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15 September 2008 • Issue 55                                                     www.lambeth.gov.uk                                                       London’s most improved council 2008

Squatters sent packing
A FIVE-MONTH legal battle to get                    mass squatted.”
more than 120 squatters out of four                      Despite the security measures taken by
blocks of flats in Clapham has finally              Lambeth Council the determined band of
been won.                                           squatters, who arrived en masse, broke in to
    Residents were left fuming when the             the flats. They then changed locks and
band of squatters took over 42 flats at             declared squatters’ rights – meaning the only
Limerick Court in April. People living near the     way to get them out was by obtaining a pos-
flats, which had previously been used by            session order through the courts.
Lambeth Council as temporary accommoda-                  “This situation has highlighted the issues
tion, complained that the squatters were            faced by anyone trying to evict squatters as
making their lives a misery with late night         quickly as possible using the current laws,”
parties, loud music and other forms of anti-        said the council’s spokesperson. “As soon
social behaviour.                                   as the squatters arrived we worked with the
    One, who did not want to be named, said:        owners to begin the legal process to get a
“The place was a tip. There were fires out the      possession order.”
front, they broke down the garage doors and              “We shared the concerns of all the resi-
there were packs of dogs roaming round.             dents living near the flats. Unfortunately
    “You couldn’t count them because they           squatting is an antisocial activity that results
were always coming and going. They would            in a cost to the tax payers. In this case it has
sit out the front and you’d be afraid to leave      also had a very direct impact on the people
your house because you didn’t know if any-          living close to Limerick Court over the past
thing would happen to it while you were             few months.”
gone.”                                                   There were rumours that it could take
    The organised group arrived at the flats
just days before they were to be handed over
to owners Annington Properties Ltd.
Lambeth Council was due to return the
                                                    years to evict the squatters. However as
                                                    soon as a possession order was obtained
                                                    bailiffs were able to clear the flats in just a
                                                    day. And following their eviction, many of the
                                                                                                                Happy Birthday
blocks – empty – after finding homes for the
families being put up at the flats.
    A spokesperson for the council said:
“Residents were being moved to new homes
                                                    squatters headed straight for some Ministry
                                                    of Defence houses in Wandsworth that were
                                                    being renovated for returning soldiers and
                                                    their families.
                                                                                                                B u st er !
                                                                                                                IT’S not every day you get to sample a pint of specially brewed ale at work – but then it’s
following the end of our lease at Limerick               An MOD Spokesman said: “The                            not every day you turn 102. Britain’s oldest worker Buster Martin was celebrating another
                                                                                                                birthday and to make sure the party went with a swing Hepworth’s Brewery produced a few
Court and we were due to return the premis-         presence of these squatters is delaying com-                bottles of Buster’s Best Bitter. And as well as receiving some birthday treats Buster, who
es to its owners but, despite the steps we          prehensive refurbishment work to bring                      lives in sheltered accommodation in Lambeth, got to hand over a very special present of his
took to secure the property, including steel        these properties up to the standard our                     own. A £200 bet that he would complete the London Marathon earlier this year won the

                                                                                                                Pimlico Plumbers worker £13,500, which he handed over to charity The Rhys Daniels Trust.
covers on the door and windows, it was              troops and their families deserve.”


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                                                                                                                                            15 September 2008 • Issue 55

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             Crime prevention should not be just left
             up to the police and authorities. We need
             to tackle crime together, and that
             includes shops and businesses.
                                                                  • the lambeth picture
                  The Leader’s column
                   with Steve Reed
 In an operation last week, the council’s trading standards
 team tested 23 shops in Lambeth to see if they would
 sell knives to under 18s. Shockingly, 11 of the 23 shops
 proceeded with the sale. The council has already
 cautioned all 11 shops and their owners could face big
 fines or the prospect of prison if they reoffend but still,
 I think the powers that Lambeth are given to tackle
 irresponsible sellers just aren’t tough enough.
 Currently, too many shops get away with selling knives
 to under age kids because the law only says that they
 must show something called “due diligence” in the sale.
 This means that if a shop proves they did all they could
 to prevent the sale of a knife to a minor then they can
 escape punishment. For example, a shop owner could
 train staff to check IDs but could avoid liability by
 placing blame on the staff for selling to under 18s.
 I think this is wrong. We must do everything we can to
                                                                   SPLAT!                                                                                          PHOTO BY DAVID TETT
 get knives out of the hands of teenagers. A knife in a
 teenager’s pocket increases the chances that a                   Children had fun throwing custard pies as part of a day of activities in Brixton. Performance
 disagreement or skirmish ends up in tragedy. In the past         company The Bureau Of Silly Ideas led a creative exercise with young people based around their
 few months we have had too many chilling reminders               Olympic dream sports, along with a fun activity course in Windrush Square. More on page 15.
 of people being seriously injured or killed by stabbings         If you have a good photo of life in Lambeth, send it to lambethlife@lambeth.gov.uk for your
 and I dread to think about how many of those incidents           chance to win £30 in high street vouchers.
 involved a knife sold illegally. Those shops who broke
 the law have blood on their hands.
 That is why I fully support the petition on the Number 10
                                                                                                                                                  NEWS IN BRIEF
 website, that is calling for the law to be strengthened so       TULSE Hill Station has had a £90,000 makeover              responsible for the proposals will be on hand to discuss
 that sellers can’t wriggle out of prosecution. I think that if   to make it more welcoming for passengers.                  any issues or concerns.
 the laws and the punishment for selling knives to under              The station has been given a deep clean along with a      It is anticipated that a planning application will be
                                                                  coat of paint and new tiles in the main entrance.          submitted to the council’s planning department following
 18s was water tight then it would make currently
                                                                      The Southern Railway owned station has also had        the exhibition. For more information phone 0870 423
 reckless vendors smarten up their act if they are assured                                                                   0894.
                                                                  improved lighting installed along with new passenger
 of prosecution.                                                  information screens.
 I am committed to reducing crime in Lambeth, our                     Half the cash for the improvements came from           BUS PASSENGERS using the 255 must use a
                                                                  Lambeth Council, with Southern paying the other half.      new route if travelling further than Streatham
 Guns and Gangs Commission led to our pioneering
 and nationally acclaimed Young and Safe plan to prevent                                                                     High Road.
                                                                  REVISED PLANS to develop the site around the                   The bus will now terminate in Streatham and anyone
 violence. But the tough action Lambeth’s taken against
                                                                  Streatham Megabowl and Caesars are due to                  wishing to travel to Stockwell must use the route 50,
 gun, gang and knife crime will be made harder if we
                                                                  be unveiled at a public exhibition this month.             which now continues along the old 255 route.
 don’t stop weapons getting onto our streets in the first             Glentoran, who are behind the proposals, will be           The new route starts earlier and finishes later, operat-
 place.                                                           holding the exhibition at 132 Streatham Hill, SW16, on     ing every 12 minutes every day of the week. The benefits
 That is why I urge residents to join me in support of this       the 18 and 19 September, 3.30-7pm, and 20 September,       include more room for passengers and better transport
                                                                  9.30am-12.30pm. Members of the developer’s team            links in Croydon and Norbury.
 petition in the hope we get tougher laws to make shops
 check IDs and take responsibility for their actions.
                                                                   Lambeth life is published by Lambeth Council, Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RW.
 The petition can be found at:                                     Editor: Ella Cope                              Advertising: Penny O’Hare
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  at leader@lambeth.gov.uk                                         Tel: 020 7926 1475                             Tel: 020 7926 1474                                Recycled paper made up 80.6%
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                                                                   Email: rgreen5@lambeth.gov.uk                  Email: rgibbons@lambeth.gov.uk                         newspapers in 2006

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15 September 2008 • Issue 55

  Black-market ticket sales are estimated to
  be worth £1 billion each year.

Crackdown targets Hunt is on for
rip-off ticket touts converted weapons
TICKET touts on the streets of Brixton          improving the general perception of Brixton.
will find it even harder to operate as a        We’re doing our best to stop people getting
new crackdown is launched against               ripped off.”
them this month.                                    He added: “We have had a recent case
    Lambeth Council’s environmental crime       where a batch of blank tickets were stolen
enforcement team will be carrying out more      and they could have been printed up for any
high profile operations in the town centre as   event. If you buy one of them and then try to
it bids to beat the touts. Working with the     get into an event you will be disappointed.
local police force the team is hoping to cut    There are also cases where members of the
the number of touts operating at events in      public think that they are going round a cor-
the town centre and will be handing out fines   ner to negotiate a price with a tout; only to
to anyone caught selling tickets illegally.     end up being mugged or assaulted.”
Persistent offenders will face arrest.              And while it may be tempting for fans to
    The operations will be running at nights    use touts when gigs are sold out Michael
and weekends and are aimed at disrupting        warned against it, saying “touts are often the
touts and making Brixton a less attractive      cause for a ticket shortage in the first place.
proposition for them. Work will also be done        “They buy them in bulk and they sell
to highlight the risks of buying from touts.    them on for a profit. Tickets are always sold
    Michael Anderson, Lambeth Enviro-           way above the face value.
crime Enforcement Supervisor, said “It’s a          “If it’s a slow night they might put up the
problem. On a busy night you can’t go from      price by £5. But if it is a popular event it will   POLICE are offering rewards of                   the “cold-blooded execution” last month.
one stretch of Brixton High Street to the       be double or triple the face value. At the end      £10,000 to anyone who can help                       A year earlier 24-year-old Antoine
other without five or six touts trying to get   of the day they are making big profits from         them track down a number of replica              Smith was also shot and killed in an alley-
you to buy tickets. Clearing touts is about     ordinary fans who are desperate.”                   guns that have been converted into               way in Clapham.
                                                                                                    lethal weapons.                                      Anyone with information about the

