Limit Switch Assembly (PDF) by mikesanye


									                                                                                                   Limit Switch Assembly
                                                                                 Positive Action and solid construction
                                                                                 Uses approved limit switch
                                                                                  optional ; Weather proof and Explosion Proof)
                                                                                 Easy to Adjust

                                                                                Model SW-01 is connected to the basic valve(BALEM 130)
                                                                              either to open or to close an electrical circuit. and easily
                                                                              adjusted to remotely many control system as an alarm system,
                                                                              pump control.

                                                                                1. Model No.
                                                                                2. Valve Size
                                                                                3. Desired Options

                                                                                                        No   Component               Materials

                                                                                                        1    Indicator Stem        Stainless Steel

                                                                                                        2        Collar            Stainless Steel

                                                                                                        3      Set Screw           Stainless Steel

                                                                                                        4       Bracket           Steel, Epoxy Ctd

                                                                                                        5     Limit Switch       Die cast, Zinc Alloy

                                                                                                        6       O - Ring                 N.B.R

Single Pole Double Throw Switch                    Double Pole Double Throw Switch                      7         Nut                    Brass

                                                                                                        8    Cover Bearing               Brass

                                                                                                        9      Connector           Stainless Steel

                                                                                                        10    Backup Ring             Ethylene

   Voltage              Resistance Load(A)                 Induction Load(A)                            11      Bracket           Steel, Epoxy Ctd

   AC125                          10                                10
   AC250                          6                                 10
    DC30                          6                                  6

                                                     Main Supply Line    Limit Switch Assembly

                                                                                                                             BALEM 411

                                                                                                                               130 Series Information 37
Notice : Materials, dimensions, specifications can be changed for the improvement of its performance.

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