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									                                  BRITTANY POINTS
                               OREGON BRITTANY CLUB
                                   DECEMBER 2010

                                                                                        OREGON BRITTANY CLUB
                                                                                          YAHOO CHAT GROUP
                                                                                        For OBC members only
                                                                                             2011 EVENTS
                                                                                       Chintimini KC Dog Show
         OFFICERS                                                                      OBC Supported Entry &
President                                                                              Sweepstakes
Rhonda Nosler                                                                          Albany, OR
(360)696-1957                                                                          4/2-3/11
                                                                                       Spring Field Trial
Vice President Field
Larry Porter                                                                           Boyce Corral, Madras
(503)245-6870                                                                          4/16-17/11
                                                                                       Western Shooting Dog
Vice President Show                                                                    Championship
Dianne Kroll                                                                           Boyce Corral, Madras
(503)649-1335                                                                          4/19-20/11
                                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
                                                                                       Fun Day
Vice President Membership
Connie Strom
                                                                                       Sauvies Island, OR
                                 Well 2010 turned out to be a very busy fun filled     4/30/11
                                 year for OBC. We successfully hosted multiple
                                 events. We held our first Dog of the Year Awards      Walking Field Trial
Secretary/Treasurer              Dinner. We updated our website and have a brand       Boyce Corral, Madras
Nan Pullen                       new web address. If you haven’t yet checked it        5/14-15/11
(503)658-4209                    out please do so.            You’ll find the results of all of our events posted   Walking Field Trial
______________                   there, as well as the winners of the Gene Pullen      Sauvie Island, OR
Editor                           Memorial Trophy, the Jodi Engel Dual Dog
Connie Strom
101 Leete Rd.
                                 Award and Dog of the Year Winners. Not to
Carson, WA 98610                 mention brags, a breeders page and rescue             OBC Specialty Dog Show
(509) 427-7211                   information.                                          Portland Expo Center                                                                7/22/11
                                 Events for 2011 are already well underway. We
The Editor reserves the          are in need of volunteers at all of our events so     Hunt Test
right                            please contact Larry Porter or the event              Sauvies Island, OR
to edit all submissions.         chairperson if you can lend a hand.                   8/13-14/11
submissions to the editor at
the address or email address     Our annual meeting is scheduled for January 2nd ,     Fall Field Trial
above.                           3PM at Nan Pullen’s house. Once again we’ll be        Boyce Corral, Madras
                                 having a spaghetti potluck. So please plan to         9/3-5/11
                                 attend and bring a dish to share.

                                 I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe
                                 hunting season and that you are enjoying the                      1
                                 Christmas season. See you at the meeting.
                         ANNUAL MEETING
The annual meeting will be held on January 2, 2011 at 3PM.
It will be at Nan Pullen’s house. 18839 SE Tickle Creek Ct
Boring, OR. We will be having a spaghetti potluck. Nan
will be providing her usual outstanding spaghetti. Please
bring a dish to share and join us in planning for 2011.

                               EVENTS FOR 2011

The following is a list of the upcoming events for 2011, together with the
names of the chairpersons and secretaries for each event. Each event needs
volunteers, so if you can help in any way, please contact Larry Porter at (503)
245-6870 or or the chairperson/secretary of the event
you can assist at.

SHOW- ALBANY,OR April 2 & 3, 2011
Chairperson: Reni Stewart

Chairperson: Roger Borine (541) 389-2547
Secretary: Jim Hammett (541) 932-4860 jhammet

Chairperson: Roger Borine (541) 389-2547
Secretary: Jim Hammett (541) 932-4860 jhammet

FUN DAY-SAUVIE ISLAND, OR April 30, 2011 This will be a joint event between
Chairperson: Sally Medford (503) 780-5582

Chairperson: Larry Porter (503) 245-6870
Secretary: Sally Medford (503) 780-5582

Chairperson: Larry Porter (503) 245-6870
Secretary: Don Beatty, (360) 834-7414

Chairperson/Secretary: Dianne Kroll (203) 649-1335

HUNT TEST-SAUVIE ISLAND, OR August 13-14, 2011
Chairperson: Wayne Newell (503) 655-4017
Secretary: ?

