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Important notice for fastener manufacturers importers and by mikesanye


									     Europe’s 8th annual fastener and fixings buyers guide with a comprehensive
         list of over 250 products. A vital reference for every distributor buyer.
    Important notice for fastener manufacturers,
            importers, and wholesalers
A-Z product guide
Lists over 250 products in alphabetical order and the companies that supply them.

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Alphabetical guide of companies (cross referenced with the product guide).
Includes company profile, full product list and contact details.

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the Fastener + Fixing Business Directory
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                     Product                                Product                                Product                                  Product
                  1/4 Turn Fasteners          Business Intelligence Systems            Data Cable Support Systems                          Hammer Fixings
                      Abrasive Discs                      Cable & Pipe Clips              Decking Screws & Fixings                               Hand Tools
                           Abrasives                              Cable Ties              Diamond Curved Washers                        Heavy Duty Anchors
               Adhesives & Sealants                               Cage Nuts                            Disc Springs                 Hex Head Coach Screws
                            Air Tools             Capacitor Discharge Studs                Dowel & Engineers Keys                            Hexagon Head
                     Allthread Studs                          Carriage Bolts                            Dowel Pins                Bolts/Screws – Mild Steel
              Aluminium Die Casting                           Cavity Fixings                               Drill Bits                   Hexagon Wrenches
               Aluminium Fasteners                      Channel Spring Nuts                 Drilling & Cutting Tools             High Strength Friction Grip
        Analysis & Strength Testing     Chemical Analysis & Strength Testing                        Drop Nose Pins                                   Hinges
       Anchors & Concrete Fixings                Chemical Anchors & Resins                         Drop-In Anchors                                Holesaws
                 Application Hosting                    Chemical Cartridges                        Dry Wall Screws                          Hollow Anchors
                  Assortment Boxes                    Chemicals & Cleaners                              E-Business                       Hook Bolts & Nuts
       Automatic Tools for Riveting                       Chipboard Screws                             E-commerce                      Hose Clamps & Clips
                            Ball Pins                        Clamps & Clips                          Electroplaters                   Hot Forged Fasteners
                       Beam Clamps                                   Circlips                      Expanding Foam                 HT Bolts & Screws – 10.9>
                     Binding Screws          Clinch & Sheet Metal Fasteners                        Eyebolts & Nuts                  HT Bolts & Screws – 8.8
               Blind Bolting Systems                CNC Stud Manufacturing                          Failure Analysis                         HT Hex Blanks
            Blind Fastening Systems             Coach Bolts – (see Cup Sq Hex)            Fastener Assortment Kits      HT Sets, Nuts and Washers Assembled
                    Blind Rivet Nuts                          Coach Screws                         Fastener Testing                     Industrial Aerosoles
                            Bolt Box                     Coating Equipment                             Flange Bolts                      Injection Moulding
              Bolts – Tension Control                                Collars                           Flange Nuts                       Inserts for Plastics
               Brass Bolts & Screws                           Collated Nails                           Flip Anchors        Inspection Equipment & Services
                   Brass Dome Nuts                            Collated Nuts        Forming & Threading Equipment                          Internet Solutions
                       Brass Inserts                        Collated Screws                          Frame Fixings                               Knurl Pins
              Brass Machine Screws            Computer Software & Services       Fully Integrated Software Solutions                                Latches
                         Brass Nuts                       Concrete Anchors           Furniture Fasteners & Fittings                   Lifting Tackle & Bolts
                Brass Thumb Screws                 Concrete Repair Systems                    Galvanised Fasteners                        Linch & Pipe Pins
                      Brass Washers                        Concrete Screws                       Galvanised Fixings                              Lock-Bolts
           Brass Wing Nuts & Screws                        Contract Packing                           Glass Fixings                                Logistics
            British Thread Fasteners           Corrosion Protection Coatings                        Grease Nipples                       Long Length Bolts
                       BSW/BSF/BA                     Crinkle/Wave Washers                              Groove Pins                              Lubricants
     Brushes for Chemical Anchors                      Cr(VI) – Free Finishes                   Gutter Bolts & Nuts                 Machine Screws – Steel
                 Building Chemicals                         Cup Square Hex                   Hammer Drive Screws                           Marine Products
                       Product                                  Product                                        Product                              Product
                         Masonry Nails                            Retaining Pins                   Stainless Steel Dome Nuts                                  Studs
                      Materials Testing                         Retaining Rings           Stainless Steel Fasteners & Fixings                                T Bolts
               Metal Injection Moulding                               Ring Bolts         Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Bolt Clamps                          Taper Pins
                Micro-Diameter Screws                              Rivet Bushes          Stainless Steel Hose Clamps & Clips                   Taper Pressure Plugs
              Mild Steel Bolts & Screws                 Rivet Installation Tools         Stainless Steel Hot Forged Fasteners                     Tapes (Adhesives)
                    Mild Steel Products                        Rivet Nut Tooling         Stainless Steel Lifting Tackle & Bolts              Tensile & Proof Testing
