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Mighty Hoop Instructions


									     Mighty Hoop

                     Mighty Hoop
          5.5 Inch

                                   5.5 Inch

                     Mighty Hoop

          Midwest Products Inc. or
  1-800-900-0741 or
This is a temporary set of written instructions. We did not have
the entire written instruction manual complete, but wanted to
get your order shipped as soon as possible. We will have better
written instructions available on our web site in the near future. We
currently have a few instruction videos online that are much better
then any written instructions. Look for the demo video page or
support page at

Please also remember to read the warnings document
that was provided with the shipment. It has some very
important information about magnet safety.

The Mighty Hoops are very easy to use, especially if you have
already used the HoopMaster for normal hooping. Please watch
the normal HoopMaster videos at if you have
never owned a HoopMaster. The following instructions are a few
things you will need to know.

*Remember to trace your design to make sure it will fit in the hoop.
The Mighty Hoops may line up different then your standard hoops or
the center may be in a different spot. Always make sure you have
a garment hooped when you do the trace, otherwise the hoop could
get caught on the needle plate when it moves.

As soon as you receive your hoops, try them on your machine to
make sure the brackets fit correctly. They should snap in just like
your standard hoops. The bottom of the hoop should rest on the
needle plate of the machine. Remember you may need to adjust
the arms of your machine to a larger sewing field if you are using
one of the larger Mighty Hoops. If the hoops do not seem to lock in
the machine correctly or they do not rest on the needle plate, please
give us a call.

*Some hoops have been shipped with a piece of cardboard inserted
between the upper and lower parts of the hoop. This is only to
protect the hoops in shipping, but you could save this for use when
storing the hoops.
              Mounting the adaptor brackets
Some hoops need to be shipped with the brackets not attached to
the hoop. The following are the instructions to attach these brack-

You will need a phillips head screw driver and a 11/32 nut driver or

If you are attaching brackets to a 10x10” or 11x13” you will first
need to remove the lower ring from the hoop. You can keep the
lower ring attached to the hoop for smaller sizes. Next position the
brackets with the label side up, on each side of the hoop. Some
machines have brackets that are identical for the left or right, and
some have a special bracket for each side. Having the label up
should put the brackets on the correct side of the hoop.
The brackets will sit on the top side of the hoop in the little recessed
area that is cut out for them. See Figure 1

                                Figure 1
Some brackets also come with a little spacer. See Figure 1A. This
spacer is to be inserted between the hoop and the bracket so that it
holds the bracket a little higher.

                         Figure 1A Spacer
The way the screws go through is different between the small sizes
of Mighty Hoops and the large sizes. The small hoops, like 4.25”
or 5.5”, the nuts will go on the underside of the hoop. The large
hoops, like 10x10” or 11x13” the nuts will go on the top side. The
small hoops also have a screw that has a normal round head. The
large hoops have a screw that has a countersink flat head since it
needs to be flush on the underside of the hoop. See Figure 2 and
Figure 3.

              Figure 2                           Figure 3
       4.25” or 5.5” mounting           10x10” or 11x13” mounting

Just tighten the nuts with the 11/32 nut driver and phillips head
screw driver. You should check these screws from time to time to
make sure they do not come loose. After mounting the brackets you
could compare them to the brackets on one of your standard hoops.
They should look very similar.

Please check our web site for more instructions and videos. We will
be updating the site often as this is a very new product.

Thank you for purchasing Mighty Hoops.

If you have any problems watching the videos online, or need more
help, please give us a call or e-mail us. Our contact information is
on the front of this instruction book.

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