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					                                       Rider Course Information

Benefits of taking a Rider Course:
     We introduce and practice proven techniques for rid ing motorcycles so you’ll have more fun and enjoyment with greater
     Confidence, improved skill, and good habits. Not only is this course the best way to learn how to avoid accidents,and stay
     alive, it’s also ext remely challenging and a lot of fun. Successful co mpletion of a Rider Course exempts you fro m the written
     And the driving portion of your license testing, and entitles you to discounts on your motorcycle insurance. Most motorcycle
     Manufacturers, club, and organizations offer rebates that will pay all or part o f your tuition for this course.

Schedule of hours:
     Basic Rider Course                               Experience Ri der Course
     Friday        6:00p m-10:00p m                   Saturday       8:00am-6:00p m
     Saturday      8:00am-6:00p m
     Sunday         8:00am-6:00p m
     Please note: These hours are TENTATIVE and may vary, due to class size, rate of progression, and weather.

BRC riders need:                                               ERC riders need:
     1.   DOT approved helmet.                                8. Items 1-7.
     2.   Approved eye protection.                            9. Your o wn motorcycle.
     3.   Shirt or jacket with long sleeves.                 10. Current registration.
     4.   Full-fingered gloves.                              11. Proof of insurance.
     5.   Long pants.                                        12. M inimu m of 2000 miles of recent rid ing experience on the
     6.   Shoes/boots that cover the ankle.                      Motorcycle being used for this course.
     7.   Light rain gear. (optional)

We Provide:
     All t rain ing materials, books, instruction, motorcycles (BRC only),and helmets, if needed.

     Rider Courses are provided as a public service by the Tennessee Department of safety and Appalachian Rider Education,
     Using materials and Instructors certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundati on. Local motorcycle dealerships also support
     And make this program possible. We encourage you to visit and than k them fo r their support.

     Jim’s Motorcycle Sales                    Jim’s Motorcycle Sales                   Kingsport Kawasaki-Suzuki
     Johnson City, Tn                          Kingsport, Tn                            Kingsport, Tn
     926-5561                                  247-1211                                 247-3847

     Yamaha Kawasaki of J.C.                   Bo Brumit Insurance                      Appalachian Custom Cabinets
     Johnson City, Tn                          Bluff City, Tn                           Bristol, Tn
     926-5361                                  538-1001                                 878-4969

Location of Training Site:
     Sullivan South High School ( 1236 Moreland Dr. Kingsport, Tn )