Magic Tree House Buffalo Before Breakfast by mikesanye

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									                   Magic Tree House #18: Buffalo Before Breakfast

Chapter One: Teddy’s Back

   1. What color was the dog?
        a. Black
        b. White
        c. Brown

   2. Who saw the dog first?
        a. Jack
        b. Annie
        c. Morgan

   3. What is the dog’s name?
        a. Tabby
        b. Teddy
        c. Tiny

   4. True or False. They were trying to free Teddy from a spell.

   5. Who is coming to visit Jack and Annie?

   6. True or False. Jack and Annie like their grandma’s visits because she teaches
      them things, she is kind, and she is funny.

   7. Where did Jack and Annie go?
        a. To the park
        b. To the magic tree house
        c. To their grandma’s house

   8. Who did Annie carry up the ladder?
        a. Teddy
        b. Jack
        c. Mom

   9. What did they have to collect in order to break the spell on Teddy?
        a. 4 special things
        b. 3 special things
        c. 6 special things

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Chapter One—continued

   10. Who left them the note telling them to collect special things?
         a. Mom
         b. Morgan
         c. Teddy

   11. What was the first special thing they collected?
         a. A bucket from Rome
         b. A pocket watch from the Titanic
         c. A mountain bike from Peru

   12. What, in the tree house, would tell them where they were going next?
         a. A map
         b. A compass
         c. A book

   13. What was the name of the book?
         a. The Great Whale
         b. The Great White
         c. The Great Plains

   14. What do you think The Great Plains are?

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Chapter Two: Ocean of Grass

   1. True or False. Jack and Annie had on different clothes.

   2. Jack had on a ___________________ shirt.

          a. Rabbit skin
          b. Buckskin
          c. Bare skin

   3. Annie wore a __________________________ buckskin dress.

   4. What did they wear on their heads?
        a. Coonskin hats
        b. Bonnets
        c. Horns

   5. If the sun is rising, what time of day is it?
           a. Morning
           b. Noon
           c. Evening

   6. What sound did the prairie make?

   7. True or False. The sky was getting bluer.

   8. True or False. The Great Plains are located in the middle of the United States.

   9. Who came with Jack and Annie?
        a. Tommy
        b. Timmy
        c. Teddy

   10. What did Jack write down?

   11. Annie likens the Great Plains to an __________________ of grass.

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Chapter Two—continued

   12. True or False. Jack and Annie didn’t have to walk very far.

   13. What do you think Jack and Annie were looking at at the end of the Chapter?

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Chapter Three: Black Hawk

   1. What was Jack staring at?
        a. Campfires
        b. Teepees
        c. Buffalo

   2. True or False. Horses and ponies were grazing nearby?

   3. What was the largest tribe to live on the Great Plains?

          a. Nakota
          b. Dakota
          c. Lakota

   4. Where did the Lakota tribes mostly live?
        a. South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota
        b. South Carolina, North Carolina, and Vermont
        c. Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona

   5. Who was headed towards the camp?
        a. A headless horseman
        b. A horse and rider
        c. A herd of buffalo

   6. True or False. The sun was very bright.

   7. What did the person have with them?

          a. Bow and quiver of arrows
          b. Axe
          c. Walking stick

   8. True or False. Lakota people fought with white soldiers.

   9. Why did Jack and Annie want to hide from the Lakota Warrior?
        a. It might be the time when the Indians were fighting with soldiers
        b. It might be a fun game to play

   10. True or False. The person coming was only a boy.

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Chapter Three—continued

   11. What was the boy’s name?

          a. Billy
          b. Baldy
          c. Black Hawk

   12. True or False. Black Hawk was going to take Jack and Annie to meet his people.

   13. Who does Black Hawk live with?
         a. His grandma
         b. His parents
         c. His grandpa

   14. Good manners means:
          a. Speaking loudly
          b. Speaking few words
          c. Speaking with an accent

   15. True or False. Good manners is sharing gifts with the Lakota people.

   16. True or False. The Lakota admire those who show fear.

   17. What means “Friend”?
         a. Holding up a hand
         b. Giving five
         c. Holding up two fingers

   18. True or False. Jack was nervous about going to meet the Lakota tribe.

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Chapter Four: Good Manners

   1. True or False. Everyone was watching Jack and Annie.

   2. True or False. Jack and Annie walked showing courage.

   3. What was the decoration on the teepee?
        a. Crosses
        b. Buffalo
        c. Grass

   4. What was in the center of the teepee?
        a. A pot
        b. A bench
        c. A fire

   5. True or False. Teepees are round.

   6. What was the woman doing?
        a. Sewing beads into a moccasin
        b. Sleeping
        c. Cooking

   7. True or False. Jack and Annie were introduced to Black Hawk’s grandmother.

   8. Jack and Annie wish to learn their _________________.
         a. Secrets
         b. Ways
         c. Magic

   9. What did boys and men do?
        a. Made bows
        b. Pounded meat
        c. Sewed clothes

   10. What did girls and women do?
         a. Made bows
         b. Pounded meat and sewed clothes
         c. Slept all day

