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									                                                                                                                                                          SIB APPLICATIONS FOR FY 2005/06
                                                                                                                                   Application Cycle: August 2, 2004 - October 8, 2004 (Extended from October 1, 2004)
                                                                                                                                                                                       Total Project     SIB Loan      Proposed Interest                                     Secondary Repayment                        Date of Loan
       Applicant                District               Name of Project                                                    Project Description                                    SIS                                                       Primary Repayment Source                                           NPV                       Term
                                                                                                                                                                                          Costs          Amount              Rate                                                  Source                               Disbursement
                                                  LeeTran Administrative,
                                                                                          Acquisition Right-of-Way, design and construction of a new larger LeeTran
  Lee County Transit                1            Operations & Maintenance                                                                                                        N/A    $8,908,918       $3,000,000         0.00%                FTA 5307 Funds              Local Option Gas Taxes          86.91%       1/31/2005    6 years
                                                                                          Administrative, Operations and Maintenance facility
                                                                                          Project includes rehabilitation of the existing 0.9 mile two-lane bridge span and
  Collier County MPO                1           SR 951 Marco Island Bridge                                                                                                       N/A    $36,000,000     $36,000,000         0.00%               Federal XU Funds                       N/A                   60.87%       10/1/2005    23 years
                                                                                          construction of an additional, parallel two-lane bridge span
    Hendry County                   1         T-Hangars at Airglades Airport              Airglades Airport has a need for additional T-Hangars                                  N/A     $400,000        $400,000           2.50%                  FDOT Grant                     Hendry County              96.84%       1/1/2005     3 years
                                                                                          LaBelle airport is limited inland and prone to through the fence operators. Hendry
    Hendry County                   1                  Land Acquisition                   County wishes to acquire some 100 acres to help advance the airport and curb the       N/A     $750,000        $750,000           2.50%                  FDOT Grant                     Hendry County              97.17%       1/1/2005      1 year
                                                                                          through the fence operations
                                                                                          Design, permit and construct a new storm water master system in support of the
    Sebring Airport                             Master Drainage Commerce                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sebring Airport Authority
                                    1                                                     Sebring Airport Authority's new 140 acre Commerce Park. The Commerce Park              N/A     $650,000        $650,000           1.00%                  FDOT Grant                                                95.98%       1/2/2005     3 years
      Authority                                            Park                                                                                                                                                                                                                 General Revenue
                                                                                          will be linked to aeronautical commercial activities
                                                                                          Project consists of a two-lane, undivided, closed drainage system roadway, 3,550
    Sebring Airport                             Haywood Taylor Boulevard -                feet in length. Project also includes overhead lighting, retention pond                                                                                                            Sebring Airport Authority
                                    1                                                                                                                                            N/A    $1,601,000       $550,500           1.00%                  FDOT Grant                                                90.32%       1/2/2005     3 years
      Authority                                         Phase II                          requirements, permitting and associated landscaping to meet airport design                                                                                                            General Revenue
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Manatee County Port
 Manatee County Port                          Dry Storage Intermodal Transit
                                    1                                        Design and construction of a 200,000 square foot dry storage warehouse                              SIS    $9,000,000       $4,500,000         2.00%           Authority Non-ad valorem            Commercial Paper             86.11%       2/15/2005    20 years
      Authority                                        Warehouse
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Excess Revenues
                                                                             Project involves the acquisition of an 82 acre parcel of property and the
   Jacksonville Port                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lease income from long-term
                                    2         Vehicle Import/Export Terminal improvements to the site, to include berthing facilities, rail facilities, auto transport,          SIS    $54,203,225     $43,330,245         2.50%           Jacksonville Port Authority                                      79.54%       4/1/2005     30 years
      Authority                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               agreement with tenant
                                                                             storage and processing facilities
                                                                                          Project is a nine mile east-west (divided into four segments for design and
                                                                                          construction purposes) arterial connector road between East Arlington and the
                                                                                          Beaches area. The portion of this road between SR A1A on the east and Girvin
     Jacksonville                                                                         road to the west is a new road segment that includes the main intra-coastal                                                                      Transportation Sales Tax and
                                    2             Wonderwood Connector                                                                                                           N/A   $141,349,368     $40,000,000         2.00%                                                      N/A                   87.26%       10/1/2005    20 years
