Key Performance Indicators

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					Key Performance
    Paul Leake
     Key Performance
• What are Key Performance
• What is the process for identifying
  Key Performance Indicators?
• What Key Performance Indicators
  may be suitable for Norcare
            Why measure
“If you don‟t measure results, you can‟t tell success
   from failure
If you can‟t see success you can‟t reward it
If you can‟t reward success, you‟re probably
   rewarding failure
If you can‟t see success, you can‟t learn from it
If you can‟t recognise failure, you can‟t correct it
If you can demonstrate results, you can win public
What gets measured gets done.”
     What are Key
Performance Indicators?
• Monitor and measure service
  delivery and business performance
• Those indicators that identify
  whether the organisation is
  meeting, or failing to meet, its
  aims and objectives
       Identifying KPIs
• Related to strategic aims
• Identify what makes the organisation a
  success or a failure
• Controllable and Accountable
• Owned by organisation
• Outcomes or pre-requisites
• Long-term / Short-term
• Qualitative vs Quantitive
• Specific
• Measurable
• Achievable
• Relevant
• Timed
    Common Problems
• KPIs not related to strategy
• Short-termist
• Backward looking
• Used to „punish‟ rather than
  motivate and equip
• Too many measurements
     KPIs for Norcare
• A note of caution…
• Rejected KPIs
• Suggested KPIs
       Rejected KPIs
• Source of referrals*
• Number of repairs to property
• Number of complaints (SH)
      Suggested KPIs
• Corporate‟ KPIs
• KPIs in each operational area
      Corporate KPIs
• Staff Absences
• Percentage of expenditure spent
  on direct charitable expenditure
• Percentage of contract income
  from largest three commissioners
• Percentage of staff meetings
  assessed training needs
Service KPIs: Supported
• Numbers of referrals*
• Occupancy rate
• Length of stay
• Destination on departure
• Housing Management (eg repairs
  dealt with within one week,
  tenancy „turnaround time‟)
• Offending behaviour
 Service KPIs: Floating /
    Tenancy Support
• Number of referrals*
• Capacity
• Length of support
• Success rate in obtaining /
  maintaining accommodation
• Offending behaviour
Service KPIs: Addiction
• Number of referrals
• Stopped substance misuse
• Reduced substance misuse
• Accommodation obtained /
  maintained / secured
• Gained employment
• Entered education / training
Service KPIs: Volunteer
• New enquiries
• New recruits
• Total task / training hours
• Volunteers moving into education
  or employment