   11. Name some animal parts that can be sewn into clothing.

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Chapter Four—continued

   12. True or False. Jack was taking notes on his notepad.

   13. What does the buffalo give the Lakota people?
         a. Many gifts
         b. Money
         c. Nothing

   14. Name the parts of the buffalo used for tools. You should have 5 buffalo parts and
       5 tools written down to correctly answer this question.

   15. Who started barking?
         a. Black Hawk
         b. Teddy
         c. Jack

   16. What was coming out of Grandmother’s teepee?
         a. A dog
         b. A cat
         c. A wolf

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Chapter Five: Sunlight and Midnight

   1. True or False. The wolf was really scary.

   2. Who grabbed Teddy?
        a. The wolf
        b. Annie
        c. Jack

   3. Who was the wolf?
        a. Grandmother
        b. Black Hawk
        c. Jack

   4. Why does Black Hawk wear a wolf hide?
        a. He feels the wolf’s strength when hunting buffalo
        b. It’s a great trick-or-treat outfit
        c. He is acting out a play

   5. True or False. Lakota people do not take more buffalo than they need.

   6. Black Hawk was allowed to __________________ Jack and Annie the buffalo,
      but not _________________________ the buffalo.

   7. What are Sunlight and Midnight?
        a. Buffalo that Annie has named
        b. Lakota children
        c. Horses that Annie has named

   8. What do they have to hold on to to ride horses without saddles?
        a. Their hoofs
        b. Their tails
        c. Their manes

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Chapter Five—continued

   9. Who rode Midnight?
        a. Jack
        b. Annie
        c. Black Hawk

   10. Where did Teddy ride?
         a. In the bag that Annie carried
         b. On the back of Sunlight
         c. With Black Hawk

   11. What noise did Black Hawk make when he took off on the horse?
         a. A whoop
         b. A scream
         c. A burp

   12. Jack wanted _______________________________ to admire him.
          a. Black Hawk
          b. Annie
          c. Grandmother

   13. Where did they stop to look at the buffalo?
         a. A valley
         b. A grassy slope
         c. A mountain top

   14. True or False. Jack was very amazed by the buffalo grazing.

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Chapter Six: Stampede!

   1. What did Jack take a look at?
        a. The binoculars
        b. The research book
        c. Teddy to make sure he was okay

   2. True or False. The true name for buffalo is “bison.”

   3. How many bison used to roam the Great Plains?
        a. 40 million
        b. 300 million
        c. 40 thousand

   4. How did most of the buffalo die?
        a. White men hired Lakota people to kill them
        b. White men and soldiers killed them
        c. The dinosaurs ate them

   5. What did Black Hawk want to show Jack and Annie?
        a. How to move like a brave hunter
        b. How to creep like a wolf
        c. How to slither like a snake

   6. What could happen if you get the buffalo alarmed?
        a. A race
        b. A stampede
        c. Nothing

   7. How much can a bison weigh?
        a. 2,000 pounds
        b. 200 pounds
        c. 200,000 pounds

   8. How tall can a bison get?
        a. 10 feet
        b. 6 feet
        c. 2 feet

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Chapter Six—continued

   9. Who sneezed by the buffalo?
        a. Teddy
        b. Annie
        c. Black Hawk

   10. The buffalo ___________________.
          a. Danced
          b. Charged
          c. Sneezed

   11. Charging is when the buffalo points its _________________ and comes after you.
          a. Horns
          b. Nose
          c. Tail

   12. Who went after Teddy?
         a. Black Hawk
         b. Annie
         c. Jack

   13. Who went to help Black Hawk?
         a. Annie
         b. Jack
         c. Nobody

   14. True or False. Annie was in the middle of all of the buffalo and they were calm.

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Chapter Seven: White Buffalo Woman

   1. True or False. Jack and Black Hawk went to Annie.

   2. What did Annie say to the buffalo to try to get them to calm down?
        a. “stop” and held up her hand
        b. “Quit it” and laid on the ground
        c. “Calm Down” and ran away from them

