My Wife The Cheater by mikesanye


									                        My Wife, The Cheater
                     (or, That's Gonna Leave A Mark)
This is an amazing story (at least to me), and it is all true. Unfortunately, it makes
me look like a complete idiot to have been taken advantage of in such a blatant way.
Hopefully, telling it will help me deal with issues that I am having a hard time
recognizing as being based remotely in reality, and maybe show someone else things
to watch out for in their own relationship (not to mention the fact that I hope to
embarrass my wife and her lover in the extreme, which will be very good therapy for
me!) I will be adding updates as things progress, and I intend on keeping this page
on my site for as long as I maintain the domain. Most of these events took place in
July of 2004, so they are still very fresh on my mind as I publish this page.

NOTE: The names of the innocent have been changed. The names of the guilty have
not. If that stings a bit, good.

My wife's name is Michelle Stoneham (her real name, since she is one of the guilty),
and we were married on January 17th, 1998. This was the second marriage for both
of us, and we each brought children from those previous marriages into this one: my
2 children and Michelle's beautiful daughter Sarah (not her real name). Sarah turned
12 the month after the wedding, but she was mature beyond her years even then.
Now she is 18, having just graduated from High School, and she has turned into a
remarkable woman (unlike her mother).

Michelle has always been very attractive. See for yourself.

 This past year, she became the coordinator of the Beaumont Drillers'
cheerleader/dance team (notice that she took off her wedding ring for the above
picture, which was taken as part of a photo shoot for the Driller Girls). The Drillers is
our local franchise of the National Indoor Football League. She was very excited
about that, since she always wanted to be a cheerleader and she finally got her
chance. After every home game, the players and cheerleaders would go to a local
club to "mingle" with advertisers and sponsors, as I'm sure is common around the
league. But at some point, Michelle started staying out until 2:00AM or 3:00AM or
later. I didn't think much of it at the time, since she was the "boss" and was
supposed to hang around, and she always had some explanation, like a sponsor kept
talking forever or something like that. How little I knew.

One day, about the middle of June of this year, I was pulling her car out of the
garage to get the lawn mower out, and I noticed the voice-mail light blinking on her
cell phone. Before this, we would always check each other's voice-mail. If you've got
nothing to hide there is no reason to be upset about it, and honestly I thought it may
have been one of her employees at The Clubhouse, which is the daycare center she
owns in Nederland. So I checked it. It was a man's voice, a voice that sounded
vaguely familiar, and he said "I just want you to know, I will never look at my
desk the same way again." And I will never forget those words as long as I live. It
felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I rushed inside and made her listen to it,
demanding to know who it was. She said, "I don't know who that is. I get wrong
numbers all the time." And... I believed her. After all, she is my wife, I loved her
dearly, and I wanted to believe her. That was the last time there was ever any voice-
mail on her phone that I knew about.

A couple of weeks later, on the weekend of July 2nd, 2004, my parents came down
to visit from Fort Worth. On that Friday night, my dad, my son, Sarah's boyfriend
Bobby (not his real name), and I went to an Astro's game in Houston, which is about
an hour and a half away. We told the girls we might not be back until 12:30AM or
1:00AM depending on how long the game lasted. My mom offered to take all the
girls out to eat, but Michelle said she wasn't feeling well and was just going home to
take a bath and go to bed. The ballgame was over about 9:30PM, which was much
earlier than I thought it would be, so I tried calling Michelle when we got to the car.
She didn't answer at home and her cell phone was turned off. We got back in town
about 11:00PM and I dropped my dad off at the hotel and went home. Michelle's car
was gone, and her cell phone was still turned off. So much for taking a bath and
going to bed! She finally got home about 12:30AM. She said she went over to the
house of one of the Driller Girls and they just sat around and talked and drank some
wine (like I couldn't smell it for myself). I asked her why her phone was off, because
we got out of the game early and I had been trying to call. "I guess the battery
must have died," she said.

The next day was a Drillers game. I didn't know it at the time, but Sarah was
starting to suspect her mother was seeing someone else behind my back, because
she had noticed too many things Michelle was trying to hide. So at the game, Sarah
found the cheerleader Michelle was supposed to have been visiting the night before,
and that girl had an obvious hangover. Sarah said "So you and my mom had a lot to
drink last night?" The other girl said "I wasn't with your mom last night." Then
that girl went up to Bobby, Sarah's boyfriend, and said "You need to tell Michelle that
if I'm supposed to be her alibi, she needs to let me know in advance!" I found this
out later, but at the time I didn't know anything was wrong.

