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UW-L Moving Forward in Online Education                                                                  Volume 3, Number 2
                                                                                                         Summer, 2008

                                                                                                         Inside this issue:

                                                                                                             UW-L Moving Forward in     1
                                                                                                             Online Education

                                                                                                             Alumni Serving the Mili-   1
From left to right, Don Campbell, Vicki Lyons, Kathie Tyser, Brian Udermann, Lynn Weiland, and               tary’s Recreation and
Annette O’Hern.                                                                                              Fitness Needs

Online courses and programs continue to gain        of students who enrolled in only online courses          From the Dean              5
popularity with college students across the         and/or degree programs was approximately
country. In 2002, 1.6 million students took at      500,000, with the number increasing to 1.5 mil-
                                                                                                             Editor’s Comments          6
least one online course, and by 2005 that num-
ber had risen to 3.2 million. In 2002 the number    Continued on Page 2
                                                                                                             Insights from the 2008     6
                                                                                                             Public Health Study Tour
Alumni Serving the Military’s Recreation & Fitness Needs                                                     to Great Britain

The military provides for the health, fitness and
                                                                                                             Occupational Therapy       8
recreation of service members and their family
                                                                                                             Student Exchange
dependents. Fitness, recreation and sports di-
rectors plan, organize fund raising events and
                                                                                                             Where Are They Now?        9
manage the daily operations of Morale, Welfare
and Recreation (MWR) units not only at home,
but all around the world wherever military are                                                           Retirements                    11
deployed. These dedicated MWR staff who pro-
vide this support are a very professional group
                                                                                                         Cliff DeVoll                   11
who go the extra mile when military personnel
have greater needs. Greater need currently
exists because of the two lengthy deployments                                                            Q&A                            12
in Iraq and Afghanistan and the returning men
and women needing the benefits MWR can pro-                                                              Focus On
vide to their mental and physical well being.
Two of the many UW-L graduates who are a part                                                                                           14
                                                    graduate in Recreation Management. In seek-              Departments
of this dedicated military group of professionals
                                                    ing employment with the military’s fitness and
are Chuck Surman, 1985 graduate in the Adult
                                                    recreation programs there are two choices,               Research                   14
Fitness/Cardiac Rehabilitation MS degree pro-
                                                    enlist in the military as military personnel or be
gram (now named, Clinical Exercise Physiol-
ogy) and BreAnn [Nessler] Constantineau 2002                                                                 Grants                     16
                                                    Continued on Page 3
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                   Page 2

UW-L Moving Forward in Online Education (continued from pg. 1)
lion by 2006. Over the past year UW-L has                                                       43.5% were from the College of Liberal
taken steps to respond to this increased                                                        Studies, and 11.7% from the College of
interest in online education.                                                                   Business Administration.
Brian Udermann, Associate Professor in the                                                      Most of the survey respondents indicated
Department of Exercise and Sport Science,                                                       they had not taught online courses in the
began serving as the Director of Online                                                         past. However, a majority also indicated
Education at UW-L in the summer of 2007.                                                        they would be interested in developing an
During the 2007 summer session he met                                                           online course. Of the faculty who indicated
with nearly two dozen faculty members                                                           that they would be interested in develop-
who had questions about online education,                                                       ing an online course, 75% expressed a
or who expressed an interested in teaching                                                      preference for undergraduate courses and
online courses.      Since then Brian has                                                       25% indicated they would be interested in
stayed busy with his online director duties,                                                    developing an online graduate course.
as UW-L continues to make steady pro-                                                           Additionally, a majority of the surveyed
gress both in the quality and quantity of                                                       faculty, when asked about their perception
online degree programs and available                                                            of the quality of online education com-
                                                Brian Udermann
individual course offerings. Brian works                                                        pared to traditional face-to-face instruction,
                                                Director of Online Education.
closely with an online advisory group of                                                        responded that they felt the quality was
Don Campbell (Continuing Education), Bill       the call for proposals, the Director of Con-    dependent upon individual online courses
Cerbin (Center for Advancing Teaching           tinuing Education, Don Campbell, agreed         or degree programs. Overall, the survey
and Learning), Bob Hoar (Mathematics),          to fund three additional proposals with         appeared to indicate that faculty at UW-L
and Jim Jorstad (Educational Technolo-          $2,500 stipends for courses that would          were receptive to the idea of online educa-
gies). The online advisory group assists in     likely be offered through the Office of Con-    tion.
determining the current status of online        tinuing Education and Extension. Grant
                                                                                                On Line Offerings at UW-L
education at UW-L and is vital in identify-     recipients were from a wide variety of de-
ing priorities for future focus and growth.     partments and included English, Exercise        Online degree programs at UW-L currently
This article is a summary of work that has      and Sport Science, Communication Stud-          include the following:
been completed over the past year.              ies, Finance, Geography/Earth Science,          1.   Masters of Science in Education - Stu-
                                                Health Professions, Political Science/Public         dent Affairs Administration in Higher
UW-L Online Course Development and
                                                Administration and Sociology/Archeology.             Education, offered by the Department
Grants Program
                                                The courses were developed over this past            of Psychology [
In the fall semester of 2007, Interim Provost   J-Term (January) and Spring semesters,               saa/].
Bill Colclough initiated a university wide      and are now being offered this summer.
grants program with the intention of assist-                                                    2.   Medical Dosimetry Certificate Pro-
                                                UW-L Faculty Survey                                  gram, offered by the Department of
ing faculty and instructional academic staff
in developing online courses. In addition       In the fall semester of 2007, with the aid of        Health     Professions    [http://
to providing a stipend (eight $2,500 sti-       Eduventures, an educational consulting     ].
pends were awarded through the Provost’s        company, a survey was developed and             3.   Masters in Business Administration
Office), allowing grant recipients to devote    distributed. The survey was completed by             offered as a part of an online consor-
time to developing course materials, the        154 faculty. Key questions assessed were             tium with UW-Eau Clair, UW-Oshkosh
program was intended to provide access to       how the faculty perceived the value and              and     UW-Parkside.         [http://
resources including hands-on training,          quality of online learning, previous online
workshops, and developmental materials.         course and program development experi-               about/].
The goal of the program was to service          ence, what faculty felt were barriers of
instructors at their current level of readi-    teaching online and how those barriers          Steady Increase in Offerings
ness for online teaching, ranging from          could be addressed, and faculty prefer-         Over the past few years the number of
those who were just starting their explora-     ences and attitudes towards online course       online courses being offered at UW-L has
tion of online instruction, to those who        and program development. Of the faculty         steadily increased. In 2006 UW-L only of-
were ready to more fully explore online         that completed the survey 44.8% were            fered a few online courses. And now, in
options. Due to a very positive response to     from the College of Science and Health,         2008, the number is expected to increase
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                  Page 3

to over 30 courses. This past spring the        Passport to Technology program this past       working with grants specialist Amery
following UW-L online website was created       January. The Passport to Technology pro-       Bodelson, whose position is collaborative
to centralize information related to online     gram is an annual event that highlights the    between the school district and university,
education: Stu-           infusion of technology in teaching and         to identify potential grant sources to fund
dents can access this website and find in-      learning.                                      joint initiatives. For further information go
formation on course and degree programs,                                                       to the following web site: http://
                                                Collaboration with the La Crosse School
frequently asked questions, and informa-                                             
tion on admissions, registration, and stu-                                                     sources/collab.htm.
dent affairs. The university will continue to   Representatives from UW-L have been
develop the website so it can also be used      meeting regularly with teachers, adminis-
as a resource by faculty and staff.             trators, and information technology spe-       As the trend for offering more online
                                                cialists from the La Crosse School District.   courses and degree programs continues to
As the number of online offerings contin-
                                                The school district has been exploring         be evident in many colleges and universi-
ues to grow, the university is working to
                                                ways to expand offerings of high quality       ties throughout the country, UW-L is work-
ensure the quality of such offerings re-
                                                online educational programming to stu-         ing hard to ensure that necessary steps are
mains the primary focus. The university
                                                dents in the Coulee Region. The goal of        being taken to appropriately serve our
offers many faculty training opportunities
                                                the meetings has been to identify areas in     students.
through Information Technology Services,
                                                which the school district and the university
Educational Technologies, and a variety of                                                     For further information regarding online
                                                can work together (e.g., joint training ses-
online workshops and panel discussions                                                         educational activities at UW-L contact Brian
                                                sions for teachers and faculty, identify ap-
scheduled throughout the year. One such                                                        Udermann, of the Exercise and Sport Sci-
                                                propriate advanced placement courses
opportunity was a panel discussion on best                                                     ence Department, at 608-785-8181 or email
                                                that may be offered online, etc.), in the
practices related to online teaching that                                            
                                                area of online education. The group is
was held during Educational Technology’s