   3. Who helped Annie stop the stampede?
        a. A snake
        b. A woman in white
        c. A woman in black

   4. What did Teddy do to Annie’s face?
        a. Bit it
        b. Sniffed it
        c. Licked it

   5. True or False. The white lady doesn’t live on earth.

   6. The white lady is a _____________________.
         a. Spirit
         b. Picture
         c. Buffalo

   7. Who did they have to go tell?
        a. Grandmother
        b. Morgan
        c. Teddy

   8. Where were the children headed?
        a. Back to the present time
        b. Back to the Lakota camp
        c. Back to the prairie

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Chapter Eight: Sacred Circle

   1. True or False. It was evening when the children made it back to the Lakota

   2. Where were the people?
        a. Gathered around the table
        b. Gathered around the teepee
        c. Gathered around the fire

   3. Who greeted the kids?
        a. The chief
        b. Grandmother
        c. Teddy

   4. True or False. Black Hawk didn’t tell his grandmother everything that happened
      out on the prairie.

   5. True or False. Grandmother scolded Black Hawk for stirring up the buffalo.

   6. Everything is ____________________.
         a. Related
         b. Scared
         c. Happy

   7. True or False. Jack felt sorry for Black Hawk because he got into trouble.

   8. What was Annie’s Lakota name?

          a. Sleeps with buffalo
          b. Buffalo Girl
          c. Shy One

   9. What was Jack’s Lakota name?
        a. Runs like the Wind
        b. Rides like the Rainstorm
        c. Rides like the Wind

   10. True or False. Jack and Annie were welcomed to the Lakota family.

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Chapter Eight—continued

   11. What did the man do with the pipe?
         a. Point it south, east, west, and north
         b. Break it and throw it in the fire
         c. Keep it to himself

   12. The smoke joins all things to the ___________________
          a. Earth and moon
          b. Sun and stars
          c. Great Spirit

   13. The Great Spirit is the _________________ of all things in the circle of life.
          a. Source
          b. Smallest part
          c. Dream

   14. True or False. The White Buffalo Woman is the messenger of the Great Spirit.

   15. True or False. Sometimes courage can summons help.

   16. What was the gift?
         a. An eagle’s feather
         b. A pig toe
         c. A hawk claw

   17. What did the old man say at the end of the pipe-smoking ceremony?
         a. All things are kind
         b. All things are smart
         c. All things are related

   18. True or False. Jack and Annie left right after the ceremony.

   19. What did they lay on?
         a. Buffalo robes
         b. Deer robes
         c. The grass

   20. Jack listened to the shh-shh-shh-shh before going to sleep. What did he think that
       noise was?
           a. The horses
           b. The voice of the Great Plains

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Chapter Nine: Lakota School

   1. True or False. Jack was the last one to get up in the morning.

   2. What were they doing?

          a. Packing to go follow the buffalo
          b. Packing to go with Jack and Annie to their home
          c. Packing to move to another country

   3. True or False. Lakota People do not believe that land can be owned because it
      belongs to the Great Spirit.

   4. True or False. When they pack they even take their teepees with them.

   5. Where is Lakota School?
        a. Everywhere
        b. In Iowa
        c. In school buildings

   6. What do Lakota children learn about?
        a. Hunting, riding, making clothing, making food, and making tools
        b. Reading, writing, and math
        c. They do not learn anything because they just play all day

   7. What does Good Medicine connect you to?
        a. The world of scary monsters
        b. The world of spirits
        c. Animals

   8. What did Jack and Annie realize?
        a. Soon the world would not be like it is now for the Lakota People
        b. The Lakota people are mean people
        c. Jack and Annie make better Lakota people than even the Lakota people do

   9. True or False. The Great Spirit will always take care of the Lakota people.

   10. Where did Jack and Annie go next?

          a. To the tree house so they could go home
          b. With the Lakota People

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Chapter Ten: Good Medicine

   1. What was the second thing they collected to help free the dog from the spell?
        a. A bear claw
        b. An eagle’s feather
        c. A dreamcatcher

   2. True or False. Teddy has some good medicine in him.

   3. Who was at Jack and Annie’s house to visit them?
        a. Grandma
        b. Black Hawk
        c. Morgan

   4. What happened to Teddy?
        a. He went to the house
        b. He disappeared
        c. He fell out of the tree house

   5. True or False. All things really are related.

   6. Who did Jack and Annie hug?

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