Chairperson: Rick Axtell (541)852-3188
Secretary: Brenda Moffitt (503) 720-3902

                               OBC SHOW NEWS

It was voted last year to move our annual specialty show from the January Rose City
Classic show weekend to the July Stumptown weekend. In addition, it was decided to
hold supported entries and sweepstakes at the Chintimini KC shows in April.

Supported entries: Chintimini Kennel Club, Albany – April 2 & 3, 2011 – Superintendent:
       Saturday – Sweeps judge: Donald B. Harris
                  Breed Judge: Kay Reamensnyder
       Sunday         – Breed Judge: Cheryl Shaw

Specialty Show: Friday, July 22, 2011 at the Portland Expo Center – Superintendent:
       Sweeps Judge: Laura Myles
       Breed Judge: TBD

                         *****Special News*****
The ABC Summer Specialty 2013 will be hosted by the Washington Brittany
Club. This will be the 3rd weekend in August, in conjunction with the Rainier
Sporting Dog Group show and Olympic KC shows in Enumclaw Washington.
Lennie Gedsell and Dianne Kroll are co-chairs for this 4-day series of events.
Needless to say, WBC will be asking for our support in this venture!

All of you closet photographers and writers out there (you
know who you are, I’ve seen you sneaking around with
cameras) please submit your photo’s and thoughts from our
events to the newsletter for publishing. Photo’s and
members thoughts and observations are a welcome addition to
making this newsletter interesting and fresh. The goal is
to have photos from each event OBC sponsors. I am also
requesting a formal write up from the chairperson or
secretary of each event we hold. These write ups should
include the pertinent details of the event including the
winners, runners up, etcetera. Write ups need to be
submitted within 30 days of completion of the event.
Submit photo’s and write ups to the editor, Connie Strom at or 101 Leete Rd. Carson, WA 98610

   Competitive Dog Training Trials, Commercial and
   Individual Training for Hunting Dogs and Raptors

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has been working
on some rule changes for competitive dog training trials,
commercial and individual training for hunting dogs and
raptors. The following is a synopsis of the changes as
well as links to the formal documents. Our VP of field
events, Larry Porter along with Leslie Like and many
others, have been feverishly working to protect our
interests. Please review the following information, stay
informed and become active in voicing your opinion in
regards to these changes that will significantly impact our

The latest update from ODFW is: After hearing concerns from
hunting dog trainers and other members of the public, ODFW
will take additional time before taking proposed hunting
dog and raptor training rules to the Commission for

ODFW will form an advisory group representing interested
stakeholders to consider the proposed rules and develop
alternatives that address biological and legal concerns.

The draft rules and background information on the proposed
changes are posted on the ODFW website here,
 You can find the current Division 46 rules, which apply
only to competitive hunting dog trials, here:

The following is taken from an email from Leslie Like and
covers the basic issues with the proposed dog training
Proposed Dog Training Rules: Talking Points
There are several issues that are of concern regarding this proposal and are listed below
for your consideration:
    • This is not just about dog training. This changes the rules about purchasing and
       releasing game birds from licensed game farms for release by anyone for any

•  Why can't a person buy and release game birds and release them on their property
   even if they don't have a dog or don't want to hunt them as they frequently do
• Some folks are not lucky enough to own a hunting dog. Why can't a person take
   his granddaughter with him on a hunting trip and pack along a couple extra
   roosters so she can go work a field and kick them up at the end of the day? If that
   puts her over her limit, why arrest her? But it's ok if she takes her miniature
   Schnauzer with her so she is allowed 3 birds now? Silly.
 Section 3a)
• Why the three bird limit? Why can't we purchase 10 birds and release them on our
   own property, property we lease, or that we have permission to hunt on and take
   our grandson for a shoot?
• Why is it the State of Oregon's concern to ensure the financial success of a game
   farm or any other business? (If so, how do we get our businesses on that list?)
• Shouldn't the differentiation be on whether the release is for commercial (ie. game
   farms) vs. for private use and not have anything to do with the number of birds
• How does it serve the citizens to say if you want to shoot 10 birds, instead of
   purchasing them from a State licensed game farm for 7.50/bird,you must to go to
   a preserve where they purchased the same birds from the same game farm but
   now you have to buy them for $35 each?
• How does it help the wildlife propagation permit holders to restrict their sales so
   that they can't sell to farmers that want to release birds on their property or
   hunters that want to supplement their weekend activities? Frequently, chuckar
   hunters will purchase some roosters and take them to Eastern Oregon and run
   their dogs on them after their chuckar hunt. How does that negatively impact
• If a licensed game bird propagation permit holder raises 1,000 birds per year for
   sale in the State of Oregon, why does it matter to ODFW how many they sell to
   whom for release on what day? Why do they care whether we release 3/day for 5
   days or 15 on one day? All of these birds are destined to be released in the State
   as mature birds. Whether it's by an individual dog trainer, hunter, or at a game
   preserve shouldn't matter. They are the same birds.
• If someone is charging a fee for planting and releasing birds, or guiding on their
   property, then it makes sense that they should have to follow the rules for a
   licensed preserve.
• (The comparison was made that having the 3 bird rule to protect the preserve
   operators is akin to saying if you have more than 3 beers you have to go to a bar
   to have the next three as we don't want to interfere with the bar owners making a

