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					                                     Learning Outcomes
 Learning Objectives                                                           Teaching Strategies                       Enrichment          Resources             Curriculum
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Who caused the Break              All learners will know the          “Tudor Introduction” PowerPoint –               Home Learning      “Tudor             Key Concepts
with Rome – The                    names of the Tudor                   starter activity to encourage students to        Project             Introduction”      1.1b – developing
Tudors                             monarchs.                            recall existing knowledge about the                                  PowerPoint         a sense of period
 To know who the                 Most learners will know who          Tudors. Students to brainstorm ideas                              The Tudors           through
    names of the Tudor             the Tudors were and some             independently, then work in                                          1485 – 1603        describing and
    Kings and Queens.              key events that shaped their         partnerships and small groups before                                 DVD and            analysing the
 To know some key                 reign.                               sharing with the class. Teacher could                                observation        relationships
    events that made              Some learners will be able           model answers on board to encourage                                  sheets if          between the
    the Tudors one of              to identify potential problems       students to develop their brainstorms                                required           characteristic
    the most famous                created by the Tudor Kings           further.                                                         Activity sheets from   features of
    families in British            and Queens and will begin        Making Sense Activity – students to                                  the following          periods and
    History.                       to understand why they           develop knowledge of the origins of the                              choices;               societies.
                                   became one of the most           Tudor dynasty either by;                                              “Meet the            Key Processes
                                   famous families in British        Option A - Teacher led discussion                                      Tudors” Activity   2.3b –
                                   History                              about the origins of the Tudor dynasty,                              sheets             communicate
                                                                        referring to PowerPoint slides. Read                              “A new era; the      their knowledge
                                                                        through timeline with students and                                   Tudors” Activity   and
                                                                        discuss key events in relation to each                               sheet              understanding of
                                                                        Tudor Monarch.                                                    Tudor Times”         history in a variety
                                                                     Option B – Students to watch                                           Activity sheet     of ways, using
                                                                        introductory clip of DVD – The Tudors                             “Tudor Family        chronological
                                                                        1485 – 1603 and discuss observations                                 Tree”              conventions and
                                                                        in relation to the origins of the Tudor                              worksheets         historical
                                                                        family and the Battle of Bosworth –                                                     vocabulary.
                                                                        observation question sheet could be
                                                                        used to focus students’ attention.
                                                                    Making Sense Activity – students to work
                                                                    on either of the following;
                                                                     Option A – “Meet the Tudors” activity
                                                                        sheets – students to work together in
                                                                        pairs reading Tudor facts and testing
                                                                        each other in response to the key
                                                                        questions on sheet.
                                                                     Independent task – “Put the Tudors in
                                                                        their place” sheets.
                                                                     Option B – “A new era: The Tudors”
                                                                     Option C – “Tudor Times” worksheet.
                                                                     Option D – “Tudor Family Tree”
                                                                     Review – teacher led Q&A to review

