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									Richard III

     Lesson 6
Political intrigue

   Betrayal
   Duplicity
   Treachery
   Treason
   Back-stabbing
   Fear
   Arrogance
   Ignorance
   Paranoia
   Oblivion
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

Summarise your knowledge of Richard III in relation to
these two proverbs.
Model answer:
       In Richard III, Shakespeare gives us a man intent on
 villainy in order to acquire power. He is immediately
 successful at gaining allies who are of his calibre and
 persuasion. However, as the success raises his status,
 Richard finds himself caught in a world where he is fearful
 of challenge and must resort to execution to secure his
 position in his own mind. He therefore becomes isolated
 from his former ally, Buckingham and doomed to the
 fortune of other Machiavellian villains.
Act IV scene ii

In this extract, how is the theme of power and
corruption explored?

Band 6:

Coherent analysis of the text in relation to the question.

Appreciation of the effects of features of language in both extracts.

Creates a well-developed argument with comments and precisely
selected references to the text integrated appropriately.

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