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                                                                    Jeep Wrangler

The “moparized” Jeep Liberty also sported chromed            Jeep Liberty Chromed Accessories and Performance Parts
mirror covers, with 18-inch polished aluminum wheels                                                                                  Manufacturer’s
(rim portion only). other features included the              Part No.                 Item                                           Suggested Retail
chromed fuel-filler cap, tubular side steps and upper                                                                                     Price
and lower portions of the seven-slot grille upgraded
                                                             82211959                 chromed Upper mesh Grille                             $479
to chromed mesh.
                                                             82211960                 chromed Lower mesh Grille                             $155
in addition to chromed accents, mopar offers a vast          82211248                 18-inch Polished Aluminum Wheels                      $252
selection of parts and accessories to further enhance
the capability and performance of the Jeep Wrangler          82210803                 chromed mirror covers                                 $107
and Jeep Liberty. These parts and accessories include        82211259                 chromed Tubular Side Steps                            $578
lift kits, upgraded axles, rock protection, roof racks for
                                                             82211021Ab               chromed Fuel-Filler door                               $93
hauling outdoor equipment, cold-air intake kits and
cat-back™ exhaust systems.                                   P5155035                 cat-back exhaust System                               $878

Jeep Wrangler customers spend approximately $325
on mopar parts and accessories in order to customize
their new vehicle. To meet the demand of customer
individuality, these parts and a variety of others may       Frankfurt “Moparized” Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
be ordered and installed at the dealership. They may
also be installed at the factory.                            Part No.                Item                                            Suggested Retail
“right after dodge ram, Jeep Wrangler is our most
                                                             82210469                chromed mirror covers                                  $121
accessorized vehicle,” said Pietro Gorlier, President
and chief executive officer – mopar Service, Parts           82210558Ac              chromed Front Grille                                   $327
and customer care. “From chromed parts to axle kits,         82210564Ac              chromed Tubular Side Steps                             $583
we offer our Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Liberty owners
hundreds of parts and accessories from which to              82210268                chromed Taillamp Guards                                $183
choose. mopar gives customers the opportunity to             82208439Ab              chromed exhaust Tip                                   $54.40
further enhance the performance and appearance of
                                                             82210608                 chromed Fuel-Filler cap                               $165
their chrysler, Jeep or dodge vehicle.”
                                                             82210142                 brushed Stainless Steel door Sills                    $111
For more information on mopar accessories and                82210001                 18-inch chromed Aluminum Wheel                        $411
performance parts, visit n

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