities are now focused on social activities, conducted through the establishment
of foundations.

December 2009, established the Yayasan Dian Dian Sastro Sastrowardoyo (YDS) with
his biological mother, Goddess Parvati Setyorini, and Wisnu Darmawan. The foundation
has three main focus of activity, namely a positive contribution in the field of education,
women empowerment, and culture of Indonesia.

"This foundation is not just an idea I have. There's me and my friends are initiated. Why
make the foundation just wanted to give back to society," said Dian Sastrowardoyo when
met at the show Discuss Relax About Women in Grand Indonesia, Thursday (04/14 /

Diane invites all people to become agents of change, by participating to make change for
the better, like a flame that gives light to others. Diane invites his closest friends to
support its activities.

"Before the foundation of this we often work together on advertising in the movie. And
we feel have the resources to be able to create networks and provide something that was.
As of 2009 sebarin 14 thousand books in many points," he said.

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