  Section 4a) Training during the season:
• If it's the responsibility of the hunter to prove that his take is wild vs. pen-raised,
   what difference does it make if it's during the season or not? In other words, why
   is it ok to shoot a pen raised hen pheasant the day before pheasant season opens

     but not the next morning if the dog trainer had a toe-clipped bird and a receipt in
     his/her pocket for the bird?
•    Restricting the take to the legal limit of wild birds defies logic. If a dog trainer has
     4 dogs to train and purchases 20 birds and trains on the same 3 acre field every
     day, how does that negatively impact wild bird populations any differently than if
     he uses 2 live birds, 10 dummies, and then reuses the 2 dead bird 6 more times in
     his bird launcher?
•    Dog trainers have been training on hen pheasants forever without problems. Hens
     are much less expensive and are more available than roosters. Landowners like it
     when we release hens on their property. We have been checked by game wardens
     in the past and this has never been an issue. Preventing the use of hens will
     effectively preclude legal dog training for flushing breeds for any National

    Misc. Talking Points:

•    Didn’t ODFW used to provide pheasant chicks to individuals to raise with the
     stipulation that half be released and they could use the remainder? I believe that
     practice was discontinued in the 80's but is an interesting side note.
•    Don't we have pheasants to hunt because some guy introduced some pen raised
     birds right here in the Willamette Valley in 1882? And hasn't the Dept. ntroduced
     pen raised Mongolians(?) since to try to get them established?
•    There is good reason for the statute regarding release of wildlife when it comes to
     cervids, bison, and exotics. Primarily, these revolve around disease control and
     the prevention of introducing unwanted species. Historically, the Department has
     struggled with coming up with good reasons to regulate the release of game birds.
     They attempted to write rules in the early 90's but after meeting with resistance
     from the dog training community and realizing that their proposals were without
     merit and unenforceable, they dropped the idea.

     One of their concerns they have mentioned previously is that they want to control
the possible introduction of disease. Their concerns are unsubstantiated by history.
There are a myriad of diseases that affect poultry, however virtually all of them are
endemic in wild populations. The challenge is keeping those diseases out of domestic
(ie. pen-raised) production facilities, not the other way around. There are no diseases
in commercial flocks that are a concern to wild populations.

Please stay informed and active in voicing your opinions
in regards to this issue which will greatly impact our

