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					Chrysler Educational Toolkit         - Introduction
In an unprecedented move a major automotive company is releasing to the public 3D data of some of their vehicle fleet for the intended purpose to
help train those interested in a career in Automotive Visualization. This guide is the help for students and instructors to sort through the wealth of
information being provided and help address issues that might be faced. The data and information available for download is the same materials that is
provided to companies to create CGI images and animations for Chrysler.

The Southeast Michigan ACM SIGGRAPH professional chapter is happy to support Chrysler's efforts to promote and train CGI artists. The
organization will help to advise, promote, and create materials related to their CG education outreach efforts.

In this guide we cover the following topics:

           Why Making Data Public?

           What is There to Download:

                    3D Vehicle Geometry
                    Domes / Backplates
                    Reference Materials:

                           About Chrysler Vehicles
                           Color Charts
                           Component Graphics, Grain Charts
                           Material Samples
                           Quarter Scales, Wheel Charts
                           Reference Photography, Tire Photography

           System Requirements and Technical Tips

           Getting Additional Help
Chrysler Educational Toolkit        – Why Making Data Public?                                                                          back to Introduction

Why is Chrysler Making the Data Available for Free?

Chrysler believes that it’s offering of this 3D Educational Toolkit to the public at no charge to be the first of its kind in the industry. This gesture is
intended to provide an impetus for 3D Visualization classes everywhere and as a means for their instructors and students to hone their skills without
the requirement of an additional vehicle data fee. In this way, Chrysler hopes to see its data provide the material for quick growth of 3D Visualization
Education to match this rapidly expanding industry.

As a leader in automotive visualization Chrysler realizes the importance of developing the creative talent that can work with their data. It is in their
interest to have a steady supply of artists that can do the increasing amounts of CG imagery and animation for their expanding marketing needs.
What is There to Download?         – 3D Vehicle Geometry                                                                        back to Introduction

There are three complete vehicle data sets: 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2-door, 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited, and 2007 Dodge Viper
SRT10 Coupe. Each data set is broken down into smaller Autodesk Maya .mb scene files that contain elements such as exterior, interior, hard top, soft
top, undercarriage, and Mopar accessories.

For example, data set for 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2-door will contain the following files:




What is There to Download?   – Backplates and Domes                                                                              back to Introduction

Each vehicle set also includes 2D-backplates and HDRI domes. These high dynamic range domes and high resolution backplate images are
provided for you to practice creating photorealistic renderings using environmental reflections and image based lighting. These are just suggestions,
so feel free to experiment using your own backplates and domes.

For example, backgrounds and domes for 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited will contain the following files:
What is There to Download?   – Reference Materials                                                                               back to Introduction

About Chrysler Vehicles:

Realize that vehicle classes such as Wrangler, Viper and Sebring each have several trim levels to them. For instance you can get a Jeep Wrangler as
either a Base model, Sport, Sahara, or Rubicon. These are considered the different trim levels of a Jeep Wrangler. A vehicle can be configured in a lot
of different ways: you can choose the exterior paint color, the interior color, type of seats, whether it is equipped with Navigation system, or Mopar
accessories. To see examples of Vehicle Configurator, you can visit

                                   JEEP WEB SITE:

                                   CHRYSLER WEB SITE:

                                   DODGE WEB SITE:
What is There to Download?   – Reference Materials                                                                                back to Introduction

The Reference materials provide information on what a particular vehicle or vehicle trim should look like. These exist as images, text documents,
.PDF, power point, and spreadsheets files. Much of the reference material is used to determined how to make the render product correct. We highly
recommend you practice using reference materials as it is an essential part of the job of Automotive Visualization artist.

Reference Materials for 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2-door will include the following files:

                 Color Charts                       07 JK Sahara & Rubicon (Cloth opt.) - Khaki (J3).doc
                                                    07 JK Sahara & Rubicon (Cloth std.) - Dk.Slate Gray-Med Slate Gray (DD).doc
                                                    2007 JK Color Compatibility Chart.doc
                                                    2007 JK Interior Color & Trim Summary.doc

                 Component Graphics                 Clusters

                 Grain Chart                        2007 JK Wrangler Grain Chart.pps

                 Material Samples                   Exterior Colors
                                                    Interior Colors
                                                    Interior Fabrics
                                                    Soft Top Fabrics

                 Quarter Scales                     2007 JK72 Wrangler E5 First Row Bucket Cloth.pdf
                                                    2007 JK72 Wrangler E5 Second Row Bench Cloth.pdf

                 Wheel Charts                       2007 JK Wrangler Wheel Chart.xls

                 Reference Images                   01-12-06 2007 JK72 Wrangler Media Site Photos
                                                    04-04-06 2007 JK72 Wrangler Rear Seats Restraints
                                                    06-02-06 2007 JK72 Wrangler Undercarriage
                                                    07-01-05 2007 JK72 Wrangler Rubicon Hard-Soft Tops

                 Tires                              TT7 LT255-75R17 BSW Off Road BFGoodrich Mud Terrain.jpg
What is There to Download?    – Reference Materials                                                                                   back to Introduction

Color Charts

The color charts indicate what combinations of trims have what kind of color availability. In the Trim summary chart example below you will notice that
all the Jeep Wrangler trims come in either color code DD or JJ. DD refers to a two tone interior color scheme of Dark Slate Gray and Med Slate Gray.
While JJ refers to a Two tone color scheme of Dark Khaki and Medium Khaki.

