2011 LEEP Membership Kick-Off Party

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					                                                Congratulations to LEEP’s Special Olympics
                                                      Athlete and Coach of the Year!!!
                                  LEEP held our 3rd Annual Special Olympics Banquet in November. We were proud to
                                  present four special individuals awards for their outstanding efforts.

                                                                         Melissa Harmer was honored as LEEP’s Special Olympic
507.387.5122                                                            “Athlete of Year”. Melissa has been active with LEEP for several years
leep@hickorytech.net                                                    and participates in numerous sports including Aquatics, Athletics,
www.mankatoleep.org                                                     Bocce, and Bowling. Melissa always comes with a smile on her
www.leepvacations.blogspot.com                                          face and continuously shows great sportsmanship!

                                                                             Kathy Gorman was honored as LEEP’s 2010 “Volunteer Coach
                                                                             of the Year”. She has coached Softball, Volleyball, Basketball,
                                                                             and Athletics. Kathy has unselfishly dedicated her time to LEEP
                                                                             for several years!

                                                                                           This year we also awarded our 1st ever “Fans of
                                                                                           the Year” Certificate to Rick and Cindy Wegner.
                                                                                           They have been very supportive of our LEEP
                                                                                           teams and even traveled to Lincoln, NE to cheer
                                                                                          on Minnesota’s National Unified Volleyball team as they
                                                                                          competed in the National Special Olympics Game!

                                  Minnesota’s National Unified Volleyball team was also recognized for winning the National
                                  Championship at the 2010 National Games. The event was commemorated
                                  with a special video and a speech given by athlete, Chris Blackstad.

                                       Congratulations to Melissa, Kathy, Rick and Cindy, and the National Unified Volleyball
                                                                  Team for their outstanding efforts!!!

                                         2011 LEEP Membership                                                          LEEP Wish List
                                                                                                                The following supplies are on LEEP’s wish list.. LEEP is a 

                                                  Kick-Off Party
                                                                                                                  nonprofit organization with a 501c (3) status. Your 
                                                                                                                  contribution is tax deductible as allowable by law: 
                                                                                                             * Cricut Cartridges                 * Acrylic Paint
                                              Wednesday, January 19, 2011
                                                                                                             * Bingo Prizes                      * Wii Games
                                            at the Verizon Wireless Center
                                                                                                             * Paper Cups/Plates                 * Fabric Paint
                                                    7:00-9:00 p.m.
                                                                                                             * Bottled Water/ Soda               * Folding chairs
                                              Dance, games, and more!!!
                                             Starting the year off, LEEP is offering an                      * Monetary Donations                * Karaoke CD’s
                                    exciting Membership Kick‐off party which will include a                  * Paper Shape Punchers              * Scrapbook Supplies
                                  dance, carnival games, treats, karaoke, and more.  All this 
                                  is free with your paid LEEP Membership by December 31,                     * Laminating Machine                * Scrapbook Paper
                                     2010.  For those that don’t pay their membership on 
                                    time, they can still come but will have to pay $7 at the                 * Plastic spoons/forks              * Coffee/Juice Mixes
                                  door.  Sodas/water will be sold for $1 each but everything 
                                                                                                             * White/Multi-Colored Paper
                                  else is free! No registration is necessary for the dance and   
                                                         staff get in free.                                  * Pre-packaged Snacks
                                   If you would like to start or renew your membership at                    * Board Games/Card Games
                                         this time, please call LEEP at (507) 387‐5122 
                                                 or visit www.mankatoleep.org.                               * DVD’s (rated pg-13 or under)
                                Special Olympics 2011 Winter Schedule
                    To register for a Special Olympics Sport, please call LEEP at 387‐5122 or email: leep@mankatoleep.org. 
                          Please be sure to give your name, address, phone #, and transportation needs. 
     Every athlete must have a current Special Olympics Release Form on file before participating in a sport.  These forms 
      require a doctor’s signature and could take time to complete, so if you are in question as to whether you have this 
      form completed, please call LEEP at 387‐5122 and we can verify it for you.  This form must be updated every three 
     All athletes must be a member of LEEP before participating in any LEEP activities. After the athletes have registered 
      for their sports, LEEP will mail out specific information regarding practice times, tournament dates, what to wear, etc. 

