Moorea 2009—Proposed Packing List List of supplies to take

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					Moorea 2009—Proposed Packing List
List of supplies to take with you—we will discuss and update this list in the Fall.

__ passport
__ visa (we will update the visa information over the summer)
__ nice clothes for travel, meetings in Papeete, and evenings out
__ t-shirts/tops (many)
__ shorts with pockets (for carrying items)
__ loose fitting long-sleeved top
__ field pants (or zip-offs)
__ socks, underwear, etc.
__ hat
__ good raincoat
__ warm jacket or fleece
__ good trail shoes (can be sturdy running shoes)
__ bathing suit
__ sun shirt or rash guard to wear for water, intertidal work
__ snorkeling equipment: mask, snorkel, fins
__ surf shoes, booties, or old sneakers that can get wet and cover toes
__ gloves for snorkeling (garden gloves will do fine)
__ flip-flops, tevas, or equivalent
__ sunblock/sunscreen, chapstick with sunscreen
__ sunglasses
__ insect repellent (Skin-so-Soft from CA; Citronella available in FP)
__ personal first aid supplies; any prescribed medications with prescription
__ bathroom items
__ daypack
__ multipurpose “Swiss-army” knife (but do not carry it on the plane)
__ water bottle
__ flashlight (preferably headlight)
__ digital camera with extra memory card and rechargeable batteries
__ waterproof notebook (will discuss in class), pencils or waterproof pens
__ lab notebook (will discuss in class)
__ magnifying loupe (hand lens; will discuss in class)
__ usb memory stick
__ credit card or debit card (not all credit/debit cards work; Visa does)
__ laptop computer with wifi, 110-240v, and continental Europe electrical plug—will discuss

Recommended and/or will discuss in class
__ sleeping bag or fleece roll
__ binoculars
__ GPS (recreational)
__ guitar, frisbee, ...
__ music, DVDs
__ zip-lock bags

All of your personal gear must go in one bag; class supplies and approx. 10 lbs of class
equipment will go in the other bag you are allowed. So plan to pack light – each student
must help to transport general class supplies from the US to Moorea. We will discuss this