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									Uganda Wildlife Authority
 Business Skills Training
  Follow-Up Action Plan

Shell Foundation : Second Visit
     18th – 21st July 2006
                        Follow-Up Actions
Listed in the following slides are :
1) For BMCA Business Plan
•   Actions to incorporate Shell feedback and complete drafting of Business
    Plan (draft 2) sections prepared following 1st training visit
•   Actions to achieve initial drafts of new Business Plan sections for which
    training has been completed during the 2nd training visit
•   Actions for addressing remaining Business Plan sections
•   Timeline for completing Business Plan actions
•   Actions to embed Business Plan in UWA work/culture
2) For Bwindi ‘Education’ centre proposal
•   Actions to secure funding
3) Observations on training visit by Shell & UNESCO
                          Section 2 : Company Analysis
Champion : Justus Namara        Section provided as part of draft 2 Business Plan
                                Incorporate draft 2 feedback including :
2.1. Company Profile            Include conclusions drawn from visitor and financial statistics tables
                                See attached analysis for ideas e.g. trend of visitor numbers, BINP vs MGNP,
                                main sources of income, main expenditures and trends
2.2. Vision & Mission
2.3. Present Situation
2.4. Stakeholder Analysis
2.5. SWOT Analysis              Summarise main Strengths and Opportunities and highlight how they may
                                leveraged, summarise main Weaknesses and Threats and conclude how they
                                may might be mitigated.
                                Include SWOT strategy analysis
2.6. Goals & Objectives         Describe how outcomes from SWOT analysis and Swot strategic analysis leads to
                                the goals and actions described
                     Section 3 : Market Analysis
Champion : John Friday     Section provided as part of draft 2 Business Plan
                           Incorporate draft 2 feedback including :
3.1. Products
3.2. Competitors          Include analysis of range of products offered by DRC and Rwanda (not just gorilla
                          Compare typical experience offered by BMCA to typical experience offered by
                          competitors in E. Africa (Kenya, Tanzania)
3.3. Customers            Use Customer Profile template in Toolkit to present customer profiles for 3-5
                          different visitor types (input from tour operators and field staff will help)
                          Briefly discuss which customer types represent opportunities for growth
3.4. Market Share         Briefly discuss opportunities to increase market share above natural share of
                          gorilla market e.g. capture market share for other products, use opportunities
                          such as World Heritage branding, Queen’s 2007 visit to increase
                          Uganda/UWA/Bwindi profile
3.5. PEST Analysis        Briefly discuss which areas from the PEST analysis represent the main
                          advantages or disadvantages against competitors
                              Section 4 : Marketing Plan
Champion : John Friday              Section provided as part of draft 2 Business Plan
                                    Incorporate draft 2 feedback including :
4.1. Marketing Strategy             Summarise strategy built up in following sections
4.2. Marketing Objectives           Complete and include marketing objectives from training session
4.3. Market and Customer Analysis   Structure text to answer questions in feedback : what are customers looking for ?
                                    What products meet their needs ? What factors influence their buying decisions ?
4.4. Market Segmentation            Discuss customer profiles in section 3 and if possible contrast to customer statistics
     from other parks/areas
4.5. Market Targeting               See feedback
4.6. Marketing Mix
4.7. Market Positioning             Based on earlier discuss what differentiates the ‘BMCA brand’ from it’s competition
4.8. Product                        Clarify which products are available now and which are in development
                                    Discuss product packages, cultural products, including accommodation in packages
4.9. Pricing                        Reference pricing comparisons in section 3, discuss pricing strategy for new
4.10. Place (Distribution)          See feedback
4.11. Promotion                     See feedback
4.12 Marketing Budget               Clarify which markets budget relates to (current text implies it is only domestic
                                    Discuss how this will be funded
                              Section 7 : Risk
Champion : Richard Kapere   Section provided as part of draft 2 Business Plan
7.1. Risk Identification
7.2. Risk Evaluation        Include risk ‘blob chart’ to visually illustrate risk evaluation (see SIF Risk
    Evaluation              Example)
7.3. Risk Management        Clarify which risk mitigation plans have already been put in place and which
    still                   need to be completed e.g.Fire Response Plan
                            Update Risk Owners for individual risks
7.4. Contingency Planning
                               Section 5 : Operations Plan
Champion : Edgar Buhanga                               Initial draft to be prepared following Training II
5.1. Procurement                    Summarise existing responsibilities for procurement and inventory management,
     Raymond Engena                 clearly stating split of responsibilities between BMCA and Headquarter staff
                                    Reference what existing procurement policies are used, who is responsible for
                                    them, where they can be found
                                    Describe current status of inventory management, what items require inventory
                                    management for BMCA in the future and who would be responsible for this