     Year 8 History Scheme – Influences of Italy – The Tudors
                                                                       student knowledge of Tudor people /
                                                                       dates / events.
                                                                      Review objectives – can students
                                                                       provide reasons why the Tudors
                                                                       became one of the most famous
                                                                       families in British History?
What caused the                    All learners will know some       “Henry VIII” PowerPoint – starter              Home Learning      “Henry VIII”      Key Concepts
break with Rome –                   of the key events of Henry’s       activity – students are to draw a picture       Project             PowerPoint        1.5a –
Henry VIII                          reign.                             of Henry VIII. Discuss why students                                Either            considering the
 To begin to                      Most learners will know            have included particular features in                                “Wanted: a son    significance of
   understand why                   some actions that Henry            their drawings – what do the images                                 and heir”         events, people
   Henry became a                   took that led to him               say about perceptions of Henry?                                     worksheets or     and
   controversial King.              becoming known as a               Examine and discuss Hans Holbein                                    The Tudors        developments in
                                    controversial King.                painting of Henry VIII.                                             1485 – 1603       their historical
                                   Some learners will be able        Discuss possible reasons why Henry                                  DVD and           context and in the
                                    to explain how Henry earned        became a controversial King.                                        observation       present day.
                                    a reputation as a                 Making Sense Activity – students to                                 sheet             Key Processes
                                    controversial King.                further develop their knowledge of                                                    2.1b – reflect
                                                                       Henry’s reign by either;                                                              critically on
                                                                      Option A – “Wanted: a son and heir!”                                                  historical
                                                                       Activity sheets.                                                                      questions or
                                                                      Option B – Watch next section of DVD                                                  issues.
                                                                       – The Tudors 1485 – 1603 and
                                                                       complete observation sheet.
                                                                      Review – refer back to key question –
                                                                       why is Henry VIII known as a
                                                                       controversial King? – students’ to write
                                                                       a short paragraph to summarise what
                                                                       they have learned in answer to the
                                                                       question. Students to volunteer to read
                                                                       responses out to the rest of the class.
The break with Rome                All learners will know why        “Henry VIII and the break with Rome”           Home Learning      “Henry VIII and   Key Concepts
– Henry VIII and                    Henry wanted to break away         PowerPoint – starter activity to                Project             the break with    1.4a – analysing
divorce                             from Rome and the Catholic         familiarise students with lesson key                                Rome”             and explaining
 To know how and                   Church.                            words.                                                              PowerPoint        reasons for, and
    why Henry broke                Most learners will know how       Pose Henry’s problem to the students                               “Henry VIII and   results of,
    away from Rome                  Henry achieved the break           and discuss possible solutions to his                               the divorce”      historical events,
    and the Catholic                from Rome.                         dilemma and discuss the outcomes of                                 worksheets as     situations and
    Church.                        Some learners will know            each course of action, as listed on                                 selected          changes.
                                    how and why Henry broke            slide.                                                                                Key Processes
                                    from Rome and why this            Discuss the break with Rome –                                                         2.3a – present
                                    became significant for the         information can be read through on                                                    and organise
                                    people of England.                 slides, or from information sheets.                                                   accounts and
                                                                      Independent task – students to                                                        explanations