         Nail Plugs & Hammer Fixing                                       Rivets              Stainless Steel Machine Screws                        Tension Latches
                                  Nails            Roofing & Cladding Fixings                 Stainless Steel Marine Products        Thread Forming/Cutting Screws
                     Network Solutions                   Roofing Bolts & Nuts                             Stainless Steel Nails      Thread Forming/Cutting Screws
                 Nickel Alloy Fasteners                          Roofing Screws                           Stainless Steel Nuts                               (Metal)
                          Nuts – Brass            Safety & Protective Products                    Stainless Steel Rivet Bushes       Thread Forming/Cutting Screws
                  Nuts – Castle/Slotted                       Salt Spray Testing                       Stainless Steel Security                             (Plastic)
                     Nuts – Plain Steel                         Sanitary Fixings                          Fasteners & Fixings       Thread Locking & Patch Products
                    Nuts – Rectangular                 Scaffold Restraint Bolts           Stainless Steel Self Drilling Screws                   Thread Repair Kits
                       Nuts – Rhombic                              Screw Cases                             Stainless Steel Self                        Throughbolts
                           Nuts – Rivet                         Screwdriver Bits                           Locking Nylon Nuts                              Tie Rods
              Nuts – Self Locking Nylon                    Screws for Plastics           Stainless Steel Self Locking Steel Nuts                 Timber Connectors
              Nuts – Self Locking Steel                       Security Fasteners          Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws                    Titanium Fasteners
                          Nuts – Shear                          Security Fixings         Stainless Steel Socket Screw Products                   Tool Boxes & Cases
                    Nuts – Steel Dome                 Self Clinching Fasteners                          Stainless Steel Special                           Tool Clips
                  Nuts – Top Fastening                     Self Drilling Screws                          Products & Materials                              Tool Hire
                         Nuts – Wedge                          Self Pierce Rivets                    Stainless Steel Split Pins                Tool Service & Repair
 Nuts – Weld Round Hexagon & Square                       Self Tapping Screws                      Stainless Steel Spring Pins           Tools – (see Hand Tools & /or
                          Nuts – Wheel     SEMS – Screw & Washer Assemblies                      Stainless Steel Spring Pins –             Power Tools &/or Air Tools)
                        Nylon Anchors                                  Sex Bolts                              Coiled & Slotted                              Training
               Nylon Fastener Products                              Shear Studs          Stainless Steel Studding Connectors                           Turned Parts
                           Nylon Plugs                           Shield Anchors                     Stainless Steel Studding –                   Twinthread Screws
                        Nylon Products                                 Sintering                                 Threaded Rod                            U & J Bolts
    Packaging Equipment & Products                               Sleeve Anchors                          Stainless Steel Studs                    Undercut Anchors
              Petrochemical Fasteners                     Slotted Grub Screws                           Stainless Steel Thread               UNF-UNC High Tensile
Phosphor Bronze PCB Circuit Board Screws                Socket Button Screws                          Forming/Cutting Screws               Unified Thread Fasteners
                          Pin Hexagon                      Socket Cap Screws                   Stainless Steel Thread Locking                                   VMI
                            Pin Philips            Socket Countersunk Blanks                                 & Patch Products                              Wall Ties
                               Pin Torx           Socket Countersunk Screws                       Stainless Steel Turned Parts                             Washers
                            Pins Clevis                  Socket Screw Blanks                       Stainless Steel U & J Bolts              Washers – Copper/Fibre
     Plaster & Particle Board Fixings                  Socket Screw Products                            Stainless Steel Unified            Washers – Vibration Proof
              Plastic Fastener Products                    Socket Sets Screws                                Thread Fasteners                  Wax Cone/Bolt Boxes
                          Plastic Plugs               Socket Shoulder Screws                          Stainless Steel Washers                       Wedge Anchors
             Plating & Coating Services          Special Products & Materials                  Stainless Steel Window Screws         Weighing & Counting Equipment
                          Plough Bolts                                 Split Pins         Stainless Steel Wing Nuts & Screws       Welding Equipment & Accessories
             Polymer Headed Fasteners                                Spring Pins                       Stainless Steel Wood &                Window Frame Anchors
 Powder Actuated Tools & Accessories            Spring Pins – Coiled & Slotted                              Chipboard Screws                        Window Screws
                           Power Tools        Spring Steel Fasteners & Fixings                                  Stamped Parts                   Wing Nuts & Screws
                      Pre-Pack Fixings          Spring Toggles – Cavity Fixings           Standard, Multigrip & Sealed Rivets              Wire Suspension Systems
                       Push On Fixings                          Spring Washers                              Staplers & Nailers                 Wire Threads Inserts
                  Push Turn Fasteners                   SQ Plate Washers S/C                                  Storage Systems             Wood & Chipboard Screws
               Quick Release Fasteners          SQ.SQ Hex Holding Down Bolts                       Structural 8.8 Bolts & Nuts                  Worm Drive Clamps
                    Quick Release Pins                        Square Head Bolts                               Structural Rivets                     Zinc/Zinc Alloys
                    Remedial Wall Ties                  Stainless Steel Products                     Studding – Threaded Rod                      Zincflake Coatings
                       Repair Washers            Stainless Steel Coach Screws                            Studding Connectors

