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					                             FDCPA: Facts, Fiction, & Reality
Date:                August 3, 2007                                                You will learn the facts and requirements of the Fair Debt Co llect ion
                                                                                   Practices Act (FDCPA), crush any fallacies you have and learn wh at
                                                                                   impact the Act has on your agency’s future. This opportunity for
Location:            DoubleTree Atlanta NW – Marietta
                                                                                   discussion, instruction, activities, evaluation and true-to-life
                     2055 South Park Place
                                                                                   application of the law will stimu late and energize you. This
                     Atlanta, GA
                                                                                   challenging seminar draws on your experience and enhances your
                     (800) 671-9207
                                                                                   knowledge of the FDCPA.
Instructor:          Karolyn Rubin                                                 Who Shoul d Attend: Co llection professionals at every level within
                     Chicago, IL                                                   an organization.
Coordinator :        Phil Bennett                                                  Seminar Objecti ves:
                     PDQ Services, Inc.
                                                                                       Demonstrate using ACA International’s FDCPA Guide as a
                     (678) 569-2920
                                                                                          resource to find information.
Ti me:               Registration: 8:30 AM                                             Identify the most common areas of non–compliance and ways
                     Seminar: 9:00 AM-4:30 PM                                             to help you avoid violating the Act.
                                                                                       Recognize liabilities under the FDCPA.
                     Register On-line Today at:                                        Conduct your daily collection practices in compliance with the
                                                                                   You will receive 3.0 Professional Development Units (PDU) for attendance.

 REGISTRATION IS SIMPLE! (Please print clearly)                                    PAYM ENT OPTIONS
                                                          Seminar Fee: A CA members $169, Non-members $212
 Co mpany __________________________________________________
 ID# ________________Telephone _________________________________                               Register before 07/20/07 and $ave!
                                                             (To receive discount below, registrants must be: an ACA Member, from the same
 Address ___________________________________________________      company, registering at the same time and attending the same seminar.)

 City, State, ZIP ________________________________________                                            Earl y registration –
 Attendee i nformation (Lunch will be provided)                                                       ACA Member - $153
 Name ________________________________________________                                                ACA Member Additional Person - $130
 Title _________________________________________________
 Years in the credit & collections industry ______                                 Check one (payment MUST accompany registration):
     Check here for any special needs or dietary restrictions.                        Pay ment enclosed (make checks payable to ACA International)
                                                                                      Bill my cred it card:    Visa        MasterCard          A m. Ex.
 Name ________________________________________________
 Title _________________________________________________                           Name on Card _________________________________________________
 Years in the credit & collections industry ______                                 Acct. # _________________________________Exp. Date __________ ______
     Check here for any special needs or dietary restrictions.
                                                                                   Signature _______________________________________________
 Name ________________________________________________                             Please mail, fax or email with payment to:
 Title _________________________________________________                           ACA International, Attn: Education Depart ment
 Years in the credit & collections industry ______                                 4040 W. 70th St., Minneapolis, M N 55435
     Check here for any special needs or dietary restrictions.                     Fax: +1(952) 928-3837
 REGISTRATIO N PO LICY                                                             Questions? Call +1(952) 928-8000, ext . 215
 Register more than 14 days prior to the seminar and receive a discount on your
 registration fee. Registrations made within 14 days of the seminar cannot be
 guaranteed education materials on the day of the seminar.
                                                                                    If you do not wish to receive facsimile advertisements and
 CANCELLATION POLICY                                                                solicitations from ACA International, please email ACA at
 Cancellations received two or more weeks prior to the seminar will be charged a, call ACA at (952) 926-6547, or
 $35 cancellation fee . Cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the
                                                                                    send a fax to (952) 926-1624. In your opt out request, you must
 seminar will not receive a refund. Mail or fax your cancellation to ACA’s
 Education Department. Please note: If you do not cancel and do not attend, you     indicate the fax number(s) to which you do not want sent further
 are still responsible for full payment.                                            advertisements or solicitations.

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