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Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                Educate           Play

Welcome to Harry’s Toy Box
A great place to source children’s toys and gifts for the little
people in your life.

Harry’s Toy Box offers an extensive collection of educational and
award-winning toys and gifts for children of all ages.

Our collection of quality products has been selected to offer you
an extensive range to choose from and includes puzzles, craft
and art activities, creative workshops, games, books and much
more from quality brands.

Shopping with Harry’s Toy Box is great for birthday presents,
stocking up the present box, Christmas shopping or when looking
for activities to keep the kids busy during holiday time.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection and look
forward to introducing you to some great gift ideas which we
know you will love!

  Toy Party
  So often you don’t really know ‘what is inside the box’ or
  ‘how it works’ so having a visit from Harry’s Toy Box is
  an ideal way to share in the experience on the gifts you
  choose and familiarise yourself with some wonderful brands
  available. Our parties and visits are personalised to suit you
  and your guests. It’s a great way to catch up with friends
  over a cuppa or glass of bubbly and as host you can earn
  great rewards and future discounts. To book a Harry’s Toy
  Box party contact us and we will send your host pack to get
  you on your way.

Our products can be ordered through our toy parties or by phone
or email.

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Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                Educate             Play


  Puzzles for Little
  Hands                                           Farm Jumbo Knob – Eight jumbo wooden              Butterfly 4 Layer – Discover how pieces fit   Fish 4 Layer – Discover how pieces fit
                                                  knob pieces for easy grasping, matching           together and layer the 11 pieces to form a    together and layer the 11 pieces to form a
A collection of beginner puzzles to               picture shown underneath – Age 1+                 colourful butterfly - Age 2+                  colourful fish - Age 2+
encourage hand-eye coordination,                  Melissa & Doug                                    Toys Pure                                     Toys Pure
fine motor and visual perception                  Code: PLH01                  Price: $34.00        Code: PLH07                   Price: $14.50   Code: PLH08                   Price: $14.50

Bear - Pink or Blue – 16 wooden pieces            Ocean Peg - Assorted available Crab /             Garden Peg - Assorted available Bee           Garden Cube – Six sided wooden cubes of
- Age 2+                                          Fish / Turtle / Whale – Each individual           / Bird / Ladybird / Butterfly – Each          friendly garden creatures - Age 2+
Goki                                              puzzle has six colourful wooden pieces -          individual puzzle has six colourful wooden    Janod
Code: PLH09 Pink               Price: $14.50      Age 2+                                            pieces - Age 2+                               Code: PLH13                   Price: $24.50
Code: PLH10 Blue               Price: $14.50      Janod                                             Janod
                                                  Code: PLH11 Price: $14.50 or two for $25.00       Code: PLH12 Price: $14.50 or two for $25.00

Ocean Cube – Six sided wooden cubes of            Animal Mini Puzzle Box – Compact 4 tray           Vehicles Mini Puzzle Box – Compact 4          Construction Site – 12 piece tray puzzle
fun ocean friends - Age 2+                        16 piece puzzle - Age 2+                          tray 16 piece puzzle - Age 2+                 - Age 3+
Janod                                             Melissa & Doug                                    Melissa & Doug                                Melissa & Doug
Code: PLH14                    Price: $24.50      Code: PLH15                  Price: $21.00        Code: PLH16                   Price: $21.00   Code: PLH18                   Price: $14.00

Tactile Puzzle – Jungle – 20 piece floor          Tactile Puzzle – Farm – 20 piece floor            Squirrels in the Forest – 24 pieces – Age     Goldilocks & Three Bears – 24 pieces
puzzle including 8 pieces to explore different    puzzle, including 8 pieces to explore             3+                                            - Age 3+
textures – Age 3+                                 different textures – Age 3+                       Djeco                                         Djeco
Djeco                                             Djeco                                             Code: PLH21                   Price: $28.00   Code: PLH22                   Price: $28.00
Code: PLH19                    Price: $32.50      Code: PLH20                  Price: $32.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                          info@harrystoybox.com                                                     www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                          Educate            Play

Giraffe & Monkey – 24 pieces - Age 3+       Under The Sea – 24 piece tray puzzle -          The Garden – 24 giant pieces – Age 3+      Musical Transport 8-Peg – 18 months +
Janod                                       Age 3+                                          Djeco                                      Janod
Code: PLH23                Price: $32.50    Melissa & Doug                                  Code: PLH27                Price: $29.50   Code: PLH28                Price: $34.50
                                            Code: PLH24                 Price: $19.50

                                                                                             Observation puzzles

                                                                                            Illustrative puzzles of imaginative
                                                                                            designs with images to find around
                                                                                            the border of the puzzle, includes
                                                                                            poster to frame or build puzzle on
Musical Farm 8-Peg – 18 months +            Beep Beep – 24 piece tray puzzle – Age 3+                                                  Farm – 35 pieces – Ages 3-5
Janod                                       Melissa & Doug                                                                             Djeco
Code: PLH29                Price: $34.50    Code: PLH30                 Price: $19.50                                                  Code: PUZ01                Price: $28.00

House – 35 pieces – Ages 3-5                Jungle – 35 pieces - Ages 3-5                   Knights – 54 pieces – Ages 4-6             Princess – 54 pieces – Ages 4-6
Djeco                                       Djeco                                           Djeco                                      Djeco
Code: PUZ02                Price: $28.00    Code: PUZ26                 Price: $28.00       Code: PUZ03                Price: $28.00   Code: PUZ04                Price: $28.00

Pirates – 100 pieces – Ages 5-7             Dance – 100 pieces – Ages 5-7                   Horse Riding – 200 pieces – Ages 6-8       The Assault – 200 pieces – Ages 6-8
Djeco                                       Djeco                                           Djeco                                      Djeco
Code: PUZ05                Price: $28.00    Code: PUZ06                 Price: $28.00       Code: PUZ07                Price: $28.00   Code: PUZ08                Price: $28.00

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                   info@harrystoybox.com                                                 www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                           Educate            Play

                                              Illustrative puzzles

                                             For boys and girls of all ages

Fashion – 500 pieces – Ages 8+                                                               Dinosaur Playground – 35 pieces - Age 4+    Travelling Princess – 36 pieces –
Djeco                                                                                        Ravensburger                                Ages 4+
Code: PUZ09                 Price: $34.00                                                    Code: PUZ27                 Price: $17.00   Janod
                                                                                                                                         Code: PUZ10                Price: $32.50

Covered In Stripes – 36 pieces – Ages 4+     Funny Zebra – 36 pieces – Ages 4+               It’s Party Time – 36 pieces - Age 3-5       Princess Procession - 36 pieces – Age
Djeco                                        Djeco                                           Djeco                                       4+
Code: PUZ11                 Price: $28.50    Code: PUZ12                 Price: $28.50       Code: PUZ29                 Price: $28.00   Janod
                                                                                                                                         Code: PUZ30                Price: $32.50

Animals - Ice & Safari – 2 x 36 pieces -     Mermaid Sparkle - 30 large pieces –             Abracadabra – 52 pieces – Age 5+            Ice Skaters – 52 pieces – Age 5+
Ages 4+                                      Puzzle size 50 x 40 cm                          Djeco                                       Djeco
Janod                                        Galt                                            Code: PUZ15                 Price: $28.50   Code: PUZ16                Price: $28.50
Code: PUZ13                 Price: $36.50    Code: PUZ40                       $34.00

Fire Engine & Construction – 2 x 54          Horse Riding & Ballet – 2 x 54 pieces -         5 Continents – 54 pieces - Age 5+           Children of the Oceans – 54 pieces – Age
pieces - Age 5+                              Age 5+                                          Janod                                       5+
Janod                                        Janod                                           Code: PUZ19                 Price: $34.50   Janod
Code: PUZ17                 Price: $36.50    Code: PUZ18                 Price: $36.50                                                   Code: PUZ31                Price: $34.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                    info@harrystoybox.com                                                  www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                            Educate             Play