Alumni Serving the Military’s Recreation & Fitness Needs (continued from pg. 1)
employed as a civilian. Chuck chose to                                                         jeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina
enlist and has had a successful 20 year                                                        where she supervised a staff of 30 and
career. He is a Major stationed at Brooks                                                      worked in the Corps largest fitness center,
City Base, Texas working as a Aerospace                                                        she came to realize every Marine must
Physiologist where they prepare aircrew                                                        maintain a high level of fitness readiness
for the hazards of flight such as dealing                                                      since they can and are deployed to a com-
with changes in atmospheric pressure, life                                                     bat zone at a moments notice. Besides
support and oxygen equipment, G-forces                                                         helping Marines maintain their fitness
and possible loss of consciousness, and                                                        readiness, BreAnn’s personal mission is to
spatial disorientation (see photo to right).                                                   enlighten Marines and their dependents as
He will soon be retiring. BreAnn, on the                                                       to how they can enhance the quality of
other hand, chose to assume a civilian po-                                                     their life through the pursuit of healthy
sition with the military and is currently                                                      forms of recreation. She further believes
caring for her seven month old son while                                                       the recreation and fitness they provide at
her husband Scott serves as a Marine Artil-                                                    the center offers a healthy alternative to the
lery Training Officer in Iraq. Since Decem-                                                    common practice of sitting in the bar dur-
ber 2007, Scott has been in Iraq training                                                      ing liberty.
Iraqi personnel on the use of American
                                                                                               When asked what UW-L courses best pre-
                                                                                               pared her for the work she performs, she
In the spring of 2002 BreAnn was providing                                                     said Pat Trokan’s programming course
for the recreation and sports league needs                                                     with its hands-on leadership experiences
of 5,000 sailors at Pensacola Naval Air Sta-                                                   was particularly helpful in supervising vol-
tion, Florida. She was responsible for the      taste of military recreation. At her next      unteers and organizing recreational activi-
marketing and management of their annual        duty station she learned every Marine is       ties like the children, youth and teen pro-
16 week intramural programs, as well as         considered an infantrymen regardless of        grams that she managed while living in
their recreation center. This was her first     their assigned military job. At Camp Le-       Okinawa, Japan. Also, Steve Simpson’s
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                Page 4

tournament planning course was helpful
with the numerous sports leagues she su-
pervised. BreAnn says she enjoys being
part of the military in spite of her husband
being deployed for extended periods of
time and serving in a combat zone. These
temporary family hardships are difficult,
but BreAnn says military recreation is a
great opportunity for any Recreation Man-
agement graduate. She believes seeking a
military recreation career is both challeng-
ing and rewarding, even while raising a
As part of his early work with the Air Force,
Chuck Surman designed and supervised
health and wellness programs that ad-
dressed concerns related to low work pro-
ductivity. Chuck designed programs that
promoted nutrition, fitness, low back pain
management and smoking cessation. The
Lifestyle Improvement and Fitness En-
hancement Program (L.I.F.E.) was one ex-
ample. Chuck worked in the Air Force’s
Health and Wellness Center’s health pro-        Scott and BreAnn Constantineau.
motion program, that guided active duty
personnel and civilian members on how to
                                                involved in developing health promotion        courses pertaining to nutrition and devel-
achieve healthier lifestyle goals. He also
                                                awareness and even partnered with the          oping healthy eating habits were equally
directed an Air Force Fitness Program de-
                                                Army and Navy on some of these health          useful. Lastly, he said learning and under-
signed for 4,000 active duty airmen and
                                                promotion campaigns. In the late 80’s and      standing the protocols used in developing
225 reservists. This program trained in-
                                                early 90’s he was involved with the mili-      lesson plans for Health Wellness Programs
stallation fitness program managers and
                                                tary’s attempt to take a more scientific ap-   is a must in the work he performed in the
provided fitness assessment testing for the
                                                proach in designing these health fitness       early years of his career. Chuck is and
participants. On the advertising and pro-
                                                programs. But, Chuck also recognized           should be very proud of the significant
motion side of this program, Chuck was
                                                they had to keep it simple so participants     contributions he has made toward enhanc-
                                                would readily adopt it. Chuck believes the     ing the knowledge, quality and promotion
                                                Marine Corp’s strategy of working out in a     of healthy lifestyles for military personnel
                                                group, having a basic daily exercise pro-      and their dependents.
                                                gram and training at a medium pace is an
                                                                                               In summary, it is so refreshing to know
                                                example of keeping it simple. During his
                                                                                               there are many of our alumni like Chuck
                                                20 year career in the Air Force, Chuck was
                                                                                               Surman and BreAnn Constantineau who are
                                                assigned to many large and small bases
                                                                                               helping improve the lives of those military
                                                throughout the east and west coast of the
                                                                                               and civilian personnel who are helping to
                                                United States.
                                                                                               ensure the peace and security of our coun-
                                                When Chuck was asked about his UW-L            try. We all owe them a great debt of grati-
                                                exercise physiology training and what          tude in these times of world-wide uncer-
                                                prepared him best for his career, he com-      tainty.
                                                mented on several aspects of his educa-
                                                                                               For more information about military health,
                                                tion. He said the hands-on laboratory ex-
                                                                                               fitness and recreation programs contact
                                                periences in the Mitchell Hall Human Per-
                                                                                               George Arimond, Chair of Recreation Man-
                                                formance Laboratory determining VO2
                                                                                               agement and Therapeutic Recreation De-
                                                maximums and perfecting the art of tread-
                                                                                               partment, at 608-785-8205 or ari-
Major Chuck Surman, US Air Force.               mill testing were great experiences. The
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                  Page 5

