instruc limit switch by mikesanye


									                                                                                                           Limit Switch

                                                                                                • Controls systems
                                                                                                • Acre counters
                                                                                                • Spray systems
                                                                                                • Auger systems
                                                                                                • Dairy operations

                                                                                                            Universal limit switch for control applications

Agri-Tronix Corporation • 2001 North US 31 • Franklin, IN • 46131•
                                                                                                                                                Part Number 1000-6658

                       Overview                                     Example Applications
This universal limit switch is designed for applications where a
heavy duty switch is needed to signal that the implement is in
the up or down position.

The switch is designed so that it can be actuated from any
direction. This makes the limit switch universal so that it will
work on any application.

The 3rd wire is not connected to the terminal strip inside the
switch but can be installed by the user if needed. The following
is the wiring diagram for the switch as it is shipped from the

    A - Common
    B- Normally Open
    C- Not Connected

Under the cover of the switch are 4 terminals. The units ship
from the factory wired to the normally open contacts. (Switch
must be deflected to close contacts). The wires can be moved
to the lower (normally closed) contacts if needed.

                                         Normally open contacts

                                         Normally closed contacts

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