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Weber Q320 Review - An In-Depth Look

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The Weber brand has become synonymous with grilling. Visit any BBQ forum online, and the
one common thread you will see is effluent praise for Weber grills. This reputation, of course, is
well deserved and well earned. With the outstanding quality of its products, the company has
earned the trust and respect of all BBQ enthusiasts across America. The Weber Q320 is no
different and continues the same tradition of high quality one has come to associate with the

The Weber Q320 is one of the bestselling gas grills around. It is a competitively priced grill that
can fit a range of functions. The cooking area is quite large (we'll get to technical specifications
later) and works equally well for a family BBQ or a huge weekend party.

The Weber Q320 has a stationary cart design. It has two burners. Electric ignition makes getting
it started as easy as pressing a button. The burner temperature or heat distribution can be very
easily adjusted via a burner valve. The body of the grill is made of cast iron, which not only
provides sturdiness, but combines great with cast iron cookware to give great flavor to the meat.
The frame of the grill is made of glass-reinforced nylon for added durability.

The burners are made of stainless steel. Two removable work tables on each side of the grill
provide extra space to keep your meat, sauces, etc. The stationary cart design makes it incredibly
easy to move around (at 85lbs, it can get a little heavy). A weather-resistant grill lid, along with a
centrally installed thermometer completes the Weber Q320.

I personally never care for technical specifications, but here they are anyway: the two stainless
steel burners have an input of 21,700 BTU-per-hour. The Q320 has 462 sq. inches of cooking
space, plus 69 sq. inches of warming rack. It weighs in at 85lbs and measures 22 x 36.5 x 55.5
inches and comes with a 5 year limited warranty. It works on a 20lb propane gas tank.

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What I like about the Weber Q320 when compared to the Q300 and other grills in this category
are stationary cart design, the "heaviness" of the grill's construction of cast iron, and the
powerful heat distribution. Steak can be seared effortlessly and when turned down, this grill can
make wonderful roasts as well. Some additional features, such as the tank storage system that
prevents the grill cart from tipping over and locks the propane gas firmly in place, the removable
work stations, and the great looks further tilt the balance in this grill's favor. The cooking area,
clocking in at 462 sq. inches, isn't too shabby either.

But what clinches the deal for me is Weber's customer service. Grills can be difficult to maintain,
but their customer service takes care of things effortlessly. Plus, the 5 year warranty is a definite

To quickly recap:


- Stationary cart design

- Heavy duty cast-iron construction

- Easy to use temperature regulator

- Large grilling area, handy warming rack

- Propane tank storage system

- Electric igniter

- Great customer service


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- Slightly difficult to assemble

- Heat regulation can be a little off at times.

Overall, the Weber Q320 is a wonderful grill that will last you for several years. It is priced very
competitively, and if you are in the market for a propane grill, this should be your number one

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