Race Track Wooden Floor Puzzle – 60           Ocean – 100 piece – Ages 5-7                      Unicorns World – 100 pieces – Age 6+              Princess Secrets – 100 pieces – Age 6+
large wooden pieces to construct a circuit    Djeco                                             Ravensburger                                      Janod
floor puzzle, comes with two cards to zoom    Code: PUZ20                  Price: $34.50        Code: PUZ32                     Price: $24.50     Code: PUZ33                   Price: $34.50
around! Puzzle Size 60x90cm. Age 4+
Code: PUZ28                  Price: $65.00

Riding in Woods Glitter – 100 pieces –        Among the Dinosaurs – 100 pieces –                Acrobats – 200 pieces – Age 7+                    Invitation to Travel – 200 pieces – Age
Age 6+                                        Age 6+                                            Djeco                                             7+
Ravensburger                                  Ravensburger                                      Code: PUZ22                     Price: $28.50     Djeco
Code: PUZ34                  Price: $24.50    Code: PUZ35                  Price: $24.50                                                          Code: PUZ23                   Price: $28.50

Space Mission – 100 piece – Age 6+            Giant Map of the World – 300 piece &              Giant Animals of the World – 300 piece            Giant Solar System – 300 piece & poster
Janod                                         poster – Age 7+                                   & poster – Age 7+                                 – Age 7+
Code: PUZ36                  Price: $34.50    Blue Opal                                         Blue Opal                                         Blue Opal
                                              Code: PUZ37                  Price: $28.50        Code: PUZ38                     Price: $28.50     Code: PUZ39                   Price: $28.50

  Craft for Little

  Collages, Colouring,
  Painting & Lacing                           Collages for Little Ones – A fun and lovely       Collages for Small Monsters – A fun and           Finger Tracks – Use little fingers to paint
                                              quality collage kit with a bear, bunny and        lovely quality collage kit with little monsters   these fun animals with spots, dots and
                                              other cute animals to dress, includes four        to dress, includes four cards and materials       stripes, includes eight cards, eight paint
                                              cards and materials to decorate with step-        to decorate with step-by-step booklet -           colours and step-by-step booklet - Age 4+
                                              by-step booklet - Age 4+                          Age 4+                                            Djeco
                                              Djeco                                             Djeco                                             Code: CLH04                   Price: $39.00
                                              Code: CLH02                  Price: $32.50        Code: CLH03                     Price: $32.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                      info@harrystoybox.com                                                         www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                               Educate              Play

Finger Debbing Fun – Use little fingers to       Paint Make & Play - Castle – Paint the             Paint Make & Play - Fairy House – A              Lace Up Cards - Animals – These
paint to detail these fun designs, includes      wooden castle, then simply construct.              sweet wooden fairy house ready to paint and      delightful designs sets contain three large
eight cards, eight paint colours and step-by-    Includes paint, brushes and four fun charac-       construct. Includes paint, brushes and four      fun cards to thread, includes pierced cards,
step booklet - Age 4+                            ters for imaginative play - Age 4+                 fun characters for imaginative play - Age 4+     colourful hanks of wool, threading needle
Djeco                                            Fiesta Crafts                                      Fiesta Crafts                                    and step-by-step booklet - Age 5+
Code: CLH05                   Price: $39.00      Code: CLH06                    Price: $28.00       Code: CLH07                    Price: $28.00     Djeco
                                                                                                                                                     Code: CLH08                   Price: $32.00

Lace Up Cards - Wooden – These                   Birdz Velvet Colouring – Easy to colour            Animalz Velvet Colouring – Easy to colour        10 Felt Brushes - Classic – A set of 10
delightful designs sets contain three large      velvet picture, includes five fun designs -        velvet picture, includes five fun designs -      double-tipped felt brushes
fun cards to thread, includes pierced cards,     Age 4+ (pens sold separately)                      Age 4+ (pens sold separately)                    Djeco
colourful hanks of wool, threading needle        Djeco                                              Djeco                                            Code: CLH12                   Price: $13.50
and step-by-step booklet - Age 5+                Code: CLH10                     Price: $9.50       Code: CLH11                     Price: $9.50
Code: CLH09                   Price: $32.00

Discover Colours – Understand
the concept of mixing colours to
create new colours and decorate
these gorgeous designs. Includes
eight pictures to complete, four
paints, brushes and mixing pallets
and step-by-step booklet - Age 5+
Two designs available.
                                                 Hide & Seek Discover Colours                       Chirp Chirp Discover Colours                     The Little Drawing Kit – Kit contains
                                                 Djeco                                              Djeco                                            12 coloured pencils, 12 crayons, pencil
                                                 Code: CLH13                    Price: $39.50       Code: CLH14                    Price: $39.50     sharpener and paper - Age 3+
                                                                                                                                                     Code: CLH16                   Price: $14.50

Colouring House of Fun – Transport               Colouring House of Fun – Garden                    Jumbo Colouring Pad – Jumbo colouring            My Blackboard Chalk Mat – A compact
Includes a 2.5 metre illustrated picture to      Includes a 2.5 metre illustrated picture to        pad with 50 fun designs, two styles available.   and portable blackboard mat to take on the
colour and decorate with stickers. Comes         colour and decorate with stickers. Comes           Melissa & Doug                                   go! White chalk included - Age 3+
with multi-coloured crayons – Age 4+             with multi-coloured crayons – Age 4+               Code: CLH19 Pink               Price: $11.50     Seedling
Tiger Tribe                                      Tiger Tribe                                        Code: CLH20 Blue               Price: $11.50     Code: CLH21                   Price: $23.50
Code: CLH17                     Price: $9.95     Code: CLH18                     Price: $9.95

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                           info@harrystoybox.com                                                       www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                               Educate              Play

My Nature Press – Kit contains complete          Crayon Rubbings – A 34-page booklet                 Totally Tape – A booklet filled with pages     The Mini Collage Kit – Kit contains mini
nature press with nuts, cardboard and            to design with different rubbings of stars,         ready to be taped! Includes four rolls of      pompoms, feathers, matchsticks, rhine-
instructions                                     swirls, waves and other textures. Comes             colourful paper tape. No scissors required)    stones, glitter and craft glue - Ages 4+
Seedling                                         complete with eight different plastic rubbing       - Age 4+                                       Seedling
Code: CLH22                   Price: $24.50      textures, coloured glitter crayons and multi        Chicken Socks                                  Code: CLH25                  Price: $24.50
                                                 wand crayon. Age 4+                                 Code: CLH24                   Price: $17.95
                                                 Chicken Socks
                                                 Code: CLH23                   Price: $17.95

Make your Own Paper Doll Friends – Kit           Giant Art Jar – A giant bucket full of              Shaped Note Pad – 6 styles to choose           12 Pencils Tin Tube – 3 styles to choose
contains boy & girl paper doll shapes, felt      fabulous craft, includes collage materials,         Kimmi Junior                                   Kimmi Junior
shapes, feathers, combination crafts, glitter    pom-poms, feathers, glue, scissors, sequins,        Code: CLH28                    Price: $7.50    Code: CLH29                  Price: $12.95
glue pen, craft glue, coloured pencils, felt     pipe cleaners and much more – Age 5+
sheets - Age 3+                                  Alex
Seedling                                         Code: CLH27                   Price: $39.50
Code: CLH26                   Price: $27.50

Bobble Pen – 3 styles to choose                  12 Pencils Tin Tube – 3 styles to choose
Kimmi Junior                                     Ninja Warrior
Code: CLH30                     Price: $8.50     Code: CLH31                   Price: $12.95