Aquatics offers competitions for the beginner to the advanced swimmers. All athletes will have the opportunity to 
attend the Area 9 Competition and compete in their desired events. A portion of the athletes will then be chosen to 
attend the State Competition held in the Twin Cities area (not all athletes will attend State). 
                Day:           Wednesdays, January 26 ‐ April 13, 2011   
                Location:      East High School Pool (2600 Hoffman Road) 
                Time:          6:30‐7:30 p.m.  (Schedules will be mailed out prior to season starting) 
                Cost:          $30 without transportation/$45 one‐way transportation/$60 two‐way transportation 
                Limit:         25 athletes 
SPECIAL OLYMPIC BASKETBALL (Full‐Court, Half‐Court, Individual Skills) 
LEEP offers three different options for Basketball to help meet the needs of our athletes. We have full‐court teams, 
half‐court teams, and individual skills. The full‐court teams are more competitive than the half‐court teams, and the 
individual skills team is for those athletes who have very minimal basketball skill/knowledge. If you would like to 
request a specific team please do so when registering, however we cannot guarantee you will be placed on the team 
that you request. LEEP places athletes on teams based on skill level. 
               Day:               Thursdays, January 27 ‐ April 14, 2011 
               Location/Time: Determined by the team each athlete plays on (schedules will be mailed) 
               Cost:              $30 without transportation/$45 one‐way transportation/$60 two‐way transportation 
                  Limit:          36 Full Court Athletes         20 Half Court Athletes‐FULL  10 Individual Skills‐FULL 

                                 2010 LEEP’s SPECIAL OLYMPIC SPORTS CALENDAR 
     Special Olympics offers competitive sporting opportunities throughout the year.  LEEP is currently offering 15 
      different sports annually. Many athletes choose to compete in more than one sport during a calendar year!  
                   *Basketball (Full‐Court, Half‐Court, Individual Skills)/Aquatics           January ‐ April 
                   *Volleyball/Unified Volleyball/Athletics/Junior Athletics (track & field)   April ‐ June  
                   *Golf/Softball/Tee‐Ball/Bocce Ball                                         June ‐ August 
                   *Bowling/Junior Bowling                                                    September ‐ November  

                       LEEP Staff                                                     LEEP Board Members
    Becky Kunst             Executive Director
                                                                                        Meredith Menden - President
    Mandy Hunecke           Assistant Director
    Jackie Mulligan         Office Coordinator                                         Cindy Wegner - Vice President
    Inge Milius             Special Olympic Coordinator                                  Kristi Powers - Secretary
    Jessica Yada            Asst. Program Coordinator                                    Clyde Stewart -Treasurer
    Kayla Cue               Asst. Program Coordinator                                 Becky Kunst- Executive Director
    Natalie Anderson        Asst. Program Coordinator
    Brittany Klee           Asst. Program Coordinator                             Gary Watson              Maureen Gustafson
    Paige Thunder           Asst. Program Coordinator                             Shelly Connors           Lisa Rucker
    April Gunderson         Asst. Program Coordinator                             Joe Tougas               Cheryl Lambert
    Jamie O’Connor          Asst. Program Coordinator
                                                                                  Jeff Iseminger           Susan Taylor
    Sean O’Gara             Asst. Program Coordinator
                                                   January Classes
            If you are interested in signing up for a Class please call LEEP at (507) 387‐5122 or e‐mail leep@mankatoleep.org  
               Please include your name, address, phone number, and whether transportation is needed when registering.

