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In Focus:
social media
Why is it important?                                                                                 What does it involve?

Social media is a powerful tool for               Many people are using social media and usage       What is social media?                                                SoCial mEdia Can hElp
campaigning and influencing and                   figures are growing, particularly with the         The term “social media” covers a broad range of                      Campaigning and inFluEnCing
                                                  increasing ownership of internet enabled           tools including blogs, podcasts, social networks,
is most effective when it is fully                phones so access to social media sites is
                                                                                                                                                                          Work in thE FolloWing WayS:1
                                                                                                     wikis, picture sharing, video and social
integrated into the wider strategy                getting easier and easier.                         bookmarking. The term started to be used                             Creating a dialogue with your supporters,
for change.                                                                                          when it was realised that these new interactive                      beneficiaries, staff members, campaigners
                                                  Some facts:
Social media tools can support each stage of                                                         tools were not just about information but were                       and opposition alike.
your strategy to achieve change by making it    •	30.1	million	adults	accessed	the	internet	every	   social, a way to bring people together through
                                                  day	in	2010	(Office	for	National	Statistics)       the internet.                                                        Reaching people quickly and reacting to
easy for people with a passion for a cause to                                                                                                                             developments as they happen.
find your organisation and tell you about their •	Social	networking	accounts	for	23%	of	UK	
                                                                                                     When the internet was first launched, websites
views and experiences, share your information,    web	time	(April	2010,	Nielsen)
                                                                                                     were a way to get information out, broadcasting                      Accessibility	at	times	that	suit	the	user.
and become involved in your work.               •	75%	of	16-24	year	olds	and	31%	of	45-54	year	
                                                                                                     in one direction to readers. Text and images sat
                                                  olds posted messages on social networking                                                                               Sharing your own ideas and experiences
It is important that you and your organisation                                                       on web pages for people to read and users had
                                                  sites	in	2010	(Office	for	National	Statistics)                                                                          as well as those of your supporters
are able to build relationships with people in                                                       to go to the websites to find the information.
                                                •	There	are	over	500	million	Facebook	users	                                                                              and beneficiaries.
ways that suit them so that you can engage with                                                      The next generation of websites – web 2.0 – are
                                                  world	wide	(December	2010,	Facebook)
them regularly and feed this into your                                                               more interactive with the ability to update their
                                                •	50	million	tweets	are	posted	per	day	world	                                                                             Tapping into the expertise of your supporters.
campaigning and influencing work.                                                                    content easily and allowing users to generate
                                                  wide	(February	2010,	Twitter).
                                                                                                     their own content and facilitate conversations.
                                                  If you are not using social media then you could
                                                  be missing out on a potentially huge range of
                                                  opportunities to inform your campaigning and
                                                  influencing work. This guide sets out some
                                                  steps you can take to successfully incorporate
                                                  social media into your influencing work and
                                                  the tools that enable you to do this.

                                                                                                       Adapted from Hannah Lownsbrough, 38 degrees, e-campaigning tips:
2   Forum for Change                                                                                 lownsbrough-38                                                                              In Focus: Integrating social media
Where do I start?

When using social media in your         The campaign cycle divides the course of a        CrEating SoCial mEdia guidElinES                STAge	1:
campaigning and influencing work it     campaign into a series of stages and this guide                                                   analysing the issue and developing
                                        explores how social media can support your        getting	started	with	social	media	can	be	       an evidence base
is best to think about how it can       work in each of these stages.                                                                     You need to understand the context within
                                                                                          difficult as it relies on you putting more of
support each stage of the influencing                                                     yourself and your opinions online. It can be    which your issue sits if you are to successfully
process or campaigns cycle.                                                               empowering for people to work from a set        achieve the change you want to see. There is a
                                                                                          of social media guidelines or policy, which     mass of information out there on the web to
                                                                                          also help you to have confidence in what        help you, social media tools can enable you to
                                                                                          staff and volunteers are going to say.          quickly and regularly access what others are
                                                                                                                                          saying and to ask people and instigate
                                                                                          Some key elements to include in your            discussion on policy changes and campaigns.
                                                                                          policy or guidelines are:
                                                                                                                                          google alerts
                                                                                          Why social media is important.        