Color Compatibility Chart: This chart refers to what exterior paint colors are available on each trim level.

Interior Color breakup charts: These are charts that specify the color that parts of interior geometry should be for a particular interior color code for a
particular trim. Normally the parts in the 3d geometry are assigned materials shaders for one available interior trim color.
Example Interior color breakup file: 07 JK Sahara & Rubicon (Cloth std.) - Dk.Slate Gray-Med Slate Gray (DD).doc
What is There to Download?   – Reference Materials                                                                                 back to Introduction

Component Graphics

Included are images that can be used to texture the radio navigation screen, to texture the instrument panel cluster if the cluster wasn't included as
geometry, and related logos and badging that may not have been included as geometry.

Grain Chart

These indicate what type of bump texture gets applied to the various interior parts. Some bump textures have names such as Millennium or Machine
Weave, CPM501, CPM526, CPM493. Below are examples of grain chart for
What is There to Download?   – Reference Materials                                                                             back to Introduction

Material Samples

Material Samples are used to create texture maps for vehicle interior, and include the following categories of materials:
        • Convertible Top Fabrics: scans of fabrics used for convertible top
        • Exterior Colors: scans of exterior paint samples and digital multi-angle readings of LAB, CMYK and RGB values of exterior paint
        • Grains: scans or photographs of interior plastic grain textures
        • Interior Colors: digital representations of interior colors based on RGB values
        • Interior Fabrics: scans of cloth, leather, vinyl, carpet and flooring materials
        • Interior Finishes: decorative finishes used on interior Instrument Panel, Door trim, etc.

 Convertible Top Fabrics:                                                     Interior Colors:

 Exterior Colors:                                                             Interior Fabrics:

 Grains:                                                                      Interior Finishes:
What is There to Download?   – Reference Materials                                                                            back to Introduction

Quarter Scales

These PDF documents indicate how the seats should be constructed. They provide information about seat code, material application, and general seat
shape. Quarter scales serve as a good addition to reference photography of seats.

Wheel Chart

Wheel charts are useful to identify which wheels are available on a particular trim and which tire gets put onto the wheel.
What is There to Download?   – Reference Materials                                                                            back to Introduction

Reference Photography

Extremely useful are the photographic images of the Exterior, Interior and mechanicals that can be used to develop photorealistic material shaders,
identify geometry not provided within the geometry data such as cargo nets. One note of caution is that the reference photography is not always 100%
product correct or shot with interior parts that have had grain applied to the parts.

Tire Photography

Photography of the tires can be used to created texture maps to provide detail to the tire's sidewall.
Chrysler Educational Toolkit   - System Requirements and Technical Tips                                                             back to Introduction

System Requirements:

To assemble a full vehicle requires a large amount of memory. A computer with a 64bit operating system and 4GB is recommended. Computers with
less RAM can still work with the data: it might be that only selected parts are loaded and rendered then assembled in an image layers or as
composited animation layers.


Autodesk Maya 8 or current version of the software is required to be able to open and translate the geometry files. Other software packages may be
used for final rendering or animation. Please see the list of recommended software packages on our web site, as well as links to student versions of
those software packages, available to be downloaded on your machine.

Technical Tips:

There are variety of 3D Computer Graphics programs capable of creating automotive CG imagery. To use the Chrysler .mb files in other 3D programs
requires the files be translated to a format that the software can read. To translate the files to other formats you will need a Autodesk Maya 8 or current
version. Maya is capable of translating the .mb files into a variety of formats such as .FBX and .obj.

Many companies working with the data use additional software to successfully translate the files to other formats. These would include Deep
Exploration from Right Hemisphere, and Polytrans from Okino.
Chrysler Educational Toolkit   - Getting Additional Help                                                                         back to Introduction

Submit a Question:

Visit The CGI Zone web site, go to “Contact Us” section, and type your question or comment choosing “submit a question” as your subject. Don’t
forget to type your email address so we’d know how to get back with you.

Soon we’ll open public forums on The CGI Zone were we’ll be able to gather public feedback and post answers to your questions. We’ll keep you
posted when that will be available.

Attend an Event:

Attend Southeast Michigan ACM SIGGRAPH events where you can meet other CG artists, show off your work and get feedback and advice. Event
information is posted to the organization's website

You can also contact Southern Michigan ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter by email:

Future Guides and Training Videos

There are plans to create additional material to assist educators in incorporating Chrysler educational material into the classroom and into various CG
curriculums. There are also plans to create video-based training on creating CG imagery and animation using Chrysler 3D data.
We’ll keep you updates as future training material are released.