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									“In Rectus Os”

By Notredame4eva09

Jacob sits alone on the beach around 15-20 minutes after MIB (Man in Black) left. He finishes his fish and begins to walk back to his lair underneath the statue. As he begins to push open the stone door, a time flash occurs. Jacob covers his ears and shuts his eyes, stumbling backwards from the intense light. The flash is over. Jacob looks out to sea to find that the ship is nowhere to be found. JACOB (To himself): “Dammit.” He looks around and realizes what has happened. He draws the knife he used to cut the fish and runs into the jungle.

Jacob is running through the jungle. As he is running, a voice is heard. VOICE: “Hello again, Jacob.” Jacob turns to see that it is MIB JACOB: “What did you do to that ship?” MIB: “The ship took a detour, Jacob.”

JACOB: “Is this how you planned to stop me? You thought that turning that wheel would stop the ship from docking on this island?” MIB: “No, as a matter of fact, I did not. Jacob, look behind you.” Jacob turns around to see a ship lying in the middle of the jungle. The back of the ship reads “The Black Rock”. Jacob turns to MIB. JACOB: “Are they alive?” MIB: “You’ll have to go find that out yourself, my friend.” JACOB: “You won’t win this war. As I said, this only ends once. And it’s going to end in my favor.” Jacob begins walking toward the Black Rock, but turns back to MIB. JACOB (jokingly): “Unless you find yourself a loophole.” MIB smiles and walks away. Jacob walks closer to the Black Rock, but before he can walk in, a voice is heard. UNKNOWN VOICE: “Who are you?” The voice was coming from the deck of the ship. Jacob looks up and sees Richard Alpert, who is looking down upon Jacob. Scene ends with a shot of Jacob’s face, looking very interested. LOST TITLE CARD

Act Two Continuation of the scene from “Aftermath” of Claire running out of the jungle. Claire is a bit disoriented. JACK: “Claire?” Claire walks closer to Jack. JACK: “Where the hell were you? What happened to you?” CLAIRE: “I…I was with my father…Christian. He took me in. He said he was gonna protect me from some bad things that would be happening on the island. A few days ago he told me he had something important to do. He left. He told me that if everything went well, I would see Aaron again very soon. Does anybody know where Aaron is?” JACK: “Claire…Your father…Was his name Christian?” CLAIRE: “His name is Christian. He’s alive… How do you know his name?” Jack walks closer to Claire. JACK: “Claire, Christian is my father too…You’re…You’re my sister.” Claire has a look of shock on her face. She pauses. CLAIRE: “Jack…Where is Aaron?” Jack is about to speak, but Kate interrupts. KATE: “He’s safe. He’s off the island, with your mother. I took care of him when we were off the island. I came back to get you.”

CLAIRE: “My mother…she’s supposed to be in a coma.” KATE: “She certainly seemed fine when I told her she had to take care of Aaron.” Bram interrupts the conversation. BRAM: “Sorry to interrupt you, but we’ve got some work to do.” SAWYER: “What kind of work, hoss?” Bram looks to Richard. RICHARD: “This man who has been claiming to be John Locke, isn’t really John Locke. He is…Someone else.” SAWYER: “Is this true, Johnny-Boy?” FLOCKE: “You all seem to think that I am not the same person that I have always been. So tell me, if I am not John Locke, who am I? How could I possibly be pretending?” No one answers. FLOCKE: “How could I change into someone else’s body? That’s not possible. So how could Richard be correct on something that could never happen?” UNKNOWN VOICE: “Because it can happen.” Everyone turns to the speaker. The voice is revealed to be none other than Jacob.

Act Three Horace and Radzinsky are walking Miles through the woods to Oldham’s place. The sky has a purple tint to it.

RADZINSKY: “Tell me again why we couldn’t drive him here?” HORACE: “Whatever happened at the Swan site, it shut down everything. TVs, appliances, phones, and even the security pylons were shut down. The cars that weren’t pulled into the Swan by the electromagnet aren’t running correctly. Faraday and his buddies were wrong. This thing caused what they were trying to prevent.” MILES: “And that’s what I tried to tell them. Look, Horace, I wasn’t with these people with their little plan to nuke the island. I’m just trying to get along with my life. You don’t need to torture me to do what you need to do. Just let me be.” RADZINSKY (Angrily): “Horace, you can’t seriously believe this guy. He’s a damn terrorist. He was helping everyone try to blow up the Swan. He was with LaFleur. “ HORACE: “Stuart, lately you’ve been so trigger happy that you’re basically forgetting why we are even here. The Dharma Initiative is here for a reason, and it is not to torture and kill whoever it pleases. You said yourself you wanted to change the world, Stuart. So go back to the Swan site and clean up. I’ll deal with this situation.” Radzinsky reluctantly gives in and walks away. MILES: “Why are you helping me?” HORACE: “Chang, your father, told me that you are from the future.” MILES: “What’s it to you, hippy?” HORACE: “I will let you go if you answer me one question.” Miles nods and awaits the question HORACE: “In the years to come, what becomes of the Dharma Initiative?” Shot of Miles’s face, not knowing what he should say. Cut to the beach camp, with Jacob standing at the edge of the woods.

JACOB: “This man is not John Locke.” JACK: “Do I know you from somewhere?” SAWYER: “I’ve seen this guy too. Who are you?” JACOB: “James, my name is Jacob.” HURLEY: “Dude. This guy was like, the dude who made me come back to the island.” ILANA: “He brought all of you to the island.” JACOB: “And you know what I got in return?” (Turns to Ben) “A knife to the heart.” Shot of Ben’s shocked and scared face.

Act Five Miles and Horace are standing in the jungle. HORACE (Repeated line): “What becomes of the Dharma Initiative?” MILES: “The Dharma Initiative…It…” Miles is interrupted by a gunshot. Miles looks down at his stomach. He had been shot just below the belly button. He falls to his knees. Horace looks behind him to see none other than Juliet Burke, with a gun in hand. HORACE (stuttering): “J-Juliet?” JULIET: “Hello, Horace.” MILES: “You…you shot me…” HORACE: “Why did you shoot him?” JULIET: “Because you can never know what is to become of yourselves. That is not how it works, Horace.” HORACE: “What? You’re not making any sense at all, Juliet.”

JULIET: “It’s probably because I’m not Juliet. Juliet is dead.” HORACE: “Who are you?” JULIET: “It doesn’t matter. You won’t remember any of this anyway.” Before Horace can question her, she knocks him out with the handle of her pistol. She kneels by Horace and Touches her hand to his head. She does the same to Miles. Horace and Miles lay unconscious watching as Juliet dissolves into a pillar of black smoke, which disappears into the jungle. FINAL SCENE Cut to the beach camp. Ilana, Bram, Frank, Sun, Jin, Jack, Sawyer, Claire, Kate, Sayid and Hurley stand around Jacob and Flocke, who are standing across from each other. FLOCKE: “So you knew this was going to happen? You knew all this time that I was going to have you killed, and you never once tried to stop it?” JACOB: “The best part was that you believed this whole time that you were doing a good thing in killing me, when in reality, it just made me stronger.” Shot of Flocke in amazement and fear. JACOB: “I told you that I would win.” FLOCKE: “You have not won yet.” JACOB: “I am as close as I ever will be.” Jacob turns to the survivors. JACOB: “It’s time you see who this man really is.” Jacob walks up to Flocke and touches his outstretched palm to his chest. White lights engulf Flocke. The lights dim and go away, revealing the Man in Black. MIB (frustrated): “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced. My name is Esau.”

Shot of Esau’s frustrated expression, and then another shot of Jacob’s smirk. Camera pans out.


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