                                 OBC DOG OF THE YEAR

Submit your nominee for Dog of the year to Connie Strom @
                                      Deadline: 2/15/11
The top 5 in each category will be listed in the ABC magazine advertisement.   See
attached rules for tabulating your scores
                             DOG OF THE YEAR GUIDELINES
The purpose of the award is to recognize club members’ dogs for their achievements in the
previous year. There is a friendly competition for the top dog in each category. In
addition, the club wishes to recognize all dogs, which completed titles during the year.
Any dog owned by a club member at the time of the win or the title achievement is
eligible. The guidelines for each category are outlined below:
NEW CHAMPIONS OR TITLEHOLDERS:   Did your dog achieve a new title this year? The club
wants to help you brag about it. Submit your dog’s name, your name and the title it
received. This information will be printed in the ABC magazine with our Dog of the Year
ad. Dogs achieving a Dual Champion Title will be recognized and congratulated by placing
the dog’s picture in the ad.
DOG OF THE YEAR COMPETITION:   The club recognizes the top dogs in the following
categories: Dual Dog, Show Dog, All Age Dog, Gun Dog and Puppy/Derby of the year. The
dog with the highest point total in its category wins.
General rules:
    -   Only AKC registered Brittany’s owned by members of the Oregon Brittany Club or
        their immediate family members may be considered for these awards. The owners
        must be a club member at the time of the show or trial event to be considered.
    -   All trials or shows held in Oregon or in the states bordering Oregon will be
        counted. In addition, any ABC Field Championships, Classics, National Shows or
        American Field Championships and Shooting Dog Championships will be counted
        regardless of the state they were held in.
    -   Points are accumulated from January 1 through December 31 of a given year.
    -   All pertinent information regarding points and placements should be submitted by
        the deadline printed each year. It is the responsibility of the owner to record
        the event, date, points etc. in an organized manner and submit by the deadline.
        Watch the newsletter for the deadline and where to send the information.
In order to be considered, dog must have placed in an AKC or American Field sanctioned
trial. We will recognize Puppy/Derby (Juvenile Dog), Gun Dog and All Age dogs of the
year. Field points will be calculated as follows: 1st place points = 4 x number of
starters, 2nd place = 3 x number of starters, 3rd place = 2 x number of starters, 4th place
= 1 x number of starters.
Points are accumulated based on the number of dogs defeated in competition that year.
Placement in any regular class at an AKC sanctioned show allows you to count the number
of dogs defeated that day. In addition, points will be received for each dog defeated if
you place in the regional futurity. Receiving Best of Breed or Best Opposite at a
National Specialty will count double points.
Points are granted for each qualifying score. Additional points are given for placement
in your class or in the trial. Since there are very few obedience dogs currently in the
OBC, we will save space and not print the point schedule here. Please contact Connie
Strom for more information.
The dog with the highest total of show plus field points according to the following
schedule will be designated Dual Dog of the Year. Each dog, which already has a title,
will receive points for that title. A Show Champion title receives 10 points. A Field
Champion or Amateur Field Champion will receive 15 points.
Field points will be accumulated as follows:
All Age/Gun Dog Stake                 Derby             Puppy
1st place         15                               11                    7
2nd place         14                               10                  6
3 place           13                                  9                  5
4th place         12                                  8                    4
Show points will be accumulated as follows:
Best In Show     20
Group 1             15
Group 2             14
Group 3             13
Group 4             12
Best of Breed    10
Best of Op Sex 9

Best of Winners 8
Winners Dog/Bitch 7
Reserve Winners   5

Please remember that it is YOUR responsibility to submit your dog’s information by the
Helpful hint: Easy Way to Remove a Tick
Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the
tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few
seconds (15-20), the tick will come out on its own and be
stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away.

 ¼ page ad in 4 issues of the newsletter for $30 or one issue for $10. Please send your ad to
the editor at Litter announcements posted free of charge.

                          Auntie M’s Pro Handling
                             Marilyn Williams
                                Bandon, OR
                             Cell: 216-337-6660
                  Treating your dog like one of our family!!


Along with helping your events remain affordable and keeping our
traditions alive, registrations support AKC’s efforts in:
  Maintaining a strong legislative influence.
  Funding canine health research.
  Providing disaster relief and preparedness.
  Promoting responsible dog ownership through important public
education programs.

Do your part — Ensure that all your puppies get registered with the
        “Registering All Your Dogs Has Never Been More Important”
        We’re more than champion dogs. We’re the dog’s champion.


                .   BRAGS!!!!
   Jim House reports that FC/AFC Brown’s BBJ won the
Northwest Pointing Dog Championship!!! Congratulations Jim
and Jalos Brittany’s!!

                      100th Placement!!
                    FC/AFC Jalos Scamper
                      Owner: Jim House

   ********NEW CHAMPIONS********

         New FC and Western Shooting Dog Champion
                     FC/AFC Rose A Fire
               Owner: Mark & Connie Shearman

                      New FC/AFC
              FC/AFC Kiger Hills Hudson
           Owners: Mark & Connie Shearman

                       New AFC
CH/AFC Wind Mtn’s Enchantress of Three B MH, RN, CGC
                 Owner: Connie Strom


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