The next weekend, my friend David (not his real name) and his mom came from
Mississippi to visit for the weekend, and to go with us to San Antonio for a regional
DCI competition/show. They spent the night at our house Friday night, and Saturday
morning as we were getting ready Michelle said out of the blue that she didn't want
to go. She said "I'm too tired, it's too long a drive. Why don't y'all just go without me
and catch up with each other." That was very strange, since Michelle always loved
going to DCI before. When we got to San Antonio went to the Riverwalk and ate, saw
the DCI show, and then got back to the hotel at about 11:30PM. I called Michelle to
give her the room number, but (again) her cell phone was turned off and she didn't
answer at the house. I tried calling both numbers for about 30 minutes before I gave
up and went to bed. The next morning, I told her I tried calling the night before but
couldn't get her. She said "Oh, some of the Driller Girls wanted to go out to eat, but
we got back about 12:15 or so." There was something in the tone of her voice
that just didn't sound right. I couldn't stop thinking about it, and that night when we
got back I decided to check something. After Michelle went to sleep, I went out to
her car and got her cell phone. It was turned off, which I thought was strange. I
turned it on, and went through the menus to find the call records. Every call record
had been deleted: missed calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls, all of them.

Later, I was able to check her call records (I'll explain how in a minute), and when I
looked up the calls for July 10th and the early morning of the 11th, there were
almost 20 minutes of calls to and from the same person after 2:00AM. However, at
the time I didn't know about these calls. But, from that day on, whenever I could I
tried to check her cell phone for the call records, and every time I looked the records
had been deleted.

One day during this time, I asked her a question while she was at the computer,
something simple like "Honey, where's the remote?" And as she was still occupied at
the computer she said "Well baby, just look around." We had been married 6 1/2
years, and not once had she ever called me "baby." This may not seem like much of
anything, but let me tell you, when your spouse all of a sudden uses a brand new
term for you, one that you have never heard her use before, especially when she
does it in such an off-handed way while not even paying attention to what she's
saying, it is something that sounds off an alarm bell in your head and makes the hair
stand up on your neck.

The next weekend, Michelle said she needed to go up to the daycare and clean, on
both Saturday and Sunday. She was gone for several hours each day. Turns out she
was on the phone quite a bit to someone, with one call lasting 76 minutes, but I
didn't find this out until later.

On Thursday, July 22nd, Michelle called me sometime around 1:30AM and said she
was going to get her nails done. The place she mentioned is in Beaumont, which is
about 20 minutes away from her daycare business, just one more strange thing for
me to take in. Well, my office is in Beaumont, and it was getting close to lunch, so I
said "I'm in the mood for a Schlotsky's, so why don't you call me when you're done
and we can eat there, since it's just right down the block." Michelle said "Umm, I'm
going to get a pedicure too, so it'll probably take an hour and a half." I said "That's
okay, my next appointment isn't until 2:30PM, so we'll have plenty of time. Just call
me when you are done." I didn't know it then, but as soon as she hung up with me,
she made another phone call. The tone in her voice didn't sound right again, which
was getting to be common, so about 12:30PM when she hadn't called back, I headed
over to the nail salon. At 12:40PM, I was just around the corner and she called me.
She said "I'm still not done yet." I said "Well, I'm almost there, I'll just come in and
hang out with you, and if it's taking too long I'll go pick up our sandwiches and bring
them there." Again, as soon as I hung up with her, she made another quick phone
call. I walked in the nail salon, and she was sitting with her hands under the lights
that "dry" the nails, and I sat down with a worried look on my face. I said "I am so
upset I don't know what to do." She turned white as a ghost, and just looked at
me not saying a word with a stunned look on her face. I said "Someone got through
the fence last night and broke into the shed behind my office" (which was true). The
relief flooding into her face was obvious, and she asked what had happened. When I
finished telling her about the shed, she said "I'm not feeling well, I need to go to
the bathroom." I bet she wasn't. From her perspective, I'm sure she felt like she had
been caught and I was about to make a big scene in public.