       Pool and Darts                       Dance Party                        Art Avenue:                    Baking Bonanza
         MONDAYS                             TUESDAYS                         Clay Creatures                      FRIDAYS
  Calling all sharp-shooters!!        It’s the time of year where             WEDNESDAYS                    Join us for your chance to
  This class is for both              everyone loves to dance            Join us for our first ever Clay    become the next Martha
  beginners and the more              off a little steam! Join our       Creatures class! In this class
  advanced players. You will          new and improved dance                                                Stewart by learning some of
                                                                         we will be using our
  improve on the skills you           class perfect for all of you       creativity to make some            the best kept baking
  have and learn new                  movers and shakers. We will        adorable, colorful animals         secrets. We will be learning
  games. This class is for            be learning some new               perfect for display in any         how to create some
  everyone and you get to             dance moves and polishing          room. We will also try our         delicious treats from start to
  pick your game of choice.           up on some of your                 hands at creating some             finish as well as, be able to
  Games fees are included,            favorites! Hopefully by the        fantastic magnets that can
                                                                                                            sample all of our creations.
  but feel free to bring              end of class you will all be       be a perfect addition to
                                      dancing pros. Make sure                                               Our class is always full of fun
  additional money                                                       your refrigerator or any
                                      you wear comfy clothes             other magnetic surface.            so grab your favorite
  for any snacks or
                                      you can get                        Join us for a                      apron and join
  beverages you
                                      your bodies                        great class                        us as we
   may want to
                                      moving in.                         that will be lots                  bake away
                                                                         of fun!                            the afternoon!
                                      Days: Tuesdays,
  Dates: Mondays,                     January 11, 18, & 25               Dates: Wednesdays,                 Dates: Fridays,
  January 10, 17, & 24                Location: Lincoln                  January 12, 19, & 26               January 14, 21, & 28
  Location: Boomtown                  Comm Center: Upper Gym             Location: LEEP Rec Center          Location: LEEP Rec Center
  Limit: 15                           Limit: 25                          Limit: 10                          Limit: 10
  Time: 4:30-5:30 p.m.                Time: 4:30-5:30 p.m.               Time: 4:30-5:30 p.m.               Time: 4:30-5:30 p.m.
  Cost:                               Cost:                              Cost:                              Cost:
  $15 no transportation               $15 no transportation              $20 no transportation              $20 no transportation
  $22 1-way transportation            $22 1-way transportation           $27 1-way transportation           $27 1-way transportation
  $29 2-way transportation            $29 2-way transportation           $34 2-way transportation           $34 2-way transportation

                                                         Day Program
                LEEP’s Day Program focuses on weekly social activities geared toward retiring/retirement-aged participants.
 The group will meet on Mondays for Coffee Club from 1:30–2:30 p.m. If you are interested in signing up for an activity, please call LEEP at
                                             (507) 387-5122 or e-mail leep@mankatoleep.org

Monday, January 10: Coffee Club! Meet LEEP at McDonald’s (Madison Ave.) to enjoy some coffee or beverage and then test
your concentration with a game of Jenga!                                                           Cost: $ 3.00

Monday, January 17: Coffee Club! Meet LEEP at The Fillin’ Station (Front St) for coffee/beverage and some friendly
competition with a game or two of UNO.                                                                 Cost: $ 3.00

        Monday, January 24: Coffee Club! Meet LEEP at Barnes and Noble (1859 Adams St.). After sipping our beverage we’ll
        browse the books and magazines selections.                                                   Cost: $ 3.00

Monday, January 31: Coffee Club! Meet LEEP at the (JC Penny entrance) of River Hills Mall for a nice afternoon at Dairy
Queen! After enjoying an ice cream treat, we’ll take a walk around the mall to get our bodies moving.  Cost: $ 3.00

                                         Making the Registration Process Easier!!!
          Do you get frustrated leaving messages on the LEEP voicemail when trying to register for programs? Due to the overwhelming
          number of calls that come in during registration time for programs, LEEP is also allowing people to register via e-mail. This
         is a quick way to register and we will send back an email confirmation. This also allows you to print off the programs that you
      have registered for to eliminate any confusion from phone messages. LEEP checks our email everyday and can reply almost
immediately. If you have email and would like to register for your next activities, please send it to leep@mankatoleep.org. As a reminder,
 our newsletters are posted on our website in case you would like to print copies as well. Check out www.mankatoleep.org to view our
                                                           current newsletters.
                        Thank you to all who gave to LEEP for
                 “Give to the Max” day hosted by www.givemn.org!!!
          GiveMN.org is a newer website for non-profits to receive donations from individuals through on-line giving.
          On November 16, www.givemn.org organized a “Give to the Max” which encourages people to go online and
         support their favorite nonprofit organization. LEEP would like to thank the 31 individuals who donated to our
           organization on that day which totaled $2,215 in donations. These donations will help to provide valuable
                      programming for people with developmental disabilities in the greater Mankato area.