                                                                                          How social media will be integrated             google	alerts	is	a	service	that	searches	the	web	
                                                                                          with your offline work.                         for particular key words and emails you with the
                                                                                                                                          results. It can be useful to identify the people
                                                                                          How staff will be responsible for what          talking about particular topics you are
                                                                                          they write online.                              interested in, track if people are talking about
                                                                                                                                          your work and getting a sense of the sentiment
                                                                                          How using social media will help to             towards topics.
                                                                                          encourage a sense of community.
                                                                                                                                          google Blog Search
                                                                                          How using social media will bring value
                                                                                          to the people you’re talking to that they       Knowing	what	key	commentators	are	saying	
                                                                                          wouldn’t have got offline.                      about your issues is a great way to keep abreast
                                                                                          Respecting copyright.                           of new developments and ideas, and often
                                                                                                                                          these people will have blogs that you should
                                                                                          Protecting confidential information.            be reading. Find out if these key commentators
                                                                                                                                          have	blogs	through	a	simple	google	search	or	
                                                                                          Finding a balance between your social           using	google	blog	search	and	you	can	then	
                                                                                          media and other work.                           make use of the RSS to keep alerted of
                                                                                                                                          new posts.

3   Forum for Change                                                                                                                                             In Focus: Integrating social media
rSS feeds                                            Survey monkey                                       STAgeS	2	AND	3:                                   exAmple:	
                                                                           developing your strategy and planning             British heart Foundation
RSS	(really	simple	syndication)	is	one	of	the	key	
                                                                                                         Once you have decided on the issues that you
parts of the web 2.0 revolution. Websites with       This	is	a	cheap	(or	free	for	up	to	10	questions	                                                      In 2008 the British Heart Foundation
                                                                                                         want to change you can start developing your
RSS have the ability to push information out to      and	up	to	100	responses)	survey	tool	that	is	                                                         launched their “Cigarette vending machines
                                                                                                         strategy for achieving the change and planning
users.	Using	RSS	feeds	is	particularly	good	for	     easy to set up, send out and analyse results                                                          are totally out of order” campaign. They used
                                                                                                         for delivering the strategy.
staying on top of the latest news.                   from. This is good tool to ask people about their                                                     a creative advert, and an undercover video
                                                     experiences or thoughts of a particular policy      Search engines such as google are very            podcast showing how easy it is for children
To be able to read your RSS feeds you need to
                                                     change or campaign.                                 useful in helping you to identify your routes     to buy cigarettes.
have a reader. Web based sites such as google
                                                                                                         to influence, as are more specialised websites
reader allow you to            Forums                                                                                                Supporters were mobilised throughout
                                                                                                         such as Voices for Change Cymru
access this information from any computer.                                                                                                                 the country through a series of online ‘asks’
                                                     Forums can be a useful place to ask people and
Wordle                                               start discussions about issues you’re working       assembly-wag-information                          ranging from signing petitions, emailing the                                    on. Forums need a lot of input to help them                                                           Secretary of State for Health and their MP
                                                                                                         Parliamentary websites can also provide you the   and writing to their local newspapers.
                                                     succeed but can be very valuable to create
This tool allows you to put in any piece of text                                                         means to access the people you want to reach      This	resulted	in	the	Scottish	government	
                                                     ongoing dialogues with a group of people.
and it will generate a “word cloud”. The words                                                           such as parliament uk, national assembly          announcing their intention to ban the sale of
                                                     There are many build your own network
that are most used appear biggest in the                                                                 for Wales and the websites of the government      cigarettes through vending machines and the
                                                     websites out there, such as ning
picture. Word clouds are a quick snap shot of                                                            departments related to the issues you are         UK	government	changing	their	position.
                                                     which the Forum for Change is built on.
the key points; they can also help you to identify                                                       working on.
the	policy	buzz-words.                                                                                                                                     This campaign didn’t succeed just because
                                                                                                         tweetminster                                      of online activity; it also had a clear media
                                                                                                                       strategy and lobbying tactics. It was the
                                                                                                         Tweetminster is an aggregator of political        combination of all three that got the results.
                                                                                                         activity on Twitter, with a searchable
                                                                                                         directory of MPs
                                                                                                         twitter lists
                                                                                                         Twitter in particular is an excellent way to
                                                                                                         connect with journalists, MPs and other key
TIP: Several policy and parliamentary                                                                    commentators to raise awareness of your
websites have RSS feeds giving you he most                                                               cause and keep on top of breaking news.
up to date information from Parliament
and the devolved governments
parliament uk
                                                     TIP: Spend some time in a team meeting
                                                     brainstorming keywords to help you to set up
epolitix                                             your online searches and check the words                    regularly to ensure they are up to date.