  Creative Design

  Stamping, Stencils &
  Mosaic                                         Geometric Shapes Stamps – Recognise                 Potato Heads Stamps – Lots of funny            Mischievous Girls Stamps – Decorate
                                                 shapes whilst decorating these illustrated          features to add to these potato head il-       these delightful faces using your own imagi-
                                                 prints – includes 20 prints to decorate,            lustrations – includes 20 illustrated prints   nation - stamp boxed set includes 20 illus-
                                                 stamps, inkpads and booklet of ideas -              to decorate, stamps, inkpads and booklet of    trated prints to decorate, includes stamps,
                                                 Ages 3-6                                            ideas - Ages 3-6                               ink pads and booklet of ideas – Age 5+
                                                 Djeco                                               Djeco                                          Djeco
                                                 Code: CD01                    Price: $35.00         Code: CD02                    Price: $35.00    Code: CD03                   Price: $32.00

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                          info@harrystoybox.com                                                       www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                Educate             Play

Magical Dresses Stamps – Decorate the             Desert Stamps – Create desert scenes              Robots Stamps – Robots of any design           Knights Stamp & Stencil Set – Create
magical dresses with flowers and other pretty     with camels, trees and other designs -            - stamp boxed set includes 20 illustrated      your own scenes with these knights, drag-
shaped stamps - stamp boxed set includes          stamp boxed set includes 20 illustrated           prints to decorate, stamps, ink pads and       ons and castle themed stamps and stencils,
20 illustrated prints to decorate, stamps, ink    prints to decorate, stamps, ink pads and          booklet of ideas – Age 5+                      includes 10 illustrated cards to design,
pads and booklet of ideas – Age 6+                booklet of ideas – Age 6+                         Djeco                                          stamps, ink and stencils - Ages 6-10
Djeco                                             Djeco                                             Code: CD06                    Price: $32.00    Djeco
Code: CD04                     Price: $32.00      Code: CD05                   Price: $32.00                                                       Code: CD07                   Price: $34.50

Princess Stamp & Stencil Set – Create             The Garden of My Doudou Stamps –                  Princess Stamps – Princess, peacocks           Knights Stamps – Fiery dragons and all
your own scenes with these sweet princess         Create a beautiful garden of happy flowers        and a pumpkin carriage, create your own        things knights - includes stamps, inkpad and
themed stamps and stencils, includes 10           and birds - includes stamps, inkpad and           scene - includes stamps, inkpad and booklet    booklet – Aged 5+
illustrated cards to design, stamps, ink and      booklet – Aged 4+                                 – Aged 5+                                      Djeco
stencils - Ages 6-10                              Djeco                                             Djeco                                          Code: CD11                   Price: $20.00
Djeco                                             Code: CD09                   Price: $20.00        Code: CD10                    Price: $20.00
Code: CD08                     Price: $34.50

Elves – Create a magical picture with these       Cute Little Ones – Perfect for leaving            Super Hero – Little super hero stamps          Dragon Stencils – Five fiery dragons
whimsical elf-themed stamps – includes            a message or creating a scene of cute             come to the rescue – great to colour in -      stencils to trace and colour - Age 5+
stamps, inkpad and booklet – Aged 5+              big-eyed elves and other funny creatures          includes stamps, inkpad and booklet – Aged     Djeco
Djeco                                             - includes stamps, inkpad and booklet –           4+                                             Code: CD15                   Price: $15.00
Code: CD12                     Price: $20.00      Aged 5+                                           Djeco
                                                  Djeco                                             Code: CD14                    Price: $20.00
                                                  Code: CD13                   Price: $20.00

Mosaic - Lion & Whale – Art-by-number             Mosaic - Flowers – Art-by-number mosa-            Sweet Things Stamps – Endless pos-             Sweet Things Stamps
mosaics includes two colourful designs            ics includes two floral designs to decorate       sibilities with these cute stamps - includes   Tiger Tribe
to decorate with adhesive foam squares -          with adhesive foam squares – Ages 6+              four stamps and two colour inkpads. Three      Code: CD26 - Apple           Price: $11.95
Ages 6+                                           Djeco                                             designs available.
Djeco                                             Code: CD17                   Price: $20.00        Tiger Tribe
Code: CD16                     Price: $20.00                                                        Code: CD25 - Bird             Price: $11.95

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                          info@harrystoybox.com                                                      www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                               Educate             Play

Sweet Things Stamps                              Way Cool Superhero Stamp & Sticker                 My First Mosaic – Create five colourful           Zoom Zoom Mosaic – Create a fleet of
Tiger Tribe                                      Set – Kerpow! Create your own superheros.          mosaics (bus, butterfly, city, dinosaur & fish)   vehicles with these five mosaic designs.
Code: CD27 - Hearts           Price: $11.95      Set includes stamps, stamp pad and 3               with triangle and square stickers on pre-         Includes large stickers of all shapes and col-
                                                 sheets of stickers                                 printed picture boards - Age 3+                   ours on pre-printed picture boards - Age 3+
                                                 Tiger Tribe                                        Alex                                              Alex
                                                 Code: CD28                   Price: $14.95         Code: CD29                      Price: $18.50     Code: CD30                     Price: $18.50

                                                   Origami & Stickers

My Pretty Mosaic – Make five sparkling                                                              Origami Animals – Includes six pre-printed        Origami Faces – Includes six pre-printed
mosaic pictures, includes large stickers                                                            animal designs to fold and an assortment          face designs to fold, includes booklet - Age
of all shapes and colours on pre-printed                                                            of funny stickers for detail, includes booklet    4+
picture boards - Age 3+                                                                             - Age 4+                                          Djeco
Alex                                                                                                Djeco                                             Code: CD19                     Price: $15.00
Code: CD31                    Price: $18.50                                                         Code: CD18                      Price: $15.00

Origami Planes – Includes twenty pre-            Origami Bird – Simple origami folding,             Small Wings Stickers – 160 fairy,                 Covered in Stripes Stickers – 160
printed origami planes to construct, includes    includes 24 decorative papers and stickers         hummingbird, butterflies, dragonflies and         funny animals stickers covered in stripes of
pilot stickers and guide – Age 7+                - Age 5+                                           dandelion puff themed stickers - Age 3+           multiple colours - Age 3+
Djeco                                            Djeco                                              Djeco                                             Djeco
Code: CD20                    Price: $17.50      Code: CD40                   Price: $15.00         Code: CD21                       Price: $5.00     Code: CD22                      Price: $5.00

Pirate Stickers – 160 stickers of all things     1000 Stickers – A collection of 1000               Create with Stickers – Lady of Circles            Create with Stickers – Sunset
pirate! - Age 3+                                 stickers to create and enhance any birthday        – Create a gorgeous picture by decorating         Create a gorgeous picture by decorating
Djeco                                            card or craft project - Age 3+                     the printed card with stickers. Includes one      the printed card with stickers. Includes one
Code: CD23                     Price: $5.00      Djeco                                              design, sticker sheets and booklet - Age 6+       design, sticker sheets and booklet - Age 6+
                                                 Code: CD24                   Price: $24.50         Djeco                                             Djeco
                                                                                                    Code: CD32                       Price: $9.50     Code: CD33                      Price: $9.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                         info@harrystoybox.com                                                          www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                              Educate              Play

Fancy Dress Paper Dolls – Small cards           Babushka Stickers – Gorgeous glittery                Stickers Pics – Decorate the pre-designed       Stickers Pics
with characters to dress with stickers –        Russian doll design stickers                         cards with stickers – Age 4+. Three designs     Tiger Tribe
Age 6+                                          Seedling                                             available.                                      Code: CD37 Transport          Price: $11.95
Djeco                                           Code: CD35                      Price: $5.50         Tiger Tribe
Code: CD34                     Price: $13.50                                                         Code: CD36 Pretty & Pink Price: $11.95

Stickers Pics                                   Sticker Dolly Dressing - Ballerinas and              Way Cool Stamps & Stickers - Robots
Tiger Tribe                                     Dolls – Hundreds of stickers to dress the            – Set includes stamps, stamp pad and 3
Code: CD38 Animals             Price: $11.95    characters for occasions to get the balleri-         sheets of stickers
                                                nas and dolls looking their best! Age 5+             Tiger Tribe
                                                Usborne                                              Code: CD41                     Price: $14.95
                                                Code: CD39                    Price: $20.00