 As our year is coming to a close, if you are interested in supporting LEEP by making a valuable contribution, please visit us online
         at www.givemn.org (or directly at http://givemn.razoo.com/story/Leisure-Education-For-Exceptional-People).
                  Contributions can also be mailed directly to LEEP at 929 North 4th Street, Mankato, MN 56001.

                                             Thank you again for all those who support LEEP!!!

          For your information, here are some great websites to check out....
                 www.mankatoleep.org                              www.arcminnesota.com                             www.nichcy.org
                 www.specialolympics.org                          www.beachcenter.org                              www.somn.org
                 ww.isd77.k12.mn.us/CTIC                          www.mankatounitedway.org                         www.pacer.org
                 www.leepvacations.blogspot.com                   www.leavealegacymankato.org                      www.arcmnsw.com

                                       LEEP SUMMER VACATIONS IN THE WORKS!
                   LEEP is in the process of planning our Summer 2011 Vacations. If you would like to suggest a
                 destination that you might be interested in traveling to, please call LEEP at (507) 387-5122 to do so.
                                   To view photos and journals of 2010 LEEP Vacations, please visit:

                     Leland “Lee” Klumper has been chosen for LEEP’s “Appel Achievement Award” for January!

Lee is originally from Trosky, MN but moved to Mankato in 1986 and has been participating at LEEP
since 2002. He currently works at Lifeworks and works in the janitorial area at the Best Western.
At LEEP, Lee is active doing a variety of programs including Pool and Dart League, Dances, Drop Ins,
Bowling, and many Special Events. He also enjoys traveling with LEEP and this past summer took a
vacation to Chicago. His favorite part of the vacation was “walking around the big city”.

In his free time, Lee enjoys playing play station 2 and wii with roommates as well as watching
movies. Lee describes himself as a nice person and a gentle guy. If Lee won a million dollars, he
would buy a new big screen television. When asked what he enjoys best about LEEP, Lee stated
that he likes spending time with his friends at the activities.

Some Other Favorites of Lee’s include:
       Sport: Football                          Color: Red                   Singer: ZZ Top
       Food: Spaghetti and Meatballs            Animal: Cats                 TV Show: Dukes of Hazard

If you see Lee, be sure to congratulate him for receiving the Appel Achievement Award!

  Each month, LEEP highlights outstanding participants who are active and making the most out of life! This award is called the “Appel Achievement
             Award” in honor of Betty Appel. If you would like to nominate someone for this honor, please call LEEP at (507) 387-5122.
                                                                   Special Events
                     Due to participant limit, LEEP will accept registrations on a first come, first serve basis.  Please call LEEP at (507) 387‐.5122 or email 
                  leep@mankatoleep.org to sign up for an event.  ***In an attempt to meet transportation needs of our consumers, LEEP will now provide 
              pick‐up service to consumers who live in Mankato for an additional $4.00 per ride. Please specify at time of registration if this service is needed.  
                                                        Pick up times will be ½ an hour before the actual leave time. *** 

Movie, Games, and Pizza at LEEP                                                                  Sunday, January 9
Looking to escape the cold weather and hang out with friends? Come to LEEP today to enjoy fresh, hot pizza, friends, and fun!!! We will
watch a new-release movie and then play board games. If you need transportation home, please let LEEP know when registering (additional
$4.00 charge for transportation).
Meet at LEEP: 11:30 a.m.           Pick up at LEEP: 2:30 p.m.                 Cost: $12.00                Limit: 25

Science Museum of Minnesota/ IMAX Theatre: OMNI Fest                                                   Saturday, January 15
Come and enjoy a fantastic journey through the past as we check out the Science Museum of Minnesota. Our group will tour all that the
museum has to offer and will also be catching an IMAX show. OMNI Fest is full of wonderful IMAX shows that make you feel like you are
really part of the action. It is an incredible experience. Of course, we will spend some time exploring all of the other exhibits that the Science
Museum has to offer. Please bring $15 for lunch at the museum.
Leave LEEP: 9:30 a.m.                   Drop off at home: 5:00-5:30 p.m.              Cost: $60.00               Limit: 10

