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					          Instructions for filling out the Section 8 Pre-Lease Agreement

The Pre-Lease Agreement is used to document a plan for a tenant to rent a house and for the
Landlord to hold a particular unit for a particular tenant (also referred to as “Lessee”). This is
NOT a lease agreement and is not intended to replace a Lease. It is an agreement to move
toward signing a lease.

Use this agreement after the unit has been shown to the prospect and: (a) at the point that any
informal agreements are made or, (b) at the point that a tenant gives the Landlord any money.
NEVER provide keys to a unit until a full and proper Lease Agreement has been signed by all
parties involved.

Blank 1: Address of the unit.
Blank 2: City where unit is located.
Blank 3: Name of tenant(s)/Lessee(s).
Blank 4: Proposed Rent Amount. Since Section 8 will determine the actual rent amount they’ll
offer, enter in this blank the amount you will be requesting on your Inspection Request Form.
Blank 5: The Full Security Deposit dollar amount fo r the unit.
Blank 6: The amount of money the Tenant/Lessee is giving the Landlord at the time this Pre-
Lease is signed. It is not recommended that a Landlord accept less than HALF (1/2) of the total
Security Deposit required for the unit. It is also recommended that a Landlord ONLY ACCEPT
cash or money order for Security Deposits.

Blank 7: The remaining balance owed toward the Security Deposit after today’s payment is
made, if not paid in full today.

Blank 8: Date the Request for Inspection form will be submitted by Tenant/Lessee. This date is
usually 5pm or close of business the following business day. Some Landlords will fax in the
Request forms, but it is still the Tenant’s/Lessee’s responsibility to make sure the form was
received by the Section 8 office.

Short Blanks (all): Have all the Tenants/Lessees initial each blank. ALL BLANKS must be
filled in.

Special Instructions within Short Blanks Section:
Short Blank #2: Fill in the date one calendar week from the day this Pre-Lease is signed.
Short Blank #2: If the tenant is going to have their utilities on in a name other than their own,
have them fill in the name of who the bills will be registered to and notify the tenant that the
Landlord WILL be verifying that the utilities are turned on in the Tenant’s/Lessee’s name before
the inspection.

Short Blank #4: Circle which appliances the Tenant/Lessee will be responsible for providing.
Refrigerators and stoves are required to be installed in the unit prior to the inspection to they can
be checked for cleanliness and that they operate properly. (Note: Kick plates are designed to
prevent small children from sticking their hands and arms under the fridge. If the appliance was
manufactured with a kick place, then one will be required at the inspection.)
If any other agreements have been made and are agreed to by all people involved, use the back of
the Pre-Lease to document in detail the terms of additional agreements.

Signatures: Have all Tenants/Lessees sign the Pre-Lease Agreement and Date. Then sign it
yourself as the Landlord and date it.

Make a photocopy of this Pre-Lease.

Give the copy to the Tenant with a separate written receipt for the money they paid today,
keeping the original for the Landlord’s permanent records.

Retain ALL correspondence between the Landlord and the Tenant/Lessee for at least 3 years
after a tenant has vacated a unit. DO NOT discard this Pre- Lease when the Lease Agreement is
signed. Burden of proof is the Landlord’s responsibility in a legal situation, if the Landlord
provided the document. It is recommended that you make it policy to keep everything pertaining
to a Tenant/Lessee in a single Tenant File for easy reference.

If a tenant decides not to rent a unit after signing a Pre-Lease, you will have grounds for keeping
the Security Deposit that is paid toward the unit. Without an Pre-Lease, you may be required to
give the Deposit back.

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