From the Dean: A Changing University—A Changing College
                                               and fundraising are currently underway for      field, a football practice field, and lighted
                                               the $44 million Centennial Hall (http://        recreation and intramural fields. Construc-
                                                              tion will be completed in time to allow UW-
                                               academicbuilding.html), which will be the       L to again host the WIAA State Track Meet
                                               first new classroom facility on our campus      in 2009. Finally, our campus planner is
                                               since 1974. Construction of the new build-      working with the UW System and the Divi-
                                               ing will provide 44 new classrooms and          sion of State Facilities on a Cowley Hall
                                               lecture halls incorporating advanced tech-      addition which would relocate all of our
                                               nology, designed with the needs of stu-         science laboratories to newly constructed
                                               dents in mind. Centennial Hall will be lo-      space that better meets the need of science
                                               cated in the heart of the UW-L campus in        instruction in the 21st Century.
                                               the space currently occupied by two aging
                                                                                               Over the next several years, many new
                                               residence halls (Trowbridge and Baird), as
                                                                                               faces will join our faculty and staff as a re-
                                               well as the multi-use Wilder Hall. The cur-
                                                                                               sult of the campus’s Growth, Quality, and
                                               rent plan calls for construction to begin in
                                                                                               Access plan, approved late last year by the
                                               2009 with project completion and move-in
                                                                                               UW Board of Regents. The plan which in-
                                               by the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester.
                                                                                               cludes a 500-person increase in the size of
                                               Planning is also underway for construction
                                                                                               our student body as well as new under-
                                               of new residence halls to be located some-
                                                                                               graduate students paying a higher tuition
                                               where on the west end of campus. These
                                                                                               ($500 per year in the upcoming academic
                                               halls will replace the on-campus housing
                                                                                               years and $1,000 per year thereafter), will
                                               options lost when Trowbridge and Baird
                                                                                               fund about 75 new instructional positions
                                               are deconstructed.
                                                                                               and 20 additional support positions. These
Many have weighed in on the concept of
                                               Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, which had           new hires will reduce our student to faculty
change. Heraclitus said, “There is nothing
                                               outlived its usefulness and was too costly to   ratios and also provide better support for
permanent except change” while David
                                               repair, is now in the process of being de-      students in a variety of non-instructional
Brin has stated “Change can’t be pre-
                                               molished. The last two events at Veteran’s      areas such as admissions, financial aid, etc.
vented – only guided”. Many of us long for
                                               Memorial Stadium were the WIAA Track            Searches have been initiated to assure that
things to stay just as they are. However,
                                               Meet May 30-31, followed by the first Vet-      the first round of individuals hired will be
we recognize that even though “The world
                                               erans Memorial Ride (motor cycles) and          on board for the Fall 2009 semester.
hates change, … it is the only thing that
                                               concert on June 7th. The ride and concert
has brought progress” (Charles Kettering).                                                     As we face the challenges and obstacles
                                               will now be an annual event to raise money
The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is                                                       that accompany change, I am reminded of
                                               for the Hall of Honor for Veterans at UW-L.
sitting on the brink of change. Four to five                                                   one of my favorite quotes on this matter --
                                               Included in the sports complex will be a
years from now, the University will be a                                                       “He who rejects change is the architect of
                                               new grandstand that will double the exist-
very different place -- both in terms of                                                       decay (Harold Wilson).”
                                               ing seating capacity, a synthetic turf foot-
bricks and mortar as well as the faculty and                                                   For more information you can contact
                                               ball field and a nine lane track (http://
staff that serve our students.                                                                 Karen Palmer Mc Lean at 608-785-8218 or
Visually, the campus will have a very dif-     sportscomplex.html). The new multi-use
ferent appearance. Construction planning       sports complex will also feature a soccer

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Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                               Page 6

Phil Wilson, Editor, Professor Emeritus, Exercise & Sport Science Department
                                              So what happens when we get to our desti-      hill, in the distance you can see the Wis-
                                              nation?   Warm, no snow, walking the           consin bluffs as they look down on the Mis-
                                              beach, golf, tennis, swimming, reading a       sissippi River. You can see for miles and
                                              book outside, and more. But, we always         miles to the north and south of La Crosse,
                                              miss La Crosse. We gleefully check the         where we live. And we have the beauty
                                              weather channel and smile when the tem-        and outdoor experiences of the Coulee
                                              peratures are below zero. We wonder if         Region available to all of us, every day.
                                              the snow is being removed from our side
                                                                                             La Crosse is where I arrived in August of
                                              walks. But really, the bottom line…we
                                                                                             1968. I soon realized that I was fortunate to
                                              wonder what is happening in La Crosse.
                                                                                             be employed at a great university. Thirty
                                              And then, before we know it, it’s time to      years later in 1998 when I retired, I still
                                              head north back to La Crosse. The six, two     appreciated having been employed at UW-
                                              and for some one month period of warm          L. And now, 10 years after retiring, I am
                                              weather is over. We pack up the car, and       even more appreciative. Great university,
Summer is here, after and a long hard win-    head home. Then after a few days of driv-      great faculty and staff, and great students.
ter. Many UW-L retired faculty and staff      ing, we get close to La Crosse. And some-      What could be better? Living in La Crosse,
leave for the winter months to warmer         thing happens to all of us. It makes no dif-   Wisconsin, and having been employed at
parts of the country in North and South       ference from what direction you are head-      the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for
Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, and      ing into La Crosse. From the west through      thirty years, until retirement.
Texas. Some of us are gone for as many as     the Mississippi River Valley, the southwest
                                                                                             Please feel free to contact me if you have
six months and others for just January or     through the tri state corner of Iowa, Minne-
                                                                                             suggestions for “your” newsletter at 608-
February. However, before we leave we         sota and Wisconsin, or from the east down
                                                                                             782-8350 or
keep our fingers crossed that the really      Interstate 90, it happens to all of us. For
cold temperatures and “tons of snow” does     me, coming down interstate 90, on a clear
not arrive until we load our car and drive    day about 15-20 miles west of the Tomah
out of La Crosse.                             turn off…there it is. When you crest the

Insights from the 2008 Public Health Study Tour to Great Britain
During the March, 2008 spring break, Gary     Pharmacy candidate), three
Gilmore, Professor and Director of Gradu-     UW-La Crosse MPH candi-
ate Community Health Programs, led a          dates, a UW-Milwaukee public
biennial Public Health Study Tour to Great    health planner and her retired
Britain. Begun in 1989 by Gilmore, the last   husband, and a public health
two tours have included Christopher           scientist from the Center for
Squier from the University of Iowa serving    Tobacco Research and Inter-
as Co-director. The goals for the event       vention at UW-Madison’s
were to (1) review the National Health Ser-   Medical School (a former UW-
vice (NHS) health care and public health      La Crosse MPH candidate).
delivery system; (2) compare the NHS with     London based venues included
medical care and public health delivery in    a review of the historical and
the United States; and (3) engage in cul-     present-day community-based
tural experiences to gain a clearer under-    work of the Royal London Hos-
standing of population-based dynamics in      pital (which still houses the
Great Britain. The participants included      remains and artifacts of Joseph The famous Broad Street Pump (handle removed) in Lon-
two undergraduate students (a UW-La           Merrick, the Elephant Man), in- don, related to the cholera epidemic in the mid-1800’s.
Crosse Community Health Education can-        depth cultural experiences at the British at Greenwich, and a visit to the Broad
didate, and a University of Iowa Pre-         Maritime Museum and the Prime Meridian Street Pump where John Snow used obser-
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                    Page 7