 4   Forum for Change                                                                                                                                                            In Focus: Integrating social media
STAge	4:                                            E-petitions                                        youtube                                            exAmple:
delivering and monitoring progress                  Petitions can be useful in demonstrating that      Telling stories through video is a powerful        Campaign to save morden park
The delivery stage is your reward for careful       you have public support behind your campaign.      campaigning tool. YouTube is the world’s
planning and gives you the opportunity to be        Free online petition tools can be quickly shared   most popular video sharing website, with 2         local	residents	successfully	campaigned	
creative with your use of social media.             amongst your supporters and their friends.         billion	views	a	day	and	over	24	hours	of	video	    against Merton Council’s proposal to allow a
                                                                                                       uploaded	every	minute.	Despite	YouTube’s	          private company to build a private football
Here is an introduction to some of the most         e-petitions	have	a	number	of	benefits:                                                                pitch complex over one of the largest green
                                                                                                       popularity it is just one platform and it needs
popular social media tools which you can use                                                                                                              areas in the borough. To raise awareness and
                                                    •	easy	to	set	up	and	cheap	to	administer	          to work alongside your other broadcast
to support your work in delivering the policy                                                                                                             bring the issue alive they produced a short film
                                                      and collate.                                     tools to make sure it reaches the widest
change or campaign.                                                                                                                                       to highlight the impact to the community.
                                                    •	Allow	people	to	share	the	link	with	others.      audiences possible.
Email                                               •	Access	more	background	information	                                                                 As	a	small	local	group	the	campaigners	did	not	
                                                                                                       keys to success
The most powerful way to rally support                about the campaign.                                                                                 have vast resources but would definitely
                                                                                                       •	make	sure	you	have	consent	from	
and encourage online action is still via email.     •	Allow	you	to	feedback	to	the	people	                                                                recommend using films as a campaign tactic
                                                                                                         everyone involved to make the film public.
Almost	everyone	who	uses	the	internet	has	            that signed the petition.                                                                           which helped both reinvigorate existing
                                                                                                       •	make	sure	your	video	is	under	2	minutes,	
an email address and people usually treat their     •	Take	up	can	be	monitored.                                                                           supporters and recruit new ones. Watch the
                                                                                                         under	1	minute	is	even	better.
emails in a different way to other social media                                                                                                           film here:
                                                                                                       •	Your	video	needs	to	work	outside	the	context	
interactions, taking more notice of what                                                                                                                  watch?gl=US&hl=uk&v=ml3zafl6_4e
                                                                                                         of your website or campaign materials.
comes into their inbox.
                                                                                                       •	even	if	it’s	brief	make	sure	you	include	some	
keys to success:                                                                                         background information, how you plan to
                                                                                                         make your change, include a call to action –
•	emails	asking	recipients	to	take	one	action	
                                                                                                         what you’re asking people to do and where
  and emails updating them on the progress of
                                                                                                         to go next.
  the campaign are the best performing emails.
•	Try	different	types	of	content	for	different	
  audiences and compare their success. You will
  gradually work towards your perfect email.
•	personalise	your	emails.
•	Take	time	to	target	your	emails.	Find	out	what	
  people want to know about, what types of
  action they’re interested in taking and send
  them relevant emails.
•	Keep	your	email	list	clean	–	high	levels	
  of bouncebacks can blacklist you with
  email providers.
•	make	sure	your	email	comes	from	a	
  professional email address.
•	Follow-up	with	your	recipients	with	a	thank	
  you, updates and further actions.

