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									     Employability Quiz

How much do
you really
know about
1. What does S.T.E.P stand for and how long
   does their summer placement last?

2. Name three kinds of psychometric tests used
   by employers to assess students.

3. Place the top 5 employers according to ‘The
   Times’ top 100 graduate employers list for

4. What percentage of adverts for graduate jobs
   request any discipline?
5. How much do students owe at the end of their
   £51,010            £5,285

  £15,810               £3,650

6. Scenario

  A reference request arrives on your Dissertation
  supervisor’s desk. What 2 things would be useful
  for your supervisor to receive in order to make a
  decent stab at writing a reference for you?
7. The average salary for graduates in 2004/5 was?

   £13,242            £21,997

   £36,000            £16,676

8. PDP is an acronym for?

9. What are Springboard Skills?
10. List 10 transferable skills requested by an

11. What is the definition of “Curriculum Vitae” in
   the Oxford English Dictionary?

12. Retention of graduates after 3 years is on

   50%            60%         70%
13. Which areas of employment are Scottish
   Enterprise focussing their attention on?

  Consider the following options:
  Shipbuilding, Food & Drink, Energy,
  Manufacturing, Life Science, Mining, Sports
  Science, Hospitality

14. What is the angular distance at quarter past
   three between the hour and minute hands on
   your watch?
15. List two practicals that you have carried out
   as part of the Molecular & Cell Biology course
   BI 1505.

16. What is the simplest way to quantify the
   amount of nucleic acid in an aqueous

17. What is the main difference between a
   colorimeter and a spectrophotometer?
18. What is the approximate resolution (or
   resolving power) of a typical university light

19. Starting with 10 bacterial cells in a rich nutrient
   medium. How many cells would there be after 2
   hours, if the cells doubled every 20 minutes?

20. Amino acids have both three-letter and single-
   letter abbreviations, provide both abbreviations
   for the amino acid lysine.
    Employability Quiz - Answers
1. Shell Technology Enterprise Programme.
   Six – Eight weeks.

2. Numerical, Verbal, MBTI, OPQ32, 16PF

3. PWC, Civil Service, Accenture, KPMG, NHS

4. 40% - Great Expectations…
    Employability Quiz - Answers
5. £5,285 – an increase of £525 from 2004.
   Perhaps why students modify their career
   aspirations. Yet most students regard
   themselves as being financially competent with
   79% generally keeping up to date with bills.
   Just 3% describe themselves as not yet
   financially competent.
   „Unite Student Experience Report 2005‟

6. Conversation/CV/Action Plan/Personal
   Statement/Briefing E-Mail/etc.
    Employability Quiz - Answers
7. Average starting salary for graduates in 2005
   was £21,997. The Prospects Directory Salary
   and Vacancy Survey 2004/5 found that salaries
   ranged from £13,242 to £36,000. Just over a
   quarter - 26% offered a minimum starting
   salary of £25,000.

8. Personal Development Planning.

9. Also known as soft skills, core skills, common
   skills, generic skills and transferable skills.
   Employability Quiz - Answers
    1. Oral Communication
    2. Team-Working
    3. Listening
    4. Written Communication
    5. Judgement/Decision making skills
    6. Problem Solving
    7. Planning & Organising
    8. Business Awareness
    9. Time Management
    10. Flexibility & Adaptability
   Employability Quiz - Answers
11. An outline of someone‟s
   educational and professional history.

12. 70%

13. Energy, Food & Drink, Life Science,
 Employability Quiz - Answers
14.        12

      9                3

                360° divided by 12 = 30°
                One quarter of 30° = 7½°
     Employability Quiz - Answers
15. Any two of the following are acceptable:
   Protein purification (Dr Long)
   DNA structure, function and replication. (Dr Perkins)
   DNA extraction from Halobacterium (Dr Perkins)
   The Chemical Composition and structure of cells. (Dr Pugh
   Osmosis (Dr Page)
   The Galactosidase gene of E.coli (Dr Long)
   Photosynthesis practical (Dr Stuchbury)
   Employability Quiz - Answers
16. Measure the absorbance of the solution
   at 260 nm using a spectrophotometer.

17. A spectrophotometer is an instrument
   designed to allow precise measurement at
   a particular wavelength, while a
   colorimeter is a simpler instrument, using
   filters to provide broader wavebands (e.g.
   light in the green, red or blue regions of
   the visible spectrum).
    Employability Quiz - Answers
18. The resolving power of a microscope is defined
    as the minimum distance by which 2 points must
    be separated in order for them to be perceived
    as 2 separate points rather than a fused image.
    In the case of light microscope this is approx. 0.2

19. 10  20  40  80  160  320  640
                    640 cells

20. Lys and K

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