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					The first time the model star Jennifer Bachdim admitted to get jobs as models video clips.
Irfan footballer's girlfriend was a model Bachdim video clips of Christina Aguilera's
song titled Drama.

"Yes, this is the first time I became a model in the video clip, very happy and nice, really
amazing," said Jennifer Bachdim when met on the set of video clips Inn in Kebayoran,
South Jakarta, on Friday (15/04/2011)

Jennifer felt great appreciation for the trust to get it, even while undergoing the scenario
seemed like in the video clip Eminem's song, I Love the Way You Lie.

"The story is probably like her music videos by Eminem and Rihanna, Just The Way You
Lie. I was with a guy, we're here fighting story, but then love each other again, just like it
is," he said with a smile broke.

Jennifer who started his career as a model in Germany and Singapore, are very eager to
develop his career in Indonesia. Bids from Chocolate is a job that had been expected.

"I get this job? ha ... ha ... I do not know why they chose me, I think they just have to ask
to," he said.

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