                                               prolonged presentation/discussion session
                                               with Peter Rose, University of Oxford fac-
                                               ulty member and primary care physician,
                                               who provided a detailed overview of the
                                               NHS and its changes in medical care and
                                               public health delivery since its inception in
                                               1948. Finally, the participants enjoyed an
                                               extended tour of the world renowned
                                               Bodleian Library, established in1602. The
                                               Bodleian serves as the literary foundation
                                               of the University of Oxford and as an inter-
                                               national reference library.
                                               Following the Oxford experience, tour
                                               members traveled to Berkeley, England to
                                               visit the clinic and home (the Chantry) of
                                               Edward Jenner. It was Jenner who, during
                                               the late 1700’s, observed that milkmaids
Gilmore presenting on public health eco-
nomics and political forces to the Faculty     were acquiring mild cowpox infections
of Medicine, Health, and Life Sciences, at     from the udders of infected cows, thereby
the University of Southhampton, England.       protecting them from the greatest killer of
                                               that time, smallpox (3992 deaths in London        Visit to the municipality of Chichester,
vational epidemiology to avert continued                                                         England and its 900 year old church.
                                               in 1772). By 1796, Jenner developed the
cholera cases and deaths during the mid-
                                               very first vaccine that would protect indi-
1800’s. Also included in the first week was                                                      ampton faculty assigned to the Southamp-
                                               viduals against smallpox, eventually lead-
an optional visit to Westminster Abbey on                                                        ton General Hospital (the largest regional
                                               ing to the global eradication of the disease
Sunday. These opportunities enabled the                                                          medical center in England outside of Lon-
                                               in 1978. Thereafter, the tour group trav-
participants to experience a blend of the                                                        don), spent the entire day with the tour
                                               eled to the University of Southampton to
public health history, current health re-                                                        participants providing an overview of
                                               visit with the Faculty of Medicine, Health
lated practices, and cultural aspects of the                                                     many current and future projected NHS
                                               and Life Sciences. During the two-day
Greater London region.                                                                           services. Population based health service
                                               stay, the participants had an opportunity to
                                                                                                 delivery and capacity issues were ad-
During the second week, participants had       directly interact with the faculty and staff of
                                                                                                 dressed through the review of specific
three major venues at the University of        the Department of Nursing and Midwifery,
                                                                                                 examples and community based research
Oxford (established in the 1190’s), while      with presentations being offered by the
residing at one of its 39 college campuses.
First, there was a visit with Waney Squier,                                                      Each evening during the tour, debriefing
nationally known pediatric neuropatholo-                                                         sessions were held to review the events of
gist, who addressed the issues related to                                                        the day and to respond to participant ques-
shaken baby syndrome globally.         Her                                                       tions. Since those who were on the tour for
work calls into question the likelihood of                                                       academic credit were to develop a paper
injury and death solely related to babies                                                        related to a specific health related activity,
who have been shaken by caregivers, by                                                           program, or innovation in Great Britain,
examining other underlying factors, to                                                           and how it might be applied in the U.S.,
include vitamin D deficiency leading to                                                          some of the discussion time addressed the
bone embrittlement, and underlying dis-                                                          formulation of the focus for the papers.
ease factors. One tour participant (Carol                                                        Participants stated they appreciated the
Poggemann), was so taken by the in-depth       The vaccination center, in Berkeley, Eng-         opportunities for clarification during the
                                               land, where townspeople would come to
review and discussion that upon her return                                                       tour experience. Overall, the entire tour
                                               be vaccinated against smallpox.
to campus she prepared an Undergraduate                                                          was considered to be a landmark experi-
Research Grant Proposal to investigate the     faculty and some of the tour participants.        ence by all involved.
awareness and perceptions of shaken baby       Special health related visitations took
                                                                                                 For further information on this study tour
syndrome by the public in the La Crosse        place in the afternoon in accordance with
                                                                                                 contact Gary D. Gilmore at 608-785-8163;
region. Gilmore will serve as her faculty      participant interest and experience. Dur-
mentor. Secondly, the participants had a       ing the second day, University of South-
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                   Page 8

Occupational Therapy Student Exchange
This spring was a very exciting time for       portunity to participate in a student ex-
occupational therapy students at UW-L.         change. Eight students from UW-L traveled
Twenty three occupational therapy stu-         to Aberdeen, Scotland over their spring
dents elected to enroll in an International    break to see first hand similarities and
Perspectives in Occupational Therapy           differences in occupational therapy prac-
course taught by Robin McCannon OTR/           tice and experience life in Scotland. Stu-
MS, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Oc-    dents participated in various learning ac-
cupational Therapy Program, and David          tivites while in Scotland including attend-
Robertson OTR/MS, Lecturer at the Robert       ing classes with the occupational therapy
Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen,           students, completing job shadowing in the
Scotland.                                      community, and participating in cultural         A highlight of the Scotland trip for the UW-
                                               events such as visiting castles, museums         L students was a three day Highland tour;
                                               and socializing with the Scottish students.      it provided a wonderful opportunity to
                                               While in Aberdeen the UW-L students              learn more about Scotland culture.
                                               were hosted by RGU students which pro-           Sloppy Joes and jello cake.
                                               vided an insight into the daily life of a uni-
                                                                                                All of the students were later brought to-
                                               versity student in Scotland. Some of the
                                                                                                gether for two joint classes via videocon-
                                               UW-L students received grant support
                                                                                                ference. During the videoconference ses-
                                               through the Office of International Educa-
                                                                                                sions, students discussed their cultural
                                               tion and the Graduate Studies Office to
                                                                                                experiences and similarities and differ-
                                               participate in this learning experience.
                                                                                                ences in occupational therapy practice.
                                               A second part of this course was hosting         Students found it interesting to see how
                                               Scottish occupational therapy students           health care systems impact service deliv-
                                               from the RGU in La Crosse. Six RGU stu-          ery between the two countries and feel
                                               dents traveled to UW-L over their spring         there are areas of occupational therapy
                                               break and were reunited with the U.S. stu-       that can be expanded in both countries.
                                               dents they met a few weeks earlier. Excite-
                                                                                                One visiting Scottish student was very ex-
                                               ment abounded as students renewed
                                                                                                cited to learn about occupational therapy’s
                                               friendships they made while in Scotland.
                                                                                                role in the U.S. in industrial rehabilitation.
                                               There was also much anticipation as the
                                                                                                In the U.S. occupational therapists are very
                                               Scottish students met their UW-L host stu-
                                                                                                involved in providing education and rec-
Bridget Hahn, a UW-L student, found home       dents and instant friendships were formed.
modifications in Scotland to be very inter-    While at UW-L, the Scotland students at-
esting and saw this as an area of expansion    tended classes on campus, job shadowed
she could advocate for in the U.S.             with area occupational therapy clinicians
                                               and participated in local La Crosse cultural
The objectives of this course were three       events. These students also visited area
fold. First, students participating devel-     elementary and middle schools, and
oped a better understanding of the health      shared information on their culture with
care systems in the U.S. and Scotland, and     area children. They answered questions
explored how these health care systems         that ranged from “what are the social prob-
impacted occupational therapy service          lems in your country” to the age old ques-
delivery. Second, the students explored        tion of “what do Scottish men wear under
similarities and differences in practice and   their kilt”. The highlight of these visits was
considered how these differences may be        the two pence coins and the Scottish short-      RGU student Susan Gallow and UW-L in-
used in their own country to expand the        bread the Scottish students gave to the          structor Robin McCannon, spent time in
role of occupational therapy. And third,       school children. The Scotland students also      Mrs. Busch’s 3rd grade class at State Road
students had the opportunity to consider       enjoyed a farewell lunch potluck which           Elementary School discussing Scotland.
                                                                                                Children enjoyed looking at the map of
cultural similarities and differences.         had a 4th of July theme. UW-L students           Scotland, and were excited to receive Scot-
                                               brought favorite picnic dishes including         tish coins and candy.
A unique aspect of this course was the op-
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                    Page 9

ommendations for injury prevention and                                                             For additional information please can con-
play a vital role in the rehabilitation of indi-                                                   tact Robin McCannon of the Occupational
viduals injured at work. After attending a                                                         Therapy Program, Health Professions De-
UW-L class lecture on this topic and job                                                           partment, at 608-785-5063 or email
shadowing at Gundersen Lutheran’s Indus-                                                 
trial Rehabilitation Center, Kirsty McIntosh
hopes to return to Scotland and explore
job opportunities as an occupational thera-
pist within the oil industry in Aberdeen.                                                            College of Science
She is excited about explaining occupa-
tional therapy’s role to this Scottish indus-                                                        and Health Hyperlinks
try and would like to be involved in devel-                                                          You can learn more about the col-
oping this emerging practice area in Scot-                                                           lege, its departments and pro-
land. She was pleased to have developed                                                              grams, and the campus by visiting
contacts with occupational therapists in La                                                          us online.
Crosse who practice in this area that can
serve as mentors for her.                                                                            College of SAH Homepage:
A UW-L student commented she found the
role occupational therapists play in Scot-                                                           University of Wisconsin-La Crosse:
                                                   Kirsty McIntosh, a RGU student, hopes to
land with home modifications was very                                                      
                                                   explore new opportunities for occupa-
interesting. Occupational therapists in            tional therapy in industrial rehabilitation
                                                                                                     UW-L Alumni Association:
Scotland play a vital role in making gov-          in her home country.
ernment funded recommendations for                 funding as a major barrier to this type of
home modifications that can be as exten-           intervention in the U.S., but also felt like      UW-L Athletics:
sive as home additions that add accessible         she would be able to advocate for this  
bathrooms and kitchens. Bridget Hahn saw           type of intervention in the U.S.

