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Diaper 101 by niusheng11


									                                                   Diaper 101

Trying to navigate the world of cloth diapers? It's easy, just takes a little getting used to! Here are some descriptions
and terminology to help. If you're in the area, stop by our store where you can see and feel the diapers as well as take
a diaper 101 class!

All-In-One Cloth Diapers (AIO's)
                   Looking for easy? The AIO is the cloth diaper for you! These diapers are truly just as easy as
                       disposables, except instead of tossing them in the trash, you toss them in the wash! All-in-one
                       cloth diapers have “hook and loop closures” (just like Velcro without the trademark name) so
                       they are very easy to get on and off. They are also very trim fitting on a baby. They come with
                       a waterproof cover built right into the absorbent cotton or microfleece and baby's bottom feels
                       nice and dry. AIO's are very popular for first time users and for babies that are cared for by
                       others like grandparents, daycares, or babysitters. If your baby is away from home, just take
off the AIO and toss it in a wet-bag (waterproof diaper bag for soiled diapers) then you can wash it later!

Fitted Diapers
                      Fitted diapers are similar to a prefold or flat diaper. The difference is that instead of having to
                      fold a prefold diaper, a fitted diaper is shaped to fit snugly around your baby. Fitted diapers are
                      soft and squishy and are available in cotton, microfleece, and bamboo. They also come in many
                      adorable colors and prints. Fitted diapers are extremely easy to use and come with either snaps
                      or hook and loop (just like Velcro) closures. The fitted diaper is the absorbent part of the
                      diaper, so a cover is required.(Although many moms skip the cover unless they are leaving the
                      house) Fitteds are a great choice for newborns too, as their snug fit contains messes easily!

One size diapers (OS)
                  One size diapers are new to the world of cloth and were designed to simplify the cloth diapering
                      process. OS's are designed to go from approximately 8-35 lbs and allow for maximum
                      adjustability as your child grows. Most come with 3 rows of snaps allowing you to choose the
                      right size to fit your child. These diapers are a great choice if you have more than one child in
                      diapers allowing you to use them on all your kids- no matter their size! One size diapers are
                      available in both Pocket and All-In-One diaper styles.

Pocket Diapers
                      Pocket diapers are similar to All-In-Ones, but they have a waterproof outer layer that is sewn
                      together with either a microfleece or microsuede inner layer that creates a “pocket” to stuff. You
                      then stuff the pocket with an insert or pre-fold. What is wonderful about pocket diapers is you
                      can choose the amount of absorbency your child needs and stuff accordingly. So if you have a
                      heavy wetter or it is night time, you can use a super-soaker, or double up on the inserts. Another
                      advantage to the pocket diaper is that the fleece layer is next to baby's skin gently wicking away
                      the moisture and keeping your baby feeling dry for hours.
                             These are by far the most economical way to cloth diaper your baby! Prefolds are very
                             absorbent rectangular pieces of fabric that you can fold in different ways to fit your baby.
                             They are then fastened with a snappi, or simply used with a diaper cover to keep the
                             diaper in place. There are different types of prefolds available including Chinese prefolds
                             and Indian prefolds. The Indian prefolds are a bit heavier and more absorbent and
                             durable than Chinese prefolds because of the twill weave used. It is important to know
that all prefolds will shrink when washed (usually up to 10%) and require several washes in hot water to become
softer, fluffier, and more absorbent prior to use. Prefolds are the diapers you must use if you would like to use a
diaper cleaning service. When your baby grows to the next size prefold, you can use the smaller ones for rags, burp
cloths, towels, or as inserts for pocket diapers since they are so absorbent.

Diaper Covers
                        These are used over prefolds and fitted diapers by wrapping securely around your baby with
                        either snaps or Velcro-style closure. They come in tons of different styles and colors. These
                        are a great choice, as they are very economical and can be used for several different diaper
                        changes. You just toss the prefold or fitted diaper in your diaper pail, and you can air-dry the
                        wrap if needed, and then use it again for another changing. This system requires you to buy
                        less quantity.

Diaper Inserts
                        Most inserts are made of micro-fiber terry or hemp. Diaper inserts are used to put into pocket
                        diapers for the absorbent part of a diaper.

                        Bio-Soft Liners
                        This wonderful eco-friendly invention makes cloth diapers even
                       easier!!!! Bio-Soft liners are a flushable liner making clean-up a
breeze! No rinsing of poopy diapers in the toilet, instead, these liners absorb the solid waste
and you just discard the soiled liner in the toilet and flush or toss in the garbage. These liners can be used with any
cloth diaper system.

Hybrid Diapers
                          These diapers are new to the world of cloth and are a wonderful compromise between cloth
                          diapering for the environment and using disposable for ease of cleaning. With Hybrid
                          diapers, you can use an inner reusable nylon snap-in liner that you will wash after changing,
                          or a disposable insert that can be tossed in the trash or composted reducing the need for
                          poopy clean-up! Hybrid diapers allow you to re-use the waterproof shell for several changes
                          before washing. Popular Hybrid Diapers are brands suchh as GroVia and gDiapers.

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