5.2. Contractual Agreements         Summarise existing responsibilities for contracting clearly stating split of
     Raymond Engena                 responsibilities between BMCA and Headquarter staff
                                    Reference what types of existing standard contracts are used (e.g. MOU’s,
                                    concession agreements) , who is responsible for them, where they can be found

5.3. Fund Raising Activities        Summarise current UWA fund raising process (informal, project-based), who is
     Olive Kyanpaire                responsible for fund raising, areas for improvement
                                    List historic funding received by donor, include amount, date and project name
                                    Summarise special aspects of funding for World Heritage sites : UNESCO role,
                                    UNESCO funds and contact details (Africa desk contacts, website address)
                                    Summarise key elements for an initial funding proposal and attach Bwindi visitor
                                    centre proposal

5.4. HSE activities                 Briefly summarise legal requirement in Uganda for HSE management, reference
     Assumptah Tushabe                        UWA HSE policy who is responsible for this, where it can be found

5.5. Preventative Maintenance       Draw up preventative maintenance template and checklist for BMCA vehicles
     Martin Musinguzi               To include list of critical spare parts with minimum numbers, list of regular vehicle
                                    checks with frequency.
                                Section 6 : HR Plan
Champion : Assumptah Tushabe                       Initial draft to be prepared following Training II
6.1. Organisational structure    Description of organisational structure, staff numbers
                                 Focus on split between roles and responsibilities of BMCA staff and support
                                 provided to BMCA from Headquarters staff
                                 Clear description of lines of responsibility
                                 Refer to or use BMCA Management Plan data where appropriate
                                 Summarise current HR issues for BMCA as per list completed in training session

6.2. Staff profile               Identify BMCA jobs for which job profiles will be written
                                 Complete BMCA job profiles based on work during training on Ranger Guide profile
                                 Collaborate with Martin and Stephen

6.3. Staff Requirements          Summarise staff number requirements as per BMCA Management plan
                                 Identify staff number requirements for Business Plan period (3 years) if different

6.4. Training                    Summarise training courses available to BMCA staff (as per Management Plan)
                                 Describe whether there are gaps i.e. needs for additional training courses
                                 Are there other methods of training being used ? On-the-job training ?

6.5. Gap analysis                Perform Gap analysis for selected Job types as per example prepared in training

                                 Conclude with any HR actions (training, recruitment ...) required to address
                                 identified gaps analysis and current HR issues
                            Section 8 : Financial Plan
Champion : Joseph Tibaijuka                      Initial draft to be prepared following Training II
8.0 Financial Overview          Text summary of financial history and current situation of UWA and BMCA
                                Summarise conclusions from budget analysis and capital requirements
8.1. Capital Requirements       Summarise capital requirements from 2006 Annual Operations Plan budget
    and                         project requirements for 2007 and 2008
8.2. Budget                     Complete budget analysis started in training
                                Summarise assumptions used and conclusions that can be drawn from
                                Focus could be on BMCA surplus, proportion of HQ costs to support vs.
    meeting                     capital requirements
8.3. Financial Statements       Not required at this stage
8.5. Evaluation                 Not required at this stage
8.6. Funding                    Summarise what conclusions from budget analysis may mean for funding
                                If necessary reference Fund Raising section of Operations Plan (Section 5)
                       Section 9 : Action Plan
Champion : Edgar Buhanga                        Initial draft to be prepared following Training II
9.0 Action Plan   Finalise and include action plan list
                  Highlight any special priority items
                  Discuss how action plan interacts with Annual Operations plan and budget
                                     Other Sections
Additional section :
It was decided it would be valuable to include a specific section in the Business Plan addressing those
items which would impact on neighbouring communities and those where communities could impact the
Business Plan activities and goals. Following the principle that BMCA can best achieve it’s goal of being a
‘healthy and sustainable business’ if surrounded by healthy and sustainable communities’.
Section x : Communities Plan                                                             Champion : Vanice
x.1. Objectives                     Briefly describe the importance of a strong relationship with communities to
                                    BMCA (include importance of this to donor organisations)
                                    Summarise which business plan goals and actions impact on neighbouring
                                    communities and which can be impacted by these communities
x.2. SWOT                           Fill in SWOT table for current relationship with communities neighbouring BINP
                                    and MGNP
x.3. Goals and Actions              Summarise with a short list of actions specific to communities and the BMCA
                                    Business Plan (for other communities actions reference BMCA management plan)