Where Are They Now?
Graduate Sport Administration, Exercise and Sport Science Department
If there is one thing in common with many          plethora of opportunities available for their   hired full time in 2006. It is apparent that
graduates of the Sport Administration Mas-         employment upon graduation. Sport ad-           John loves his job and says networking was
ter of Science program at UW-L, it’s the           ministration graduates get great jobs.          a huge part of his climb up the ladder.
                                                   Let’s take a look at a few of the students
                                                                                                   Erin Thacker…Colorado Springs, Colo-
                                                   who have graduated within the past four
                                                   years, and where they are now.
                                                   John Schmeltzer…Madison, Wisconsin
                                                   As Group Sales and Operations Manager
                                                   for the Madison Mallards Baseball Club,
                                                   John can be found doing a myriad of tasks
                                                   throughout the season from selling tickets
                                                   to large companies within the Madison
                                                   area, to hiring part time employees, to
                                                   painting areas throughout the ballpark and
                                                   cooking hotdogs. He has been a full time
                                                   employee with the Madison Mallards for
                                                   three years now and says his least favorite
                                                   part is the down time he has when the sea-
                                                   son ends. Not bad for someone who job           Erin graduated in 2007 and has found suc-
                                                   shadowed in 2003, interned in 2004, be-         cess at the collegiate level. She is cur-
                                                   came Marketing Manager in 2005, and was         rently serving her first of two years as an
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                     Page 10

NCAA Division III Intern at Colorado Col-        currently the Membership and Marketing             attend all home sporting events, which he
lege in Colorado Springs, CO. She is the         Coordinator with the Department of Rec-            notes is his favorite part of the job. Jordan
Assistant to the Director of Athletics as well   reational Sports, a Division of Student Af-        says “it is important to take advantage of
as Assistant Softball Coach. Erin applied        fairs, at the University of Minnesota, Twin        any practical experience opportunities
for this internship as a part of the NCAA’s      Cities. Brad takes care of all marketing,          presented to you.” He also believes that
Division III Ethnic Minority and Women’s         oversees five interns, and coordinates the         he couldn’t pick out just a few of the
Internship Grant. Her duties include, but        membership sales and retention program             classes he took for his sport administration
are not limited to, administering drug test-     for the department, among other things.            degree because all of them were helpful in
ing and eligibility sessions and conducting      Brad mentions that “UW-L graduates are             his preparation.
institutional research on student athlete        well received across the country because
                                                                                                    Brendan Dwyer…Greeley, Colorado
graduation rates. She also assists with          of their work ethic and the quality educa-
event management for men’s soccer,               tion they receive”. He also says that sev-
women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, and        eral of the courses he took in the sport ad-
women’s basketball. Erin loves the variety       ministration graduate program helped him
of her job as well as the fact that should she   in his current position. His advice if a stu-
find a full time position before the end of      dent is interested in recreational sports:
her internship, she can take it. In fact, pro-   “Become a member the National Intramu-
fessional development is encouraged with         ral-Recreational Sports Association”.
her internship. Erin’s advice to anyone
                                                 Jordan Sinz…Wautoma, Wisconsin
looking to get into collegiate athletics for a
career is to either get a graduate assistant-
ship or volunteer as much as possible, no
matter how small the experience. Erin
indicates, “The more you know, the better
chance you will have of getting a job over
other applicants.” This summer, Erin will
be serving an internship with the U.S.
Olympic Committee, also located in Colo-
rado Springs.                                                                                       Obtaining a master’s degree in sport ad-
                                                                                                    ministration from UW-L does not have to be
Brad Hunt…Minneapolis/St. Paul, Min-
                                                                                                    the last step in your educational career, so
                                                                                                    he has decided to continue his formal edu-
                                                                                                    cation.    Brendan is currently a teaching
                                                                                                    assistant and Ph.D. candidate in Sport Ad-
                                                                                                    ministration at the University of Northern
                                                                                                    Colorado in Greeley, CO. He teaches
                                                                                                    three undergraduate courses each semes-
                                                                                                    ter, takes a full load of graduate classes,
                                                                                                    and conducts research in sport consumer
                                                                                                    behavior and fantasy sports. He says that
                                                                                                    most people don’t realize how much re-
                                                 Jordan is currently the Pupil Activities Di-       search Ph.D. students must conduct, even
                                                 rector at Wautoma School District in Wau-          though they are going into academia. Due
                                                 toma, WI. Among his duties include sched-          to his very busy schedule, Brendan misses
                                                 uling officials and games for the high             coaching football and hockey, which he
                                                 school and middle school, hiring and               has done for the past four years. His ad-
                                                 evaluating coaches, hiring event staff to          vice is to get a mentor and grow relation-
                                                 work events, and managing all home                 ships with people around you, including
                                                 events. He also develops and then main-            any and all instructors you may have.
                                                 tains the athletic budget, orders equipment
                                                                                                    For further information on the Graduate
                                                 for all sports, updates the district and
                                                                                                    Sports Administration degree, contact
                                                 school calendars, checks athlete eligibility,
                                                                                                    David Waters, Program Director, at 608-
Brad also ended up in the collegiate atmos-      and plans facility use for four district facili-
                                                                                                    785-8167 or
phere, but at the Division I level. He is        ties. As Activities Director, Jordan must
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                Page 11

Batesky, Oganowski and Wilder Retire!
The following three faculty members have retired effective June 1st, 2008.
JIM BATESKY…Professor, Exercise and            LESLIE OGANOWSKI…Professor, Health               DEAN WILDER…Professor, Geography
Sport Science. Since 1983 Jim worked in        Education and Health Promotion. Leslie           and Earth Science. Since joining the de-
the undergraduate and graduate physical        has prepared pre-service and in-service          partment in 1978, Dean has been instru-
education teacher preparation programs.        school teachers to teach healthy life style      mental in engaging students to achieve
He has taught courses involving teacher        choices since she came to UW-L in 1982.          their full potential through both classroom
effectiveness, curriculum development and      As a Professor in the Health Education and       and research activities. He was the Geog-
assessment. In addition to his teaching        Health Promotion Department, a Past Presi-       raphy Department Chair from 1993 to 1996
duties, Jim has served as the undergradu-      dent of the Wisconsin Association for            and contributed to curriculum in develop-
ate physical education program director,       Health, Physical Education, Recreation and       ing new courses in geoarchaeology, bio-
student teaching coordinator and on nu-        Dance, and a consultant to many state, re-       geography, and soils morphology and
merous accreditation teams. Jim says that      gional, and national agencies, she has           genesis. Dean says he will “greatly miss
he “enjoyed working with many dedicated        dedicated her career to reducing risk-           teaching and the immense satisfaction of
students, colleagues, practitioners and K-     taking behavior and supporting the health        working with students, especially in the
12 school districts committed to quality       development of youth.                            role as advisor for undergraduate re-
physical education.”                                                                            search.”

Cliff DeVoll
April 3, 1920…March 17, 2008
Cliff DeVoll passed away Monday, March         Cliff taught at Beloit College from 1949-        tion and the La Crosse Kiwanis Club. He
17th at Hillview Health Care Center, in La     1952 before coming to UW-L to teach anat-        was a Director of the YMCA and the Boy
Crosse. He was born in Rockford, Illinois      omy and physical education plus coach            Scouts, member of the Wisconsin Gover-
to Clifton L. and Bernice (Bailey) DeVoll.     basketball and tennis. His 1963-64 basket-       nor’s Council for Physical Fitness and
He received his undergraduate degree in        ball team represented the state of Wiscon-       Health under two governors, and Chairman
biology with a minor in physical education     sin at the National Association of Intercolle-   of the La Crosse Heart Fund.
from the La Crosse Teacher’s College and       giate Athletics (NAIA) tournament.
                                                                                                Cliff is survived by his wife of 57 years
went on to earn a master’s and doctorate
                                               In 1967, he became the Associate Dean of         Diana, and two children, Charles and Jody.
degrees in physical education from Indi-
                                               the College of Health, Physical Education
ana University. He also earned a certifica-                                                     Memorials may be made to the Cliff and
                                               and Recreation. He later returned to teach-
tion in physical therapy from Mayo Clinic.                                                      Diana DeVoll Scholarship for Teaching in
                                               ing and was also appointed the Director of
                                                                                                Physical Education or to the La Crosse Ex-
He joined the United States Navy in 1942,      the Adult Fitness Unit of the La Crosse Ex-
                                                                                                ercise and Health Program in care of the
first serving as a physical therapist at the   ercise and Health Program.
                                                                                                UW-L Foundation, 615 East Ave. N., La
Brooklyn Naval Hospital. He then elected
                                               Cliff was active in the community, serving       Crosse, WI, 54601.
to become an officer and was assigned to
                                               as President of the Wisconsin Association
an LST in the Pacific Theater, where he
                                               of Physical Education, Health and Recrea-
participated in three invasions.