Fighting the flab
                                                                                                        The guns were converted by 34-year-          guns should contact the Met Police on 020
                                                                                                    old Grant Wilkinson, of no fixed address,        8733 4704 or call Crimestoppers anony-
                                                                                                    who is just starting a life sentence after       mously on 0800 555111.
                                                                                                    being convicted of supplying the weapons.            • The council supported police efforts
                                                                                                    At least two people in Lambeth were killed       in an amnesty for replica weapons in
                                                                                                    by weapons Wilkinson had adapted.                February this year. Lambeth Trading
                                                                                                        Robel Tewelde, aged 21, was killed in        Standards were successful in clamping
                                                                                                    Stockwell on 2 October last year and 18-         down on local traders who were legally
                                                                                                    year-old Jermaine Callum, of Clapham is          selling imitation guns in the drive to get
                                                                                                    now behind bars after being convicted of         fake guns off the street.

                                                                                                    Shops caught selling
                                                                                                    knives to teens
                                                                                                    AN UNDERCOVER operation in                       ber for environment, said: “It is shocking that
                                                                                                    Lambeth has discovered almost half               some shop keepers are selling knives to
                                                                                                    the shops targeted sold knives to an             children. Despite the recent violence involv-
                                                                                                    underage boy “no questions asked”.               ing knife crime it seems some shop keepers
                                                                                                                                                     still aren’t accepting their responsibilities.”
                                                                                                       Shop keepers across the borough have
PEOPLE living in Lambeth have been              questioned by public health experts in                                                                    As well as continuing checks on all
                                                                                                    now been told to expect more checks and
named as some of the slimmest in the            Lambeth. They say that because the figures                                                           shops that stock knives the council will be
                                                                                                    warned they could face a £5,000 fine or a six
country.                                        are only from newly registered patients at                                                           raising awareness of the laws surrounding
                                                                                                    month jail sentence if they sell any knives or
                                                Doctors’ practises they do not give the full                                                         knife sales and the action that can be taken
    A new fat map of the country showing                                                            blades to under-18s.
                                                picture.                                                                                             if people break the rules.
areas where obesity is rife has been released                                                           The latest results came after Lambeth
                                                     The latest figures come just weeks after                                                             Councillor Prentice said: “We will keep
and the figures show Lambeth is the 11th                                                            Council’s Trading Standards team sent a 15-
                                                Diabetes UK warned Lambeth residents                                                                 cracking down on these sales to keep
slimmest place in Britain. According to the                                                         year-old volunteer round 23 shops in             knives off the street and will increase the
report 5.6 per cent of people in the borough    were among the most at risk of dying from a
                                                                                                    Brixton, Clapham and Kennington asking to        number of undercover visits that our officers
are overweight. The slimmest people in the      diabetes related illness. The charity claims
                                                                                                    buy a knife. Eleven shops agreed to sell the     make. Our advice is simple – no ID, no sale.
country apparently live in Camden, where        that there is a 15 per cent chance of people
                                                                                                    boy a knife and they were each given an offi-         ”Please let us know if you see shops
just 3.9 per cent of people are overweight.     living in the borough dying from some com-
                                                                                                    cial caution.                                    selling knives, or alcohol, to people who
    However the usefulness of the figures,      plication arising from the disease, which is
                                                                                                        Councillor Sally Prentice, cabinet mem-      appear underage, and we will investigate."
which are based on GP records, has been         linked to a poor diet.
www.lambeth.gov.uk                                                                                                                                                   Lambeth Life • page 3
                                                                                                                               15 September 2008 • Issue 55

  The Interview
                                                                                                Kathy Lette’s first novel in 1979 was a joint
                                                                                                     effort with her friend Gabrielle Carey.

Lambeth Life talks to              How well do you know London and            there are no men around. It’s a great male     men who slip between my covers. But hey,
                               Lambeth?                                       myth that women aren’t funny. I presume        all are welcome. I promise to tickle your
Kathy Lette, bestselling            I’ve lived in London for 19 years. My     men are just worried what it is we’re being    funny bone – not to mention other parts of
chick lit author, columnist,   son went to school in Lambeth, so I know       funny about. I think men imagine we            your anatomy!
                               the area quite well. The whole place           spend the whole time talking about the             Your new book, ‘To Love, Honour
and self confessed             haemorrhages history. There’s a host of        length of their members. Which is not true.    and Betray – till Divorce Us Do Part’ is a
“demented mother” ahead        ghosts in every nook and cranny. In            As we also talk about the width. But the       humorous take on surviving a marriage
                               Australia we lie down in front of bull doz-    English and Aussies share a sense of           breakdown and life with a teenage
of her visit to Lambeth        ers to protect buildings constructed in say    humour – it’s drier than an AA clinic. We do   daughter. Tell us more...
Libraries this month.          1930! So you’re so lucky to be surrounded      not suffer from an irony deficiency!               I read a report last year which
                               by all those historical buildings.                  Is your subject material a sign of the    revealed that 59 per cent of married
                                    There is a huge antipodean commu-         times, or a reflection of your own expe-       women would leave their husbands if
                               nity living and socialising in Lambeth –       riences?                                       they felt more financially secure. I also
                               do you have friends here?                           Basically I just write because it’s       think women stay in unhappy marriages
                                   Australians give very good hedonism.       cheaper than therapy! Childbirth, mother-      because they’re worried they won’t know
                               We do love to party. And yes, I’ve often       hood, marriage, teenage daughters, age-        what to do with allen keys and shifting
                               found myself tottering along the streets of    ing angst… I’ve cannibalised my entire         heavy objects and vehicle maintenance
                               Waterloo after one too many. Especially        life. I’ve told my husband that I have to      or which of the three remotes changes
                               when I was writer in residence at the          have an affair to get some more material.      the tv channels! Women underestimate
                               Savoy Hotel. That’s the great thing about      He replied that HE should have the affair      themselves all the time. This book
                               Lambeth – its proximity to everywhere          as it would cause me more angst! So            encourages them to stand on their own
                               else. I know I pretend that the only thing I   we’re currently negotiating.                   two stilettos. But in a funny way!
                               run up are bills, but I would often jog from        What percentage of your audience is
                               the Savoy Hotel down to Lambeth palace                                                            • Kathy Lette will be at Brixton
                                                                              female, and how do men like your
                               and back.                                                                                      Library on Tuesday 23 September,
                                   How would you describe your sense
                                                                                                                              7pm. Join her for an evening of love,
                                                                                   Men are always asking what women
                               of humour?                                                                                     sex, family and politics. Brixton
                                                                              want in bed. The answer is breakfast and
                                   I just write the way women talk when       a good book. It’s mainly women and gay          Library, Brixton Oval, SW2.

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15 September 2008 • Issue 55

 The first Thames Festival was organised by the
 Coin Street Community Builders in 1997.

                                                                                              Through the keyhole of
 Film premiere at Thames Festival                                                             Lambeth’s best buildings
                                                                                              SOME of Lambeth’s most famous and
 TWO teenagers from Brixton Hill               got them to act in it and help with the pro-
                                                                                              historic buildings will be opened up to the
 will be putting the finishing touches         duction. After we had finished we though       public as part of Open House London.
 to one of the biggest parties in              ‘at least we have shown people that there          More than 600 of the capital’s finest build-
 London this month.                            is another option’.                            ings will be on display and there will be a
     Nick McCarron and Dominic Tillay               “The film was only meant to be for the    chance to view 19 in Lambeth. Open House
 have been working on this year’s Mayor’s      local area, but it got a good reception and    London takes place at venues across London
 Thames Festival after joining the Street      we were asked to apply for the Street          on 20 and 21 September. It will include free
 Genius scheme earlier in the year. The        Genius programme.”                             tours of Lambeth Palace, London Eye and
 pair were spotted for the prestigious              They were accepted onto the Some          National Theatre Studio.
 scheme after writing and filming their own    Other Way Forward run scheme, which                Tours will take place during the weekend
 movie based on gun crime.                     offers work placements at 22 of the arts       and some need to be pre-booked. Visit
     Dominic said: “London has been trig-      organisations on the South Bank. The           www.londonopenhouse.org for full details.
 ger happy recently and it got to the point    scheme is one of a number of Lambeth
 where the people we were seeing on the        Council supported programmes running
                                                                                                                    SELL YOUR PROPERTY
 news were people we knew. We wanted           in the borough offering disadvantaged
                                                                                                                   TODAY 4 CASH!
 to do something and we started to write
 this film.
                                               young people a way forward.
                                                    After joining the project Nick and
                                                                                                   BACK             • Repossessions stopped
                                                                                                 against your       • Evictions suspended
                                               Dominic have spent around six months                                 • Bailiff warrants postponed
     “On the day we started writing it Billy
 Cox was killed and he was a close friend      working with the National Theatre. And                               • Cash buyers waiting
                                                                                                                    • Immediate exchange
 of my sister.”                                they have spent much of that time plan-
     The pair wrote the script for the short   ning and shaping this year’s Thames             CALL US NOW
 movie and were then offered funding to        Festival which takes place on Saturday              08456 18 28 78
 get it made. “It was up to us to get the      13 and Sunday 14 of September. For                   or email sales@yellowapricot.com
 local youths involved,” said Dominic, “We     information go to www.thamesfestival.org

www.lambeth.gov.uk                                                                                            Lambeth Life • page 5
                                                                                                                                                   15 September 2008 • Issue 55