I didn't really find out what was going on until Friday night, July 23rd. That night the
Driller Girls were supposed to meet and sign pictures and T-Shirts to mail to fans,
but Michelle had never told me where they were meeting. "Probably just a sandwich
place" is all she would say. On Wednesday, Michelle started suggesting that I go play
poker in Lake Charles at the casino (only about 45 minutes away), so I would have
something to do that night. More alarm bells went off, since she never wanted me
going to the casino without her in the past. I got off work early, about 4:00PM, and
went home to change clothes and get my casino player's card. Before I left the
house, something just told me to check her outgoing email to the Driller Girls to see
if she had told everyone where they were meeting. Sure enough, Michelle told
everyone to meet at a place in Beaumont called The Philly Connection (a sandwich
shop specializing in philly-cheesesteak sandwiches). I didn't know what to make of
that, because she was acting like they hadn't decided on a place yet. At the time, it
didn't even register in my mind that the Philly Connection was just down the street
from the nail salon Michelle had gone to the day before. Well, I went to the casino
and started playing poker, feeling very uneasy. About 7:45PM, I called and talked to
Michelle. She was in Sarah's room and Sarah was fixing her hair. Bobby was there
too, but I didn't know it at the time. Michelle said she was getting ready to go, and I
said "Where are y'all meeting?" Michelle said "A place called Madison's." I said
"Madison's? What's that?" She said "It's a new restaurant, sort of like a Bennigans." I
said "Well that sounds neat, I've never eaten there. I'm up about $250.00, why don't
I just cash out and I'll meet you there and get a burger or something." She said "NO!
That is stupid, you'd be the only guy there. We can go together some other
time." Now I am really worried. What I didn't know, is that while she was talking to
me, Michelle was giving Sarah and Bobby hand signals and looks, telling them not to
say anything while she was talking to me, because they knew the girls were really
meeting at the Philly Connection.

After about 45 minutes, I was up about $500 (I guess I was the only one at the table
who realized they were playing poker) so I decided to cash out. I left the casino
about 8:45PM and drove into Beaumont instead of gong straight home. I was going
to just drive past the Philly Connection and just take a look for myself. When I got
there, Michelle's white Mercedes was parked right in front of the Philly
Connection. I don't know why I was so shocked to see it there, since I had been
telling myself that something weird was going on, but there it was. It felt like ice
water had been thrown into my face, and I couldn't catch my breath. I don't know
how long I sat there staring at her car, but someone finally honked at me because I
was in the middle of the parking lot, so I drove off. I didn't know what to do. I was
just too afraid to go inside. I decided I would just confront her when she got home,
so I drove home and called her on her cell phone to see if she would even answer.
Since her voice-mail didn't automatically pick up, I knew her phone was on, but no
one answered. I tried back every couple of minutes, and finally one of the other
cheerleaders answered Michelle's phone. I said "Is Michelle there?" She said "Yeah,
but she's busy doing stuff right now." I said "Wow, it's pretty loud there. Where are
y'all again?" She said "Umm, I think it's called Madisons." I said "Okay, do me a
favor. When we hang up, give Michelle the phone and tell her to call me as soon as
she gets a chance. It's important." She said "Okay" and I hung up. After about 10
minutes I tried calling back, but this time no one answered. I tried again every
couple of minutes, but still no answer. I got home a little after 10:00PM, and just
kept calling her phone every 5 minutes.

About midnight, I couldn't stand it any more. I got on the internet and pulled up our
cell phone account on the T-Mobile we site. I had been the only one to register on
the site, so my number was the one I had to log in with. I didn't know what good
that would do me, but I knew our phones were on the same plan, and maybe I could
find something. And earlier that week, I had called T-Mobile customer service to
make sure all our phones were linked to the site so I could see our combined
minutes (I had been telling Michelle for a couple of months we needed to increase
our minutes because she used her phone so much). After clicking around on the site
for about 10 minutes, I happened to see a button labeled "View other phones". When
I clicked on it, it had all the phones listed with the charges relating to each phone,
but I noticed that the phone numbers were underlined and looked like a hyper-link.
So I clicked on the link for her cell phone number. The next page was similar to a bill
just for that phone, and on the left-hand side were a couple of links. One of them
said "Activity Details", so I clicked on that one. What I saw is now seared into my
mind. Multiple calls to and from the same number, sometimes 10 calls a day to that
number. I immediately thought of the night almost 2 weeks before when I had been
in San Antonio and she said she got home about midnight. I scanned down to July
10th, and there staring me in the face was a call to that same number at 2:06AM
and another call at 2:20AM. Added up, it was just how long it took to get home from
the Philly Connection in Beaumont. Suddenly I couldn't see the monitor, and I
realized I was crying.