  The UW-L Alumni Center
  Both UW-L alumni and guests will enjoy connecting with our campus and its graduates through the UW-L Alumni Center.
  The Center’s web page address is
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                Page 12

Q & A…LANE GOODWIN, Professor Emeritus, Exercise and Sport Science Department.
Interviewed by Manny Felix, Coordinator, Undergraduate Adapted Physical Education Program.
                                                                                                 comprised of two service programs: the
                                                                                                 Motor Development Program and the Adult
                                                                                                 Therapy Program. By that time, we had the
                                                                                                 undergraduate and graduate adapted
                                                                                                 physical education programs fully devel-
                                                                                                 oped. Back then, besides those mildly
                                                                                                 handicapped individuals in the community
                                                                                                 there was a facility near West Salem that
                                                                                                 had full time residents with various dis-
                                                                                                 abilities, including those who were consid-
                                                                                                 ered severe and profound. So to meet the
                                                                                                 needs of that population we established the
                                                                                                 Saturday morning Motor Development
Background…. Lane Goodwin was teaching                                                           Program (MDP). Adapted physical educa-
                                                 Q: Lane, the Special Physical Education
physical education and coaching at a high                                                        tion students taught in the program and
                                                 Program (now referred to as the Adapted
school in the St. Louis area. In June, when      Physical Education Program) has been            coordinated and supervised undergradu-
school was out, he headed to the University                                                      ate students from the Introduction to Spe-
                                                 around a long time. Tell us how it all
of Missouri for the summer session to com-                                                       cial (Adapted) Physical Education course.
plete requirements for State of Missouri High                                                    The graduate and undergraduate adapted
                                                 A: I had an interest in Adapted Physical        physical education students implemented
School Administrative Certification. That
                                                 Education (APE) for a long time. In the late    the instructional process. I've always been
was in 1965. Walking past the university
                                                 60’s the university was encouraging faculty     a strong believer in hands on experiences.
placement office he entered and inquired
                                                 to obtain the doctoral degree. After talk-      In this teaching profession, you just can't
about positions available at the college or
                                                 ing to the Dean (Glenn Smith) about my          learn solely in the classroom. You have to
university level in the upper Midwest, pref-
                                                 interests in APE, I decided to go to the Uni-   be able to practice your teaching skills.
erably Wisconsin. Fortunately for UW-L
                                                 versity of Utah, which offered doctoral pro-
there was an opening, and he became a                                                            Q: How did the Adapted Physical Edu-
                                                 grams in both physical education and spe-
member of the Physical Education Depart-                                                         cation Program evolve over the years?
                                                 cial education. While at Utah I worked in
ment at the formerly named Wisconsin State
                                                 programs in special education, adapted          A: We started with the two graduate stu-
University at La Crosse. He was also as-
                                                 physical education and therapeutic recrea-      dents in 1973 and grew to about 14 per
signed as an Assistant Football Coach, and
                                                 tion. I also wrote their first teacher prepa-   year. Grant money (from the U.S. Depart-
for a few years was the Golf Coach.
                                                 ration grant in APE. I completed my doc-        ment of Education), allowed us to recruit
Lane received his BS (‘56) and M.Ed. (‘59) in    toral degree in 1970, returned to UW-L,         more and more students. This funding
Physical Education from the University of        and developed the undergraduate APE             helped to support students and all of our
Missouri, and his PhD in Physical Education      concentration. I then wrote a grant (U.S.       programs. In the Motor Development Pro-
and Special Education from the University of     Department of Education - Office of Special     gram we served over 100 clients during
Utah in 1970. He retired from UW-L in 1993.      Education and Rehabilitation Services), to      the academic year and about 75 during the
                                                 develop a masters degree program in APE.        summer. We attracted students from school
Lane and his wife Linda have been married
                                                 With this developmental funding, we             psychology, physical therapy and other
for 54 years and have four children and
                                                 started with two students in the graduate       academic areas as support to the adapted
eight grandchildren. After retiring in 1993,
                                                 adapted physical education program in the       physical education core staff. In coopera-
he and Linda were busy enjoying their fam-
                                                 fall of 1973.                                   tion with Gundersen Clinic and Lutheran
ily and traveling around the world while
working on cruise ships as a Golf Instructor                                                     Hospital, in 1979 we began the Adult Ther-
                                                 Q: Tell us about the Special Populations
(Lane) and Librarian (Linda). Now they                                                           apy Program (ATP). Graduate students
                                                 Program. Why did you establish that?
continue to enjoy their family, and Lane still                                                   worked in the ATP program four days a
                                                 A: We started the first Special Populations     week from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. At that time
plays golf. Lane and Linda reside in La
                                                 Program (SPP) in 1973. This program was         Lutheran Hospital did not have a swimming
Crosse near the UW-L campus.
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                  Page 13