  Eco matters
                                                                                  Small and medium businesses in the UK are thought to produce
                                                                                              110 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Charity calls for home help Businesses get
                                                                                                                          energy efficient
A CHARITY that helps families furnish their
homes is on the look-out for a new home itself.
    Furniture Aid South Thames (FAST) recycles unwant-
ed furniture and then offers it to vulnerable families and
individuals at a cut price. It means anyone short of cash                                                                 BUSINESSES in Lambeth              organisations to get involved
can have quality furniture in their homes.                                                                                are being encouraged to            and cut carbon emissions from
    But now the Oval-based charity needs to find a new                                                                    sign up to a green cam-            their buildings. This time we
home after being told they must leave their current base                                                                  paign that could save              want to encourage even more
within the next six months. And to help raise awareness                                                                   them money.                        firms to sign up and pledge
of the project a special open day was held last month.                                                                        The Chartered Institution of   their commitment, and to show
                                                                                                                          Building Services Engineers        that you just need to spend a
    Nicola Durrant, volunteer trustee with the charity,
                                                                                                                          (CIBSE) has launched the 100       little time to make a lot of dif-
said: “We have been told that we cannot continue after
                                                                                                                          days of Carbon Clean Up cam-       ference.”
the new financial year. So the hunt is on to find some-
where else to operate from.”                                                                                              paign aimed at cutting carbon            The scheme was launched
                                                                                                                          emissions – and hopefully sav-     last month, but there is still
    The group is looking for similar premises – some 4,000
                                                                                                                          ing energy and cash.               plenty of time for companies to
to 6,000 sq m of warehouse space, with secure parking
                                                                                                                              Each company that signs        get involved before the closing
and offices – in, or close to north Lambeth or Southwark.
                                                                                                                          up will have to pledge to give     date at the end of November.
    “We pay a peppercorn rent at the moment and it            ing over 90 tonnes of unwanted furniture being dumped
                                                                                                                          100 hours of staff time to dedi-   In return for signing up busi-
would be a massive hike in costs if we had to pay com-        at landfill sites.
                                                                                                                          cate to energy reducing activi-    nesses will get free advice on
mercial rates,” said Nicola. “There are only 14 furniture         Nicola said: “We have approached all our partners
                                                                                                                          ties.                              the best ways to cut their car-
recycling projects like this running in London, so they are   and they have been positive, but there have been no
                                                                                                                              CIBSE President Professor      bon emissions.
always at full capacity. And the closest project to us,       concrete offers yet.”
                                                                                                                          John Swaffield said: “The pre-           Visit www.100hours.co.uk
which was in Camberwell, closed in June. That has                 If you can help in any way contact Nicola or Tim
                                                                                                                          vious two campaigns have           for information about the
made it even more important for us to find somewhere.”        Boucher at furniture@furniture-aid.co.uk or call 020 7793
                                                                                                                          proved the enthusiasm of UK        scheme.
    The project helps around 500 people each year, sav-       7787.

                                        Vacancies in
                                      and Conflict Resolution
 LMS are currently recruiting for two positions to work in the area of
 Mediation and Conflict Resolution.
 (i) A service coordinator for our community mediation and volunteer support program
 (£26-30k pro rata). 28 hours per week preferred although fulltime also considered.
 (ii) A trainer in conflict resolution skills to children and youths (£26-30k pro rata).
 21 hours per week.
 For further details please contact Jo Jones on 02086786046. Charity No. 1120238.

 South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust’s Annual Public Meeting
 Tuesday 16 September 2008 5.45 – 7.15pm
 Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London, SE1 9DD.

 The APM is a chance for you to find out more about our work over the past year
 and about our future plans. We will be using this year's event to tell you more
 about our work in the important field of providing care and treatment for older
 adults with mental health problems.

 The meeting will start at 5.45pm and we hope you will be able to join us at 5.15pm
 for coffee and a chance to talk to staff and visit some of the stands highlighting
 different aspects of the Trust’s work. There will be a light buffet available after the
 meeting closes at 7.15pm.

 The Trust’s Annual Report and Summary Accounts 2007-2008 is available online at

 Everyone is welcome.

 Please confirm attendance by 10 September. Email laurence.whittle@slam.nhs.uk
 or phone 020 3228 2441. Please let us know if you have any special requirements.

page 6 • Lambeth Life                                                                                                                                            www.lambeth.gov.uk
15 September 2008 • Issue 55

Focusing on your future
IN A YEAR of success for Lambeth                      distance for the pupils.”
pupils and record GCSE results there                       As well as recruiting new specialist teach-
is one success story in the borough                   ers the school also employs a team of sup-
that stands out.                                      port staff, which means teachers are free to
    In the past six years Bishop Thomas               teach. And there are also support staff mem-
Grant School has gone from being close to             bers for the children, meaning children with
being put into special measures to the bor-           specific learning needs can get extra help.
ough’s second best performing school.                      Setting up the right mix of staff was only
    Head teacher Louis Desa – a former pupil          the first step in Mr Desa’s plan to rejuvenate
himself – has introduced a new ethos at the           the school.
school since arriving in 2001. This year saw               “I believe in a better learning environ-
the number of pupils getting five or more A*          ment and there is now a first class environ-
to C grades jump by 13 per cent. The previ-           ment here. It is spotless and there is no graf-
ous year there was a 12 per cent increase,            fiti around the school,” said Mr Desa. “The
meaning 76 per cent of pupils are getting five        rooms have all been painted and decorated.
or more good grades. In 2002 just 28 per              The children really accept that this is the
cent passed five or more good grades.                 way it is and they respect that. There is no
    “It’s not one thing – I look at it as like try-   damage done to the school building.”                    He has also changed pupils’ attitudes      there is the opinion that if you work hard you
ing to turn a tanker round,” said Mr Desa.                 Getting the children to feel part of the      saying: “We believe in positive behaviour and   are unique, here if you work hard you are
“When I arrived there were maths teachers             school family is also a key theme in the           attitudes in pupils. In some other schools                  Continued on page 8.
teaching science. So my first move was to             school’s success according to Mr Desa. He
get a team of specialist qualified teachers in.       changed the school’s uniform, because he
We have brought a team of teachers who are            wanted to change the school’s reputation –
dedicated and are prepared to go that extra           and uniform policy is enforced vigorously.

www.lambeth.gov.uk                                                                                                                                                      Lambeth Life • page 7
                                                                                                                                                15 September 2008 • Issue 55

Result! GCSEs hit all time high
          Continued from page 7.                  School GCSE Results – Percentage of pupils at the end of Key Stage 4 achieving 5+ A*-C grades.
highly regarded. There are high expectations      EM in chart means English and Maths.
of service to the school and service to the
    “At the end of the day children want to
learn and we say ‘why can’t we have a future
prime minister, why can’t we have the next
Ronaldo, why can’t we have the next
Rudolph Nureyev’?”
    Parents also play a big role in the school,
with regular contact with staff and plenty of
feedback on their children.
    “We work in partnership with parents,”
said Mr Desa. “At the beginning of every
school year we introduce the curriculum.
Every parent and child has to attend and we
set out what to expect in the coming year.
    “They get three cracking reports each
year so they know how their child is pro-
gressing. And parents know they can ring
and come in to see me if there is a problem.”
    And while this year’s GCSE results have
been something to celebrate from next year        Figures rounded to the nearest percentage point.
there could be even more good news.
    The school is set to add a sixth form,        THIS YEAR’S GCSE results have been              Nine of the borough’s ten secondary         ough. New schools are being built and older
meaning A-levels will soon be added to the        the best ever in Lambeth with 62 per        schools saw exam results improve this year –    schools are being refurbished as part of a
list of achievements at Bishop Thomas             cent of pupils getting five or more A* to   pushing the pass up rate by around six per-     £280 million borough-wide improvement
Grant School.                                     C grades.                                   cent. That improvement is more than twice       package.
                                                                                              the national average, which saw an increase         The recent opening of The Evelyn Grace
                                                                                              of just 2.4 per cent on last year’s figures.    Academy in Brixton will see 180 new
                                                                                                  The results are good news for the bor-      secondary school places available each
                                                                                              ough and mean it is now close to hitting the    year. The temporary site is the latest new
                                                                                              national average pass rate of 65.7 per cent.    school in the borough following the opening
                                                                                                  It is the 11th year running that results    of The Elmgreen School in Norwood last
                                                                                              have improved in the borough and Lambeth        year. Stockwell Park High School is also in
                                                                                              Council’s cabinet member for children and       the middle of an extensive revamp that will
                                                                                              Young People Paul McGlone said: “The            see it completely rebuilt by 2010.
                                                                                              results in Lambeth have been exceptional            As well as providing better accommoda-
                                                                                              this year. The improvement is well above the    tion for pupils and teachers the new schools
                                                                                              national standard.                              will also mean more children are able to go
                                                                                                  “We’d like to congratulate all the pupils   to school within Lambeth’s boundary. There
                                                                                              who have worked hard for the last two years.    has been a historic shortage of school
                                                                                              And the teachers and staff who have sup-        places and in 2005 just 40 per cent of
                                                                                              ported them also deserve a thank you. This      Lambeth pupils went to school in Lambeth.
                                                                                              really is good news for Lambeth and the         That figure is now 65 per cent.
                                                                                              futures of its young people who have done           Councillor McGlone said: “This pro-
                                                                                              so well.”                                       gramme of improving schools and making
                                                                                                  Moves are being already underway to         more school places available in Lambeth will
                                                                                              ensure that progress continues in the bor-      help to further improve standards.”