Dutler’s Bowl and Old Country Buffet                                                                     Sunday, January 16
          Today we are heading to Dutler’s Bowl to enjoy an afternoon of bowling entertainment and fun with friends! Maybe you’ll be the
          lucky one to get the first strike! Before we crank up the competition our group will enjoy a nice meal at Old Country Buffet where
          the meal possibilities are endless. Join us for an afternoon of fun! Please note that the cost of bowling and your meal at OCB are
            included in the price of the event. Please bring extra spending money for extra snacks at the bowling alley.
    Leave LEEP: 10:30 a.m.                   Drop off at home: 3:30-4:00 p.m.                         Cost: $49.00                       Limit: 10

LEEP Membership Kickoff Party and Dance at Verizon Wireless Center                                                           Wednesday, January 19
For more information, please see page one of this newsletter. (Dance times are 7:00-9:00p.m.)

Rascal Flatts in concert at the Xcel Energy Center and dinner at Joe Senser’s Sports Grill              Friday, January 21
Country music superstars Rascal Flatts “Nothing Like This Tour 2011”with Luke Bryan and Chris Young as special guests, is coming to Xcel
Energy Center. Rascal Flatts have sold more than 20 million albums and have 11 number one singles. Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore
will be opening for this exciting concert. The group will stop at Joe Senser’s Sports Grill for dinner before the show. Please bring $15-$20
for dinner and additional money for any souvenirs you may want to purchase. Must register by Monday, January 10.
Meet at LEEP: 3:00 p.m.                Drop off at home: 12:00-12:30 a.m.            Cost: $99.00                 Limit: 10

Date NIGHT! Dinner at Red Lobster and Movie                                                                  Saturday, January 22
              Grab your date and escape the cold for a night of fun while LEEP hosts date night! Tonight our couples will enjoy a nice
              romantic dinner at Red Lobster where they can choose their favorite entrée. After some wonderful dinner conversation our
              group will head over to the theatre to enjoy a nice romantic comedy or date worthy movie that the group decides on. Please
              note that your movie ticket and meal at Red Lobster are part of the fee but please bring extra spending money for snacks at
              the theatre. ***Date nights are meant for couples only. We ask that both participants confirm they are registered to be part of this event***
Meet at LEEP: 4:45 p.m.              Drop off at home: 9:30-10:00 p.m.                  Cost: $25.00 Per Person Limit: 12 (6 couples)

Shopping at Burnsville Mall and Outback Steakhouse                                                     Sunday, January 23
Join LEEP as we travel to Burnsville, MN to check out all that the city has to offer!! We will spend the day browsing through a variety
of stores at the mall and even have the option to shop at some local stores located near the mall. We will enjoy lunch at Outback
Steakhouse where you can order a variety of entrees from burgers to much more. Your meal is part of the event price, however please
bring spending money for shopping and/or snacks you may want to purchase!
Meet at LEEP: 9:30 a.m.                      Drop off at home: 5:00-5:30 p.m.                         Cost: $55.00                       Limit: 10

Underwater World/Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America                                            Saturday, January 29
Looking to spend some time under the sea? How about riding a roller coaster or ferris wheel at Nickelodeon Universe? If this
sounds like something you would like to do then come with LEEP to the Mall of America! We will enjoy a day at underwater
Adventures and then check out the world’s largest indoor roller coaster, along with any other rides you want to try at the
park. Bring $15 for lunch and any extra spending money for souvenirs or other goodies at the mall.
         *price includes the cost of ride tickets and behind the scenes tour/ general admission tickets at Underwater World*
Leave LEEP: 8:00 a.m.                 Drop off at home: 4:30-5:00 p.m.               Cost: $70.00                Limit: 10

