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									                                        M.Kamaraju / International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
                                                                                       Vol. 2(8), 2010, 3707-3711

                                     Professor & Head, Department of ECE
                             Gudlavalleru Engineering College, Pin Code: 521356
                                            Gudlavalleru,A.P, INDIA

A low cost GPRS based vehicle navigation system is developed using ARM processor for real time application. The
main core of the system is an embedded hardware along with Java/J2EE. The embedded device communicates with
GSM network which is accessible from anywhere .This system eliminates large maintenance.
   In PC, Java programming is used for getting the data from serial port and given to the database (SQL
SERVER).In the front end, programming code is written in J2EE.The latitudes and longitudes are received through
GSM network and stored in the data base .With the help of these values the vehicle navigation can be seen on
google map.

Keywords: GPRS,ARM, GS, J2E, Internet.

1. Introduction
  An automotive navigation system [R Prasad (2005)] is a satellite navigation system designed for use in
automobiles. It typically uses a GPS navigation device to acquire position data to locate the user on a road in the
unit's map database. Using the road database, the unit can give directions to other locations along roads also in its
  The GPS / GSM vehicle tracking system[E Bekiroglu (2005)],[Bj E Marca (2000)], it is an idea design not only
for GPS real time tracking, but also a complete GSM alarm controllable by user's mobile phone message. GSM and
GPRS are developed for cellular mobile communication The GPS tracking solution, with the tracking software and
maps. Users can set up a complete tracking station in a PC.There is no need for the costly web server and software.
The all-in-one system includes the GPS / GSM tracking main unit in google earth map. Track and control the
vehicles using just a PC or Laptop. A GPRS connection with unlimited duration of connectivity is charged only for
the data package transfers.This is adopted in several mobile remote control/access systems. GPRS becomes a cost-
effective solution only if the data transfers can be optimized. Once a GPRS connection has been established, queried
data can be relayed to the client via a central server commands sent, using TCP/IP protocol and User Datagram
protocol. It requires large maintenance.
  In this work embedded hardware developed using the GPS, GSM, ARM processor and writing the code in J2EE to
track the vehicle position. It eliminates the large maintenance.

2. System Overview
 The block diagram of the system is shown in Fig.1.The transmitter section consists of a ARMLPC2148, GPS
module, GSM transmitter, temperature sensor, relay, keypad, LCD.The microcontroller extracts the latitude and
longitude values according to the code. By using the keypad entering the mobile number of the receiving part of the
GSM mobile 2 in the LCD buffer.For displaying relay sends the message for every 20 seconds to the GSM mobile 1
passes to the GSM mobile 2 .This interface with the RS232 cable of the computer system respectively. The GPS
module receives the tracking information of the satellites and codes it according to the NMEA protocol. This
protocol sentence includes several commands.
 The receiver section consists of a GSM receiver and a PC. The information sent from the transmitter section is
received by the GSM receiver and then traced by using PC at the control station. This vehicle tracking system
employs a GSM/GPS Module for continuously updating the geographical location of the vehicle to the base
station.The latitudes and longitudes will be plotted on the maps and stored in PC.

ISSN: 0975-5462                                                                                                3707
                                          M.Kamaraju / International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
                                                                                         Vol. 2(8), 2010, 3707-3711

                       Fig.1.Block diagram of Vehicle Navigation System (VNS).

3. Implementation

3.1. Communication Methods
 The communication between the user and the system is established by the three methods via a GSM mobile phone,
GPRS, Internet.

3.1.1. GSM
   The GSM is an excellent choice in establishing a communication from remote locations where Internet may not
be available. GSM and GPRS are developed for cellular mobile communication. A GPRS connection with unlimited
duration of connectivity is charged only for the data package transfers and adopted in several mobile remote
control/access systems .
 GPRS becomes a cost-effective. The communication between the user and the vehicle is established by the SMS
(Short Message Service).A GSM modem is connected to the hardware board. The communication between the
Vehicle Navigation System (VNS) and the GSM Modem is carried out by the AT (Attention) commands.
3.1.2. GPRS
GPRS connection has been established, queried data can be relayed to the client via a SQL server. In this system, a
reliable bidirectional Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) link for real-time control and surveillance via a GSM network is
formed. The GPS receiver continuously tracks the vehicle and sends position to the SMS vehicle Position Unit. It
will send to the SMS module through cellular operator [C Bettstetter (1999)], [ C E Lin (2004)].
3.1.3. Internet
 In order to achieve interaction with the VNS from the outside, the other option is to use the Internet. A Internet
Google map is constructed as an interactive interface where commands can be submitted by the client to change and
also monitor the status of the VNS [A. Sang (2004)].

