Geared Limit Switch Gate Limit Switch by mikesanye


									                                  Q Series
                                   The Next Generation of Freight Elevator Doors

                                  Geared Limit Switch

Ready to replace that old rotary gate
limit switch? We have your answer -
introducing the new "Q" Styled
Geared Limit Switch by Courion.

Fast, Easy Installation. The "Q"
Styled Gate Limit Switch mounts as
a single piece on top of the Courion
gate column. Two pre-drilled mount-
ing holes are provided.

Dust, Oil and Moisture Resistant.
Commercially available NEMA 4, 12
& 13 contact is standard.

Adjusts Quickly and Stays Ad-
justed. All adjustments to the cams
and contact can be easily made from
the top of the car enclosure.

Well designed. Steel to steel and
delrin to delrin gearing - no more trav-
eling nuts or micro switches.

Call Courion today for more informa-
                                                            Courion Part Number 21-74000
tion regarding Courion's new "Q"
Styled Geared Limit Switch.

                                                                                           3044 Lambdin Ave.
                                                                                        St. Louis, Missouri 63115
                                                                                     1-800-533-5760 1-314-533-5700
                                                                                           1-314-533-5720 (fax)

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