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					Public Sector Residential Land
Disposal & Development
Deferred Receipts Mechanisms
Liam Fennell
RBS Property Ventures
23rd June 2009
Liam Fennell - Track Record
 Director Property Ventures based
in Edinburgh (2006-Present)
Focused on Regeneration & Public Sector Joint

 Scottish Enterprise (1991-2006)
Area regeneration: My Future‟s in Falkirk,
Raploch URC, Chemical sector initiative, Life
Sciences, business property.

Specialist developments: science parks –
Aberdeen, Edinburgh Bioquarter, Edinburgh
Technopole, Pentlands Science Park, Roslin
BioCentre, Stirling University Innovation Park.

Local Regeneration: Exchange District –
Edinburgh International Conference and Financial
Centre. Accessing ERDF.

 Construction      & Mining (open cast &
deep mines)

Property Ventures – Edinburgh
 PV   work alongside our colleagues in the corporate bank to provide a total funding solution for property
  deals in the UK and Ireland
 PV provide the equity and mezzanine element
 Deals cover all property asset classes and transaction types but must have a value driver and a planned
  exit – typically asset management, development (including speculative) and planning plays
 Deals are property specific
 No typical deal structure – each deal is tailored to meet the specific needs of the partner and transaction
 Deals can be effected via lending with profit sharing exit fees, joint ventures, limited liability
  partnerships, limited partnerships and direct ownership with profit related fee for partner
 Typical deal size is GBP5-150m. Currently PV Edinburgh have over 80 active deals with a total
  exposure in excess of GBP1.5bn
 PV Edinburgh are a team of 14 comprising a mix of property and finance professionals

 PV fund the gap between senior funding and the amount of equity the partner can contribute

Approach – Key Factors

   Partnership – partner as principal                                          Partner
   Track record/reputation of partner is key
 “Pain”   money from partner is required

   Quality of asset
   Reasonableness of appraisal assumptions – yield, income, costs, timing
   Portfolio/ appetite for sector/transaction
   Exit – when and for what price?
   There needs to be a value driver

Risk vs Reward
   Evaluate risks
   Profitability of scheme                                                  Risk vs Reward
   Potential return vs risk being assumed

Deal Structures
 Structures   are driven by the specific needs of the partner and the transaction
 – Control
 – Transparency
 – On/Off Balance sheet

 PV are currently working in the following structures
 – Lending with profit sharing exit fees
 – Joint Ventures (50:50) with minority/majority feedback
 – Direct ownership with profit related fee for partner
 – LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships)
 – LPs (Limited Partnerships)

Property Market Correction

Who is lending (June 2009)? – Savills “top 22” with an
appetite to lend in 2009 (above £10m)
• Abbey
• Barclays Bank                           • HSBC Investec
• BLME                                    • Landesbank Berlin
• Canada Life                             • LBBW (Stuttgart)
• Coutts & Co                             • Lloyds Banking Group
• Deka Bank                               • Munich Hyp
• Deutsche Postbank                       • Nationwide BS
• DG Hyp                                  • Nord LB/Deutsche Hypo
• Eurohypo                                • Norwich Union
• Handelsbanken                           • RBS
• Helaba                                  • West Immo

10 are German lenders, 8 are UK lenders and 4 are other
international lenders                                               Source: Savills

Funding Re-benchmarked

Risk Profile


Public/Private Regeneration Projects/Vehicles
Isis Waterside Regeneration

English Cities Fund

Blue Print


Priority Sites, Welsh Industrial Partnership, Networkspace

ONE Buildings for Business, NorwePP, PxP, ONEDIN

Local Asset Backed Vehicles – Croydon, Tunbridge Wells

Infrastructure Funds
Tariff Based Models
  English Partnerships Milton Keynes Tariff, Bedford



 BIDS   (or Tax Increment Finance)

Cart Corridor, Renfrewshire

A location specific GBP30m public / private
 partnership between RBS (50%) Renfrewshire
 Council (45%) and Scottish Enterprise
  Renfrewshire (5%)
 Established in August 2005 to achieve planning,
  build, let and sell office, industrial and
  commercial units at Cart Corridor close to
  Glasgow Airport
 To be developed in 5 phases, Project Life
  estimated at 5 years
 By 2010 the project is intended to create 1000
  new jobs with an additional GVA of GBP245m for
  the Scottish economy

Higher Broughton, Salford
 Limited Partnership vehicle formed in May 2004
  to develop 5 phases of mixed use regeneration
 Joint venture between RBS (41%), Salford
  Council (19%), and developers City Spirit (20%)
  and Inpartnerships (20%)
 Land  remediation was supported by Manchester
  and Salford Housing Market Renewal Fund.
 Development to be in „Homezones‟ of 20-30 units
  to foster community atmosphere
 Phase 1 consists of 177 units (apartments and
 three to seven bedroom houses) and is due for
 completion by mid 2007
 Future  Phases will include a community hub, 193
  apartments for key worker rental, 60 affordable
  apartments, 115 units mixed tenure, plus 5,000
  sq ft food store and 13,000 sq ft medical centre
 Over 60% of homes sold off-plan
 Winner of „Best Family Home‟ and „Best Overall
  Development‟ at MEN Residential Property
  Awards on 12 October 2006

Priority Sites
 EstablishedOctober 1997 as a Joint Venture
  between RBS (51%) and English Partnerships (49%)
 Brought together the financial strength of RBS with
  England‟s national regeneration agency. Remit to
  undertake development of industrial, hybrid and
  office space in areas of economic need
 Now renowned as one of the most active speculative
  commercial developers in England
 Initial target was 1.3m sq ft of industrial space
 ByJuly 2007
 – 3.12m sq ft of floor space had been built
 – Over GBP240m had been invested in the regions
  – Opportunities for 6,500 people had been created
  – Further 700,000 sq ft was underway with 900 sq ft
    in the pipeline

