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									Inquiry into the Underlying Causes of
    Construction Fatal Accidents

One Death is too Many

          Rita Donaghy CBE
          Chair of the Inquiry
                 Terms of Reference

To conduct an Inquiry into the underlying causes of
construction fatal accidents

 Phase 1     - Ten year review by HSE
              - 2008 study on root causes of 25 migrant /
                foreign worker fatalities
              - Preparation for Phase 2 research

 Phase 2     - Research based on wider source of
              - Review of ’25’ recent fatal accidents

 Phase 3     - Chair’s review after extensive industry
                consultation and Phase 1 and 2 reports

 Construction fatalities should be socially unacceptable

 It is a social issue and should not be confined to health and safety

 Building regulations should be amended to include process

 Clarify responsibility of directors to assist courts

 Positive duty on directors

 Extend remit of Gangmasters Licensing Authority to construction

 Mandatory Common Minimum Standards should apply throughout
  public procurement

 Standard agreed bench-marks on pre-qualification.
              Other Recommendations (1)

 Investigate built-in delays in prosecution

 Full-time Minister for Construction

 Construction Skills to be more re-distributive

 Research high drop-out rate on apprenticeships

 Consolidate and renew CSCS system

 Review adequacy and relevance of college curricula

 Greater trade union or worker participation – funding for worker safety

 Protection for families / contact addresses / ”legacy issues”.
             Other Recommendations (2)

 Partnership through supply chain

 Occupational Health

 Awareness raising campaign for reporting accidents / targeted
  campaign for vulnerable groups

 HSE – London resources / non-accident prosecutions /
  communications strategy / promotion of directors guidance

 Continue review of recent fatal accidents.
  Where to from Here?

Government considering response

      Voice for the industry

 Partnership, stability and profit.
     Inquiry into the Underlying Causes of
         Construction Fatal Accidents


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