A link to the actual call records is here. In the middle of the call records, I saw a 30-
minute phone call from what looked like a Port Neches number. I went to and did a reverse lookup, but the number came back unlisted. On a
hunch, I entered the number in a google search exactly as it would be typed in a
document, in quotes: "(409)721-0000" (I am not listing the actual last 4 digits here).
Only one page came up. It was a page of home contact numbers that a company had
on it's server but evidently didn't know it was being indexed by google. The last
name of the person next to that number was Abrego (his real name, since he's one
of the guilty). Of all the people I was expecting, he was the last. You see, about 3
years ago, a friend (now ex-friend) of Michelle's, Tina (not her real name) told
Michelle that she was going to tell me about Michelle and Chris Abrego if Michelle
didn't tell me first. So Michelle told me. I know now that she didn't tell me
everything, and the things she did tell me about were only half-truths. What she told
me was that she had "been with" Chris Abrego the night before our wedding.
Michelle said he came over to her house and they "talked" for a while. Tina was there,
which is why she knew about it. Michelle also said that they had continued to "talk"
for a couple of years. She would go see him at the car dealership where he worked,
and when she opened the daycare he came by to see her "once or twice" before any
kids got there (it is an after-school only daycare). Michelle said that at some point,
Chris Abrego made a joke to her that he was going to Las Vegas and he said
"Wanna come?" She thought it was funny and told Tina about it, and somehow word
got back around to Chris Abrego. According to Michelle, he called her on a speaker
phone with someone else in the room, and demanded that Michelle admit he never
said that. She got mad and told him never to call her again. Chris Abrego was (and
is) married. He married his wife in September of 1999. The daycare opened in
August of 1999. She cried and asked me to forgive her. I said I would. She swore
she would never talk to him again. I cannot believe he came to my wedding and
shook my hand.
The number that was being called the most was a cell phone number, which cannot
be looked up in a reverse listing, but when I tried it did say that the number was
based in Nederland/Port Neches. Chris Abrego's address is in Port Neches, so I
suspected it was him. Oh, I knew she was talking to him again, I just didn't know if
she was only talking to him. For all I knew, that cell phone could be someone else in
addition to him.

I kept trying to call her cell phone, and finally at 12:45AM she called me. The first
thing I asked was where she had been. She said "Some of the Driller Girls wanted to
go to a club, so we went to Cactus Canyon for a couple of hours." I asked her why
she hadn't called me back or answered her phone. She said "I didn't know you
called." I told her about telling the other cheerleader to give her the phone and to
tell her to call me, but Michelle said "She had my phone the whole time, and when
we left to go to Cactus Canyon she put it in my trunk with my purse." I didn't even
think to ask how she got into the club without her purse. Finally I couldn't keep it
inside anymore. I said "Who's number is 344-0000?" (again, I am not listing the last
4 digits). She said "What?" I repeated the question a little louder. She said "I don't
know, I get wrong numbers all the time." Hadn't I heard that before? Yes, as a
matter of fact, I had. I said, "I'm looking at it right here. You've been calling that
number every day, many times a day. It is not a wrong number." She said "I don't
know what you're talking about. I'll be home in a minute," and she hung up. Of
course, she immediately called that other number. I called her back. "I'm looking at
Chris Abrego's home number right here in your call records, so I know you're talking
to him again." She said "No I'm not! I don't know what you're talking about!" I said
"Stop denying it, the records don't lie." I don't know when I started crying during the
conversation, but I suddenly felt dizzy. I guess I had been hyperventilating. I know
from the records that she called him 4 times during her drive home, so I guess either
she or I hung up a couple of times, but I don't remember now. By the time she got
home, I was sitting in the chair by our bed, shaking and crying, and she walked right
past me into the bathroom without saying a word. She took off her contacts and
changed clothes, then walked over to the bed and picked up a pillow and a blanket
and went into the living room. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I just couldn't
believe that she wouldn't even say a word to me. I went into the bathroom and
picked up the shirt she had been wearing, and I walked into the den. I held it up to
my face and took in a deep breath through my nose. There was not a single hint of
cigarette smoke on her shirt. I said "You did not go to Cactus Canyon. Where were
you?" She said she didn't know what I was talking about. I said "I know you've been
talking to Chris Abrego again. Just admit it!" She wouldn't say anything. I said
"Where's your phone?" She still didn't say anything, so I went out to the garage and
opened her car door. I started looking through her purse trying to find the phone,
and suddenly she reached over and grabbed the purse out of my hands. I said "Give
me your phone." She said "No, that is my phone, you don't need it. And I think you
should leave." I said "I wasn't the one seeing someone else, why don't you leave!"
She laid back down on the couch and wouldn't say anything else to me. I went into
the bedroom and cried some more, trying to figure out what to do, what to say.