pool so they would bus adults with physical      but surely, we have changed that negative      education teachers it is hard to project the
handicaps to the Adult Therapy Program           attitude. Third, parents and school admini-    total impact of this program.
where we provided a swimming and exer-           stration officials wanted the disabled and
                                                                                                Q: What advice do you have for students
cise therapy program for them as well as         handicapped child integrated into the gen-
                                                                                                today who are considering the APE pro-
others in the community.                         eral arts and physical education classes, at
                                                 any cost. It wasn't that we were against
The programs grew over the years. They
                                                 integration, but it should be only where       A: Don't go into this area of study because
required a lot of hard work from the stu-
                                                 appropriate. You could understand the          you know it will help you get a job. Go into
dents. The grants allowed us to grow. The
                                                 parents' perspective of wanting their dis-     adapted physical education because you
funding helped support graduate students,
                                                 abled child to be integrated, but some-        have a passion for it. If you get a job in
the purchase of equipment, and even al-
                                                 times there are other more appropriate         APE and don't have a passion for it, it's not
lowed the hiring of another UW-L faculty
                                                 environments for certain kids with disabili-   fair to the students, the school district, or
                                                 ties.                                          yourself. Also, I'm a strong believer in
Q: What kind of impact do you feel you                                                          hands on experiences. Get as much as
                                                 The adapted physical education profession
had on the Adapted Physical Education                                                           possible out of your practicum experi-
                                                 has become much better. Adapted physi-
Program students?                                                                               ences. These experiences are important
                                                 cal education is now more widely ac-
                                                                                                because it allows you to practice and refine
A: There was a very heavy work load for          cepted, and there is more collaboration
                                                                                                your skills as a teacher.
the students. However, I hope they did           among professionals and more administra-
learn and benefit greatly from the experi-       tive support. We have learned along the        Q: Lane, you've had many great mo-
ence. During those early times, our stu-         way and made appropriate changes in the        ments, but what were some of your
dents were the first to use computers on         APE programs.                                  proudest accomplishments?
campus and with these computers they
                                                 Q: You've worked with a lot of students        A: I did my job. It was something I be-
maintained all the records for the clients in
                                                 during your time here at UW-L. How             lieved in and worked hard at. Knowing
a room they fondly referred to as the
                                                 have former students contributed to the        that I started the programs and then pro-
"pit" (Rm. 16 Wittich Hall, APE Student and
                                                 profession?                                    vided funding opportunities for those who
Program office). They learned a whole lot
                                                                                                wanted to go into a specialized area of
about people with disabilities and about         A: Let's put it this way. We have hundreds
                                                                                                study, many of who needed financial assis-
working hard. The purpose of the pro-            of graduate and undergraduates, who have
                                                                                                tance, is a great feeling of accomplishment.
grams was to put knowledge into practice.        gone throughout the country and serviced
                                                                                                The grant funding helped establish the
                                                 students with disabilities. Probably, the
Q: What were some of the important                                                              undergraduate program and graduate
                                                 greatest impact is right here in Wisconsin
issues in Adapted Physical Education                                                            program, and our other programs under
                                                 with graduates from both the graduate and
back then?                                                                                      the umbrella of the Special Populations
                                                 undergraduate adapted physical education
                                                                                                Program. In addition, we had three or four
A: First, the adapted physical education         programs. They have been out there teach-
                                                                                                national conferences bringing to campus
profession had to emphasize the impor-           ing.
                                                                                                all the top people in adapted physical edu-
tance of training teachers to go out in the
                                                 But, a large number of our students were       cation. Our adapted physical education
field. It was rare to see a trained APE
                                                 not from Wisconsin.      In the early days     program brought national recognition to
teacher anywhere in the school systems.
                                                 there were only four or five universities in   UW-L.
However as APE professional preparation
                                                 the country with a program like ours. We
programs developed in colleges and uni-                                                         I also enjoyed and appreciated recognition
                                                 attracted students from all over the coun-
versities, we learned along the way about                                                       from my colleagues. As one said to me
                                                 try, and they then returned to the general
teaching practices and strategies. Nowa-                                                        years after we began in 1973, “I never
                                                 area they came from and spread the good
days, it is much more common to see an                                                          thought the UW-L adapted physical educa-
                                                 word about the UW-L adapted physical
APE specialist in the education setting, and                                                    tion program would be as good as it was.”
                                                 education program. We had established
we know more about effective teaching
                                                 ourselves as a premiere APE preparation        Finally, it is gratifying to know that in 2008
practices for children with disabilities.
                                                 program.     In addition, many of these        the Special Populations Program is in good
Secondly, some special education profes-
                                                 graduate students (about 30) also went on      hands and continues to offer quality educa-
sionals didn't really value physical educa-
                                                 to doctoral level programs in adapted          tion and companion practical experiences
tion. We had to train our students to not
                                                 physical education and started their own       to undergraduate and gradate students.
only teach kids with disabilities, but to also
                                                 quality education programs in colleges         Ultimately, the result is then quality oppor-
build rapport with special education per-
                                                 and universities throughout North America      tunities to those in need of special educa-
sonnel. Many special education profes-
                                                 and other regions of the world. With their     tion and physical activity.
sionals didn't feel physical education was a
                                                 extension of preparing adapted physical
valuable part of special education. Slowly
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                   Page 14

Physician Assistant Graduates Top of the Heap
                                                                                                  sician assistant. Every graduate of our PA
                                                                                                  program has passed the PANCE on their
                                                                                                  first attempt, already quite a distinction
                                                                                                  and tribute to the academic strength of the
                                                                                                  UW-L program.
                                                                                                  To further highlight this cohort of students’
                                                                                                  accomplishment, their two years were
                                                                                                  marked by an extensive turnover in fac-
                                                                                                  ulty. The Class of 2007, many of whom
                                                                                                  practice within the Gundersen Lutheran
                                                                                                  and Mayo Healthcare Systems, was se-
                                                                                                  lected during the leadership of former
                                                                                                  Program Director, Mark Zellmer, MA, PA-
                                                                                                  C. Throughout their two year program,
The Class of 2007 of the UW-L, Gundersen,        take the Physician Assistant National Certi-
                                                                                                  they were led by Interim Program Direc-
and Mayo Physician Assistant Program can         fying Examination, or PANCE, sits the
                                                                                                  tors Eric Garland, PA-C and Mary Rath-
add another accolade to their list of major      graduates of last year’s class of 2007 from
                                                                                                  gaber, MD. The current Program Director,
accomplishments. Though the relatively           UW-L. The average score of last year’s
                                                                                                  Ed Malone, MD, was fortunate to have been
young program has only graduated eleven          class of 13 students was the highest in the
                                                                                                  with the Class of 2007 for the last three
classes, it has risen to the national spot-      nation compared to all first time test takers.
                                                                                                  months of their 24 month education. Kathy
                                                 This list of 147 programs in the country         Majewski, MSHS, PA-C, is the only faculty
Earlier this semester the National Commis-       includes graduates of Certificate, Bache-        member with the group from selection and
sion for Certification of Physician Assistants   lor’s, and Master’s degree granting PA           admission through their graduation last
(NCCPA) released the comparative sum-            schools. Of the 147 programs, approxi-           May.
mary report for all physician assistant can-     mately 133 grant a Master’s degree. Only
                                                                                                  For further information contact Edward
didates who sat for their certifying exami-      a graduate of an accredited PA program
                                                                                                  Malone, PA Program Director at 608-785-
nation in 2007. At the top of this list of 147   may take the examination which is re-
                                                                                                  6623 or
programs whose graduates are allowed to          quired by most states to practice as a phy-

Undergraduate Research Project in Mathematics
Students Chad Leonhardt and Ange Lued-           In their research, Chad and Ange used
tke worked on a research project during          techniques from game theory to model an
the 2007-08 academic year with the guid-         aspect of agricultural decision making
ance of faculty advisor Barbara Bennie.
Both Chad and Ange, who are majoring in
                                                 involving crop allocation. Their research
                                                 was an extension of work done previously
                                                                                                     Visit Our Newsletter
mathematics with an emphasis in statistics,      in the area. The project looks at a crop            Archive
received funding from the Center for Un-         allocation decision faced by farmers: what
dergraduate Research in Mathematics              fraction of their total land should be used         If you enjoy reading this newslet-
(CURM - sponsored by The National Sci-           to grow various crops? These allocation             ter, you may want to see our past
ence Foundation), to work on the research        decisions depend on several factors. Chad           editions. They are available online
project. This was the first year of operation    and Ange incorporated many of these fac-            at
for the CURM program and the UW-L team           tors such as demand, elasticity and yield           newsletter.htm.
was one of only 15 groups nationally to          into a game theory model. Based on the
receive funding for 2007.                        model they were able to explore several
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                               Page 15
patterns. For example, they considered
how increasing demand for a particular
crop impacts the optimal allocation deci-
As part of their involvement in the pro-
gram, Chad and Ange traveled to the
CURM Research Conference at Brigham
Young University in Provo, Utah to present
their work in March, 2008.
The team worked extremely hard on the
research project and should be congratu-
lated for their great results.
For further information contact Barbara
Bennie of the Mathematics Department at
608-785-6605 or

Undergraduates...Research, Research, Research!!!
National Conference on Research… Salisbury, MD.

Twenty four UW-L students, including 18          Our students were outstanding in commu-        Sudhakaran, Physics and Penny Tiedt, Con-
from the College of Science and Health           nicating their research with excitement        tinuing Education.
(SAH), presented the results of their origi-     and professionalism. Numerous faculty
                                                                                                In addition to supporting our students,
nal scholarship at the National Conference       and administrators from other institutions
                                                                                                Karen Palmer McLean, Gubbi Sudhakaran,
on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) April           commented on how impressed they were
                                                                                                Penny Tiedt and several of the faculty were
10-12 at Salisbury University in Salisbury,      with UW-L students, referring to them as
                                                                                                in attendance in preparation for 2009 when
MD. NCUR is the largest undergraduate            “excellent ambassadors.”
                                                                                                UW-L will host NCUR. When UW-L hosts
research conference in the country, with
                                                                                                NCUR in 2009, we will have the unique
over 2,500 students sharing their research
                                                                                                distinction of being the only university in
projects and over 3,000 attendees.
                                                                                                the nation to host both NCUR and the Coun-
                                                                                                cil for Undergraduate Research (CUR) Na-
                                                                                                tional Conference.

