catalogue sheet valve close type SPJ Dimension sketch by mikesanye


									                                                                                             catalogue sheet 81-001

                               Slide-valve close type SPJ

Dimension sketch :

                                                                                   Type         A        B         C
                                                                                 SPJ 150        150      150      750
                                                                                 SPJ 200        200      200      950
                                                                                 SPJ 250        250      250     1065
                                                                                 SPJ 300        300      300     1215
                                                                                 SPJ 400        400      400     1545

Usage : pneumatic slide-valve close is for quick opening or closing of a transport route or
         either for opening or closing of the conveyer.

Description : there are bending sheet- metal profiles creating a hard frame with a bottom and
         upper flange. There is a belt around the slide-valve close inlet. It is made of slide
         material. There is also a closing stainless metal plate. This closing metal plate
         moves on a pair of ball bearings, which push it towards the slide belt. The slide-
         valve has an pneumatic-tyred roller (company SMC, type CP95). As a tightening
         there is a felted tightening and wiping belt
         It is possible to cover the slide valve close on the bottom and upper part by means
         of a pair of metal plates. They are fixed to the frame of the slide- valve.

Assembly : the slide- valve close is assembled either to a flange of the reservoir or a pipeline
        by means of 8 screws M8. We recommend to use a nylon hose for air supply. It is
        possible to regulate the speed of close movement by means of butterfly throttle.

Working me dium : oiled or non-oiled pressed air, inlet pressure 0,6 MPa +10%

Cons umption of pressure air : up to 2 dm3 /lift (0,6Mpa)

Producer : DITES - VÁHY spol. s r.o., Suchovršice 168, 542 32 ÚPICE, CZECH REPUBLIC
  tel: 00420 / 499 881 106; fax: 00420 / 499 881 105; e-mail :; URL:

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