Finally I went back into the den and knelt beside the couch. "I love you so much," I
said with tears in my eyes and my voice cracking. "All you have to do is say you still
love me and that you are sorry and want me to forgive you, and I will." She didn't
say a word, and she pulled back from me. We heard the garage door open, and
Sarah walked past the den. Michelle said, "Where have you been?" Sarah said, "I
was walking Bobby out to his car. We have been here the whole time." After Sarah
went upstairs, I waited and waited but Michelle wouldn't say anything. Finally, I got
up and went into the bedroom.

I didn't sleep all night. The hardest thing for me to take was that Michelle wouldn't
even say she was sorry. I couldn't understand why. About 6:00AM I washed my face
and put on some fresh clothes, but that didn't help. Michelle was sound asleep on the
couch. I fixed some coffee and biscuits, and after a while she woke up. She went into
the bathroom and started taking a bath, so I sat down by the bathtub and tried to
talk to her. I asked her why she wouldn't even apologize, but she acted like I wasn't
there. I couldn't help it, I started crying again. I said "I have to leave. I'm going up
to my office, it just hurts too much to be here right now." When I got to my office, I
pulled up the phone records on the internet again. This time I was able to figure out
how to go back further, back to May when she first got her phone. I noticed that
there was a certain other number that kept appearing, sometimes immediately
followed by a call to or from that cell phone that was called so many times. When I
did a reverse lookup on it, it came up as a Beaumont number but without a listing.
Finally I saw a number that was only one digit off from that Beaumont number, and I
realized what it was. It was a rollover number at a business. I have 3 lines at my
office, and only the main number is listed. But the other numbers are only 1 digit
apart. So I did a reverse lookup on that new number, and it came back as listed to
the Philly Connection in Beaumont. It was starting to fit together more. I
remembered that the Philly Connection had been bringing sandwiches to the daycare
for lunch all summer. And I remembered that a friend of Michelle's had even helped
consult with the Philly Connection when they opened. So I called this friend and said
"I know this is going to be a weird question, but who's the guy at the Philly
Connection that Michelle knows?" She said "Oh, you mean Chris Abrego? He and
his wife own it." Then I remembered that Sarah worked there for about a week,
sometime in May. I called her and said "Sarah, when you worked at the Philly
Connection, did you know your mom was seeing Chris Abrego?" She said, "No, not
then. But a couple of weeks ago I started suspecting. And Bobby asked me if it was
okay if he told you, if you ever asked him about it. And I told him yes." I said,
"Thank you Sarah, I was just trying to figure out if everyone knew but me. I love
you." "I love you too," she said. That afternoon, Sarah and Bobby took me to the
mall and out to eat. Afterwards, I went home to try and talk to Michelle again. "Is
there anything you want to talk about?" I asked her when I got home. She was
watching TV in the bedroom, and didn't even look at me when she said "No." Again I
told her all she had to do was say she was sorry, and we could work through any
other problems. She wouldn't say a word.

So I went to the closet and got a suitcase and started packing. While I was loading
the Expedition, I realized that Sarah might come home and see me loading it up, and
I didn't want her to find out that way. So I called her and told her what was going on.
She got home about 5 minutes later and came up to me crying. She hugged me and
said "I am so sorry my mom did this to you!" She asked me if I could spend the
night in one of the kid's rooms, and try to talk to Michelle again the next morning,
and I agreed. But the next morning was the same thing. Michelle still wouldn't say
she loved me or that she was sorry. But she did try to bring up things she was
unhappy with me about, like how she felt I was never going to make any more
money than I am right now, and how she never sees me doing anything better with
my life. I realized then that she didn't want me to stay, so I started putting more
stuff into the car. Michelle went and took another bath, and Sarah went in the
bathroom to talk to her. As I walked by one time Michelle said "No one said you had
to leave." I said "Are you asking me to stay?" But again she wouldn't say anything,
so I kept packing. When I got in the car to drive away, I looked down at my left
hand. I stopped the car and went back inside. Michelle was on the bed again
watching TV. I took off my wedding ring and set it on the nightstand and said "If you
ever want to give that back to me, there it is."

