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To:              All Postdoctoral Scholars
From:            Rania Sanford, Assistant Dean, Postdoctoral Affairs
Date:            February 21, 2011
Re:              Health Care Emergency Fund for 2011 – Winter Quarter Applications

The Provost has approved an Emergency Grant-in-Aid Fund to help postdoctoral scholars who
have significant financial difficulty paying for their family’s health care premiums in 2011.

The Emergency Grant-in-Aid Fund is established to partially offset the increase in 2011 health
care premiums for postdoctoral scholars who provide health care for their dependents. The
grant awards will be distributed to the postdoc recipient in monthly installments to reduce the
monthly health care premium.

Award amounts will be reviewed and calculated for an award period of up to one calendar year
(January 1 to December 31, 2011) for continuing scholars or from the start date for new
scholars through December 2011. The award will end December 31, 2011 or the end of the
postdoctoral appointment, whichever comes first. Award amounts are reviewed quarterly to
determine if there is a significant change in the eligibility criteria during the term of the award.

Individuals who hold postdoctoral appointments in all Stanford schools, including SLAC, are
eligible to apply. (There is no citizenship requirement.) You must hold a current appointment
during the award period. If the appointment ends, the award will also end.

Eligible Expenses
The award is available to partially offset the expense to enroll children or other eligible family
members in the Stanford postdoc medical (HMO or PPO), dental and vision plans.

Ineligible Expenses
Awards will not be made on a retroactive basis or for periods exceeding one quarter. Awards
are solely to offset premium increases for dependent care and cannot be used for:
     Enrollment in non-Stanford plans
     Tuition, childcare or other standard living expenses
     Research-related expenses
     COBRA coverage
     To offset insurance-related expenses that are the responsibility of the University, the
      Department or the faculty mentor/PI as stipulated by Stanford policy.

See next page for Application Requirements and more information.
Application Requirements
1. Complete the application form. Use the form to explain your financial circumstances and
   indicate your need for aid.
2. Provide household income information:
   a)   Copy of your 2009 tax return (joint return or yours and spouse tax returns, if filed
        separately). If tax return is not available, provide a copy of the most recent Stanford
        paystub. A printout from AXESS is acceptable.
   b)   Spouse/domestic partner latest paystub, if applicable. If spouse is not working, indicate
        that on the Application Form.
3. Submit completed Application Form and household income information together to the
   Financial Aid Office.

   By fax – (650) 725-0540
   If fax not available, drop off in person – Montag Hall, 355 Galvez Street

Enrollment in the Stanford University postdoctoral medical (HMO or PPO), dental and/or vision
plans will be verified separately by the Award Review Committee.

Postdocs who missed the deadline to apply to the Fund in November 2010 may request an
award start date retroactively to January 1, 2011 on the Application Form.

The Postdoc Emergency Grant-in-Aid Fund Award Review Committee will notify you of the
status of your application or to request additional information on the Notification date below.

Questions may be directed to

Deadline to Apply: Monday, March 7, 2011. Notifications: Monday, March 21, 2011.
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Postdoctoral Scholar Emergency Grant-in- Aid Fund Application
Complete and return directly to the Financial Aid Office with all supporting materials by fax to: (650)
725-0540. Deadline to Apply: Monday, March 7, 2011. Notifications: Monday, March 21, 2011.

Name                                                     Student ID#

Work Telephone                                           E-mail

Dates for which you request assistance (end date may not exceed appointment end date)
Start Date:                                         Anticipated End Date:

Use this space to explain your need for financial aid. Include information on the size of your household,
employment status of spouse/domestic partner, availability of personal assets or other financial resources,
and/or other expenses or financial needs. Use only one additional page, if needed.

Postdoc Signature                                                               Date