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					                           Program Costs and Financial Aid

Program Costs

Tuition and fee rates for 2006-07 can be found on the College of Nursing website at Students in the Graduate Entry
Program will pay the Range 1 rate for graduate students. The CTA U-Pass allows
students unlimited travel on the city’s busses, subways, and elevated trains throughout the

In addition to tuition and fees assessed by the university, you can expect the following
expenses as you begin the program (these are approximate figures):

      Textbooks: $1,000 (subsequent semester book expense will be much less)
      Uniform and supply kit: $250.00
      PDA: $250
      Programs for PDA: $150
      Laptop computer: $1200-$1600

You may also incur some expense ($200 or so) in fulfilling your immunization and CPR
certification requirements; the amount will depend on where you have your laboratory
work done.

In calculating your financial aid package, the university Financial Aid office uses the
following Cost of Attendance figures. These figures are for one semester and are based
on Spring 2007:
     Tuition and fees (as published by the university)
     Books and supplies: $650.00
     Miscellaneous expenses: $1,200.00
     Room and board: $5,400.00

Federal Financial Aid: What is Available

(Note: Representatives from the UIC Office of Student Financial Aid will make a
presentation at orientation and be on hand to answer questions.)

Graduate students enrolled in a degree-seeking program are eligible to receive up to
$18,500 a year in Federal Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans. The “year” for
students who did attend and receive aid at any institution in Fall 2006 would be Fall
2006/Spring 2007 and Summer 2007/Fall 2007/Spring 2008.

The “year” for students who did not attend and receive aid at any institution in Fall 2006
would be Spring 2007/Summer 2007 and Fall 2007/Spring 2008.

Special note concerning Summer 2007 financial aid awards: Graduate Entry Program
classes begin one week earlier than the regular university summer session; however,
financial aid will be deposited to student accounts according to the regular university
calendar. Therefore, you may need to make provisions to bridge the gap between the
start of summer classes and when you will actually receive your financial aid for summer.
Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine if assistance can be provided for
you until your Summer refund is issued.

Federal Financial Aid: How to Apply

Students must be enrolled at least 6 credit hours in order to receive Federal Stafford
Loans. To apply for these loans, you must complete and submit the Free Application for
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The on-line application is available at
To have your information sent to UIC, you must provide UIC’s Title IV Code of 001776
on your application. For fullest consideration, the FAFSA should be filed by March 1st
for the upcoming year. If you are a Spring admit student, you want to make sure to file
your FAFSA no later than September 15th. Applications for Spring 2007 financial aid
will be processed in late December/early January. If the Office of Financial Aid should
request any additional information or documentation to process your application, please
respond within 7-10 days of receipt of the request.

By completing the FAFSA, you will be considered for the maximum in federal loans first
depending on your need and availability of funds. These include: Graduate Plus
(subject to credit check approval), Nursing Student Loan, Perkins Loan, Subsidized, and
Unsubsidized Loans. Your award letter will indicate the specific award type and amount
you are eligible to receive. In the event your Cost of Attendance has not been met with
the federal loans listed above (as is usually the case with non-resident students),
additional loans are available from the following:

      TERI: 800-255-8374

       Student Loan Funding: 800-339-2594

       PLATO: 800-467-5286

       Sallie Mae Signature Loan: 800-695-3317

       Key Bank: 800-key.lend

       Access Group: 800-282-1550      www.

UIC Office of Student Financial Aid

More information on the financial aid award process can be found at

Specific questions concerning Financial Aid can be directed to T.J. Hardaway, Assistant
Director, Financial Aid Office, 312-996-5735, When corresponding
with the Financial Aid Office, always provide your UIN and state that you are in the
College of Nursing Graduate Entry Program, class of January 2007.

College of Nursing Scholarships

The College of Nursing provides support to graduate students in the form of scholarships,
traineeships, and Board of Trustee tuition and fee waivers. New and continuing students
can apply for these various types of funding by submitting a Graduate Scholarship
Application each spring. The application form, application deadlines, and a list of
available funding with award criteria can be found on the CON website. Since awards
are made on an academic year basis, students in the Graduate Entry Program may not
submit an application for scholarships until Spring 2007.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate research assistantships are given by individual faculty members and by
academic departments in the College of Nursing to students to assist on funded research
projects. The stipend and percentage of time devoted to the research vary according to the
research resources of individual faculty members. Appointments between 25 and 67
percent time have the added benefit of a base tuition and service fee waiver. Students
interested in assistantships should check with their department and advisor.
Assistantships are also advertised within the College.

Due to the demands of the Graduate Entry Program, however, students are strongly
encouraged not to work during the pre-RN licensure portion of the program. Once you
have received your RN license and begin the advanced practice component of the
program, more opportunities to fund your studies will become available, such as
employer tuition reimbursement and graduate assistantships and traineeships.

External Scholarships

Many resources are available to assist students in finding funding to support their
education. The College of Nursing maintains a database of scholarships and research
grants which can be accessed via the CON website. The American Association of
Colleges of Nursing (AACN) website provides a good overview of financial aid and
scholarships for nursing students (

The UIC Graduate College ( and the UIC Office of
Special Scholarship Programs ( assist students in

applying for nationally competitive scholarships. They provide information about
available awards, advice on application preparation, and assistance throughout the
scholarship application process.

The Internet provides a multitude of scholarship search engines. Following is a list of
search engines for finding scholarships: (The Student Nurse Forum) (Can do a Illinois search on their scholarship page) (On Nurses Web Page, there
is a place to look up scholarships.)

College of Nursing students receive frequent updates by e-mail on available scholarships,
and assistance with scholarship applications is provided by the Office of Academic

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