page 8 • Lambeth Life                                                                                                                                         www.lambeth.gov.uk
15 September 2008 • Issue 55

School volunteers reap rewards
                                                                                                    wanted to get involved in the reading pro-         children to get them to enjoy reading and
                                                                                                    gramme,” said Ruth.                                books.”
                                                                                                         Once a week Ruth will head to the                 The scheme is run by Tony Bell who says
                                                                                                    school and work with a handful of young-           more volunteers are always needed, adding:
                                                                                                    sters in individual sessions.                      “The challenge is worthwhile and the rewards
                                                                                                         She said: “I think the children really do     are real. With 60 primary and 13 secondary
                                                                                                    appreciate it. Some of them can read quite         schools in Lambeth, there’s plenty of room for
                                                                                                    well, but it is not just about their reading.      more volunteers.”
                                                                                                         “They like the fact that we come together         For more information about volunteering
                                                                                                    and spend time together. We joke around a          in a school call Tony Bell on 020 7652 4276
                                                                                                    bit. A big part of it is trying to stimulate the   or email: tonybell-rsvp@ntlworld.com

                                                                                                    Youths go free on
                                                                                                    London transport scheme
                                                                                                    LAMBETH YOUNGSTERS are being                       free travel will get half-price discounts on the
                                                                                                    encouraged to apply for free bus and               adult rate with a Zip card. Young people must
                                                                                                    tram passes for the new school year.               sign Transport for London’s behaviour code
                                                                     Bookworm Ruth Garnett.             The Zip Oyster photo card provides free        when collecting their passes meaning they
                                                                                                    travel for 11 to 15-year-olds and eligible 16-     risk losing their card if they break the rules.
THIS YEAR has been the National                       “And all the children know me too, not just   18-year-olds, saving families over £300 a               London mayor Boris Johnson said “One
Year of Reading and one group of vol-             the ones I teach. I’ll often be walking around    year.                                              of the aims of the Zip scheme was to
unteers have been making the most                 in the area and I hear a bright cheery voice          The scheme also gives 11-15-year-olds          improve the level of behaviour on the capi-
of it.                                            calling out to me. The children will come up to   child rate transport on the tube, overground       tal’s buses and I have been pleased that this
     The Retired and Senior Volunteer             me and tell me all about the things they have     and DLR, meaning journeys anywhere in zone         is now happening, which is good news for
Programme (RSVP) finds volunteer place-           been up to since I last saw them.                 one to six will cost no more than £1 per day.      every passenger.” Application forms can be
ments for older people and more than two              “It’s very rewarding and enjoyable, and is        Even those over 16 who are not eligible for    found at the Post Office.
dozen are working in schools across the           something I would highly recommend.”
borough. The Lambeth Schools Programme                Ruth, aged 69, joined up with RSVP
brings young and old together to boost            around three years ago and has been help-
literacy.                                         ing out at Julian’s Primary School in
     Older people give up their time to take      Streatham ever since.
one-to-one reading sessions with children             “After I retired I thought I can’t just
who are struggling with their literacy levels.    spend the rest of my life sitting around wait-
     Ruth Garnett, of Streatham Common, is        ing to die. So I looked into the volunteering
one of the programme’s volunteers and says        work and I saw something in a magazine
it is well worth getting involved.                about RSVP and wrote off to apply. I have
     “The school I go to is absolutely great –    always done volunteering, even when I was
everyone knows my name. The teachers are          working.
accommodating and welcome me in as part               “My sister always remembers me with
of the school.                                    my head in a book. I suppose that is why I

                                                                 Achieve Higher
                                                                 Grades at KS3:
                                                                 AS & A-Level
                                                                 – Guaranteed!
     With 95% success rate, we can help your son or
     daughter achieve top grades in Key subjects and
            better prospects for the Future.
  Saturday School and Easter Revision Classes
  for English, Mathematics & Science subjects.
   OPEN DAYS: 1. Greenwich University, Queen Anne Court,
 Old Royal Navy College London SE10, Saturday 20th September
                          (10am to 2pm).
      2. City University, Northampton Square, London EC1,
             Saturday 13th September (10am to 2pm).
   For more details and a prospectus CALL: 08453 316 146 or
   01403 230 707 (land line). VISIT: www.excelinscience.com or
               EMAIL: info@excelinscience.com

www.lambeth.gov.uk                                                                                                                                                     Lambeth Life • page 9
                                                                                                                                      15 September 2008 • Issue 55

            Would this uniform fit you?                                          Back to school for mums and dads
                                                                                 LAMBETH parents
 • Are you a fit, friendly person with bags of                                   have been going
   common sense?                                                                 back to school to
 • Do you enjoy being in the open air, whatever                                  learn how they can
   the weather?                                                                  help their children
 • Would you like a job that makes a                                             with maths.
  contribution to the safety of your local                                           Special sessions
  community?                                                                     for parents and chil-
                                                                                 dren have been held at
 If you are between 18 and 80 years of age and can answer “yes” to these three   Lambeth Town Hall to
 questions, you could be the person we are looking for!                          give parents an idea
 We have vacancies for school crossing patrol officers throughout                about how maths is
 the borough and would love to hear from you!                                    taught in schools.
                                                                                 Nikki Aduba, who has
 Call 020 7926 0333
                                                                                 been     running     the
 or email lcrawford@lambeth.gov.uk for more information.
                                                                                 course, said: “Parental
                                                                                 involvement is absolutely key to a child’s        maths I learnt as a child. I think it will be
                                                                                 success. Parents instinctively know how to        much easier to help her now. Some times it
                                                                                 support their children when it comes to read-     had been quite stressful.”
                                                                                 ing and writing, but they are not so sure with
                                                                                 maths.”                                           Cheap PCs available
                                                                                                                                   for students to use
                                                                                     Part of the problem is that the way maths
                                                                                 is taught in primary schools has changed,
                                                                                 and parents often struggle to get to grips        PUPILS going back to school this month are
                                                                                 with the unfamiliar methods. The main aim of      being offered cheap, refurbished computers
                                                                                 the sessions was to give parents a better         from a Lambeth-based charity.
                                                                                 understanding, so they would feel comfort-            Streatham’s Community Technology
                                                                                 able helping their children. And more are         refurbishes old PCs and then sells them on.
                                                                                 planned for schools in the future.                The charity started out by helping needy peo-
                                                                                     Rosa Silveira and her nine-year-old           ple get computers, but has grown into an
                                                                                 daughter Sophie came to one of the ses-           environmental project to extend the lives of
                                                                                 sions and both said it had helped.                good quality PCs.
                                                                                     Rosa sad: “I have been finding it difficult       Anyone interested in buying a PC should
                                                                                 to teach maths to my daughter. The maths          call 0208 671 5555 or email info@community
                                                                                 she has been learning is not the same as the      technology.org.uk

page 10 • Lambeth Life                                                                                                                             www.lambeth.gov.uk
15 September 2008 • Issue 55

  Around 45 million people a week listen to the radio in the UK.