  Creative Design
  Felt Brushes

                                                With Flowers Felt Brushes – Four lovely              Exquisite Orient Felt Brushes – Four            Little Elf Felt Brushes – Four poetic little
                                                oriental illustrated designs to detail and           exquisite pictures with belly dancers, magic    elf pictures to detail and colour, includes
                                                colour, includes double-tipped felt brushes          carpets, gardens of birds and floral designs    double-tipped felt brushes and step-by-step
                                                and step-by-step booklet - Ages 7-12                 to colour and add delicate detail, includes     booklet - Ages 7-12
                                                Djeco                                                double-tipped felt brushes, and step-by-step    Djeco
                                                Code: CDF01                   Price: $32.00          booklet - Ages 7-12                             Code: CDF03                   Price: $32.00
                                                                                                     Code: CDF02                    Price: $32.00

Small Russian Scenes Felt Brushes –             Spring in Acid Colour Felt Brushes –                 Art Nouveau Felt Brushes – An amazing           Fantastic Dragons Felt Brushes – Four
Pretty russian dolls and other illustrated      Lots of butterflies, flowers and pretty girls        design set with lots of spirals, circles, and   detailed dragon illustrations to colour
designs to colour and detail, includes four     to detail and colour with these four designs,        other interesting shapes and colours to         using felt brushes. Includes guide booklet -
designs, double-tipped felt brushes and         includes double tipped felt brushes and              add to create four very detailed beautiful      Ages 7-14
step-by-step booklet - Ages 7-12                step-by-step booklet - Ages 7-12                     art nouveau designs. Includes felt brushes,     Djeco
Djeco                                           Djeco                                                stickers and gold pen - Ages 9-15               Code: CDF07                   Price: $42.00
Code: CDF04                    Price: $32.00    Code: CDF05                   Price: $32.00          Djeco
                                                                                                     Code: CDF06                    Price: $45.00

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                         info@harrystoybox.com                                                         www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                   Educate                 Play

Draw Knights – Includes four illustrated
designs to colour with felt brushes. Includes
guide booklet - Ages 7-12
Code: CDF08                      Price: $42.00


                                                     Printed Paper & Colour Crayons – There                      Atelier Gouache Workshop – Create                 Abstract Pastel Workshop – Learn
                                                     are four illustrated pieces that require a per-             lovely poetic paintings, with elf-like            about colour depth whilst creating little
                                                     sonalised touch. Detail the birds, animals and              themes - includes four illustrated designs,       house-themed abstract artworks – includes
                                                     other images to finalise the artworks - includes            pre-punched sheets, gouache pots, brushes,        four designs, gel pastels, and booklet -
                                                     four working sheets, watercolour crayons,                   glue stick and booklet - Ages 9-15                Ages 9-15
                                                     printed papers, glue and booklet - Ages 9-15                Djeco                                             Djeco
                                                     Djeco                                                       Code: CW02                      Price: $42.00     Code: CW03                      Price: $44.00
                                                     Code: CW01                         Price: $36.50

Watercolour Workshop – Create spectacular            Drawing Patterns – Design the exquisite                     Watercolour Design Pencil Workshop –              Aurelia’s Oil Pastel Workshop – Create
watercolour pictures, theme designs include          illustrated cards with felt brushes whilst                  Four pretty designs to decorate with depth        four beautiful oil pastel designs. Includes
underwater creatures, frolicking horses, lion in     learning the art of designing motifs -                      and colour. Includes punch-out sheets,            punch-out sheets to colour, coloured pastels
the water, bird garden – includes four designs,      includes 32 cards, templates, felt brushes,                 coloured watercolour pencils and easy to          and easy to follow guide - Ages 9-15
punch-out shapes to paint and detail, watercolour    design cards and step-by-step booklet -                     follow guide - Ages 9-15                          Djeco
paint set, brushes, glue and booklet - Ages 9-15     Ages 9-15                                                   Djeco                                             Code: CW10                      Price: $42.50
Djeco                                                Djeco                                                       Code: CW09                      Price: $38.50
Code: CW04                       Price: $36.50       Code: CW05                         Price: $44.00

Design and Paint your Own Photo                      Make your Own Recycled Paper – Make                         Draw Star Wars: Clone Wars – Learn to             Paint your Own Russian Dolls – Person-
Frame – Create a special from for a special          your own unique paper by recycling use paper.               draw 20 different Clone War characters –          alise your very own stacking Russian dolls.
memory and decorate your own unique                  Go green and get creative. Kit contains pine pa-            starting with stick figures, moving on to basic   Kit contains Russian doll family, set of acrylic
photo frame. Kit contains a chunky 5x7 inch          permaking frame, craft glue and brush, coloured             shapes and finishing detail. Includes black       paints, brushes, design template, coloured
photo frame, 12 acrylic paints, brushes and          tissue paper, foil, confetti pieces, leaf skeletons,        marker, double-tipped metallic coloured pen-      pencils and instructions - Age 7+
instructions - Age 5+                                pulp strainer, glitter and instructions - Age 7+            cils, mechanical pencil and eraser. Age 8+        Seedling
Seedling                                             Seedling                                                    Klutz                                             Code: CW14                      Price: $59.95
Code: CW11                       Price: $42.50       Code: CW12                         Price: $54.50            Code: CW13                      Price: $29.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                                  info@harrystoybox.com                                                              www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                 Educate              Play

Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab: Super                 Twirled Paper – Thirty projects with step           Kimmi Junior Activity Journal – A                    Ninja Warrior Activity Journal – A crea-
Scien-triffic – Create invisible inks, floating    by step instruction are detailed throughout         creative journal full of drawing, colouring          tive journal full of drawing, colouring and
eggs, milk patterns, balloon tricks and much
more. Colouring and entertaining manual            this book. Comes with over 100 brightly             and design activities to complete. Includes          design activities to complete. Create your
also including interesting facts that cover        coloured paper strips, twirling wand, and           gorgeous Kimmi Junior stickers and scenes            own Ninja Warrior with stickers (included)
the what’s, why’s and how’s? All that you          decorative googly eyes and glue. Age 10+            to decorate.                                         Ninja Warrior
need to be a real scientist! - Age 7+
                                                   Klutz                                               Kimmi Junior                                         Code: CW18                     Price: $19.95
DK                                                 Code: CW16                    Price: $29.95         Code: CW17                       Price: $19.95
Code: CW15                     Price: $38.50

  Stitch, Sew &
  Other Projects to

                                                   Knitting Ladybird – A sweet wooden                  My First Sewing Kit – Everything you need            Stitching Cards - Two designs available –
                                                   French knitting set, comes with four                to get sewing straight away, includes pre-cut        Create a beautiful glittering piece of textile
                                                   coloured yarns, knitting needle and instruc-        patterns, coloured embroidery thread, fabric,        art - includes three pieced cards, thread, se-
                                                   tions – Age 4+                                      measuring tape, pins, thimble and much               quins and spangle to sew, threading needle
                                                   Toys Pure                                           more. A great beginner sewing kit all in easy        and step-by-step booklet – Ages 8-12
                                                   Code: SS02 Ladybird            Price: $9.50         to store suitcase – Age 7+
                                                                                                       Code: SS03                       Price: $39.50

Witches Stitching Cards                            1001 Nights Stitching Cards                         Create our Own Sock Toy – Create a new               21 Things to Do with Fabric Buttons –
Djeco                                              Djeco                                               friend who just might be a little crazy – it could   Fabric covered buttons in four designs and
Code: SS06                     Price: $32.50       Code: SS07                    Price: $32.50         be a bunny, a monster a monkey or anything           21 ideas for what you can do with them!
                                                                                                       you want it to be! Kit contains 2 x colourful        Seedling
                                                                                                       socks, cotton stuffing, thread, needles, scissors,   Code: SS11                     Price: $14.50
                                                                                                       buttons, felt sheets and instructions - Age 4+
                                                                                                       Code: SS10                       Price: $42.00