                                                 Ryan Reichwaldt talks to an interested
Molly Uhrich presenting her poster on            audience about his poster on “The relation-
“Assessing and comparing hamstring               ship between physical fitness and motiva-
flexibility exercise for increased flexibility   tion for activity in college aged students.”
and pain/discomfort levels.”                                                                    David Shudy listens to a question about his
                                                 The students were accompanied by Dean          research on “Hybridization with DNA
The UW-L contingent was one of the largest       Karen Palmer McLean, Associate Vice            probes bound to gold by adenine nucleo-
in attendance. More UW-L students pre-           Chancellor for Academic Affairs Vijendra
sented their work than from UW-Madison           Agarwal, Rebecca Battista, Exercise and
                                                                                                For more information please contact David
and University of Michigan combined.             Sport Science, David Howard, Biology,
                                                                                                Howard of the Biology Department at 608-
More of our SAH students exhibited their         Mark Malisa, Educational Studies, Aric
                                                                                                785-6455 or
research than from all the Ivy League            Opdahl, Chemistry, Carol Oyster, Psychol-
schools combined.                                ogy, Bill Schwan, Microbiology, Gubbi
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                               Page 16

Institute for Movement Science Receives Bertec Grant
Bertec Corporation of Columbus, Ohio
awarded an equipment grant to the La
Crosse Institute for Movement Science in
the Department of Health Professions. The
title of the proposal was “Effects of body
weight support on postural sway and func-
tional test performance on elderly in an
extended care facility”. The award in-
cluded a force platform for postural sway
measurements and associated software.
Body weight support systems (BWS) are
suspension systems used in physical ther-
apy to improve balance, gait parameters,
and increase the tolerance to exercise (like
the one shown in the adjacent figure). In
rehabilitation, BWS has been found to im-
prove balance in patients by providing
challenges to postural control in a safe and
secure environment. Gait improvements
that have been reported include increased
velocity, single leg stance time, stride
length, and a more symmetrical pattern.
These improvements have led to a pa-
tient’s ability to be more independent, safe    Photo of researchers utilizing a body weight support system while postural sway meas-
and functionally mobile with decreased          urements are collected using a force platform. Shown are Therese Clark (Physical Ther-
risk of falls. More effective treatment         apy graduate student, at the computer), Tom Kernozek (in the body weight support har-
strategies are needed in extended care          ness), Erin Hussey (in foreground) and John Greany (in background).
settings where currently more patients are
                                                facilities are being compared, one facility      week during the study and at patient dis-
being sent for a short term stay after hospi-
                                                utilizes body weight support and one does        charge.
talization. The purpose of this clinical in-
                                                not. Outcome measures used to compare
vestigation is to examine the effects of the                                                     For further information contact Tom Ker-
                                                groups are postural sway assessments, the
use of BWS during rehabilitation in com-                                                         nozek    at    608-785-8468     or  ker-
                                                two minute walk test, the five repetition sit-
parison to a control group in an extended                                              
                                                stand test, the ten meter walk test, and the
care setting on postural sway, functional
                                                Timed Up and Go test. The outcome meas-
performance tests, length of stay, and in-
                                                ures are taken prior to the study, each
dependence in gait. Two extended care

   Learn More About the College of Science and Health’s Academic Programs
   and Interdisciplinary Centers
   The web is an excellent place to learn more about our many academic programs and interdisciplinary centers. Links to
   each are conveniently located on our web page ( For questions about the Col-
   lege of Science and Health, please contact the Dean’s office at (608) 785-8218 or
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                              Page 17

Therapeutic Recreation Grants

Left to right: Kevin Henry, Employment Coordinator; Linda Zimmerman, Program Manager; Josh VandeBerg, Construction Trainer.

Linda Zimmerman (2002 UW-L therapeutic          tion, smoking cessation, nutrition and fit-    $4,800 grant from the La Crosse Commu-
recreation graduate), Manager of Commu-         ness, and financial management will be         nity Foundation, Mary Grace Sieber Fund.
nity Programs for Workforce Connections,        made available through a variety of com-       This grant enabled Special Olympics to
Inc. in La Crosse, announced the receipt of     munity partnerships. Since successful em-      purchase road bikes, tricycles, and hel-
an $856,886 grant from the U.S. Depart-         ployment is related to meaningful use of       mets to begin a cycling program. Court-
ment of Labor for a new program called          leisure, the UW-L RTH 476 Assessment and       ney Daniels also received a $1700 grant
Building Opportunities. Funds from this         Treatment Planning class in therapeutic        from the La Crosse Community Foundation
grant will be used to engage our commu-         recreation is making a contribution to the     Corinne Zielke Baseball Fund for supplies
nity’s vulnerable youth, ages 16-24, to earn    participants. Students redesigned a Lei-       to be used on the new Miracle League
their high school diploma (GED/HSED),           sure Constraints Assessment, and individu-     baseball field at the YMCA. This is a rub-
explore careers, enhance life skills, and       ally administered this assessment to the       berized field, accessible to youth using
learn construction skills. Participants learn   Building Opportunities participants. Par-      wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility
construction skills by building a home for a    ticipants were provided with suggestions       devices. Congratulations to our four thera-
low income family. The program takes a          for overcoming perceived barriers to lei-      peutic recreation grant recipients. You are
holistic approach to providing services         sure. Individualized program plans were        providing meaningful service to the com-
including life skills attainment, skills as-    provided to the staff of Building Opportuni-   munity and we are proud of your success-
sessment, career exploration, individual        ties.                                          ful efforts.
service plan development, occupational
                                                Three other current therapeutic recreation     For further information contact Nancy
skills training, work readiness and job
                                                students received grants spring semester.      Navar at 608-785-8213 or e mail number
experience. Other training such as HIV/
                                                Rebecca Hickok and Abby Lien received a
AIDS/STI prevention and ATODA preven-
Volume 3, Number 2                                                                                                                  Page 18

Three Radiation Therapy Students Win National Scholarships

             Cassie Huettl                                     Dana Minor                                    Tanya Pawlenty

Three UW-L Radiation Therapy students           They and their 17 classmates are about to         field of radiation therapy, “technology with
have received national scholarships from        embark on a 13-month clinical internship at       a human touch”.
the American Society of Radiologic Tech-        an affiliated hospital in the Wisconsin and
                                                                                                  Minor, a senior, from Monona Grove, WI,
nologists (ASRT). The Varian Scholarship        Illinois region. This internship involves
                                                                                                  will begin her clinical internship at the
program recently announced the winners          completing clinical practicum and skills
                                                                                                  University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clin-
of its 18 national awards for radiation ther-   necessary to become a radiation therapist
                                                                                                  ics in Madison, WI. Huettl, a senior from
apy students. Among the winners were            while under the supervision and instruction
                                                                                                  Mankato, MN, will begin her internship at
UW-L’s Cassie Huettl, Dana Minor, and           of adjunct faculty at their respective institu-
                                                                                                  St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee, WI. Fi-
Tanya Pawlenty.                                 tions.
                                                                                                  nally, Pawlenty, a senior from Inver Grove
The students submitted applications for         Radiation therapists deliver ionizing radia-      Heights, MN will intern at Gundersen Lu-
academic and extra-curricular achieve-          tion treatments to cancer patients using          theran in La Crosse.
ments, financial need, and program direc-       complex technology and highly advanced
                                                                                                  For further information on the Radiation
tor’s recommendations. Each student will        medical techniques. Radiation therapy can
                                                                                                  Therapy Program contact Melissa Weege,
receive a $5000 check to pay for tuition        be given in combination with chemother-
                                                                                                  Program Director, at 608-785-6979 or
and books for the 2008-2009 academic            apy and surgery or as a single treatment
year. These three students have obtained        modality. These professionals enjoy the
outstanding academic achievements dur-          challenges of technological advances
ing their first year in the Radiation Therapy   while maintaining strong interpersonal
Program.                                        relationships with their patients making the

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