Young entrepreneur flies high on the airwaves
A 23-YEAR-OLD entrepreneur from                      Andrea Photiou created Playvybz in July         preneur decided to expand the studio into an        The station plays music from reggae to
Brixton is celebrating the first anniv-           2007, an internet based station, aimed at          academy, specialising in DJing, radio jour-     indie and broadcasts speech programmes
ersary of her radio enterprise.                   young people. Frustrated with the radio            nalism and personal development.                discussing topics from spirituality to life
                                                        industry, Andrea wanted to prove she             “We offer a range of different courses      improvement. Interviewees have included
                                                        could create a station as good as the        and they mainly attract people from 14-19       singer Estelle and Rachel Elnaugh from
                                                        established brands so persuaded her          years old but sometimes you might get a         BBC’s Dragons Den.
                                                        friends to help her.                         40-year-old who just wants to learn new             It achieves its funding by gaining spon-
                                                            She said: “I had a good team             skills.”                                        sorship from organisations that need music
                                                        behind me and wanted to make a sta-              The on-site courses are taught by the       played for their events, such as the Soho Film
                                                        tion that didn’t compromise on quality.      Playbyvz Family, which consists of 31 DJs       Festival.
                                                            “My friends all had different exper-     and hosts and eight volunteers, and can last        Andrea is determined to be a success
                                                        tise in core principles, such as techni-     from one day to six weeks.                      and hopes to move to larger premises in the
                                                        cal mixing and voice projection so I             The Academy provides training to youth      future so more can join the Academy.
                                                        was confident it would work.”                and community organisations and recently            “My ultimate aim is make Playvybz the
                                                            Andrea had only worked in media          went into Winchmore school, Enfield, to         number one choice for radio and to visit at
                                                        sales so had no radio experience but         offer year nine students a taster course.       least one London school a month.”
                                                        hired a studio and advertised on net-            Andrea hosts two shows a week, work-            Listen to the Playvybz family at
                                                        working websites like MySpace and            ing 12 hours every day but admits she has a     www.playvybz.com
                                                        Facebook.                                    need to create and
                                                            Once the station, based in Effra
                                                        Road, was up and running the entre-
                                                                                                     loves to interact
                                                                                                     with people.
                                                                                                                                                TOM O’CONNOR
  Unravelling Waterloo’s                                                                                                       The Estate of Denis O’Connor, deceased, late
                                                                                                                               of Tominearly, Clonroche, Enniscorthy, Co.
  underground walkways                                                                                                         Wexford, Ireland.
                                                                                                                               If anyone knows the whereabouts of the
                                                                                                                               deceased’s first cousin TOM O’CONNOR,
                                                                                                                               last known of St Charles Square, Notting Hill,
                                                                                                                               London and who was employed by the
                                                                                                                               Kempton Court Hotel, Kensington High Street,
                                                                                                                               London and also by Lambeth County Council
                                                                                                                               please reply to:

                                                                                                                                 A2Z Furniture
                                                                                                                               Peter G. Crean & Co.,
                                                                                                                               Solicitors, Mill Wood, Carrigduff, Bunclody,
                                                                                                                               Co. Wexford, Ireland, 00353 53 93 77938.

FOUR design teams have been shortlisted to                     of interest. We are confident that each of the four finalists
provide schemes to transform an area of                        will develop ideas which will challenge our perceptions of

                                                                                                                                                    DISCOUNT FURNITURE & LIGHTING STORE
Waterloo that has been labelled complex and                    the site and excite and inspire local communities, com-

                                                                                                                                               Dress Mirror when you mention this
confusing.                                                     muters and Londoners as well as the international audi-

                                                                                                                                   FREE        advertisement, spending £90 or more.
    The area surrounding the BFI Imax is a warren of sub-      ences who know and visit the South Bank.”

                                                                                                                                            Special offers on most items.
ways, which can leave pedestrians trying to get across                There will be a public exhibition where the designers
Waterloo Road feeling a little lost. However plans for a will reveal their plans and take questions. Anyone wishing
new public square in the area should improve things for to attend should register at www.waterloocitysquare.info
both pedestrians and drivers. The shortlist is
the final stage in a competition that was
launched in 2007 to redesign the area.             Edison: Changing White Van Man
    The South Bank Employers’ Group is             to Green Van Man
                                                                                                                                       •Special Rates for Landlords•
responsible for delivering the project and its                                          • FREE ROAD TAX
Chief Executive, Ted Inman, said: “This pro-                                            • FUEL COSTS @ £0.04 per mile

                                                                                                                                        •Beds from £55 •Wardrobes from £70
                                                                                        • NO CONGESTION CHARGE

                                                                                                                                   •Mirrors from £7 •Dining Table & Chairs from £90
ject is crucial in terms of linking the riverside
                                                                                        • NO CARBON EMISSIONS

                                                                                                                                     •Bunk Beds from £100 •Coffee Tables from £40
area, which is largely regenerated, with the
                                                                                        • LOW MAINTENANCE

                                                                                                                               •FREE LOCAL DELIVERY (2-mile radius) •Light Removal Service
rest of Waterloo and Blackfriars which is still

                                                                                                                                      020 8677 5677                   07772 817 527
                                                                                        • PLUG IN AND GO • USP VALUES
in need of major investment and public realm
                                                                                        • PANEL VAN • CHASSIS CAB • MINIBUS

                                                                                                                               Tel:                            Mob:

                                                                                                                                             Email: info@a2z-furniture.co.uk
                                                  Smith Electrical Vehicles
    Peter Bishop, chair of the judging panel,

                                                                                                                                         15-17 Streatham High Road SW16 1DZ
                                                  Vigo Centre • Birtley Road • Washington
said: “The plan to create Waterloo City           Tyne & Wear NE38 9DA UK

                                                                                                                               Open Mon-Sat 9-6.30pm, Thurs till 8pm, Sun 11-5.30pm
                                                  t +44 (0) 845 1557 755 • f +44 (0) 845 1557 756
Square is exciting and ambitious. The open        e enquiries@smithelectricvehicles.com
competition attracted an extremely high level     w www.smitheectricalvehicles.com

www.lambeth.gov.uk                                                                                                                                                 Lambeth Life • page 11
                                                                                                                                                   15 September 2008 • Issue 55

  What’s happening in September.

                                                                                                                                                20 September, 7-11pm
 Lambeth Peace Month programme of events (continued from last issue)                                                                            Def Comedy Jam
                                                                                                                                                The show that launched comedy superstars
 17-30 September. For a full list of events go to www.lambeth.gov.uk/peaceonthestreets                                                          comes to Brixton featuring Patrice O'Neal,
 17, 24 & 26 September, 10am-12pm              22 September, 6.30 to 8pm                       27 September, 11am-4pm                           Capone, Tony Roberts, Dominique and DJ
 Visit to Camberwell Green                     Faith in the community                          Raw Academy stop the                             Capri. Over 18s. £34.50.
 Magistrates Court                             Discussion. Lambeth Town Hall, Room 8,          violence campaign                                Brixton Academy, Stockwell Street, SW9.
 To attend call 020 7926 2681.                 Lambeth Town Hall, SW2.                         Four short films to inspire young people.
 15 D’Eynsford Road, Camberwell, SE5.                                                          Young talent is wanted. For information          21 September, 3.30pm
                                               23 September, 10.30-12pm                                                                         Big Road
 17 September, 1-4.30pm                                                                        contact: Tim or Jedda: 020 7737 6103 or
                                               Tai chi class                                                                                    A performance by classic rock band Big
 Streatham South Safer                                                                         email dean@raw-material.org.
                                               Stockwell Community Resource Centre,                                                             Road. Free. www.claphamcommon.org
 Neighbourhood Team community day                                                              Raw Material, 2 Robsart Street, SW9.
                                               Studley Road, SW4.                                                                               Clapham Common Bandstand, SW4.
 The Rookery, Streatham Common, SW16.                                                          29 September, 6pm-8pm
                                               23 September
 17 September, 7.30-8.30pm                                                                     West Indian Ex-Servicemen’s
                                               Domestic Violence Forum
 Crimestoppers workshop                                                                        Association with 100 Black Men
                                               networking day
 Call Christine Turay: 079 4925 7769.                                                          Interactive black history evening.
                                               For bookings call 020 7733 8724 for
 Marcus Lipton Youth Centre, Minet Road,                                                       West Indian Ex-Servicemen’s Association,
                                               further details.
 Brixton, SW9.                                                                                 161-167 Clapham Manor Street, SW4.
                                               23 September, 6.30pm                            30 September, 7.15-8.45pm
 17 September, 6pm                             Brixton Dominoes Social                         Peace Month Youth Awards
 SE1 United youth conference                   Share family experiences of Afro-Caribbean      Recognition of youth led organisations
 For information email                         life. Stockwell Brixton Dominoes Social Club,   and young people in Lambeth.
 Jacob@se1united.org.uk                        299 Coldharbour Lane, SW9.                      Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town
 Living Space, 1 Coral Street, SE1.
                                               23 September, 7.30-8.30pm                       Hall, SW2.                                       26 September, 8pm-4am
 18 September, 6pm                             Crimestoppers workshop                                                                           Alabama 3
 Streatham South Safer                         Contact: Christine Turay: 079 4925 7769.                                                         The ‘bama boys are back again. They’ve
 Neighbourhood Team                                                                            MUSIC & PERFORMANCE                              been returning to their familiar stomping
                                               Pyramid Youth Centre, 5 Willington Road, SW9.
 community day                                                                                 13 September, 1pm-6pm                            ground for a while now, hosting their own
 Sainsbury’s Superstore, Streatham High        23 September, 10am-2pm                                                                           highly-debauched monthly knees-up at
                                                                                               Busking for Cancer
 Road, SW16.                                   Safer Lambeth in Brixton Market                                                                  Jamm. After a scorching summer season on
                                                                                               A series of acts will perform at the
                                               Visit the Safer Lambeth stall in Brixton                                                         the road, the band will be gracing the stage
 18 & 25 September, 10am-3pm                                                                   bandstand/open air theatre. The event is
                                               Market. Brixton Station Road, SW9.              free, but there will be collection buckets for   both with acoustic sets and electro sets
 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans                                                                                                                  that they have been dropping at the
                                               24 September, 6pm                               donations on the day.
 (LGBT) bluetooth workshops
                                               Generation Radio and Aculco Radio               Brockwell Park, SE24.
 Live Magazine, Piano House, Unit 9,