 5   Forum for Change                                                                                                                                                           In Focus: Integrating social media
Facebook                                             keys to success                                    Facebook page or group?
Facebook	has	grown	from	a	US	college	
                                                     •	Features	can	change	with	little	notice	and	it	                             pAge                            gROUp
networking tool to being the biggest online
                                                       can be difficult to move between them. Make
social network and the main online home of                                                              ADmiNiSTRATiON            No personal identity, the page Directly	linked	to	the	people	
                                                       sure you have a back up plan and are
many people. Tapping into existing Facebook                                                                                       itself is in effect a person.  that administer it.
                                                       encouraging people to your own site.
networks may be a key element to your
                                                     •	make	use	of	the	Facebook	Apps	that	exist	to	
influencing and campaigning work.
                                                       promote campaigns such as Facebook Causes.       URls                      Customisable/	vanity	URls.      No customizable/ vanity
Facebook	has	over	500	million	users	worldwide,	      •	Don’t	rely	on	it	to	run	your	campaign.	You’ll	                                                             URls.
50%	of	whom	log	in	at	least	once	a	day	and	            need to promote your Facebook presence
these statistics change and grow daily. By far the     through your emails and other                    membeRS                   On the whole you cannot         group	members	can	be	
biggest age range of people using Facebook are         communications on and off line.                                            decide who can and can’t        moderated and approved
18-25	year	olds	but	the	fastest	growing	group	is	    •	promote	your	Facebook	presence	on	your	                                    join a page.                    if necessary.
the	over	55s.	                                         website, newsletters, emails and in print.
                                                     •	encourage	people	to	mention	you	in	their	
As	an	organisation	you	can	use	Facebook	                                                                pRivACY                   Pages are public                groups	can	be	private	
                                                       status updates or by tagging themselves in
in two main ways, by creating a page or a group.                                                                                  and less personal.              if necessary.
                                                       photos in your page.
The following table highlights some of the
differences between these approaches;                                                                   emAil                     You cannot send emails to    You can send out an email to
however the functions on pages and groups                                                                                         page members but you can     group members as long as it
does	change	regularly	so	do	re-check	these	at	                                                                                    send an update which appears is	under	5,000	words.
the time of creating your page or group.                                                                                          in their inbox.

                                                                                                        NewS	STReAm               You can add content to          Content will only be added to
                                                                                                                                  peoples’ news stream.           peoples’ news stream when
                                                                                                                                                                  they join the group or if they
                                                                                                                                                                  are friends with the person
                                                                                                                                                                  adding content.

                                                                                                        SeARCh	eNgiNeS            Content is indexed by search engines.

                                                                                                        TARgeTiNg	CONTeNT	        You can target content          You cannot target content
                                                                                                        TO	AUDieNCeS              to people on pages.             to people in groups.

                                                                                                        eveNTS                    You cannot send event emails. You can send event emails.

TIP: One of the functions most noticed by                                                               AppliCATiONS              Pages can host applications.    groups	cannot	host	
someone’s Facebook page is their profile                                                                                                                          applications.
photo so why not ask your supporters to
“donate” their profile to your cause for a                                                              meASURemeNT               You can access metrics          There are no metrics
specific length of time with a related photo                                                                                      for page users.                 for group users.

