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									               Expectations of a Chief Financial Officer

I.     Company Values and Philosophy
       A. Adhere to and exemplify the Company’s stated core values and beliefs.
       B. Promote the company and the brand wherever possible.
       C. Conduct operations of sales department within the framework of the law and the
          ethics of good business practices.
       D. Exercise good judgment in all areas where the company’s interests are
       E. Work with a team first, individual second philosophy.
       F. Come to work each and every day dressed with a positive mental approach.

II.    Leadership Expectations

       A. Set the tone for the company by living the company core values.
       B. Set clear, concise expectations for all department personnel.
       C. Provide feedback on a regular basis to all department employees.
       D. Keep the company organized and focused on a business plan..
       E. Lead the department effort to create a safe learning environment.
       F. Develop key personnel in the to prepare them for future opportunity.
       G. Implement training and skill development programs as directed by the leadership
       H. Produce & track employee performance based on specific KPI’s.
       I. Produce information that supports the company decision making

III.   Administrative & Customer Service Expectations

       A. Assure admin functions are performing to maintain information flow
       B. Exceed customer’s expectations for quality and value through customer service
       C. Work with leadership team to establish clear policies for company
       D. Insure that key systems, phone, computers, communications are always in peak
          working condition and maintain pace with innovations
       E. Communicate with leadership team on a weekly basis and routine basis to resolve
          questions, concerns, or issues.

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IV.     Accounting Department Performance

        A. Track, and measure, all assigned financial goals as decided by the leadership team
        B. Support the development of a quarterly financial plan that ties back to a yearly
           business plan
        C. Implement all company better practices that apply within the department in a
           timely manner that deal with accounting and clerical functions.
        D. Integrate any acquisitions made by the company through customer integration
           and financial payback based on initial model for acquisition
        E. Formulate budgets and monthly financial planning measures to meet goals
        F. Participate in weekly leadership team meetings, and monthly senior leadership
           team meetings to focus objectives.
        G. Develop departmental goals that align with center and company goals each year.
        H. Gain thorough and complete understanding of how sales department
           performance impacts the center’s financial and KPI results.

V.      Communications, Reporting and Compliance

        A. The CFO needs to facilitate the discussion regarding departmental and company
        B. The CFO needs to focus on training all managers within the company on
           departmental measures and KPI’s to insure understanding and commitment.
        C. CFO is responsible for the creation of reporting that supports company
        D. The CFO is responsible for acting as the challenger to financial transactions to
           insure all aspects of any transaction are brought to discussion.

VI.     Reviews, Feedback and Personnel

        A. CFO will conduct performance reviews with all department personnel as directed
           by company leadership team/owner.
        B. CFO is responsible for providing constant positive coaching and feedback to
           team members.
        C. The CFO will work with the Leadership team and Owner to define training
           needs within the department.

VII.    Skill Development

        A. CFO will keep up-to-date with current accounting, legal and tax related issues to
           maintain the company development and efficacy.
        B. CFO will provide routine and ongoing training (technical, customer service, time
           management, etc.) for all personnel within the departmental scope.
        C. CFO must work with leadership team to develop a set of personal development

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Scope of the Role:

The CFO will be responsible for all major financial decisions and transactions. The CFO
works with the leadership team to develop and implement the company’s long-term
strategy, and key objectives based on a business plan.

Job Functions:

The CFO will have several key responsibilities:

   1. Develop the companies financial systems to facilitate formal and informal
      management decision-making.

              Maintain company’s finance functions to reflect business needs
               (e.g., Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functions).
              Design and implement processes to give managers the necessary
               financial data to make decisions and monitor performance.
                    P&L – maintain daily accounting system
                    Cash Flow Forecast
                    Balance Sheet
                    KPI report – Weekly
                    Backlog report – weekly
                    Productivity reports - weekly
              Champion budgeting and forecasting process.
              Champion the mix shift in the company to a desired target for cash
               flow and profitability by market segment
              Participate in financial accountability portion of weekly team
               leadership meetings (forecasting & managing to forecast)

   2. Ensure the effective management of company’s financial operations.

              Ensure that all external reporting obligations are met by making
               information available as needed, and kept current (Daily).
              Ensure integrity of company’s cash, receivables, and payables
               management is met to leadership teams standards.
              Execute all major financial transactions, including any loans,
               acquisitions, asset sales, or expenditures over established
               departmental guidelines.
              Monitor the overall financial health of company using Key
               Performance Indicators and communicate to management team on
               a weekly basis from daily accounting activities.
              Enforce financial discipline/guidelines and controls for the entire

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   3. Champion company’s cash position.

             Make regular cash flow projections based on projected sales and
              sales backlog, and flow of cash within and externally.
             Communicate cash flow projections to top management team.
             Monitor accounts receivable aging and collection procedures
             Champion collections process – policy and actual collection
             Take advantage of vendor cash discounts

   4. Build finance capability at company.

             Select current software for company needs and remain up-to-date
             Facilitate integration and implementation of systems such as
              software, bar-coding, GPS navigation and any other modern
              controls system
             Maintain financial controls at company for separation of duties to
              maintain financial security for the company
             Select and hire personnel with the experience and skills necessary
              to perform company finance functions.
             Evaluate and develop admin & finance personnel.
             Support effective development and performance of staff

   6. Provide recommendations to the management team on major financial decisions
      and carry out the financial policy decisions made by management team.

             Proactively participate in strategic planning.
             Train key managers on financial measures for departments
             Evaluate acquisition options.

Examples of Job Activities:

   1.  Maintain a daily accounting status
   2.  Implement software
   3.  Implement controls – GPS, Bar Coding, Inventory replenishment, tracking
   4.  Assess companies financial management needs and current capability.
   5.  Interview, hire, and develop staff. Conduct performance evaluations
   6.  Negotiate and approve large contracts, strategic alliances and preferred vendor
   7. Represent finance in presentations/ discussions with potential customers and other
       external concerns.
   8. Continuously examine and refine budgeting and other financial processes.
   9. Meet with management team to establish annual budget meeting.
   10. Conduct staff meetings as needed with financial staff.
   11. Participate in team leadership meetings to update company’s financial position.

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Key Qualifications:

   1. The CFO should have extensive financial management experience, in the
      contracting business.
   2. Business acumen and competency.
   3. Functional competence. The candidate should also possess a mastery of the basics
      of financial management - financial and managerial accounting, treasury
      operations, acquisitions, tax understanding, general legal understanding.
   4. Presence to deal with the financial community.
   5. Demonstrated ability to lead / orchestrate negotiations in major transactions.
   6. Accounting or business education.
   7. A predisposition to focus on measurements and accountability.

Key Measurements:

   1.     Free Cash Flow of the organization - EBITDA of the company maintained as
          a cash surplus, and working capital not to be below 15% of company sales at
          any time.
   2.     Return on Net Asset Value - RONA – target RONA of 6.0 as defined by
          EBIT divided by Average Asset Turns
   3.     Cash discounts meet target assigned in budget (1.5% target against sales)
   4.     Maintain Equipment cost of sales to 25% or less by negotiating firmly and
          directly with suppliers to reduce costs on line items of P&L.
   5.     Maximizing supplier co-op to 8% of purchases as a negotiated agreement.
   6.     Direction of mix to company target (60% service, replacement, maintenance,
          40% new home)
   7.     Daily accounting installed
   8.     State of the art operational software installed and implemented/trained

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