Made by Me Book – A stitch-by-stitch               The Mini Bead Kit – Kit contains stretch            Create your own Bejewelled Key Rings                 Giant Pipe Cleaner Party – Curl, bend and
guide to sewing, knitting, appliqué and            cord, wooden beads of all colours, shapes           – Kit contains assorted beads, clear cord,           twist with these 120 fluffy, poufy and striped
embroidery for children from award winning         and sizes and ribbon - Age 5+                       suede look cord, key rings and instructions          pipe cleaners. Includes projects to make and
author Jane Bull. Includes lots of inspiring       Seedling                                            - Age 6+                                             instruction book – Ages 4+
projects to design and create.                     Code: SS13                    Price: $24.50         Seedling                                             Alex
DK                                                                                                     Code: SS14                       Price: $24.50       Code: SS15                     Price: $26.50
Code: SS12                     Price: $19.95

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                            info@harrystoybox.com                                                             www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                Educate              Play

Create a Wooden People Family – Kit               Urban Robots Paper Toys – Five paper                  Create your Own Windmill – Kit contains        Rolobox – Is a reusable set of wheels and
contains wooden doll family, colour pencils,      robots to make, pop out the images, fold              windmill card, colour pencils, straw, wooden   brackets that can be fitted to any cardboard
felt pieces, fabric, craft glue & thread - Age    and stick - Age 7+                                    stem - Age 4+                                  box with the chunky nuts and bolts provided.
4+                                                Djeco                                                 Seedling                                       Can be removed from the box for the next
Seedling                                          Code: SS17                     Price: $12.50          Code: SS18                    Price: $14.50    cardboard masterpiece! – Ages 4+
Code: SS16                      Price: $38.50
                                                                                                                                                       Code: SS19                    Price: $13.50

Makedo - Robot – An award winning                 Lego® Crazy Action Contraptions –                     Lego Brickmaster – Book contains 140
creative construction set using recycled          Includes 16 projects to construct that spin,          lego bricks and two mini figures to make up
materials. Comes with a set of connectors         stretch, speed or otherwise spring into               to 8 models separately Age 7+
for creating things from the stuff around         action. Includes step by step diagrams.               DK
you - Age 7+                                      Age 7+                                                Code: SS22                    Price: $39.95
Code: SS20                      Price: $14.95     Code: SS21                     Price: $34.50


A collection of fun and simple games
to enjoy for children aged 3+.
For the older kids, we also have a                Stacking Chairs – A stacking and balanc-              Balancing Donkey – A fun balancing game        Travelling Bingo – A fun and easy begin-
                                                  ing chair game that is different every time it        to see how high you can stack the donkey       ner game. Spin the dial, find your animal
selection of award winning and best
                                                  is played. Stack the 45 colour wooden chairs          before his load comes tumbling down.           and match it to the shape on your card
selling games from Orchard Toys,                  in any configuration without tumbling them            Compact travel game – Age 5+                   – Age 3+
Ravensburger and Think Fun                        over – Age 3+                                         Toys Pure                                      Djeco
                                                  Goki                                                  Code: G04                     Price: $13.95    Code: G05                     Price: $26.50
                                                  Code: G03                      Price: $34.00

Chess in a Box – A compact wooden chess           Charades Kids on Stage – A fun and                    Bright Buttons Game – A fun board              Fantastick – Wooden sticks in different
set in a box, ideal for travelling – Age 6+       creative game to encourage confidence and             game that includes fun physical challenges,    lengths are used to create lovely designs.
Djeco                                             develop communication skills. Compact tin,            increases general knowledge, encourages        Includes design cards - Age 5+
Code: G10                       Price: $28.50     great for travelling - Age 3+                         literacy and numeracy skills. Age 4+           Djeco
                                                  University Games                                                                                     Code: G13                     Price: $28.50
                                                  Code: G11                      Price: $17.50          Code: G12                     Price: $32.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                           info@harrystoybox.com                                                         www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                               Educate                Play

Balancing Ladders – A clever game of             Wash & Dry Bingo Game – Pick your                         Lottino – Dick Bruna Game – Silhoutte          Barnyard & Savannah Due Suitcase – A
                                                                                                                                                          multi-game wooden set that includes two
balance and skill to see who can stack the       washed clothes from the bingo bag and                     and picture lotto game for developing skills   games - Barnyard Memory and Savannah
most wooden ladders before they tumble -         hang them to dry. 1- 4 players. Age 3+                    in shape recognition, concentration and        Dominoes. Barnyard Memory features farm-
Ages 4+                                                                                                    problem solving. Includes six double-sided     yard images and can be used as a memory
                                                 Alex                                                                                                     game or puzzle. Savannah dominoes are
Goki                                             Code: G15                        Price: $27.50            cards 1-6 players Ages 3+
                                                                                                                                                          double-sided and feature African animals
Code: G14                     Price: $24.50                                                                Ravensburger                                   and numerical dots and colours. Age 3+
                                                                                                           Code: G16                     Price: $29.95    Janod
                                                                                                                                                          Code: G17                     Price: $32.50

Four in A Row – Play vertically, horizontally    Invasion of the Bristlebots – Comes with two              Make N Break – Race against time to build      Shopping List – Be the first to fill your trol-
or diagonally to get four in a row!              mini robots that zoom, spin and skitter around.           as many wacky structures as you can. 2 - 4     ley with all the items on your shopping list. A
Feva Games                                       The book is full with ideas for games and activ-          players. Age 6+                                fun memory game! Age 3+
Code: G18                     Price: $18.00      ities to race these little spinning robots against        Ravensburger                                   Orchard Toys
                                                 each other. Includes punch-out walls to construct         Code: G20                     Price: $39.95    Code: G21                      Price: $24.95
                                                 a bristlebot maze and much more – Age 8+
                                                 Code: G19                        Price: $29.95

Junior Rush Hour Game – Shift blocked            Rush Hour Traffic Game – Shift blocked                    Zingo – A fun matching game using
cars and buses to weave out of gridlock.         cars and trucks to weave out of gridlock.                 pictures and words. Watch for your tiles and
Engages on problem solving skills - Age 6+       Includes 40 mind challenging card with                    be the first to fill your card. Age 4+
Thinkfun                                         solutions. Age 8+                                         Thinkfun
Code: G22                     Price: $24.95      Thinkfun                                                  Code: G24                     Price: $29.95
                                                 Code: G23                        Price: $29.95

  Early Learning

Stacking, hammering, sorting and
shaking… ideas for infants and
toddlers to explore                              Magnetic Stacker – A wooden magnetic                      Hammer Pegs – A solid wooden hammer            Magnetic Rocket – Zoom to the moon
                                                 stacking man consists of eight easy to hold               bench with three colourful pegs and            with this fun wooden rocket to make from 6
                                                 colourful stacking pieces. Height 21 cm –                 hammer – Age 3+                                removable magnetic pieces – Age 3+
                                                 Age 1+                                                    Toys Pure                                      Janod
                                                 Goki                                                      Code: ELT03                   Price: $16.50    Code: ELT04                    Price: $29.50
                                                 Code: ELT02                      Price: $31.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                             info@harrystoybox.com                                                          www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                              Educate              Play

Magnetic Plane – Up up and away with            Magnetic Helicopter – Spin, rotate and                Stacking Milly Mouse – This colourful            Recycling Truck – A solid wooden truck
this fun wooden plane to make from 8            fly high in the sky with this fun wooden              mouse 12 piece puzzle is great for develop-      to introduce children to recycling. Includes
removable magnetic pieces – Age 3+              helicopter to make from 5 removable                   ing stacking, problem solving and sorting        two removable men, two wheelie-bins,
Janod                                           magnetic pieces – Age 3+                              skills - Age 2+                                  removable roof, sorting trays and 16 pieces
Code: ELT05                   Price: $29.50     Janod                                                 Goki                                             of colour-coded rubbish. Age 3+
                                                Code: ELT06                    Price: $29.50          Code: ELT11                    Price: $36.00     Janod
                                                                                                                                                       Code: ELT12                  Price: $105.00