 6   Forum for Change                                                                                                                                                     In Focus: Integrating social media
twitter                                             keys to success                                   exAmple:                                       Campaign	Co-coordinator	
Twitter is probably the biggest social media                                                          Children’s Food Campaign,                      Jackie Schneider said:
                                                    •	be	personal,	people	don’t	want	to	
revolution in recent years, after Facebook.                                                           Coco pops and twitter
                                                      follow a corporation.                                                                          “As	soon	as	the	bus	stop	adverts	appeared	
A	tool	that	started	life	as	a	140	character	
                                                    •	make	use	of	personal	stories.                   The Children’s Food Campaign is part of        several of our supporters contacted us to
update of what you’re up to has turned into one
                                                    •	Create	easy	to	share	short	links	for	           Sustain, an alliance for better food and       complain so we knew the ads were not
of the most useful ways to connect with people,
                                                      your key online information.                    farming.	A	recent	Children’s	Food	Campaign	    popular. I looked on twitter and searched the
share information and find support for your
                                                    •	Don’t	just	broadcast	information;	interact	     action harnessed widespread anger among        term coco pops ads and found lots of tweets
cause. Twitter currently estimates that it has
                                                      with your followers, find relevant discussion   lots	of	parents	about	a	poster	by	Kellogg’s	   from people who had passed the ads that day
190	million	users	worldwide,	generating	65	
                                                      and reply to them.                              (a	partner	in	the	government’s	Change4	life	   and wanted to comment on their
million tweets a day, and these statistics
change a grow every day.                                                                              health	campaign),	advertising	Coco	pops,	      inappropriateness. It was easy to follow those
                                                                                                      which	suggested	to	children	‘ever	thought	     people and send them a message about our
Some functions on Twitter have become                                                                 of Coco Pops after school?’ and featured       coco pops slogan campaign. We found that
important ways of using the tool to its best                                                          the Coco Pops monkey dressed in a              one concerned individual had already tweeted
capacity. Retweeting, or RT, where you can                                                            school uniform.                                the	address	of	Kellogg’s	CSR	person.	
repost something someone else has tweeted to
your networks or vice versa. # Hashtags where                                                                                                        Using	twitter	allowed	us	to	find	people	who	
you can see all other posts that contain the                                                                                                         were concerned about the same issues we
same term such as #BigSociety. Twitter users                                                                                                         were so we could alert them to our work.
will also create names of events so that they can                                                                                                    Many of them signed up to The Children’s
be tagged and so enabling quick access to all                                                                                                        Food Campaign as a result and went on to
tweets about that event, such as the last                                                                                                            tweet links to us.
general	election	#ge10.                                                                                                                              My advice would be to act fast. Twitter is a
                                                                                                                                                     very immediate medium and things move on
                                                                                                                                                     quickly. We were able to show the tweets to
                                                                                                                                                     a journalists to persuade him it wasn’t just
                                                                                                                                                     us complaining. This led to a piece in a
                                                                                                                                                     national newspaper.’

TIP: You can create a twibbon for your Twitter
page which is a small image that people can
add to their avatar often a charity’s logo or

 7   Forum for Change                                                                                                                                                     In Focus: Integrating social media
Blogging                                         keys to success:                                  exAmple:
Blogging can be a great tool for building your                                                     Colalife
                                                 •	engage	with	the	people	in	your	organisation	
relationship with your web visitors. Blogs can
                                                   who want to blog, not just campaign staff.      Colalife	is	a	campaign	to	get	Coca-Cola	
add a personal aspect to your campaign, giving
                                                 •	blogs	don’t	have	to	be	long	thought	pieces,	    to open up its distribution channels in
people inside information and an insight into
                                                   what is important is that you keep the posts    developing countries to save lives by carrying
what action is being taken. Blogging also
                                                   personal	and	up	to	about	500	words.             much needed ‘social products’ such as oral
connects you to other people that have a
                                                 •	Don’t	be	too	cautious	about	comments,	          rehydration	salts	and	high-dose	vitamin	
passion for your issue as there are millions
                                                   let the debate flow and moderate only if        A	tablets.	
of other blogs out there on every subject
                                                   totally necessary.
you could imaging.                                                                                 Founder, Simon Berry, had the idea while
                                                 •	Use	other	broadcast	tools	such	as	Facebook	
                                                   and Twitter to publicise new posts.             working	on	a	british	Aid	programme	in	1988.	
                                                 •	Search	out	other	people	blogging	on	your	       Having made frustratingly little progress after
                                                   topic and comment on their posts. Invite        20 years Simon decided to try once more
                                                   them to do the same or pitch ideas to them      using social media. Since floating the idea on
                                                   for potential content.                          his blog in May 2008 he has created a huge
                                                                                                   community around the campaign using
                                                 In all of the examples given here you will find   Facebook, flickr and Youtube to get the
                                                 built in mechanisms which allow you to track      message	out.	Utilising	this	groundswell	of	
                                                 and monitor usage. For some tools, like email     support	Colalife	pressed	for	the	feature	to	be	
                                                 and	e-petitions,	this	is	quite	straightforward	   picked	up	on	Radio	4’s	interactive	programme,	
                                                 through knowing who has responded. Other          iPM. From this Simon was invited to talk with
                                                 have tools which allow you to see statistics      Coca-Cola	and	Colalife	is	now	in	discussions	
                                                 about your users, such as Facebook’s Insight      with them to take the idea forward.
                                                 Dashboard,	and	
                                                 Twitter	Analyzer           Simon explained the change in his campaign:
                                                                                                   “in	1988,	when	i	first	had	the	idea	it	was	just	
                                                                                                   me. I had no mechanism for convening people
                                                                                                   around the idea. To do the convening I went
                                                                                                   to where people already were online. I went to
                                                                                                   Facebook first and then when I had a few
                                                                                                   hundred people behind me I went on to the
                                                                                                   BBC iPM blog. The BBC took up the story and
                                                                                                   they used their expertise and name to get a
                                                                                                   statement	out	of	Coca-Cola.”
                                                                                                   Find out more about the campaign at

