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					Expectations: Honors Anatomy and Physiology 2009-2010 MK Alessi Introduction Physiology will bring together concepts learned in Biology, Physics and Chemistry to help explain, as best we can, how and why the body works as it does. This will require a strong understanding of all levels of science that you have studied and integrating them to best understand the workings of our bodies. This is a college preparatory course meant to introduce you to college level academics as well as prepare you for the independent nature of college work. To practice this task of independence, you will be provided with outlines of what needs to be accomplished along with basic instructions on how to succeed. The rest is up to you. Your work ethic, effort and participation will need to carry you through. Similar to a college course, your grade will be determined on a limited number of assignments. Textbook readings will provide a basis for our lecture and case study discussions. In addition, we will use activities and labs to reinforce the concepts and understanding of the topics. We will focus on how and why human physiology works the way it does and the result of improper functioning of the body or its components. Grading  Your grades will be calculated by total points on assignments such as: - exams - quizzes - lab notebook which includes activities and case studies - presentations - papers – both research and position - formal lab reports  I expect you to keep a notebook for our lectures and discussions. Although I will often provide notes via the SmartBoard, you will learn how to ‘read between the lines’ and add pertinent ideas to assist your understanding of the topic.  You will be expected to keep a separate lab notebook that will detail labs and activities and will be collected on a regular basis.  Each term I will offer an extra credit opportunity for those who are interested. Successful completion of these assignments will augment your grade but not substitute for missing work.  Late assignments will lose 5% each day (NOT class day). Extensions may be granted with proper notice and communication.  ** All assignments are due no later than 3pm on the day they are due. You will be responsible for printing them even if you send them electronically. Exams Your first exam will be a ‘Foundation Exam’, which will assess your understanding of concepts learned in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This will not predict your success in physiology, but will help guide us on topics that may need more time and explanation. Physiology exams will be created based on lectures, labs, class discussions and case studies. You will be expected to create your own ‘study guide’ by looking at the notes you have taken during discussions/lectures/labs or the conversations that you remember from class. This is a strong reason for class attendance and participation to remain at high levels. Should you be absent for an exam, you must meet with me the day that you return to schedule the make up time before or after school. This exam must be completed within 3 days of your return to school. Should you be absent from a lab, you must meet with me the day that you return to schedule a make up time before or after school. Failure to make up an exam or lab will result in a 0 for the assignment.

Formal Lab Reports You will be given ~1 week to write a formal lab report once the data has been collected. When class results are used, data will either be sent via e-mail or posted on my website. Formal lab reports will be accepted up to one week late with a 5% penalty per day. No exceptions. Labs must be handed in at the start of class, and you cannot print them in the classroom. Lab Notebooks and papers Most assignments will be given 5-8 day notice prior to the due date. Assignments must be in by 3pm to be considered on time with a 5% penalty assessed per day following the due date. They will not be accepted for credit after 7 days. Extra Credit Each term I will give you the opportunity to complete an extra credit assignment. This assignment may be an additional lab report, a case study or a position paper and may also involve presenting to the class. Extra credit assignments will NOT be accepted late. Credit will be determined individually for each assignment and will be detailed at that time. Classroom Expectations There is NO food allowed in the classroom. The only drink allowed is bottled water, and it is allowed only at your desk, not near the computers. You need to be ready for class to start when the bell rings. Tardy students will need a pass from a teacher or administrator. Without a pass you will be assessed a tardy on Power School. Per the student handbook, excessive tardies may result in a loss of credit for the class. Computers and computer equipment are to be used only when instructed. (do NOT play with keyboard or mouse unless asked to use the computer) Computers and equipment will be used only for its intended purpose. (do not change backgrounds, defaults or other control board functions) All cell phones and other related electronic devices shall “…remain out of sight and turned off during the school day.” (NHS Student Handbook) Bathroom sign-out is on the cabinet under the flag. Use the ‘Rule of 5s’ – leave for no more than 5 minutes, do not leave the first 5 minutes of class or the last 5 minutes of class. Only one student may leave the classroom at a time. ********** I can generally be found in room N215 both before and after school. The best way to reach me ‘after hours’ is by e-mail (mary_kay_alessi@needham.k12.ma.us). This address may also be used to send assignments, but be forewarned that I WILL NOT PRINT out assignments e-mailed to me. You may send them for postmark purposes, but it is your responsibility to bring a printed copy ASAP. Before starting the year, I want to congratulate each of you for what you have accomplished through your junior year. I am looking forward to sharing your senior year with you and wish you all the best for this year and all coming years!!