Wooden Boxed Play Sets – Vehicles – A           Wooden Boxed Play Sets – Airport – A                  Confetti Giant Wooden Xylophone – A              Confetti Musical Set – Musical set
compact and portable play set to take on        compact and portable play set to take on the          15-note giant wooden xylophone, includes         includes recorder, 8-note metal xylophone,
the go. Includes three vehicles, roads and      go. Includes two airplanes, one helicopter,           two drumsticks – Age 3+                          two castanets and tambourine – Age 3+
connectors to create hours of fun on the go.    runway track, helicopter landing and connec-          Janod                                            Janod
Finely crafted from plantation forest wood.     tors to create hours of fun on the go. Finely         Code: ELT15                  Price: $105.50      Code: ELT16                   Price: $42.50
Age 3+                                          crafted from plantation forest wood. Age 3+
Tiger Tribe                                     Tiger Tribe
Code: ELT13                   Price: $55.00     Code: ELT14                    Price: $55.00

Mix N Stack Farm – Nine chunky double-          Shape Box – Introduces colour matching                Roller Ball Run – Includes three colourful
sided wooden bead to stack on a frame,          and shape sorting. There is also a lever to           balls to roll down the ramp. Helps baby
stimulates problem solving while improving      pull and wheel to spin - Age12 months+                understand cause and effect - Age12
manual dexterity - Age 2+                       Tolo                                                  months+
Alex                                            Code: ELT18                    Price: $39.50          Tolo
Code: ELT17                   Price: $26.50                                                           Code: ELT19                    Price: $36.50

  Imaginative Play

                                                Dress Up Mice or Bears – Dress these                  Wooden Bear Family Dress up – A                  My Little Zoo – A great little wooden zoo
                                                two flexible wooden characters with a                 wooden boxed set which includes 45 mix           consisting of 220 pieces and includes
                                                gorgeous selection of cute little outfits that        and match pieces to assemble Mama, Papa          animals, people, trees, fences and a shop
                                                can be mixed and matched. Assists with fine           & baby bear. Includes clothes and facial         – Age 3+
                                                motor skills – Age 3+                                 expressions, great for story telling fun – Age   Goki
                                                Toys Pure                                             3+                                               Code: IP04                   Price: $109.50
                                                Code: IP01 Bears               Price: $42.50          Melissa & Doug
                                                Code: IP02 Mice                Price: $42.50          Code: IP03                     Price: $28.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                          info@harrystoybox.com                                                          www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                            Educate              Play

Farm Animal Set – Twelve wooden farm          Castle Building Set – A wonderful set                Honey Baking Set – Wooden baking set             Honey Bake Oven & Hob Set – For the
animals – Age 3+                              of 145 solid beech wood blocks to build a            includes food mixer, rolling pin, interchange-   serious chef, set includes 4-ring hob with
Goki                                          fortress or castle for endless hours of play         able cupcakes, velco swiss roll cake and         spinning knobs, saucepan and kitchen
Code: IP05                   Price: $36.50    – Age 3+                                             other accessories for the enthusiastic little    utensils, frying pan with egg & bacon, oven
                                              Toys Pure                                            chef – Age 3+                                    that opens, pizza with toppings and tray and
                                              Code: IP06                     Price: $69.50         Le Toy Van                                       other accessories – Age 3+
                                                                                                   Code: IP07                     Price: $99.50     Le Toy Van
                                                                                                                                                    Code: IP08                  Price: $145.00

Magnetic Ice Creams – Wooden magnetic         Birthday Tea Party – Brightly painted                Wooden Crepes – Create a selection of fun        Wooden Pizza – Create a fun pizza with
ice-cream set with six ice cream balls,       wooden tea set with accessories to                   crepes with these wooden ingredients and         these wooden ingredients and menu cards,
scoop, two cones and base – Age 3+            celebrate birthdays and tea parties –                recipe cards – Age 3+                            pizza box and paddle – Age 3+
Santos Toys                                   Age 3+                                               Djeco                                            Djeco
Code: IP09                   Price: $32.50    Djeco                                                Code: IP11                     Price: $32.50     Code: IP12                    Price: $49.00
                                              Code: IP10                     Price: $69.50

Wooden Barbeque – Design you own bbq          Slice & Bake Cookie Set – Colourful                  Baby In Basket – Wrap and tuck her into
skewer or follow the menu cards and sizzle    wooden set includes 12 sliceable cookies             the basket and when she wakes she’s ready
way! – Age 3+                                 and 18 toppings, knife, spatula, cookie sheet        for a change. Includes removable nappy and
                                                                                                                                                    Code: IP15 Baby Chloe         Price: $42.50
Djeco                                         and kitchen mitt. Stores in a durable dough          pyjamas for lots of fun play. Age 12 months+
Code: IP13                   Price: $52.50    tube - Age 3+
                                              Melissa & Doug
                                              Code: IP14                     Price: $36.50

                                              Sally Dress-Up Doll – Sally comes with six           Pastry Set – A little box full of yummy          Electronic Cash Register – Ching Ching!
                                              complete cotton outfits to change over and           treats for all those endless tea parties!        Coloured lights flash when credit card is
                                              over again - Age 3+                                  Includes six wooden pastries and decorative      swiped, includes play money and credit
Code: IP16 Baby Zoe          Price: $42.50
                                              Toys Pure                                            paper doilies. Age 4+                            card. Age 2+
                                              Code: IP17                     Price: $21.50         Djeco                                            Tolo
                                                                                                   Code: IP18                     Price: $28.50     Code: IP19                    Price: $35.00

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                        info@harrystoybox.com                                                         www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                 Educate              Play

Superhero Starter Kits – Instant                   Make your Own Twirly Tutu – Create a                The Little Store Designed by Me – Start          The Junior Postman Mail Kit – Write and
Superhero! Includes a super shiny red              beautiful twirly tutu to dance the day away.        your own corner shop, to play in with friends    deliver snail mail, complete with your own
velcro-strapped cape, masks, wrist shields         Includes punch-out wings, crowns and                and sell anything you like! Includes stickers    cute letterbox and delivery bag. Kit contains
the lots of stickers to accessorise their super    shoe toppers to complete the costume. No            to decorate your store.                          wooden mail box, twelve stamps, eight sheets
outfit. Age 4+                                     sewing required. Age 4+                             Seedling                                         of letter paper & envelopes, 12 coloured
Chicken Socks                                      Chicken Socks                                       Code: IP22                     Price: $58.50     pencils and canvas delivery bag - Age 3+
Code: IP20                     Price: $18.50       Code: IP21                    Price: $18.50                                                          Seedling
                                                                                                                                                        Code: IP23                    Price: $49.50
                                                   We also sell the latest range of Le
                                                   Toy Van Doll Houses, Pirate Ships
                                                   and Farm Yards – for pictures and
                                                   pricing contact us.

