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									                                                                                                                           Office of Student Financial A id
                                                                                                                                   Phone: (973) 655-4461
                                                                                                                                       Fax: (973)655-7712

                               UNDERGRADUATE Stafford Loan Request Form/ Summer 2011

               You will be awarded the maximum financial aid for which you are eligible in all available programs

Name: _____________________________________________ CWID ___________________________

You mus t be able to check “yes ” next to all s tatements below to reques t a loan for Summer 2011. Complete, sign and submi t
this form to the Offi ce of Student Financial Aid. You will recei ve an awa rd posted on your WESS a ccount confi rming your
ma xi mum eli gibility.

Sel f Evaluati on:
__ Yes , I ha ve been enrolled for the 2010-2011 a cademic yea r
            (Sept. 2010 through Augus t 2011)
__ Yes , I ha ve submitted a 2010-2011 FAFSA wi th MSU listed as my s chool choi ce
__ Yes , I am working towa rd a degree a t Montclai r Sta te Uni versity during the 2010-2011 a cademi c yea r
            (Visiting students are not eligible)
__ Yes , I will be enrolled for 6 or more credi ts. Number of Summer credi ts : _______
            (Half time s ta tus is a requi rement for loans )
__ Yes , I ha ve not al ready borrowed the annual allowable loan li mit es tablished by Federal Regula tions
            (Any remaining amount is a vailable for Summer use)

                                                         Annual Loan Limits:

                        Dependent Students                            Independent Students (pa rents who a re not eligible for PLUS
       Academic Yea r               Ma xi mum Federal Stafford                       Ma xi mum Federal Stafford Loans
                                           (Sub/Unsub)                                      Sub/ Unsub/ Unsub
         1-29 Credits              $3,500/$2,000= $5,500                             $3,500/ $2,000/ $4,000 = $9,500
        30-59 Credits              $4,500/$2,000= $6,500                             $4,500/ $2,000/ $4,000 = $10,500
         60+ Credi ts              $5,500/$2,000= $7,500                             $5,500/ $2,000/ $5,000 = $12,500

Check all tha t appl y:
__I am appl ying for student loans
__ I a m eli gible for the unused porti on of my 2010-2011 Federal Pell Gra nt. (I was enrolled for fewer than 12 credi ts ei ther
during Fall 2010 or Spring 2011) Note: All students who qualify for summer PELL will be awarded this aid regardless whether
or not they completed this form.
I will be _____ li ving in the dorm; _____ li ving off ca mpus; _____ li ving with my parents

I unders tand tha t i f I wi thdra w at 100% refund, I will be obliged to repa y my summer financial aid and cover a ny cha rges

Student’s Si gna ture: _______________________________________________ Da te:________________
Student’s Email Address : _________________________________________________________________

Note: Federal PLUS Loans and pri va te educa tional l oans ha ve no annual l oan limi ts . They requi re a credi t worthy borrower and
appli ca tion must be made di rectl y to the Lender prior to certi fica tion b y the Financial Aid Offi ce. Federal PLUS loan (Pa rent
Borrower) appli cations a re made on the www.s tudentloans .gov website by pa rents using thei r Federal PIN ID.

                         College Hall, Room 208 * 1 Normal Avenue * Montclair, New Jersey 07043

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