      Year 8 History Scheme – Influences of Italy – The Tudors
                                                                         complete activities on any of the “Henry                                               about the past
                                                                         VIII and the divorce” worksheets.                                                      that are coherent,
                                                                        Review – students to tell the story of                                                 structured and
                                                                         the break with Rome, using key words                                                   substantiated,
                                                                         listed on board.                                                                       using
                                                                                                                                                                conventions and
The break with Rome                All learners will be able to        “Religious Change” PowerPoint –                 Home Learning      “Religious        Key Concepts
– how did life change               identify a key difference            starter – students to list and discuss the       Project             Change”           1.3a – identifying
in England?                         between a Catholic and               different religions we have in our                                   PowerPoint        and explaining
 To know features of               Protestant Church.                   modern society. Discuss how it might                                Worksheets as     change and
    a Catholic and                 Most learners will be able to        have been to live during Tudor times,                                selected          continuity within
    Protestant Church.              explain differences between          undergoing the religious changes Henry                                                 and across
 To consider the                   Catholic and Protestant              imposed.                                                                               periods of history.
    ways that life would            churches.                         Discuss the upheaval of the                                                              Key Processes
    have changed for               Some learners will begin to          Reformation and the changes that took                                                  2.2b – evaluate
    people living during            recognise how life changed           place as Catholic churches were                                                        the sources used
    the reformation.                for people living during the         replaced by Protestant.                                                                in order to reach
                                    Reformation.                      Discuss main differences between                                                         reasoned
                                                                         Catholic and Protestant churches by                                                    conclusions.
                                                                         examining images on PowerPoint
                                                                      Independent tasks – students can
                                                                         either use picture sheet showing
                                                                         Catholic and Protestant churches and
                                                                         complete tasks as listed on PowerPoint
                                                                         slides or they can complete activities
                                                                         on selected worksheets or from pages
                                                                         32 – 33 of textbook – SHP Making of
                                                                         the UK.
                                                                      Review – Protestant or Catholic quiz on
                                                                         final PowerPoint slide.
The break with Rome                All learners will know at         “Dissolution of the monasteries”                  Home Learning      “Dissolution of   Key Concepts
– the dissolution of                least 1 factor that influenced       PowerPoint – discuss what a                      Project             the               1.4a – analysing
the Monasteries.                    Henry’s decision to dissolve         monastery is and the meaning of the                                  monasteries”      and explaining
 To consider the                   the monasteries.                     term dissolution.                                                    PowerPoint        the reasons for,
    reasons why Henry              Most learners will know at        Discuss the immediate reason for                                      Resources for     and results of,
    chose to dissolve               least 3 key factors that             Henry’s closure of the monasteries –                                 tasks as          historical events,
    the monasteries.                influenced Henry’s decision          money.                                                               selected -        situations and
                                    to dissolve the monasteries.     Students can develop a knowledge of the                                  Either            changes.
                                   Some learners will be able       dissolution of the monasteries from either of                            monasteries       Key Processes
                                    to select factors that they      the following options;                                                   cards or          2.3b –
      Year 8 History Scheme – Influences of Italy – The Tudors
                                    think were most important in       Option A – follow directions on                                      worksheet or      their knowledge
                                    influencing Henry’s decision        PowerPoint slides - Paired task – card                               textbooks         and
                                    to dissolve the monasteries.        sort, organising factors that caused the                                               understanding of
                                                                        dissolution of the monasteries.                                                        history in a variety
                                                                       Option B – Independent completion of                                                   of ways, using
                                                                        tasks from “Destroying the                                                             chronological
                                                                        monasteries” worksheet, or from pages                                                  conventions and
                                                                        36 – 39 of textbook – SHP Making of                                                    historical
                                                                        the UK.                                                                                vocabulary.
                                                                       Review – class to be divided into half to
                                                                        debate whether or not Henry was right
                                                                        to dissolve the monasteries.
Assessment – Was                   All learners will select           Source assessment of Henry’s reign.             Home learning      Assessment        Key Concepts
Henry VIII a good                   appropriate information from       Shared reading of sources and                    Project             sheets            1.6c – evaluating
King?                               the sources.                        highlighting of key quotes.                                                            a range of
 To analyse a range               Most learners will be able to      Independent completion of assessment                                                   interpretations of
   of sources to reach              use the sources to                  task.                                                                                  the past to assess
   a judgement about                substantiate their argument.       If time permits, peer assessment                                                       their validity.
   how good a king                 Some learners will present a        exercise could also be completed, and                                                  Key Processes
   Henry VIII was.                  sustained and balanced              re-drafts submitted.                                                                   2.2b – evaluate
                                    argument, using sources                                                                                                    the sources used
                                    appropriately, with relevant                                                                                               in order to reach
                                    comments on reliability.                                                                                                   reasoned
The religious roller               All learners will know the         “Religious Roller coaster” PowerPoint –         Home Learning      “Religious
coaster – Edward and                simplistic changes regarding        starter – review differences between             Project             Roller Coaster”
Mary                                the nature of religion              the Catholic and Protestant religion.                                PowerPoint
3 lessons – students                practised during the reign of      Explain that when each of Henry’s                                   “Queen Mary”
can spend one lesson                Henry’s children.                   children came to the throne, they                                    worksheet
looking at each of                 Most learners will be able to       changed the religion of England again.                              Elizabethan
Henry’s children, or                identify key religious             Edward – Students to work in pairs or                                portrait
you may choose to                   changes that would have             small groups - show students the                                     worksheet as
spend longer                        impacted upon Tudor                 picture – Edward VI and the Pope –                                   selected
examining the reign of              society.                            allow them 30 seconds to look at the                                “Religious
one monarch.                       Some learners will be able          picture. Once they have examined the                                 Changes”
 To know how                       to recognise the most               picture, given them 3 minutes to                                     Worksheets
    religious change                significant religious changes       reproduce the picture. Students can                                 Extension
    continued during the            during the reign of the             then exchange pictures and discuss the                               sheets as
    reign of Henry VIII’s           Tudors.                             key features they remembered.                                        selected
    children.                                                           Discuss the significance of the painting
                                                                        and what it is showing about the
                                                                        continuation of the Protestant religion in
                                                                       Discuss the religious changes made