I’ll Write you a Postcard – Kit contains six
postcards and coloured pencils - Age 5+
Code: IP24                       Price: $8.50

  Magnetic Play

                                                                                                                                                        Magnetic Costume Book – Boy or Girl –
                                                   Boxed Set Geoform – Stored within                   Magnetic Tangram – A selection of                Create a cowboy, nurse, astronaut and many
                                                   a double-sided magnetic wooden case                 magnetic shapes to create many colourful         other characters from these magnetic pieces
                                                   contains 42 colourful wooden magnets and            tangrams and designs, stored within double-      made from thick board. Case includes 32
                                                   24 cards to create fun designs. A great way         sided magnetic case, includes 42 magnets         magnets and eight costumes to design -
                                                   to learn about shapes – Age 4+                      and 6 cards full of designs. Great for           Age 3+
                                                   Djeco                                               travelling - Age 3+                              Janod
                                                   Code: MP01                    Price: $54.50         Janod                                            Code: MP03 Boy                Price: $34.50
                                                                                                       Code: MP02                     Price: $34.50     Code: MP04 Girl               Price: $34.50

Magnetic Vehicles Book – Create with               Doowell I Spy – Great for any road trip.            Princess Elise Magnetic Dress Up – A             Joey Magnetic Dress Up – Joey can be
magnets many different vehicles by match-          Keep an eye out for buildings, animals,             delightful magnetic wooden dress-up doll         dressed up as a policeman, knight, super-
ing the pieces with the 18 design cards            vehicles and many other objects whilst              with lots of colourful magnetic outfits, comes   hero, fireman and many other characters.
- Age 3+                                           travelling and create a scene, includes 24          with stand – Age 3+                              Includes Joey, a wooden magnetic figure,
Janod                                              magnetic pieces - Age 3+                            Melissa & Doug                                   stand and mix and match clothing – Age 3+
Code: MP12                     Price: $34.50       Fiesta Crafts                                       Code: MP08                     Price: $27.50     Melissa & Doug
                                                   Code: MP05                    Price: $24.50                                                          Code: MP09                    Price: $27.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                            info@harrystoybox.com                                                         www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                Educate                Play

Abbey & Emma Magnetic Dress Up – A                Doowell Family Star Chart – This colourful                Enchanted Fishing – Brightly coloured           Magna Play Magnetic Puzzles – Create
set of two wooden magnetic friends and lots       star chart is a great way to encourage good be-           wooden fish are ready to be caught!             amazing pictures from the 20 design cards
of mix and match outfits to dress, comes          haviour and learn about responsibilities. Includes        Includes 12 colourful fish, and two fishing     using a combination of the 32 magnetic
with stands – Age 3+                              a space to write up to four children’s names, 20          rods - Age 2+                                   pieces. Stores in a compact and portable tin
Melissa & Doug                                    activity magnets, colourful reward stars and dry-         Djeco                                           case. Five design sets available - Age 3+
Code: MP10                     Price: $42.00      wipe pen. Chart size 35 x 41 cm – Age 3+                  Code: MP13                     Price: $29.50    Secret Garden Magna Play
                                                  Fiesta Crafts                                                                                             Tiger Tribe
                                                  Code: MP11                       Price: $35.00                                                            Code: MP14                      Price: $34.50

Things That Go Magna Play                         Creative Creatures Magna Play                             Robots in Space Magna Play                      Forest Fantasy Magna Play
Tiger Tribe                                       Tiger Tribe                                               Tiger Tribe                                     Tiger Tribe
Code: MP15                     Price: $34.50      Code: MP16                       Price: $34.50            Code: MP17                     Price: $34.50    Code: MP18                      Price: $34.50


                                                  1001 Things to Spot in Fairyland –                        1001 Pirate Things to Spot – A search           The Big Bug Search – For those who like bugs,
                                                  Discover the magic of fairyland in this                   and find picture book for boys who like all     beetles, spiders and butterflies and many other
                                                  enchanting picture book, search for pretty                things pirates – Age 3+                         unusual creepy crawly creatures, there are hun-
                                                  flower fairies and many other magical                                                                     dreds of bugs to discover from all over the world
                                                                                                            Usborne                                         included in this book, together with fascinating
                                                  surprises – Age 3+                                        Code: BK11                     Price: $18.00    facts and easy-to-read captions – Age 5+
                                                  Code: BK10                       Price: $18.00                                                            Usborne
                                                                                                                                                            Code: BK12                      Price: $18.00

Big Book of Things to Spot – Crammed              365 Things to Make & Do – An amazing                      Big Book of Science Things to Make              Hide & Seek First Words – With over 300
with thousands of things to find, this colour-    activity book for boys and girls with step-by-            & Do – Over 50 fun projects that fly, fling,    objects to find, children will love learning
ful book introduces children to different         step instructions and 365 fun activities to               spin, swim, zoom and ooze… plus hundreds        first words while playing I-Spy! Includes pen
people and places and helps develop skills        make and do - Age 5+                                      of stickers to decorate your projects with.     - Age 18 months +
in reading, counting, matching and identifi-                                                                Includes colourful illustrations and step-by-
cation – Age 3+                                   Usborne                                                                                                   DK
                                                  Code: BK14                       Price: $32.95            step instructions – Age 4+                      Code: BK17                      Price: $19.95
Usborne                                                                                                     Usborne
Code: BK13                     Price: $26.95                                                                Code: BK15                     Price: $25.00

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                              info@harrystoybox.com                                                            www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                 Educate              Play

Mini Scientist – In The Kitchen – Hands on         Animal Doodles – Pack of 50 wipe-clean                 Drawing, Doodling and Colouring – A             365 things to draw and paint – An inspir-
activities encourage kids to participate in fun    cards to doodle over and over again!                   hugely creative book with fabulous scenes to    ing book with something to draw or paint
simple experiments in the kitchen - Age 4+         Includes pen - Age 6+                                  customise, colour and doodle - Age 6+           including fingerprint monkeys, a chalky fish
DK                                                 Usborne                                                Usborne                                         picture, collage robots and jungle silhou-
Code: BK18                     Price: $19.95       Code: BK19                     Price: $12.95           Code: BK20                    Price: $24.95     ettes. Clearly illustrated with step-by-step
                                                                                                                                                          instructions - Age 5+
                                                                                                                                                          Code: BK21                    Price: $29.95

Lots of things to draw – Crammed with              100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky – 50               What’s Science All About – An informa-          Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab: With
ideas for drawing animals, dinosaurs, mer-         Double-sided pocket sized cards to help                tive guide to physics, chemistry and biology,   Over 30 Really Cool Experiments – Ex-
maids, princesses, trucks, tractors and lots       identify constellations, planets, meteors              how they work and how they apply to             periment at home with this exciting science
more. Includes tips and tricks to make each        and other starry sights. Each card shows a             everyday life. Includes simple experiments,     book packed with experiments and chal-
picture come to life. Clearly illustrated with     feature of the night sky and interesting facts,        illustrated drawings, cartoons and diagrams.    lenges from the series Top Gear and ABC3’s
step-by-step instructions – Age 5+                 statistics and position in the sky - Age 6+            Age 7+                                          Blast Lab. Age 7+
Usborne                                            Usborne                                                Usborne                                         DK
Code: BK22                     Price: $19.95       Code: BK23                     Price: $14.95           Code: BK24                    Price: $29.95     Code: BK25                    Price: $29.95

Lego: Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary –           1001 bugs to spot – Bright and busy bug-               Space Encyclopedia – Space explorers
Find out all about Star Wars Lego weapons,         filled scenes with lots of colourful bugs to           will love out-of-world encyclopedia packed
battle stations and even Death Star through        discover in caves, grassy meadows, jungle              with stunning images, facts and expert
amazing photos and detail while discovering        treetops and even a garden shed! Age 3+                information from NASA - Age 7+
hundreds of little know facts about the Star       Usborne                                                DK
Wars characters. Age 7+                            Code: BK27                     Price: $16.95           Code: BK28                    Price: $39.95
Code: BK26                     Price: $39.95

  Bath Play

                                                   Fluttering Bath Butterflies – Pull their tail          Mimi Loves Fish – Six colourful floating        Rainbow Stacking Cups – Bright and
                                                   and watch them flutter away, catch them                fish for Mimi the cat to catch. Net includes    colourful stacking cups for bath or beach!
                                                   with the net - 18 months+                              suction cups for storing                        Age 6 months+
                                                   Little Tikes                                           K’s Kids                                        Tolo
                                                   Code: BP01                     Price: $24.50           Code: BP02                    Price: $19.50     Code: BP03                    Price: $15.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                             info@harrystoybox.com                                                          www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                Educate             Play