Transportation Authority                                                                  waterway fixed span bridge. This bridge traverses a main navigational channel                                                                       Constitutional Gas Tax
                                                                                          used by military, recreational and commercial vessels. It is designed to meet the
                                                                                          requirements of the US Coast Guards set horizontal and vertical clearances of
                                                                                          navigable channels
                                                                                          The proposed 3.25 mile project along Capital Circle Southeast (US 319/SR 261)
                                                                                          extends from south of Tram Road to Connie Drive in Leon County and includes
                                                                                          expanding the existing two-lane undivided rural roadway to a six-lane divided
     Blueprint 2000
                                                                                          urban (curb and gutter) facility. The purpose of the roadway improvement project
   Intergovernmental                           Capital Circle Southeast from
                                    3                                                     is to increase the capacity and safety of the existing highway. New traffic signals,   N/A    $48,164,720     $26,692,338         2.00%            Local Option Sales Tax                    N/A                   90.61%      10/15/2005    15 years
         Agency                                 Connie Drive to Tram Road
                                                                                          including ITS features, will be provided at six intersections. The project also
  (3 of 3 applications)
                                                                                          includes significant landscaping as well as pedestrian, bicycle and recreational
                                                                                          amenities. The project will be designed and constructed by a Design-Build Team
                                                                                          to be selected by Blueprint 2000.
                                                                                          The NW 25th Street Project consists of three components. The Viaduct
                                                                                          component calls for the construction of a two-lane elevated roadway (with
                                                                                          potential to expand in the future) over the north side of NW 25th Street using part
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Airport Improvement Fund -
 Miami Dade Aviation                                                                      of the existing canal right of way. The Viaduct would begin just east of NW 82nd
                                    6              NW 25th Street Viaduct                                                                                                        SIS   $111,000,000     $50,000,000         2.00%              Cargo Access Fees           Retainage Sub Account and         90.08%       10/1/2005    10 years
    Department                                                                            Avenue and would continue eastward over SR 826 and the railroad tracks, then
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Performance Sub Account
                                                                                          curve south from NW 25th Street into NW 68th Avenue, and touch down just north
                                                                                          of NW 22nd Street. Access to and from the Viaduct would be provided at the SR
                                                                                          826 interchange. FDOT is leading all aspects of this project
                                                                                          Reconstruction of a narrow 2 lane road in the beach communities of Indian Shores
                                                                                          and Indian Rocks Beach. Drainage is being replaced/improved. Sidewalks are
       District 7                   7             SR 699 (Gulf Boulevard)                                                                                                        N/A    $20,900,000     $13,500,000         0.00%             FDOT Work Program                        N/A                   94.99%       6/30/2005    5 years
                                                                                          being added to both sides. A seawall is being rebult on the east side of the road
                                                                                          which abuts the intracoastal waterway.
                                                                           The Reversible Express Lanes Project consists of an 8.3 mile three-lane elevated
 Tampa Hillsborough                           Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown     reversible lane facility extending from a series of feeder roads east of I-75 in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Expressway System Toll
 County Expressway                  7        Expressway Reversible Express Brandon to the downtown Tampa Central Business District, including converting                         SIS   $360,000,000     $42,000,000         3.00%             Project Toll Revenues                                         Not Rated     10/1/2005    30 years
     Authority                                          Lanes              Meridian Street to a multi-lane boulevard to serve as an entrance/exit between the
                                                                           reversible lanes and the Tampa Central Business District

                                                                                          Begin construction of improvements along I-4 in Orange County, including four
                                                                                          tolled special use lanes, identified as Xpress Lanes. This project is being
                                                                                          completed as a partnership between FDOT District 5 and Florida's Turnpike                                                                         FIHS Allocations/Turnpike
  Turnpike Enterprise               T                  I-4 Improvements                                                                                                          SIS   $1,817,000,000   $65,000,000         2.00%                                         State Transportation Trust Fund    91.13%       7/1/2005     20 years
                                                                                          Enterprise to accelerate the completion of the project by FY 2012. Through the                                                                            Revenue
                                                                                          use of Xpress Lane toll revenue, the Enterprise can commit $250 million towards
                                                                                          the total I-4 improvement project cost, based on revenue projections.

                                                                                                                                                                      TOTALS           $2,609,927,231   $326,373,083

                                                                                                                                    TOTALS OF SELECTED SIB PROJECTS                    $231,276,863     $127,522,583
Represents Office of Financial Development Federal SIB recommendations.

Represents Office of Financial Development State SIB recommendations.

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