Minnesota Twins Fest 2011 at the Metrodome                                                                                   Saturday, January 30
             Are you just waiting for baseball season to begin?! The Minnesota Twins will kick off their season with TwinsFest 2011! Join us as we
             head to the Metrodome for a chance to take a photo tour of the first season at Target Field, participate in interactive games, purchase
             memorabilia, and have autograph opportunities featuring more than 60 current and former Twins players while mingling with other
             Twins fans! You can also check out the largest baseball cards and collectibles extravaganza. Please bring $10 -$15 for dinner and
             additional money for any souvenirs you may want to purchase. Don’t forget to wear your Twins gear! Please eat lunch before arriving
             at LEEP.
Meet at LEEP: 12:30 p.m.                     Drop-off at home: 7:30-8:00 p.m.                         Cost: $60.00                       Limit: 10
             If you are interested in signing up for a Drop-In, please call LEEP at (507) 387-5122 or e-mail leep@mankatoleep.org.
                          Please do not send payments in for limited Drop-Ins if you are on the waiting list for activities.
Monday, January 10: Birthday Celebration! Tonight we will play some birthday games and enjoy some yummy treats to celebrate January
birthdays! If your birthday is in January you get in FREE!
                                                      Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.         Cost: $3.00               Limit: 25
Tuesday, January 11: Game Night: Join us at LEEP for an evening of friendly competition as we try our luck at any games LEEP has to offer.
Whether you love to play UNO, Pictionary, Checkers or Wii, tonight is a great opportunity to come and have some fun!
                                                    Time: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.                Cost: $2.00               Limit: 12
         Wednesday, January 12: Movies and Munchies. Due to the snowstorm back in December, we were unable to catch the latest
         installment of “Toy Story” so we decided to try and host it again! Come to LEEP to enjoy a night with Buzz and Woody in “Toy Story 3”.
         Theatre style popcorn and beverage will be served as well!
                                                           Time: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.                  Cost: $3.00                   Limit: 50

Friday, January 14: Karaoke. Meet at LEEP and show us your musical talents! We will enjoy the company of our friends and we can sing and
dance the night away! A beverage will be served.  Time: 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.                Cost: $3.00                Limit: 30

Monday, January 17: Karaoke. Meet at LEEP and show us your musical talents! We will enjoy the company of our friends and we
can sing and dance the night away! A beverage will be served.
                                                    Time: 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.            Cost: $3.00                Limit: 30
Tuesday, January 18: Game Night: Join us at LEEP for an evening of friendly competition as we try our luck at any games LEEP has to offer.
Whether you love to play UNO, Pictionary, Checkers or Wii, tonight is a great opportunity to come and have some fun!
                                                    Time: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.                Cost: $2.00               Limit: 12

         Wednesday, January 19: LEEP 2010 Membership Kick Off Dance and Carnival: Join us at the Verizon Wireless Center for the
         2010 kick- off party! Check out page 1 of the newsletter for more details.
                                                     Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.         Cost: FREE/ $7.00          Limit: none

Friday, January 21: B-I-N-G-O and Bingo! is his name-o! Come to LEEP and try your luck winning great Bingo prizes! A beverage
will be served!                                    Time: 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.             Cost: $4.00               Limit: 35
Monday, January 24: Snowman Craft: Tonight we are going to be getting crafty at LEEP! Join us as we create a snowman dish that is
perfect for all your favorite snacks.            Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.             Cost: $4.00                 Limit: 20

Tuesday, January 25: Game Night: Join us at LEEP for an evening of friendly competition as we try our luck at any games LEEP has to offer.
Whether you love to play UNO, Pictionary, Checkers or Wii, tonight is a great opportunity to come and have some fun!
                                                    Time: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.                Cost: $2.00               Limit: 12

         Wednesday, January 26: Spaghetti Supper: Come to LEEP tonight for a delizioso Italian style meal! We will be serving up some
         spaghetti, garlic bread, and a drink. Make sure you come with an empty tummy!
                                                      Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.           Cost: $6.00                  Limit: 35

Friday, January 28: Movies and Munchies. Join us at LEEP this evening for a night at the movies. We will enjoy a great show with all the
necessities of a great time! Popcorn and beverages will be served!
                                                         Time: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.            Cost: $3.00                   Limit: 50

Monday, January 31: Bingo at New Location: Tonight’s Bingo will be held at MRCI’s new cafeteria (15 Map Drive). Join us for our favorite
game! You never know, you could walk away the big winner! A beverage will be served. (Please enter MRCI through the cafeteria doors)
                                                    Time: 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.              Cost: $4.00                Limit: 60