  Outdoor Fun

                                                  Croquet Animal Game – A fun jungle                Multiplay Set – A multilevel water playset    Viking Ferryboat with Two Cars –
                                                  coordination game - includes four wooden          which includes crane, sand/water wheel,       Ferryboat with removable figures and two
                                                  clubs, five animal targets, two trees and         gates, lots of boats and other fun vehicles   cars – Age 1+
                                                  balls. Club size 28 x 32 x 4 cm – Age 3+          – Age 1+                                      Vikingtoys
                                                  Santoys                                           Vikingtoys                                    Code: OF08                   Price: $36.50
                                                  Code: OF01                   Price: $52.50        Code: OF02                    Price: $69.50

Children’s Towels – Colourful and fun             Fairy                                             Ballet                                        Dinosaurs
designs - 100% cotton towels for the beach,
pool or bath time by Tyrrell Katz. Towel size     Code: OF03                   Price: $35.00        Code: OF04                    Price: $35.00   Code: OF05                   Price: $35.00
80cm x 150cm – Age 3+

Working Wheels                                    Horse Riding                                      Princess Towel                                Pirate Towel

Code: OF06                     Price: $35.00      Code: OF07                   Price: $35.00        Code: OF09                    Price: $35.00   Code: OF10                   Price: $35.00

Drawstring Bags – Colouful drawstring             Drawstring Bag – Rainbow                          Drawstring Bag – Robots                       Drawstring Bag – Rocket
bags for all those busy activities. Includes a    Tiger Tribe                                       Tiger Tribe                                   Tiger Tribe
zipper compartment for smaller items. Four        Code: OF12                   Price: $19.95        Code: OF13                    Price: $19.95   Code: OF14                   Price: $19.95
designs available
Tiger Tribe
Code: OF11                     Price: $19.95

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                          info@harrystoybox.com                                                     www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                                Educate              Play

Wooden Bowls Game – What ladybird will            AquaPlay – Harbour and Marina Set – A               Orbit Tennis – Fast two player bat and           Metal Clothes Line and Trolley – Washing
get the closest to the little flower? Includes    world of waterplay where you can put water          ball game. Includes powder coated base           has never been more fun! Includes both the
six coloured wooden balls and flower. 2-4         in motion with canals, pumps, paddle wheels         pole for easy installation into grassed areas.   galvanized metal clothes line and folding
players - Aged 3+                                 and lock gates. Includes transport boat,            Includes two bats - Age 5+                       trolley - Age 3+
Djeco                                             crane, car, bridge, steering gates, paddle          Orbit                                            Orbit
Code: OF15                     Price: $34.50      wheel, locks and canal stations – Age 3+            Code: OF17                     Price: $45.00     Code: OF18                     Price: $69.50
                                                  Code: OF16                    Price: $199.00

Metal Mighty Mower – A tough mower                Hand Powered Torch – Hand powered                   LED Headlamp – LED headlamp with
with realistic engine noise. The mighty           torch powered by squeezing lever - Age 4+           included batteries – Age 4+
mower has a durable powder coated metal           Seedling                                            Seedling
body and solid plastic wheels - Age 3+            Code: OF20                     Price: $10.00        Code: OF21                     Price: $15.00
Code: OF19                     Price: $38.50

  Baby & Child

                                                  Message Dragon – Write a message on                 Seedling                                         Baby’s Handprint in a Tin – Kit contains
                                                  the Message Dragon’s belly and give it to           Code: BC01A Fuschia            Price: $38.50     White soft air-hardening clay, acrylic paint,
                                                  someone special                                                                                      brush, bamboo stick and instruction
                                                  Available in two colours – Royal or Fuschia                                                          Seedling
                                                  Seedling                                                                                             Code: BC02                     Price: $34.50
                                                  Code: BC01 Royal               Price: $38.50

Bunny Bubble Ball – Watch the bunny spin,         Basille Dancing Monkey – Pull him down              Ophelie & Chicks – Mother Ophelie has            Skwish – A web of brightly coloured rods,
roll and rattle. Great for bath time play too.    and watch him jiggle back up                        four little chicks of different colours and      beads and balls is connected by a cord and
Tolo                                              Lilliputiens                                        sounds, tucked away in a cuddle egg inside.      can easil be squished, jingled, stretched and
Code: BC03                     Price: $16.50      Code: BC04                     Price: $23.50        Ophelia and chicks can also be used as           grabbed by little hands. Appeals to baby’s
                                                                                                      hand and finger puppets. Beautifully pack-       visual and tactile curiosity. Age 0+
                                                                                                      aged. Age 6 months +                             Manhattan Toys
                                                                                                      Lilliputiens                                     Code: BC06                     Price: $27.50
                                                                                                      Code: BC05                     Price: $46.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                            info@harrystoybox.com                                                        www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                            Educate              Play

Hanging Mobiles – Decorate your little        Flutter Bird – Single String                         Blue Elephants – Single String                  Helicopters – Single String
one’s bedroom or playroom with these          Tiger Tribe                                          Tiger Tribe                                     Tiger Tribe
decorative fabric wire mobile.                Code: BC08                      Price: $32.50        Code: BC09                     Price: $32.50    Code: BC10                    Price: $32.50
Available in four designs
Pink Elephants – Single String
Tiger Tribe
Code: BC07                  Price: $32.50

Owls – Mobile                                 Bear & Bunny Blackboard Coat Hooks                   Fairground Bunting Flags – Decorate             Fuschia Bunting
Tiger Tribe                                   – Too cute! Bear and bunny shaped coat               your bedroom, playroom or use for party af-     Seedling
Code: BC19                  Price: $32.50     hooks that come with white chalk so you              fairs inside or out! Cotton bunting flags are   Code: BC13                    Price: $29.50
                                              can draw on them                                     4 metres long. Available in three styles.
                                              Seedling                                             Royal Bunting
                                              Code: BC11                      Price: $16.50        Seedling
                                                                                                   Code: BC12                     Price: $34.50

Duck Egg Bunting                              Melamine Dinner Sets – Make eating fun               Dinosaurs Dinner Set                            Working Wheels Dinner Set
Seedling                                      with these three piece sets – cup, bowl and          Tyrrell Katz                                    Tyrrell Katz
Code: BC14                  Price: $34.50     plate. Available in three styles.                    Code: BC16                     Price: $29.50    Code: BC17                    Price: $29.50
                                              Pirates Dinner Set
                                              Tyrrell Katz
                                              Code: BC15                      Price: $34.50

Princess Dinner Set
Tyrrell Katz
Code: BC18                  Price: $29.50

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                          info@harrystoybox.com                                                      www.harrystoybox.com
Harry’s Toy Box
Imagine  Create                            Educate               Play


                                              Christmas Banner – Create a Christmas                  Christmas Sticker Book                       Christmas Doodles – Fifty wipe clean
                                              banner! Includes 16 pre-cut Christmas                  Usborne                                      cards to festive doodle!
                                              shapes to decorate with over 200 peel and              Code: XMAS02                 Price: $15.00   Usborne
                                              stick felt shapes. Hangs on 3.3mtr ribbon                                                           Code: XMAS03                   Price: $12.95
                                              included – Age 5+.
                                              Code: XMAS01                    Price: $24.50

Krigami Paper Balls – Make amazing            1001 Things to Spot at Christmas – A                   Christmas Colouring Book – 32 pages          Christmas Velvet Art – Eight pages of
hanging decorating by folding and cutting     jolly book filled with Christmas things to find        of designs to colour and pages Christmas     festive velvet designs to colour including
the coloured papers – Age 6+                  and count - Age 4+                                     doodles to complete- Age 4+                  full page designs, punch-out ornaments,
Djeco                                         Usborne                                                Usborne                                      greeting cards, tags. Includes six colourful
Code: XMAS04                 Price: $14.50    Code: XMAS05                    Price: $18.00          Code: XMAS06                 Price: $14.50   markers Age 6+
                                                                                                                                                  Code: XMAS07                   Price: $29.95

Phone: 0418 270 571                                                         info@harrystoybox.com                                                      www.harrystoybox.com

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