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                                 Sugam Sangeet Sandhya
                     A musical evening featuring renowned gayika Shobha Joshi.

Shobha Joshi is an accomplished and versatile singer with a rare talent and knowledge to
perform and express the various forms of Indian music, specially Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Hori
etc, Ghazal, Devotional Music, Light Music, Folk Music and also Film Music. Shobhatai started
performing at the age of 15 and has to her credit 70 albums in different categories of music.
She has sung for more than 250 Hindi and other regional films in addition to performing over
1500 concerts worldwide. She has been fortunate to have very eminent exponents of Hindustani
Music as her Gurus- late Manik Varma, Dr. Prabha Atre, and Pt. N. Sarnaik. She learned
Ghazals from none other than Mehdi Hasan, the Ghazal Maestro. She learned Sugam Sangeet
from legendary exponents of light music, Yashwant Deo and Gajanan Watve.

You will enjoy a      variety of light Marathi music in this concert including Sugam Sangeet,
Bhav Geete, and Chitrapat Sangeet.

For more information about the concert and a more comprehensive resume’ of Shobha Joshi,
please visit our website www.hmmhouston.org under upcoming events.

Details of the program:

Date/Time:      Sunday, 27th June a t 4.00 pm

Venue:          Jones Hall - Universi ty of St. Thoma s
                3800 Montrose Blvd
                Houston, TX 77006

Saath:          Harmonium :     Vivek Chi tale,
                Tabla :         Rahul Shiyekar

Ticket Rates:           HMM Member: $10.00, $20 Front two rows
                        Non member: $13.00 (No ad mission fee for children of the age 6 or under)

For tickets and for more details about the concert please contact:
Clear Lake:          Vaibhav Puranik (281-433-2585)
North West Houston: Pooja Gokhale (713-996-8235)
                     Smi ta Gokhale (281-855-6571)
West Houston:        Prachi Pa twardhan (281-491-8794)
                     Uma Ra jguru (713 -772-2347)
Katy :               Gauri Kulkarni (281-829-5125)

                                                    P.O.Box 421486
                                                   Houston, TX 77242

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