Introduction of Community and Rural Health Awareness Task Force by JasonDetriou


									Introduction of Community and Rural Health
      Awareness Task Force (CARHA)
          1. CARHA Goals
                1. Improve access and healthcare affordability to all citizens of
                      Lycoming County by partnering with the community in
                      healthcare development.
                 2.   Identify fears/barriers to accessing/regarding the system,
                      and identify appropriate linkages to various community
                      resources to encourage maximal effectiveness and
                 3.   Enable community to access/utilize available services and
                      resources by identifying and developing plans to correct
                      barriers to effective use of medical care resources (ethnic,
                      cultural, language, literacy, religious, etc.)
                 4.   Improve dental health by providing dental care and
                      preventative education at urban and rural sites.
                 5.   Reduce health disparities (heart disease, obesity, diabetes)
                      through health education and health promotional activities.
                 6.   Improve health of seniors related to nutrition, mental
                      health, loneliness, and isolation in collaboration with senior
                      citizen groups, churches and granges.
                 7.   Target activities for unengaged youth located in urban as
                      well as in rural, outlying areas in collaboration with the
                      Youth Development Task Force.
                 8.   Educate rural community and first responders to safe
                      practices and crisis management.
                 9.   Provide prevention education and outreach services to
                      meet identified rural health and safety needs.

          2. Task Force members and organization

                 Dr. James Redka, Cornerstone Family Practice
                 Dr. Morris Smith, Shepherd of the Streets
                 Gerald Arnie Kriner, Assistant to Senator Roger Madigan
                 Linda Spurr, Pennsylvania Dept of Health Chronic Disease Consultant
                 Theresa Miller, American Cancer Society
                 Donna Snyder, PA Department of Public Safety
                 John Comerford, Director of Blue Cross of NEPA
                 Tana Dewire, Executive Director of LCHIC
                 Elizabeth Downey, Allegheny Grange
                 Rosann Pelleschi, Lycoming County United Way
                 Melodie Russell, Executive Director of The Center
                 Chris Smith, Lycoming Community Traffic Safety Project
                 Sharon Waters, Dean of Health Sciences at PA College of Technology
                 Amy Cotner Klingler, Susq. Health Family Ctr. for Reproductive Health
                                       Connie Perry, Administrative Assistant, LCHIC
                                       Linda Herr, Learning Center, JV Brown Library
                                       Wendy Hastings, PA Department of Public Safety
                                       Keith Taylor, Merck Corporation
                                       Sandy Nolan, PA Department of Health/Injury Prevention Consultant
                                       Peggy Weiner, PA Department of Public Welfare
                                       Sister Joanne Bednar, Susquehanna Health
                                       Jim Huebert, Social Services, Susquehanna Health

   3. Community Outreach Programs
            Health Literacy Program- This program is designed to provide additional information about
            special health topics to a variety of different people. See attached link for further detail:
            Cancer Prevention and Early Detection- This program is designed to educate the public
            about the importance of catching cancer.
            Neighbor to Neighbor
                   1. Children’s Library Series
            Special Dental Needs – Designed to provide dental care and education to the entire
            Flu Outreach- This program provides free flu shots to those at risk. Several hundred are
            administered each year;
           **Links of other online resources:

   4. Links to external sites that correspond with programs
            dental health for kids
               fun, interactive information for school aged kids:
            facts about teeth
            Instructional video

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