 Brighton Terrace, SW9.                        present Radio Factor                            17 September, 7pm

                                                                                               Aruba Red
 19 September, 5-8pm                                                                           To celebrate the launch of her highly
 Bling your bike                                                                               anticipated debut album, the evening
 Upper Norwood – venue to be confirmed.        24 September, 6.30pm
                                                                                               features an intimate live performance as
                                               Street Pastors and School Pastors
 20 September, 11am-4pm                                                                        well as headline DJs, a live samba band
 Raw Academy                                                                                   and collaborations with guests featured on
                                               Montgomery Hall, 58 Kennington Oval, SE11.      the album. Free.
 stop the violence campaign
                                               25 September, 10.30am-12pm                      www.southbankcentre.co.uk
 For information contact: Tim or Jedda on
                                               Tai Chi class                                   St. Paul’s Pavilion, Southbank Centre, SE1.
 020 7737 6103 Raw Material, 2 Robsart
 Street, SW9.                                  YMCA, 40 Stockwell Road, Stockwell, SW9.        20 September, 8pm-4am
                                               25, 26 & 30 September                           Happy Mondays DJ set
 20 September, 1-4pm
                                               Synergy Theatre Project – Crime                 Paul Ryder, founding member of the
 Open Air Gospel Concert
                                               Prevention Workshops                            Madchester band Happy Mondays,
 Tate Gardens, Brixton Library, SW2.                                                           instrumental co-creator of the sound that        festivals this year. Known for their
                                               Crime prevention workshops in local                                                              innovative fusion of styles, lyrics full of
 21 September, 12-5pm                                                                          changed the face of a generation, iconic
                                               schools.                                                                                         ironic intent, their deliberately humorous
 Streets Ahead – street party                                                                  bassist and co-writer of eight top ten hit
                                               25 September                                    singles and four top ten albums will be          personas and outrageous live performances
 Urban art and discussion. Isabel Street and
                                               No Colours                                      joined by a hand picked line up of bands         they’re always welcome. £8.
 Morat Street, Stockwell, SW9.                                                                                                                  www.brixtonjamm.org
                                               A ground up initiative with an approach         and the second room playing classics from
 21 September, 6-10pm                                                                          the Hacienda days, Jamm jumps back 20            Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, SW9.
                                               created by local youths. For information
 UK Unsigned                                                                                   years to the glory days of the North. £8.
                                               contact Mitchell Jacobs: 020 7274 8888.
 Talent showcase for young performers and                                                      www.brixtonjamm.org                              26 September, 1pm
 discussion. Old Library Centre, 14-16         25 September, 6.30pm                            Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, SW9.             The Taoist Music Orchestra
 Knights Hill, SE27.                           The Prodigals – film screening                                                                   A first opportunity in the UK to hear this
                                               Email: info@theprodigals.co.uk.                 20 September, 8pm                                extraordinary ensemble, who present an
 22 September, 6-7pm                                                                           Dub Pistols
                                               Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Oval, SW2.                                                                 intact Taoist musical tradition, dating back
 Fats Fitness – getting our                                                                    Premier big beat band make their way to          2,000 years. Free.
 kids fit for life                             25 September, 7pm onwards                       South London for a great night of music.
 For information                               Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans                   www.hootenannybrixton.co.uk
                                                                                                                                                Foyer Bar-Level 2, Southbank Centre, SE1.
 serena@fatsfitness.co.uk.                     (LGBT) Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High            Hootenanny, 95 Effra Road, SW2.
 Community Centre, 110 Union Road, West        Street, SW4.                                                                                     28 September, 7-11pm
 Stockwell, SW8.                              27 September, 11am-3pm                                                                            Guava Jelly
 22 & 29 September, 7.15-8.45pm               Portuguese surgery                                                                                Side splitting comedy comes to Brixton in
 Yoga for everyone                            LGBT community to meet representatives                                                            the shape of Patrick Brown's Guava Jelly -
 Optional silent pre-yoga meditation at       from the Metropolitan Police. Stockwell                                                           a story of a zany love triangle featuring
 6.30pm, St Peter’s Centre for Meditation and Community Resource Centre,                                                                        Oliver Samuels, Audrey Reid and Volier
 Peace, 308 Kennington Lane, SE11.            Studley Road, SW4.                                                                                Mafee Johnson. Over 18s. £25.
                                                                                                                                                Brixton Academy, Stockwell Street, SW9.
page 12 • Lambeth Life                                                                                                                                           www.lambeth.gov.uk
15 September 2008 • Issue 55

                                                                    If you have an event for listings send it to rgibbons@lambeth.gov.uk

EVENTS                                            ARTS & THEATRE                                   FILM

14 September                                      13, 21, 22, 23 & 28 September                    26-28 September
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home                        Brixton Street Theatre                           The Best of the British
Annual Reunion                                                                                     Silent Film Festival
Hundreds of ex-Battersea dogs will be                                                              The British Silent Film Festival was founded
brought together for a celebration of all                                                          in 1998 by a group who were concerned
things Battersea. Doggie fancy dress                                                               about the world shortage of interest in
competitions, scurry runs and temptation                                                           British silent film. The purpose is to screen                          Battle of the Somme.
alley. www.dogshome.org.                                                                           as much British silent film as possible, to
Battersea Park SW8.                                                                                expand our appreciation of this little-known
                                                                                                   area of our film history.
17 September. 7.30pm
Secret Underground London                                                                          The Battle of the Somme
A talk on the numerous tunnels and                                                                 27 Sept 6.45pm at NFT1.
underground workings, including the deep          Local street theatre company, the Bureau of      The First Born
shelters under Clapham. Free.                     Silly Ideas, are performing a series of          28 Sept 8.40pm at NFT2.
Clapham Manor Primary School, SW11.               sketches on the theme of the Brixton             The Lure of Crooning Water
                                                  roadworks to brighten up your day.               27 Sept 8.40 at NFT2.
18 September, 10am-12pm                           Part of a Brixton neighbourhood initative.       The Olympic Games on Film 1900-1924
Thursday Pop In!                                  Culminates in a finale on 28 September, at                                                                                     The First Born.
Fed up, lonely, new to Clapham? Pop in for                                                         26 Sept 8.20 at NFT2.
                                                  1pm and 4pm.
chat, tea, coffee and homemade cakes.                                                              Triumph of the Rat
                                                  Coldharbour Lane, SW2; Tate Library
Everyone welcome. Free.                           Gardens SW2 & Tunstall Road SW9.                 28 Sept 8.20 at NFT2.
St Peter’s Hall, Clapham Manor Street                                                              True Crime on Film
Entrance, SW11.                                   15-28 September                                  28 Sept 4.00 at NFT2.
                                                  Art Bought Online
                                                                                                   The Ware Case
20-21 September                                   A range of images and objects have been
Open House London                                                                                  26 Sept 8.40 at NFT2.
                                                  selected by Hayward Curatorial Associate
Opening Eyes, Minds and Doors; Open               Tom Morton and purchased from the                When All Films Were Short
House London, the Capital’s largest               auction site eBay.co.uk. Free.                   27 Sept 4.00 at NFT2.
architectural showcase will once again            www.southbankcentre.co.uk                        Lucky-dip programme of shorts favourites.
reveal the fabric of London in all its                                                                                                                              When All Films Were Short.
                                                  The Hayward Project Space, Southbank             www.bfi.org.uk BFI, Southbank, SE1.
                                                  Centre, SE1.
                                                  19-21 September, 11am-7pm
                                                  The best of emerging talent from Scottish
                                                                                                          WIN... WIN... WIN... WIN... WIN...
                                                                                                             A Pair
                                                  art and design colleges. Free. 020 7021
                                                  1686, the.gallery@oxo
                                                  Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street,

                                                                                                             of Ladies
                                                  Southbank, SE1.
                                                  23-30 September onwards, 7.30pm
                                                  Alvaro's Balcony

                                                                                                              Giorgio Armani
                                                  Set in 1928, the world is enthralled by
                                                  Constance Nielsen, an American debutante
                                                  who marries into one of Europe’s ancient
diversity: opening eyes and minds to the
                                                  Royal Families, and in doing so single-
architectural gems, contemporary design