                                                 LEEP Advisory Council
                         Wednesday, January 12, 2011 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in LEEP’s Board Room
            The Membership Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss program ideas, program barriers, participate in fundraising and
               much, much more. We would like to thank our current council members for all their hard work! Call Mandy at LEEP if you are
                      interested in more information about Advisory Council: 507-387-5122 or email: asstdirector@mankatoleep.org
                                                       Current Advisory Council Members
          * Jeremy Kloos               * Randy Dohmeier               * Bob Allen                   * Stephanie Mondloch          * Jeff Abraham
          * Joe Altfillisch            * Belle Hagemeyer              * Marcia Miller               * Judy McCorquodale           * Irene Allen
          * Lee Young                  * Sean Campbell                * Jordon Wolters              * Chrissy Smisek              * Sam Lawton
                                                                      * Mandy Hunecke
                                              LEEP Programs - January 2010
     SUNDAY                  MONDAY                  TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY            FRIDAY               SATURDAY 
                                                                                                                                    No LEEP Programs 

2                       3                        4                   5                     6                   7                    8
No LEEP Programs        No LEEP Programs         No LEEP Programs    No LEEP Programs      No LEEP Programs    No LEEP Programs     No LEEP Programs 
                        Jamaica Vacation         Jamaica Vacation    Jamaica Vacation      Jamaica Vacation    Jamaica Vacation 

9                       10                       11                  12                    13                  14                   15
                        DP: McDonald’s/                                                                                              
  Movie, Games, and     Jenga 1:30‐2:30 pm                           Art Ave.: Clay                            Baking Bonanza       Science Museum of 
    Pizza at LEEP                                Dance Party         Creatures                                 4:30‐5:30 pm              Minnesota/  
  11:30 am‐2:30 pm      Pool and Darts           4:30‐5:30 pm        4:30‐5:30 pm                                                        OMNI Fest 
                        4:30‐5:30 pm                                 Movies &  Munchies                        Karaoke                9:30 am‐ 5:00 pm 

                        Birthday Party           Game Night          6:30‐8:30 pm                              6:30‐8:00 pm                    
                        6:30‐7:30 pm             6:30‐7:30 pm        Advisory Council 
                                                                     6:30‐7:30 pm 

16                      17  Martin Luther        18                  19                    20                  21                   22     
                        King Jr.  Day LEEP                                                                     Baking Bonanza        
                        Office Closed                                Art Ave.: Clay                            4:30‐5:30 pm          
  Dutler’s Bowl/ Old     DP: Fillin’ Station/    Dance Party         Creatures                                                          DATE NIGHT: 
    Country Buffet      UNO 1:30‐2:30 pm         4:30‐5:30 pm        4:30‐5:30 pm                              Bingo                   Dinner at Red 
  10:30 am‐3:30 pm       
                                                                                                               6:30‐8:00 pm           Lobster/ Movie 
                        Pool and Darts           Game Night                                                                             4:45‐9:30 pm 
                        4:30‐5:30 pm             6:30‐7:30 pm                                                  Rascal Flatts at  
                                                                     LEEP Membership 
                        Karaoke                                        Kickoff Party                           Xcel Center 
                        6:30‐8:00 pm                                                                           3:00pm‐12:00 am 

23                      24                       25                  26                    27                  28                   29
                        DP: Barnes &Noble                            Art Ave.: Clay                                                  
   Burnsville Mall/     1:30‐2:30 pm             Dance Party         Creatures                                 Baking Bonanza          Underwater 
Outback Steakhouse      Pool and Darts           4:30‐5:30 pm        4:30‐5:30 pm                              4:30‐5:30 pm            Adventures/ 
  9:30 am‐5:00 pm       4:30‐5:30 pm                                 Spaghetti Dinner                                                  Nickelodeon 
                        Snowman Craft            Game Night          6:30‐7:30 pm                              Movies and                Universe 
                        6:30‐7:30 pm             6:30‐7:30 pm        SO Aquatics           SO Basketball       Munchies              8:00 am‐4:30 pm 
                                                                     6:30‐7:30 pm          6:00‐9:00pm         6:30‐8:30 pm 

30                      31                                                                                      
                        DP: Dairy Queen 
   Twinsfest 2011       1:30‐2:30 pm 
    12:30‐7:30 pm       Bingo @ MRCI  
                        6:30‐8:00 pm 

