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					                          10 Tips for Making Money with Twitter
Twitter is the latest form of instant communication. Used for news updates, traffic information, personal whereabouts, and
celebrity sightings, to name a few, Twitter is used by people of all ages and personalities across the planet. While a tweet
has to be 140 characters or less, a message can leave a lasting impression. Connecting people in real-time, you can tweet
on your mobile phone or online, which means that information can be constantly and immediately shared. Don’t
underestimate the power of Twitter! A carefully worded tweet (or one posted message can leave a thoughtlessly) can
motivate the masses of followers to boycott a brand, rant against a ruling, or show their support.

Twitter can help you business stay connected internally as well as with your customers. It can accelerate and improve
your customer service, by enabling you to receive feedback immediately and through a casual medium.

But there are ways in which Twitter can build your business besides connecting you with your customers. Twitter can be
Here are some tips on how to tweet your way to a new revenue stream:

                     Send Followers to One of Your Websites
This is a simple way to start. All you need to do is include the link to your site in a tweet and profile page, and you have a
new traffic stream!

                     Send Followers to an Affiliate Link
Like directing followers to a site of your own, you can use a tweet to send traffic to an affiliate link. Remember what you
know about links from online advertising, simple tweeting a link won’t necessarily get you the results you’d want, make
sure there’s some content to encourage the click.

                     Set up a Sponsorship for a Twitter Account
This takes a big following, as in thousands of followers. But if you have multiple accounts with large followers, you can
negotiate a sponsorship deal. Sponsorship can range from ads on your profile site to direct advertisement tweets.
If you are wary of that level of advertising influence, you can arrange sponsor contests and giveaways. Your dedicated
followers are your selling point to the potential sponsor. In exchange for a product or great discount, and a fee for you,
you’ll promote their goods via a giveaway. This can be a great way to make money without worrying about alienating

                     Use Twittad or Magpie
If you don’t have the quadruple-digit followers needed to sell a sponsorship, you can sign up with an ad network like
Magpie or Twittad.
Magpie (http://be-a-magpie.com/en/) will automatically post ad tweets to your account at set intervals. You can be paid per
message, or at a commission of the sales. You choose the ration of as tweets to non-ad tweets, which allows
you to protect your followers from being inundated with ads and yourself from losing followers. Twittad
(www.twittad.com)matches advertisers with Twitter audience they are interested in. The advertisers will post tweet ads to
your account, and they can post a background ad for their product or campaign on your profile.

                    Use Adjix
Adjix (www.adjix.com) is a service that shortens links to websites. When it shortens them, it adds an ad from Adjix, and
gives you a commission when it’s clicked on. Adjix tracks the links and clicks, even if you choose their no-ad option, so
you can check your link data. There is also an Embed Ad option, that includes an ad in your tweet.

                    Write a Review
Just like running a paid review on your site, you can earn money reviewing products or services and tweeting about it.
Sure, 140 characters might seem limiting, but you can post a few on-topic tweets to cover content needs. There is plenty
of evidence of how negative customer review tweets have garnered serious media attention, and companies might be
eager to have good things said about them in the twitter-verse.

                     Pair with an Advertiser
Even if you don’t have a large enough following for a sponsorship, you can work with advertisers to promote products for a
discount. For example, you can tweet about a sale, and offer a special followers-only coupon. The advertisers get more
publicity, and your followers get an extra discount.

                     Add an Ad
Use the remaining characters of your tweet to make some money by including an ad in the remaining space. Think of it as
a sign-off with sales potential!

                     Integrate a Payment-Per-Message
This monetization method is based on developing a sizable group of followers around a certain niche. Then you approach
businesses who are interested in connecting with your followers, and can negotiate a fee for sending tweets from or about
them to your followers.
For example, if you have an account ‘RockCreekRunners’ and have a group of 500 followers, you might want to work
outan arrangement with local running stores that for a set fee, you’ll tweet about them to your group.

                        Charge for Access to Your Tweets
This is a little risky. The information you offer has to be valuable enough that followers will pay weekly or monthly for
access to the account. There is a great deal of information available for free that you would be competing against, but if
you can deliver on the promise of exclusivity and insider information, then creating a private account and allowing access
only to those willing to pay for it, could be a great way to make your tweets profitable.
Now that you know our top ten ways to monetize Twitter you can really make those tweets work for you! For more
information on Twitter, check out Twitter 101 for business, at: http://business.twitter.com/twitter101/.

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