8   Forum for Change                                                                                                                                  In Focus: Integrating social media
                                                                                                    What next?

STAge	5:	                                           Views on youtube                                putting it into practice                         If you have a day or two…
Evaluate                                            You can easily see how many people have         If you have five minutes…
                                                    looked at your video on your youtube account.                                                    •	Register	for	the	FairSay	eCampaigners	
As	part	of	your	initial	discussion	about	what	                                                      •	Sign	up	to	a	free	             Forum	annual	‘un-conference’	event	in	
success will look like you need to think about      Friends on Facebook                               web site where you can run your own              Oxford and meet great online activists
what part your social media presence plays and      If you have a Facebook	page	or	group,	the	        campaigns and incorporate a range of             from around the world:
how you will measure it. Monitoring what            number of people that like your page or are       free social media tools.                         events/ecampaigning-forum
people are doing as you go along is easier than     members will be shown on the left hand side.    •	Join	the	e-campaigners’	forum	email	group	     •	Develop	a	social	media	policy	or	strategy	for	
only doing this in retrospect so do factor use      You can also track how many people use the        for questions, and examples from                 your organisation, ensuring that all relevant
the monitoring in the previous stage to support     like	button	too.                                  experienced	e-campaigners,	around	the	           staff/teams are involved and that you have
your end evaluation.                                                                                  world:              asked yourself the questions outlined in this
                                                    mentions in the press and parliament
It is possible to buy expensive monitoring          You can use a free bookmarking website such       ecampaigning-forum                               guide.	guidelines	can	be	found	here:	http://
packages that will follow your entire social        as delicious to record                                              
                                                                                                    If you have an hour…
media presence but there are also things you        your mentions and then use the keyword tags
can do for little or no money.                      to record the type of media, topic and          •	Arrange	a	meeting	with	a	senior	manager	
                                                    sentiment.	Also	websites	such	as	they Work        about the importance of using social
google analytics                                                                                      media to meaningfully support your
                                                    For you use                                                                             organisation’s campaigns
                                                    Hansard records of parliamentary debates so
This	free	tool	from	google	allows	you	to	           by using the search function on the website     •	Search	the	resources	of	
monitor visits to your website, including how       you can get quick information about who has       and find the articles most relevant to
long they spend there, their routes to your         mentioned your organisation or campaign           your	current	e-campaigns	
information	and	what	(if	any)	action	they	took.     over a set period of time.                        v
                                                                                                    •		 isit	the	NCvO	Campaigning	effectiveness’
                                                                                                      New Media page to read more case studies:
twitter followers                                   Social media aggregators                                                     There are some free tools that pull together      socialmedia
                                                    everything that is happening online around a    •	watch	the	Forum	for	Change	and	Third	
An	easy	figure	to	have	a	target	for	and	to	track	
                                                    specific keyword, such as Social mention          Sector	Foresight	e-seminar	on	the	future	of	
is your number of Twitter followers. There are
                                           and addict-o-matic          campaigning:
also many free tools to track the numbers of
                                           These tools are          campaigning-socialmedia
retweets you have, for instance will
                                                    excellent at getting an overview of what is
create a short link which track how many
                                                    happening around your campaign but because
retweets you have over time, but you can also
                                                    they don’t keep an ongoing record should
see this on the Twitter website itself.
                                                    be used in conjunction with some of the
                                                    metrics above.