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EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT – be the company buyers see first                                                     STRIP ADVERTISING: 190mm x 20mm

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Joseph Dresselhaus GmbH & Co. KG                                                     PRODUCTS
                                                                                     Anchors & Concrete Fixings            Nuts - Castle/Slotted
Zeppelinstraße 13,                                                                   Blind Rivet Nuts                      Nuts - Wheel
D-32051 Herford, Germany                                                             Brass Bolts & Screws                  Plastic Plugs
Tel: +49 5221 932 0                                                                  Brass Machine Screws                  Quick Release Fasteners
Fax: +49 5221 932 400                                                                Brass Nuts                            Rivets
                                                                                     Chemicals & Cleaners                  Roofing Screws
Email:                                                           Chipboard Screws                      Self Drilling Screws                                                                   Coach Screws                          Self Tapping Screws
                                                                                     Collated Screws                       Socket Cap Screws
                                                                                     Concrete Anchors                      Stainless Steel Fasteners & Fixings
PROFILE                                                                              Concrete Screws                       Thread Forming/Cutting Screws
We are one of the leading European stockists of all types of industrial fasteners.   CR(VI) - Free Finishes                Timber Connectors
                                                                                     Cup Square Hex                        Turned Parts
50,000 pallet locations of stock, along with over 700 employees make Dresselhaus     Dry Wall Screws                       Washers
your perfect partner for sourcing standard and specialised parts.                    Flange Bolts                          Window Screws
                                                                                     Nails                                 Zincflake Coatings

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