                                                  handedly puts the tiny Alpine principality of
and areas of urban change that define the
                                                  Centoluci on the map. £15 plus conc. Tel.
city today. Free. www.openhouse.org.uk
                                                  020 7737 7276 www.landortheatre.co.uk
Various venues across London.
                                                  Landor Theatre, 70 Landor Road, SW9.
20 September, 12-6pm                              Southbank, SE1.                                                                                    With Case and Cloth.
Stockwell                                         27 September, 10am-5pm
Festival                                          Conversations with the Past
                                                                                                           All you have to do is answer this simple question.
The famous pine-
apple carnival parade
                                                  A drop in session to discover her life and           Q: How much is an eye test when purchasing glasses from
                                                  legacy with writer Rommi Smith. Write a
returns to celebrate                              magazine article, song or poem about life in
                                                                                                               Tulse Hill Vision and Contact Lens Centre?
Stockwell’s botanical                             2008. £5.80 plus conc. Phone 20 7620              Send you answer to: Penny, Lambeth Life, Rm 21 Ground Floor, Lambeth Town
history. Join musical                             0374 www.florence-nightingale.co.uk
groups and local
                                                                                                    Hall, Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RW. Don’t forget to include your name, address
                                                  Florence Nightingale Museum, Lambeth
schools in the                                                                                      and telephone number. Competition closes Thursday 25 September 2008.
                                                  Palace Museum, SE1.
procession route,
designed for every-                               30 September onwards, 7.45pm
                                                  Yours Abundantly, From Zimbabwe
                                                                                                              Get a   FREE eye test when purchasing glasses
one and strut,
swagger and stride                                For the last eight years, foreign journalists
                                                                                                                                  from Tulse Hill Vision.
to Larkhall Park.
Larkhall Park, Stockwell, SW8.
                                                  have been banned from Zimbabwe. During
                                                  this time orphaned Zimbabwean children
                                                                                                          Buy one get one         FREE on all £59 and above frames.
                                                  have written to the playwright Gillian                                    Telephone Tulse Hill Vision on
26 September                                      Plowman. Inspired by these funny, quirky,
Comedy Night
Mark Thomas, comedian, presenter,
political activist, and author, originally from
                                                  joyful, sad and often poetic letters, the play
                                                  tells the story of Nell, a white British woman
                                                  who, on holiday in Zimbabwe meets a
                                                                                                                 020 8671 7796
                                                                                                        They are based at 200 Norwood Road, Tulse Hill, London, SE27 9AU.
south London, will take to the stage along        young orphan boy named Enoch. £12 plus                                      www.tulsehilleyes.co.uk
with other comic stars.                           conc. 020 7582 7680 www.ovalhouse.co.uk
                                                                                                      *Picture for illustration only. No cash or sunglass alternatives. Value of glasses £190.
Lambeth Academy, Elms Road, SW4.                  Oval House Theatre, Kennington Oval, SE11.
www.lambeth.gov.uk                                                                                                                                                Lambeth Life • page 13
15 September 2008 • Issue 55

 Letters & Puzzles

  What makes your day or drives                   Dear Lambeth life,                                    Staples (1929-34); D. Steel (1930-5); A. J. D.
                                                                                                        Teece (1934-40); J. R. Turner (1925-32); J. H.
                                                                                                                                                            parking regulations, but it seems that this
                                                                                                                                                            claim is meaningless.
  you mad about living here?                      I am trying to trace any living relatives of 54       Weaver (1924-9); R. W. Webb (1931-6); H.            Brian Rosen, SE21.
                                                  former pupils of Henry Thornton School,               Welfare (1917-23); G. A. Wilde (1931-7); J. E.
  Write and tell us at: Lambeth                   South Side, Clapham, who were at the                                                                           Although the council has stopped
                                                                                                        T. Wilkinson (1934-8); E. C. K. Wilson (1935-
  Life, Town Hall, Brixton Hill,                  school (or, before 1929, the predecessor                                                                    clamping, cars can still be towed away
                                                                                                        43); R. Wiltshire (1930-5); R. Wright-Laurence
  London SW2 1RW.                                 Battersea County School) in the 1920s and             (1931-6); L. R. Wright (1934-9).
                                                                                                                                                              to maintain road safety and keep traffic
                                                  1930s.                                                                                                      moving. We appreciate that having your
  or email:                                                                                                 Thanks to the generosity of association
                                                      All lost their lives during the Second                                                                  car towed away is a big inconvenience
  lambethlife@lambeth.gov.uk                                                                            members and other ex-pupils a replacement
                                                                                                                                                              and costly. We are always reviewing our
                                                  World War and are commemorated on a                   plaque has been commissioned and will be
                                                  plaque originally erected at the school in the                                                              parking enforcement operations and
                                                                                                        displayed the new sixth form centre of
Dear Lambeth life,                                1950s. Henry Thornton School closed in                Lambeth College in the academic year 2009/10.
                                                                                                                                                              that includes looking at when we tow
                                                                                                                                                              cars away. Charges for recovering cars
What has made my day is the new cus-              1987, and it’s believed the plaque was, sadly,            If you can help in any way with this
tomer service orientated approach of              lost at about this time; despite exhaustive                                                                 that have been towed away are set for
                                                                                                        appeal, for information please contact me on
Lambeth traffic wardens.                          enquiries in recent years no trace has been                                                                 the whole of London and not by
                                                                                                        01494 762838; by email ted.hayward@bt
    This will make such a big difference to       found.                                                internet.com; or by letter.
                                                                                                                                                              Tim Jackson,
our daily lives here in the borough when even         Their names and years are: T. J. Adamson          E. A. Hayward Secretary,
                                                                                                                                                              Division Director of Public Realm.
the most careful drivers previously got           (1924-6); P. S. Allcoat (1931-8); R. J. Allen         Old Thorntonians Association
caught out by ruthless clampers, who wast-        (1923-30); R. G. Ballantine (1935-8); K. O.           (Clapham), SW16.
ed no time in clamping even the most con-         Bate (1931-6); A. E. Belasco (1921-6); L. A.                                                              Dear Lambeth life,
scientious during school runs, and for honest     Birch (1918-25); D. S. Campbell (1932-6); J.          Dear Lambeth life,                                  I think all drug dealers should be named
mistakes as a result of poor signage and          C. Cole (1926-31); A. L. F. Collingwood (1930-        I would like to support Hilary Friend's             and shamed (Drug offenders warned,
vandalised meters.                                4); G. C. Foers (1927-32); E. H. Garrod (1931-        letter in Lambeth Life (15 August).                 issue 51).
    However what drives me mad about liv-         6); J. V. Gibbs (1933-6); R. Godfrey (1935-41);            While her main concern was about                    Things start with drugs then guns then a
ing in Lambeth is the fact that I can’t catch a   P. Godsmark (1933-9); J. Gray (1931-7); E. J.         problems for blue badge holders, she also           family loss. Shame the dealers, tell their fam-
bus from Brixton centre without having to         Green (1918-20); N. W. Greer (1930-6); C. E.          highlighted the savage fining policy in this        ilies now and stop drug crime now.
wait amongst the many and highly visible          Grey (1934-9); H. D. Handley (1935-9); W. G.          borough.                                            R. Wallace,
drug dealers who line up outside KFC on the       Hardcastle (1931-6); W. C. F. Harris (1932-7); I.          My son's girlfriend recently parked in the     Herne Hill, SE24.
Brixton High Road every night after 10pm. If      H. Hazard (1931-8); S. R. Hellings (1918-21);         wrong place without realising it, and returned
I can see them so blatently hassling mem-         F. C. Higgins (1926-31); D. H. Higgs (1934-6);        to find her car had gone. She had assumed it        Dear Lambeth life,
bers of the public then why on earth can’t the    R. Highman (1927-34); S. W. Holmes (1930-5);          had been stolen, but luckily someone saw her        I am very aware of knife crime in South
police? Fair enough if they are simply turning    D. G. Jackson (1922-9); A. D. C. Jamieson             car being towed away, otherwise she would           London. I am a mother of three girls and
a blind eye to local dealers in order to pursue   (1932-9); D. O. Lane (1932-9); G. E. Lewis            have wasted even more time trying to trace it.      enough is enough.
the bigger fish but that doesn’t help us resi-    (1932-5); V. B. Lloyd-Smith (1929-34); S. W.               Even so, by the time she reached the car           I don’t want to worry about them when
dents who cannot wait for a number 59 bus         Martin (1920-8); C. J. E. Moody (1931-6); E.          pound to reclaim her car, the fine had already      they go out. We need it to change and we
safely.                                           M. Norrie (1930-7); R. H. Paton (1935-9); L. B.       increased from £200 to over £300. Your              need more youth clubs and more local police
Justine Spencer                                   Russell (1931-6); A. F. C. Saunders (1932-8); B       paper has claimed that Lambeth have adop-           so that we are safe to go out.
SW16.                                             W Smith (1934-9); V. J. Smith (1932-9); D. C.         ted a softer approach to people who break           Maria Velel, SE5.

                                                                                                  The Lambeth crossword
                                                                                                  Solve the crossword, then re-arrange the twelve letters in yellow squares to form a
                                                                                                  Lambeth hospital.

                                                                                                  7. See 12 Across; 8. See 4 Down; 10. Wide, level area of high land (7); 11. Seven-point
                                                                                                  ball in snooker (5); 12. And 20 Down, 7 Across. This event will involve 19 Lambeth
                                                                                                  venues being opened to the public on 21 September (4,5,6); 14. 13. mall, biting, two-
                                                                                                  winged flies (5); 18. Unidentified Flying Objects (4); 22. Circular coral reef surrounding a
                                                                                                  lagoon (5); 23. Proof of purchase (7); 24. National flag displayed on ships (6); 25.
                                                                                                  Country bordering the USA (6).

