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Pelagic Technologies and MEGA sign Asia distribution agreement

The companies are well-established market leaders that offer highly developed consulting, product distribution, and
system integration capabilities. The new partners will offer local support for MEGA International’s existing customers in
their respective regions and will also develop new business opportunities. Shift Technologies will provide a springboard
into the dynamic UAE and neighboring Gulf states. Similarly, Pelagic Technologies will offer vital access into vibrant
South East Asian countries and the Pacific Rim, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea,
Taiwan, and China.
This completes an important business development phase for MEGA International, which has built a comprehensive
network of 23 high quality partnership resources in key global regions, including North and South America, Scandinavia,
Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
“The announcement signifies the consistent increase of MEGA International’s business around the world, and reflects the
objective to closely support our multinational customers with the highest quality of service, wherever they are located.
Shift Technologies and Pelagic exemplify this high standard,” said Lucio de Risi, president and CEO of MEGA
“The partnership with MEGA International provides a significant contribution to the unique enterprise excellence offerings
that Shift Technologies brings to the
market. A successful enterprise architecture is a key capability that enables the development of an agile and competitive
organization. By architecting their enterprise-connected view, organizations can enhance decision making, enforce
governance, improve change management, and expedite time to market,” noted Abdallah El Kadi, CEO of Shift
“Partnering with MEGA International enables Pelagic Technologies to deliver the industry’s leading process and risk
solution to clients in South East Asia, the world’s most rapidly maturing business region. It will offer our clients a global
support network only MEGA International can deliver,” said Peter Chirdaris, managing partner of Pelagic Technologies.
Shift Technologies is a pioneering IT and business consulting firm that provides an array of business-driven services
devoted to aligning an organization's operations with its overall strategy using technology. The company’s solutions
support management planning and decision-making processes by providing a holistic and integrated view of the entire
enterprise. It is part of the prominent AW Rostamani Group, one of the leading conglomerates in the UAE.
Pelagic Technologies is a leading operations management consultancy in South East Asia. The company has
contributed to many of the famous process management concepts such as process identity management (PIM) and the
process capability maturity (PCM) model. Key service offerings include process improvement, BPM, Sarbanes-Oxley
compliance management, process methodology development, empowerment of corporate process teams, and enterprise
architecture management.
MEGA International ( offers the MEGA Modeling Suite for enterprise architecture and business process
analysis, and the MEGA GRC Suite for governance, risk, and compliance. It is a privately-held company, founded in
1991, with 50,000 software licenses worldwide. Clients include AT&T, DirecTV, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Morgan Stanley,
NASA, Nissan, and Wyeth, and the US Departments of Agriculture, Homeland Security, and Transportation.

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