The next day, I called Tina to ask if what Michelle had told me 3 years ago was the
truth. Tina said that the night before our wedding, Chris Abrego picked up Michelle.
She left with him, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties, and didn't come back
for hours. There were a couple of other things Tina told me that Michelle had left out,
but it was enough for me to know I had been lied to.

4 days later, Michelle had only called once. A daycare bus had broken down and she
wanted me to call a tow truck for her. Of course that upset me a great deal, so I
called her back and said "The only thing you have the right to call and ask me for is
forgiveness. If you need help, call and ask Chris Abrego!" The conversation did
settle down a bit, but Michelle still never asked me to come home, never said she
loved me, and never asked me to forgive her. She kept trying to talk about the
things she was unhappy with me about. At one point, I mentioned her going away
with him the night before our wedding, and her response was "I never said I left
with him." Well duh, but that's not exactly a denial, is it. In fact, it sounds exactly
like someone who knows they told a lie and wonders how the other person knows
what really happened. Obviously, that conversation was going nowhere, and when
she eventually hung up she never called back again.

In the meantime, I had accepted the fact that Michelle didn't love me anymore, as
was clear by her actions and words (or lack of either). Luckily, we didn't have any
children together, so any difficultly in a divorce would be over property. At some
point I had moved from feeling very hurt to feeling very angry. I made a copy of the
call records and mailed them to Chris Abrego's wife, Beth (not her real name). On
Friday, July 30th, she called me. She was in tears, and the first thing she said was
"Are our spouses having an affair?" I said "Yes" and told her everything I knew. At
some point, I said something about the call records and she said, "What records?" I
said "You didn't get the copies I sent in the mail?" She said "No, I've been in Austin."
I said "How did you know to call me?" She said, "I got an anonymous call." She
was in tears the whole conversation, and I did my best to tell her everything I could.
I told her that I was going to Houston to see my kids (I couldn't bring them here yet,
not with this going on), and Sarah was going with me, so Michelle was probably
planning on seeing Chris Abrego. Beth said she was going to tell him that she
wasn't coming back until Sunday, but she was going to drive back that afternoon and
follow him. About 10:30PM we were all at our hotel in Houston, so I turned off my
phone. I didn't want one of the kids answering it if it rang.

The next morning when I turned on the phone, there was one message. It was Beth,
completely in tears, and she said "John I need you to call me. I just saw your wife
and my husband having sex." I tried calling her back, but she didn't answer the
phone. I didn't hear from her again until Sunday about lunch time. She said that she
saw them through the window, and that she started beating on the window. She said
"I went to the front door, and was beating on the door, screaming for my husband to
please come home." She said the police were called, and 3 police cars showed up,
but nothing came of that because she left. The call records showed that Michelle had
called 911 for 15 minutes at 10:48PM that night, from her cell phone. Beth said that
when she confronted Chris Abrego about seeing them, he told her "Oh, that wasn't
what you thought. Michelle was just getting a drink from my bottle." Now
there's some new terminology I hadn't heard before. Beth was devastated. She had
a miscarriage 7 weeks ago, during which time Chris Abrego was having an affair
with Michelle, and they have 2 small children, the youngest is only 17 months old.
What a complete jerk this Chris Abrego really is. Beth said she found some papers
showing he had taken out several loans, in her name, without telling her, and hadn't
been paying them. She said he had been telling her that the Philly Connection wasn't
making any money and he might have to file for Bankruptcy. I told Beth that one
day the week before, when I went home to get some of my DVDs, I remembered
that we kept some cash in a drawer, and it wasn't a small amount. But when I
looked, Michelle had taken all of it. I told Beth that we might have to accept that
they had been planning this together for a while, even sneaking money away

Sarah has said that Chris Abrego is coming to the house, my house, even with
Sarah there. She said that Michelle told her that she has always been in love with
Chris Abrego. But I'm thinking, if she's always been in love with him, why did she
marry me?

Well, all I can say is that they deserve each other. I don't know how they can trust
each other though, because they are both adulterers and liars and cheats. If Michelle
thinks he is her "ticket" because he is a successful business man, she's got a rude
awakening around the corner. I can't wait for that...

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