                                                                                                  1. Eric, the guitarist known as 'Slowhand' (7); 2. Prisoners (7); 3. Indiana, the film hero
                                                                                                  played by Harrison Ford (5); 4. And 8 Across. One of the historic buildings involved in
                                                                                                  4 Down (7,6); 5. Swimming events (5); 6. This TV series was about women held in a
                                                                                                  Japanese prisoner-of-war camp (5); 9. Oval-based charity FAST recycles unwanted
                                                                                                  ________ (9); 14. Branch of biology that deals with animals and animal life (7);
                                                                                                  15.       Four design teams are competing to transform the area around this Lambeth
                                                                                                  attraction (3,4); 16. It holds cigarette butts (7); 19. Jesse, the notorious American
                                                                                                  outlaw (5); 20. See 12 Across; 21. Small piece of paper (5).

                                                                                                      Last issue’s crossword solution
                                                                                                      Across: 6. Approve 7. Avril 9. Islam 10. Collins 12. Telephonist 14. Distinction 18. Jamyang
                                                                                                      19. Sword 21. Peron 22. Embrace.
                                                                                                      Down: 1. Spasm 2. Create 3. Eva 4. Evelyn 5. Pianist 8. Not Hate 11. Tennant 13. Citadel
                                                                                                      15. Taylor 16. Onward 17. Grace 20. Imp.
                                                                                                      Lambeth Area – Waterloo.

page 14 • Lambeth Life                                                                                                                                                         www.lambeth.gov.uk
15 September 2008 • Issue 55

   In March of this year 7,655 patients were waiting for a transplant.

                                                                                                     Family reunion beckons for Olympic
                                                                                                     champ and his Brixton cousin
                                                                                                     JUST over a year ago the name Usain               Erica, who put money on Bolt to win after
                                                                                                     Bolt did not mean anything to most            a personal recommendation from his mum
                                                                                                     people – including his own cousin             Jennifer, said: “We are all really proud of him.”
                                                                                                     Erica Myers-Davis.                                And she is hoping to catch up with her
                                                                                                         She only discovered Bolt was her cousin   superstar cousin this month when he too will
                                                                                                     on a trip to Jamaica earlier this year, and   be in London for a stop-over before heading
                                                                                                     even then he was still relatively unknown.    home to Jamaica.
                                                                                                     Now the Jamaican sprinter could arguably
                                                                                                     be described as the most famous man on
                                                                                                     the planet after winning three gold medals
                                                                                                     and smashing three world records at the
                                                                                                     Beijing Olympics.
                                                                                                         Erica, who works in Brixton, said: “I
                                                                                                     only discovered he was a cousin this
                                                                                                     year. I was in Jamaica and another
                                                                                                     cousin got in touch and told me about
                                                                                                     him. At first I was like – ‘Usain who?
                                                                                                     That’s a funny name’. But then I learnt

  A winning team
                                                                                                     he was a World Champion at 15.”
                                                                                                         And after following Bolt’s success
                                                                                                     in China Erica played host to a family
                                                                                                     get together as his parents headed
 IT IS not just Britain’s athletes in              great getting to know everyone else.”             home to Jamaica with had a stop-          Proud mum Jennifer Bolt and Erica Myers-Davis.
 Beijing that have been picking up                     This year Simon won two golds and a           over in the UK.
 medals in recent weeks.                           bronze, and triple transplant patient Horace,
      Transplant patients from Lambeth’s           41, picked up two silvers in the long jump
 King’s College hospital have also had plenty      and the 4x100 metres.
 to cheer about at this year’s 31st Transplant         “I had my first transplant in January
 Games held at Sheffield.                          1992 and suffered what is known as an
      The King’s team managed to eclipse           acute rejection. I then had my second
 Team GB by topping the medals table.              transplant very quickly – in July of the
      Simon Randerson and Horace Hibbert           same year. That lasted for around 16 years
 (pictured), both liver transplant recipients      and I had my latest transplant on 2007,”
 from Lambeth, were at the games to help           said Horace. “I had competed in the
 secure overall victory for the team. But both     games from 1995 to 2002 but was not well
 insist that this is one event where the taking    enough to compete for last few years.
 part really is more important than the winning.       “It’s one of the most uplifting, satisfying
      Simon, 51, who needed his liver trans-       places to be. There are hundreds of people
 plant in 2002 after being struck down with a      in the same boat as you. At the end of the
 viral infection, said: “Being told I needed a     day none of us would be there without
 transplant was incredibly frightening and I       donors and that is the main point of the
 was completely going into the unknown. I          games.”
 had no experience of transplant and I didn’t          Simon added: “The main reason for
 know what to expect.                              everyone taking part is to raise awareness
      But Simon, who used to take part in          for organ donation. We are the lucky ones
 triathlons before he fell ill, was competing in   who have benefited from transplants. But
 the Transplant Games just two years after         there is always a need for more people to
 his operation. And after winning gold in          sign up as donors and for them to tell their
 swimming he has gone on to represent the          relatives what their wishes are.”
 UK at international transplant games.                 Go to www.uktransplant.org.uk for infor-
      “People talk about it being a family. It’s   mation on the organisation.

Calling all Lambeth girls
for football league
A NEW girls’ football team has been set up in      Girls’ League. Anyone interested in joining
Lambeth and it is on the lookout for new           the team, which plays its home games at
players.                                           Clapham Common Park, should contact
   Lambeth Girls under-16s are an 11-a-            team manager Adam Lawrence on 07982
side team playing in the Middlesex County          715 411.

www.lambeth.gov.uk                                                                                                                                                Lambeth Life • page 15
                                                                                                                                          15 September 2008 • Issue 55

                                                                                 Around 250,000 people regularly play basketball in the UK.

                                                                                                                                       Hoop dreams
Preparations for                                                                                                                       NBA Basketball star Vince Carter
                                                                                                                                       gave Lambeth youngsters a master-
                                                                                                                                       class in shooting hoops when he took
                                                                                                                                       a training clinic in the borough.

London 2012 begin

                                                                                                                                           The New Jersey Nets shooting guard
                                                                                                                                       headed down to Larkhall Park to put future
                                                                                                                                       basketball stars through their paces. The
                                                                                                                                       park in Stockwell was transformed as the 25
                                                                                                                                       youngsters were given hints and tips from
                                                                                                                                       one of the biggest stars in US sports.
                                                                                                                                           The special session was organised by the
                                                                                                                                       NBA to promote its youth development pro-
                                                                                                                                       grammes, Jr NBA and Jr WNBA, which will
                                                                                                                                       provide free and accessible coaching ses-
                                                                                                                                       sions and competitions throughout England.
                                                                                                                                       And the sport in this country has just been
                                                                                                                                       given another big boost after Brixton’s own
                                                                                                                                       NBA hero Luol Deng was cleared to play for
                                                                                                                                       the national team as it bids to qualify for the
                                                                                                                                       2012 Olympic Games.
                                                                                                                                           He will also be acting as ambassador for
                                                                                                                                       the NBA’s development programme, saying:
                                                                                                                                       “Teaching basketball fundamentals in an
                                                                                                                                       organised environment will help secure the
                                                                                                                                       future of the game in England.”
                                                                                                                                           And fans will soon get a chance to see
                                                                                                                                       their heroes up close and personal when the
                                                                                                                                       razzmatazz of the NBA arrives in London next
                                                                                                                                       month with Carter’s Nets taking on the Miami
                                                                                                                                       Heat at the O2 Arena.
                                                                                                                                           Councillor Mark Bennett, Lambeth
                                                                                                                                       Council's cabinet member for Culture, Sport
                                                                                                                                       and Leisure, said: “Basketball is becoming
                                                                                                                                       more and more popular in this country, so it
                                                                                                                                       was great to have an NBA legend here in
                                                                                                                                       Lambeth passing on tips to budding young
                                                                                                                                       players in Lambeth.”

                                                                                                                                       Norwood MUGA opens
                                                                                                                                       A NEW outdoor games area for people living
                                                                                                                                       in West Norwood has been opened by
                                                                                                                                       Lambeth Council.
                                                                                                                                           The multi-use games area (MUGA) in Vale
YOUNG PEOPLE helped celebrate the        London 2012 flag.                                  Throughout the day Brixton based per-      Street includes an all-weather, floodlit pitch
handing over of the Olympic flag to                                                      formance company The Bureau Of Silly          designed to reduce injury. It is open every
                                             Young people taking part in the council’s
                                                                                         ideas led a creative exercise with young      day, except Christmas Day, from 8am to 9pm
London as the Beijing games closed.      Summer Reading Challenge at Brixton
                                                                                         people based around their Olympic dream       and is available for anyone to use on a first
   Brixton was one of several hundred    Library posed for a picture before the flag
                                                                                         sports, along with a fun activity course in   come first served basis. For more informa-
areas across the UK that marked the      was hoisted onto the flagpole at the Town
                                                                                                                                       tion on regeneration in the area visit www.
Olympic handover by raising a unique     Hall.                                           Windrush Square.

page 16 • Lambeth Life                                                                                                                                  www.lambeth.gov.uk
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