      Year 8 History Scheme – Influences of Italy – The Tudors
                                                               during Edwards reign by referring to
                                                               information on PowerPoint slide.
                                                               Extension worksheets to continue
                                                               examining Edward’s reign can be used
                                                               if required.
                                                              Mary – Students read and discuss what
                                                               they think is the meaning of the nursery
                                                               rhyme – Mary Mary
                                                              Following discussion, students can
                                                               complete “Queen Mary” resource sheet.
                                                              Discuss the religious changes made
                                                               during Mary’s reign by referring to
                                                               information on PowerPoint slide.
                                                               Extension worksheets to continue
                                                               examining Mary’s reign can be used if
                                                              Elizabeth – students draw their
                                                               perceptions of Queen Elizabeth and
                                                               discuss the use of pictures for
                                                              Discuss Elizabethan propaganda by
                                                               referring to slides of information about
                                                              Independent task – use an Elizabeth
                                                               portrait sheet to encourage students to
                                                               explore the messages contained in
                                                               Elizabeth’s images.
                                                              Discuss the religious changes made
                                                               during Elizabeth’s reign by referring to
                                                               information on PowerPoint slide.
                                                               Extension worksheets to continued
                                                               examining Elizabeth’s reign can be
                                                               used if required.
                                                              Review – discuss religious changes of
                                                               the Tudor reign and if time permits,
                                                               students can complete “Religious
                                                               Changes” worksheet.

Year 8 History Scheme – Influences of Italy – The Tudors
Planning Sequence               Commentary

Title of Unit                   Influences of Italy – The Tudors

Context                         Year 8 – Autumn 1

Development of Skills           2.1 Historical Enquiry
                                2.1b – reflect critically on historical questions or issues. All learners will explore reasons why Henry VIII earned a reputation as a controversial

                                2.2 Using evidence
                                2.2b – evaluate the sources used in order to reach reasoned conclusions. Learners will examine images of Catholic and Protestant churches.
                                Learners will examine a range of sources about Henry VIII to reach conclusions about the success of his reign.

                                2.3 Communicating about the past
                                2.3a – present and organise accounts and explanations about the past that are coherent, structured and substantiated, using chronological
                                conventions and historical vocabulary, for example by presenting an account of Henry VIII’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon.
                                2.3b – communicate their knowledge and understanding of history in a variety of ways, using chronological conventions and historical
                                vocabulary – all learners will develop a chronological sense of the Tudor family. All learners will develop their skills in debating particular

Expectations                    1.1 Chronological understanding
                                1.1b – developing a sense of period through describing and analysing the relationships between the characteristic features of periods and
                                societies – all learners will examine Tudor family trees and timelines.

                                1.3 – Change and Continuity
                                1.3a – identifying and explaining change and continuity within and across periods of history. All learners will explore the religious changes that
                                occurred as a result of the Reformation.

                                1.4 Cause and Consequence
                                1.4a – analysing and explaining the reasons for, and results or, historical events, situations and changes. Learners will examine the causes
                                and consequences of Henry VIII’s break with Rome and dissolution of the monasteries.

                                1.5 Significance
                                1.5a – considering the significance of events, people and developments in their historical context and in the present day. Learners will
                                consider the significance of the reign of Henry VIII.

                                1.6 Interpretation
     Year 8 History Scheme – Influences of Italy – The Tudors
                           1.6c – evaluating a range of interpretations of the past to assess their validity – all learners will explore a range of sources about Henry VIII’s
                           reign and use these to reach reasoned conclusions.

Year 8 History Scheme – Influences of Italy – The Tudors