TIP: It’s easy to link your own web content
to Facebook	profiles	using	the	like	button.	
when	people	click	on	a	like	button	
embedded on your website it posts a link
to their Facebook profile telling all of their
friends about the content.

 9   Forum for Change                                                                                                                                                      In Focus: Integrating social media
Further reading

online resources                                     toolkits, reading and resources                   about Campaigning Effectiveness, nCVo            acknowledgements                                    the digiactive guide to twitter for activism      Campaigning Effectiveness, nCVo                  Thank	you	to	louise	brown	who’s	work	this	
Is a free website that draws together a range             supports and empowers people and                 guide is based on.
of online tools enabling you to create and run       twitter_guide/                                    organisations to change their world
your own campaigns and connect with others.                                                            through campaigning and influencing policy.      big	lottery	Fund
                                                     nCVo third Sector Foresight,	provide	a	platform	to	create	a	                                                          We bring together experience and expertise
                                                     Future Focus 7: What will campaigning
home for your campaign and incorporate social                                                          and drive excellence in campaigning and
                                                     look	like	in	5	years’	time?	
media	tools	(such	as	YouTube	videos,	blogs	and	                                                        policy work across civil society by providing
Twitter	feeds),	with	actions	(such	as	e-petitions	                                                     support, knowledge, tools and resources.
                                                     services/publications/future-focus-7-what-will-                                                    wCvA	–	voices	for	Change	Cymru
and	‘write	to	your	mp’	functions),	as	well	as	a	                                                       For further information about our work
range of administration tools to monitor                                                               go to	
actions and progress.                       How to Campaign like Obama           campaigningeffectiveness
                                                                                                                              about Forum for Change
The new mass online activism hub, builds                                                               The Forum for Change, funded by the
immediate mobilisation around pressing      eCampaigning	essentials              big	lottery	Fund	is	a	network	for	people	
political	issues	in	the	UK,	coordinating	mass             influencing policy and campaigning for change
collective actions. They have grown to almost        insights/ecampaigning-essentials                  across the voluntary and community sector.
70,000	members	in	less-than-a-year,	since	                                                             Membership is free and open to everyone.
                                            2009	eCampaigning	Review
their	launch	in	spring	2009.	They	welcome	                                                             To join or for further information go to
suggestions for their next campaign.                                                          or
                                                     Witness: Video for Change
Consultancy	founded	by	former	Oxfam	gb	                                                                about in Focus
e-campaigns	manager,	Duane	Raymond,	                                                                   In Focus guides are produced for Forum for
providing a range of free articles, blogs, reports                                                     Change members as part of the Policy Skills
and	videos	in	the	area	of	e-campaigning	and	a	                                                         Development	programme.	Other	titles	include:
e-campaigners	forum.                        social media exit strategies
                                                                                                       •	building	your	evidence	base
                                                                                                                        •	Commissioning	research
The	Sheila	mcKechnie	Foundation’s	social	                                                              •	effecting	change	through	collaboration	
network and resource hub for campaigners,                                                              •	influencing	devolved	governments
includes	how-to	guides,	user	opinion	columns	                                                          •	involving	people	that	matter
and campaign event announcements.                                                                      •	making	sense	of	the	external	environment
                                                                                                       •	persuasion	or	pressure?	Campaigning	and	the	
                                                                                                         private sector
Online campaign action agency, offers some
                                                                                                       •	policy	development
free products, valuable case studies of how
                                                                                                       •	working	with	whitehall
their clients have utilised their tools to create
change,	and	a	e-campaigning	review	on	                                                       
learning from good practice.

10   Forum for Change                                                                                                                                                        In Focus: Integrating social media
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