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How to Create and Lead an Alumni Group Page in Facebook Net

Social sites play a great role in arrangement of alumni activity. They help to keep in touch

with each other nonmetering big distances, plan events and inform big amount of people


If your alumni group wants to start with a Facebook, only few simple actions are required

to create your page.

         1.            First of all, you should start a group for alumni of your

         class/group/faculty. Its name must be precise and clear worded, otherwise people

         will not be able to find it. Usually, the full name of your educational establishment

         is the most preferable. Then you should invite all postgraduates you know and

         want to participate in groups’ activities. Choose a group of managers or give

         administrative rights to everybody who are already accepted. They will confirm

         new alumni and fulfill other managerial functions.

         2.            Then you should add photos of your educational establishment,

         students town, surroundings; photos of your group and course, pictures of

         teachers. All of it is intended to make postgraduates interested and feel nostalgic.

         Propose current members of the group to publish old and new photos with


         3.            Of course, you should start various discussions: Facebook groups are

         made for communication. There are two places where you may post topics: the

         wall and the board for discussions. Remember that an active group is more

         popular. You should appoint several moderators who will look after topics, delete

         spam, control debaters and answer various questions.

         4.            Events should be announced in good time. Some alumni do not look

         in their e-mails but they like Facebook announcing board.
5.         Your team should systematically search for new members because

new people always join Facebook. If you find one alumnus, another postgraduate

may come as soon as he/she notices the group at his/her friend page.

Article was written by an intern at

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