         Priority Sites
     route involves the lease of or sale of individual developments to owner occupiers or individual
 Exit
 investors, or leasing to occupiers

                Cannis House, St Austell                            Croft Business Park, Bromborough

                  Wansbeck, Ashington                                   Dakota Business Park, Speke

Welsh Industrial Partnership (WIP)
A  public / private partnership between RBS (51%)
  and Welsh Assembly Government (previously
  Welsh development Agency) (49%)
 Established in 2002 to fund and develop industrial
  units throughout Wales. RBS provided funding
  up to GBP32.6m
 WAG contributed GBP0.98m equity and
  contributed GBP9m investment property portfolio
                                                         Gemini Court, Baglan Energy Park
  to represent the gap funding appropriate for the
  development programme
 WAG undertake the project management and
  manage the external property advisors
 Phase  1 consists of 240,000 sq ft in five locations
  costing circa GBP14m
 The partnership is being extended until July 2010
  and will undertake further speculative

                                                                         Integra St Asaph

Project Omega, Warrington
 50 / 50 Joint Venture with the Miller Group
 Site remains in the ownership of English
  Partnerships. JVCO has an option to draw down
  land for a fixed price (subject to overage) on an
  as needs basis
 500 acre brownfield site (former US military use)
  at Warrington
 Potential to develop up to 7m sq ft of mixed used
 Planning  achieved for 1.6m sq ft of logistics /
 industrial and 1.5m sq ft of offices and ancillary
 15/ 20 year time scale

Ecosse Regeneration Ltd
 AEquity,  mezzanine and debt funding provided
  to Ecosse to assist in acquiring and obtaining
  planning for c1200 acres of land at Polkemmet,
  West Lothian, Scotland
 Original investment made in April 2002 – long
  term project
 Outline planning consent has been granted for
  – 2000 residential units
  – 500k sq ft class 4 (business/offices)
  – 500k sq ft class 5 (industrial)
  – 500k sq ft class 6 (storage/distribution)
  – Two PGA designed golf courses
  – new M8 motorway junction
  – Neighbourhood shopping centre
 Contract awarded to extract 1.6m tonnes of coal
  via opencast to provide a development platform
  and remediate the site
 Discussions ongoing with residential developers.
 Options being explored in connection with the
  commercial land

 Regeneration   is a Long Term proposition
 Public sector can generate confidence for private sector by investing and reducing risk e.g. planning,
  site assembly, decontamination, pump priming, public realm, related investment etc
 Clear objectives required, value driver(s) and a planned exit
 Flexibility to respond to changing market demand and conditions
 Pricing will reflect level of risk
 IPD research indicates returns in regeneration areas comparable with other property classes
 But there are barriers to investment:
  Risk – lack of coherent strategy, lack of track record
  Cost – high upfront bidding, heavy investment in infrastructure, timescale
  Demanding – of people, time vs opportunity cost with other projects
  Scale – single site vs portfolio approach
  Premature or ill conceived proposals
  Clear understanding and expectation of the private sector partner‟s role and contribution

Global Disclaimer for Presentations by Advisory
Areas to Investors
This document has been prepared for information purposes only. The investments and investment services PVrred to are not available to private customers within the meaning of
the rules of the Financial Services Authority, nor for persons who are subject to US securities laws and should not be distributed in the US or to any US person nor in any
jurisdiction in which its distribution would be prohibited. It should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or any interest in securities.
The information in this document is confidential and is intended for use only by the recipient. It should not be reproduced or disclosed to any other person without our consent.
This document remains our property and must be returned to us on request and any copies you have made must be destroyed.
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investor may require to make a full analysis of the transaction.
The terms of this [Preliminary Term Sheet/Presentation] are qualified in their entirety by the Offering Circular, which will be made available by us in respect of the transaction
described herein, which will supersede the terms hereof.]*
This document is distributed on the express understanding that, whilst the information in it is believed to be reliable, it has not been independently verified by us. We make no
representation or warranty (express or implied) of any nature, nor do we accept any responsibility or liability of any kind, with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the
information in this document. This shall not, however, restrict, exclude, or limit any duty or liability to a person under any applicable laws or regulations of any jurisdiction, which
may not lawfully be disclaimed.
Each recipient of this document should make its own independent evaluation of the transaction and of the relevance and adequacy of the information in this document and should
make such other investigations as it deems necessary to determine whether to participate in the transaction.
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financial or advisory services, in relation to any of the Securities PVrred to in this document. It may also have acted as a manager or co-manager of a public offering of such
Securities, and may also have an investment banking relationship with any companies mentioned in this document.
Neither of us should rely on any representation or undertaking inconsistent with the above paragraphs.
This document is issued by RBS, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Any views or opinions (including statements or forecasts) constitute our
judgement as of the date indicated and are subject to change without notice.
[Additional paragraph for Asset-Backed issues:
Average lives of, or the potential yields on, any security cannot be predicted as the actual rate of repayment on the underlying assets, as well as a number of other relevant factors,
cannot be determined. No assurance can be given that the assumptions on which the possible average lives of, or yields on, the securities are made will provide to be realistic.
Information about possible average lives of, or yields on, the securities in this document must, therefore, be viewed with caution.]*
* Delete as applicable
N.B. Advisory Areas are: Structured Capital Markets (including Transaction Execution, Securitisation, Debt Structuring, CDO‟s and Risk Finance); Origination (including: UK
Origination, Europe Origination, Frequent & Public Sector Borrowers, Financial Institutions Group Originations, High Yield Origination, Private Placements, Syndications); Group
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