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What to Look for in the Best Gas Grills


									  A Layman’s Guide to Grilling and BBQ
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                          About the Author
                          Kevin Ray has been in love with BBQ and grilling for the past twenty years.
                          He has worked with a wide variety of grills and taken part in several amateur
                          competitions, winning a few trophies along the way.
                          In his day life, he works in real estate.
                          He maintains a blog about BBQ and grilling at

What to Look for in the Best Gas Grills?

Gas grills are significant investment. The best gas grills can cost upwards of $400 and can last
for several decades. Most hardcore grill enthusiasts develop a special attachment to the grills,
and they are often the most important equipment in any outdoor kitchen.

The concept of 'outdoor kitchen' itself has picked up speed of late. More and more people are
adding a smaller kitchen to their patio or deck, one that is largely meant for parties, get-
togethers with friends, or just lazy lunches on Sundays. Such kitchens typically feature a small
sink, a work area, a gas stove, and most importantly, a large, multi-function gas grill. The last
equipment often ends up being the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen.

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The best gas grills are designed keeping outdoor use in mind. Therefore, durability is certainly a
key issue, especially when you consider that your grill may have to face the vagaries of the
weather. The best grills, thus, are typically made of durable stainless steel that not only looks
great, but will also last you a very long time. On the downside, though, these can cost quite a
pretty penny and may be beyond the budget of most people.

A quality gas grill would also have several accessories and additional functions. The first of these
would be the rotisserie accessory. Most manufacturers provide a rotisserie as a standard feature.
It allows you to cook ever popular dishes such as rotisserie chicken, and other large cuts of meat.

The second function/accessory you should look for would be a smoker. Some cuts of meat, such
as the brisket, require more than 20 hours of cooking time in a smoker. Smokers cook meat
slowly over time, giving it a tremendous flavor. Anybody who has eaten barbecued brisket down
in the South will readily testify this.

While most outdoor kitchens feature a small stove, I prefer my grill itself to have a couple of
small side burners. These side burners are great for making/heating up sauces or side dishes.
Whether it is a potato salad, a stew, or a sauce to finish up a steak, side burners save you time
and offer tremendous convenience.

The best gas grills also feature plenty of other nifty features such as small cabinets, drawers, etc.
to store cutlery, meat thermometers, etc. Although not essential, these welcome additions just
make the entire grilling process a bit more convenient.

Because a grill can be a significant investment, it is recommended that you purchase a durable,
quality cover for it. Outdoor grills tend to get damaged easily in rain, snow or extreme heat. A
durable, heavy cover would only provide protection for your investment and prolong its life.

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