3.2. System Elements

3.2.1 .software
    The unit shown in Fig. 3 is configured around a main Controller module, which executes the software to
configure and control the GPS receiver, GSM module. This unit is to be fitted in the vehicle, with appropriate GPS
and wireless antenna. The GPS communicates with the ARM Processor to send and/or receive data depending on the
task. In this, developed several engines running on the VNS .These are: Internet, MY SQL Database, Main Control
Program, J2EE in front end.
   The control of the devices is established and their condition can be monitored through the main control program
as well as from the internet and GSM. The flowchart for main control program is shown in Fig.2. The PLL0 is used
to generate the CCLK clock for feed process. Enabling MAM and setting number of clocks is used for Flash
memory fetch (4 clks in this case). MAM resets the timer and Chip select for memory access. The VPB Divider
determines the relationship between the processor clock (CCLK) and the clock used by peripheral devices (PCLK)
setting at 30 MHz and it allows for power saving. With the help of PLL the feed process is configured. When Match
Register (MR) goes to zero then both Timer and Counter goes to reset state. In UART1 check both the status flag
communication and Filter message conditions. Filter message is used to receive the data available in UART1.
Initially enable rx/tx interrupt in UART1.From UART 1 the values of longitude, latitude and temperature are sent

ISSN: 0975-5462                                                                                                3708
                                          M.Kamaraju / International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
                                                                                         Vol. 2(8), 2010, 3707-3711

and displayed as a message on LCD. At the same time this message is sent to GSM Mobile connected to PC then
data is displayed on the PC as a table.

                                      Fig.2. Flow chart for main control program

Algorithm for J2EE front end
Step 1: Initiallize all header files.
Step 2: Include links to the JAVA script and style-sheet files. For clients side validation
Step 3: Giving the GPS positions to the map.
Step 4: For mapcanvas, mobile device,refresh, draw, mobile map we linked with the AW.UI
        button. Taking the google map.
Step 5: In this it goes to the GPS position List.
Step 6: GPS position list lalitude,longitude,velocity,Attitude, datetime log, position ID, device
        name will be taken.
Step 7: GPS position list is connected to SQL DB and sends to mobile.
Step 8: When data base executes the SQL will be deleted after that it closes
Step 9: http://localhost:8084//Web_2//index.jsp this site will open .
Step 10:Finally it shows the Longitude and latitude in the Google map.
Step 11: Every time it compare the two values and search it draw the map between the two.

3.2.2. Hardware
 Fig.3.shows the Schematic diagram of Vehicle Navigation System (VNS) consists of LPC2148 (ARM) processor,
Temperature sensor, GPS modem, Relay, Keypad, LCD and the power supply sections. These sections have been
designed and assembled with two-layer printed circuit boards (PCB).

ISSN: 0975-5462                                                                                               3709
                                                 M.Kamaraju / International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
                                                                                                Vol. 2(8), 2010, 3707-3711

Fig.3. Schematic diagram of Vehicle Navigation System (VNS).             Fig.4: Photograph of hardware setup for Tx section of VNS

In this system LPC2148 i.e., ARM processor is used for monitoring and controlling the system. The photograph of
hardware setup for transmitter section of vehicle navigation system is shown in Fig.4.

4. Experimental Results
   The GPS receiver continuously tracks the vehicle position, sends SMS to the vehicle Position Unit through
cellular operator. By using java, SQL server created a data base for GPS positions (the longitude and latitudes)
Database is designed to store the data related to the vehicle status. The vehicle tracking has been performed and the
results are executed with the help of J2EE front end in PC. The results are shown in Fig.5 & Fig.6.By using GPRS,
the latitude and longitude are measured and indicating the location of the vehicle places that are given in Table
1.The map screen for client position that are shown in Fig.6 (a, b, c, d).By receiving the messages from the main
program then run the batch file. Fig. 7 shows the batch file.

   Fig.5. Build successful window in Net beans                Fig 6. (a) Map screen for the client indicating the location
                                                                   of the vehicle place coimbatore and Katppadi on map

 Fig 6. b)Map screen for the client indicating the location   Fig. 6. c) Map screen for the client indicating the location
     of the vehicle place between Vijayawada ,Bapatla and              of the vehicle place between Vijayawada, Agra
     Gudlavalleru on map                                               and Coimbatore

ISSN: 0975-5462                                                                                                                      3710
                                                    M.Kamaraju / International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
                                                                                                   Vol. 2(8), 2010, 3707-3711

Fig 6. d) Map screen for the client indicating the location          Fig 7. Run batch file showing the list of more values
          of the vehicle place between Rajahmundry,                             sent by mobile
           Machilipatnam and Ernakulam
                                          Table 1 List of Latitude and Longitude values of some places.

                                                     Places          Latitude     Longitude
                                                     Vijayawada      16.51667     80.61667
                                                     Gudlavalleru    16.3667       80.8500
                                                     Hyderabad      17.385044     78.486671
                                                     Rajahmundry     16.9667       81.7667
                                                     Truipathi       16.5333         80.8
                                                     Karnataka       15.86667        74.5
                                                     coiambatore    11.009166     76.578825

5. Conclusion
Low-cost GPRS based vehicle navigation system has been designed and implemented. Identify the vehicle position
using the latitude and longitude. The designed embedded circuit tracks the vehicle and records the position of the
vehicle. With the help of J2EE, MY SQL, Netbeans, the vehicle tracking has done and the tracking is shown on
google map.
With the help of this system, there is also a provision to indicate about the accident place to ambulance/police
services, which minimizes the deaths and severe conditions .This can be achieved by sending a message indicating
the place of accident. The cost-minimization effort is a big concern for mobile systems using wireless
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ISSN: 0975-5462                                                                                                                         3711

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