                                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                LEEP and our staff would like to wish the following participants a Happy Birthday for the month of January!!!
  Jason Abrahamson, Ann Andrews, Christopher Backes, Devon Barfknecht, Brian Baumann, Bob Bishop, Amanda Black, Gary Braam, David
Cockerill, Jay Cowell, Marann Dehn, Robert Dellwo, Gloria DePyper, Scott Dewald, Sheldon Dezelske, Courtney Dickey, Halimo Dualle, David
Ducharme, Stephanie Espeland, Kaylee Evers, Lane Feder, John Fischer, Alyson Fitzsimmons, Thor Fosgate, Kristin Frye, Alma Garibay, Jodi Gay,
Ron Glacker, Monica Hinderscheid, Kaczmarek, Charles Keelor, Tom Kelly, James Klaseus, Audrey Kopp, George Kortte, Joan Langworthy, Jonas
 Lawrence, Andrew Leighton, Damon Leverette, Jennifer Lovelace, Sarah Lundy, Bill Macho, Brad Majeski, Ashley Meyer, Christina Miller, Terry
Mueller, Catherine Nuehring, John O’Keeffe, Sandra Pauley, Bradley Pemberton, Nicholas Pocock, Lois Reese, Denise Ricke, Keith Ruden, Kristina
              Schmitz, Sydney Schwanke, Brandon Seys, Carol Smith, Emily Tiede, John Tolzmann, Lynette Vogel, Brian Wichmann
    LEEP                                                                                                                                                Non Profit Organization
                                                                                                                                                         US POSTAGE PAID
    929 North 4th Street                                                                                                                                 Mankato, MN 56001
    Mankato, MN 56001                                                                                                                                        Permit #300

                                                               LEEP Registration Checklist – January 2011 
                         * For your convenience, LEEP has included this checklist to assist with registration and to make the payment process easier. 
                                 If you would please include a copy with pre‐payments, this will hopefully eliminate any confusion. Thanks! 
Name:                                                             Phone:                                              Email:                                                         
X       WL        Code     Date                       Event                    Fee                 X    WL      Code        Date                        Event                Fee 
                   CL           Jan    Pool and Darts                       $15/$22/$29                           DI        1/10          Birthday Party                      $3 
                   CL           Jan    Dance Party                          $15/$22/$29                           DI        1/11          Game Night                          $2 
                   CL           Jan    Art Ave: Clay Creatures              $20/$27/$34                           DI        1/12          Movies and Munchies                 $3 
                   CL           Jan    Baking Bonanza                       $20/$27/$34                           DI        1/14          Karaoke                             $3 
                   SE           1/9    Movies/Game/Pizza                        $12                               DI        1/17          Karaoke                             $3 
                   SE       1/15       Science Museum                           $60                               DI        1/18          Game Night                          $2 
                   SE       1/16       Dutler’s/OCB                             $49                               SE        1/19          Membership Kickoff             FREE/$7 
                   SE       1/21       Rascal Flatts Concert                   $99                                DI        1/21          Bingo                               $4 
                   SE       1/22       Date Night: Red Lobster/Movie          $25 pp                              DI        1/24          Snowman Craft                       $4
                   SE       1/23       Burnsville Mall/ Outback                $55                                DI        1/25          Game Night                          $2 
                   SE       1/29       Under Water/Nick. Universe               $70                               DI        1/26          Spaghetti Dinner                    $6 
                   SE       1/30       Twinsfest                                $60                               DI        1/28          Movies & Munchies                   $3 
                   DP       1/10       McDonald’s/ Jenga                        $3                                DI        1/31          Bingo @ MRCI                        $4 
                   DP       1/17       Fillin’ Station/ UNO                     $3                               SO       Jan‐ April      Aquatics                    $30/$45/$60 
                   DP       1/24       Barnes and Noble                         $3                               SO       Jan‐April       Basketball                  $30/$45/$60 
                   DP       1/31       Dairy Queen                              $3                                M         2011          Membership                         $25 
             AC      1/12  Advisory Council                                    FREE                                                       Donation                         $    
**X=signed up; WL=Waiting List          
                                                                                                              Total Owed:               ______________      
                                                                                                              Total Credits:            ______________ 
                                                                                                              Total Payment:            ______________