Sections yet to be completed :
Section 1: Executive Summary                                                 Champion : Edgar Buhanga
Section 10: Appendix                                                         Champion : Edgar Buhanga
            Timeline for Business Plan Actions
Actions                   Dates           Week no   Deliverables         Person

Company analysis/         31 July-4 Aug   2         50% complete next    Justus/John/Richard
Market Analysis/                                    draft
Market Plan / Risk Plan   14-18 Aug       4                              Justus/John/Richard
                                                    90% complete next
                          21-15 Aug       5         draft                Edgar/Justus/John/

                                                    Circulate in UWA     Richard

                          28 Aug-1        6                              Edgar
                                          8         Send to SF           SF/Edgar/Authors
                          11-15 Sept
                                          2         Finalise             Raymond/Olive,
Operations Plan
                          31 July-4 Aug                                  Assumptah, Martin
(Procurement,                             4         50% complete draft
Contracting,              14-18 Aug                                      Edgar + authors
Fundraising, HSE,                         5         90% complete draft
Preventative              21-15 Aug                                      Edgar
Maintenance)                              6         Circulate in UWA
                          28 Aug-1                                       SF/Edgar/Authors
                          Sept            8         Send to SF
                          11-15 Sept      4         Finalise
HR Plan                   14-18 Aug       6         50% complete draft
                          28 Aug-1        7         90% complete draft
                          Sept                                           Edgar
                                          8         Circulate in UWA
                          4-8 Sept                                       SF/Edgar/Assumpta
                                          10        Send to SF           h
                          11-15 Sept
                          25-29 Sept
              Timeline for Business Plan Actions
Actions            Dates           Week no   Deliverables           Person

Communities Plan   31 July-4 Aug   2         50% complete draft     Vanice

                   14-18 Aug       4         90% complete draft     Vanice

                   21-15 Aug       5         Circulate in UWA       Edgar/Vanice

                   28 Aug-1        6         Send to SF             Edgar
                                   8         Finalise               SF/Edgar/Vanice
Finance Plan       11-15 Sept
                                   3         50% complete draft     Joseph
                   7-11 Aug
                                   6         90% complete draft     Joseph
                   28 Aug-1
                   Sept            7         Circulate in UWA       Edgar/Joseph

                   4-8 Sept        8         Send to SF             Edgar

                   11-15 Sept      10        Finalise               SF/Edgar/Joseph
Action Plan
                   25-29 Sept      2         Review initial draft   Edgar
                                             against 2006 AOP and
                   31 July-4 Aug             revise
                                   4         50% complete draft     Edgar

                   14-18 Aug       7         90% complete draft     Edgar

                   4-8 Sept        8         Circulate in UWA       Edgar

                   11-15 Sept      9         Send to SF             Edgar

                   18-22 Sept      10        Finalise               SF/Edgar

                   25-29 Sept
            Timeline for Business Plan Actions
Actions                   Dates          Week no           Deliverables           Person

Executive Summary         11-15 Sept     8                 90% complete draft     Edgar

                          25-29 Sept     10                Circulate in UWA       Edgar

Compile entire Business   9-13 Oct       12                Compile and review     Edgar
Plan                                                       in UWA
                          16-20 Oct      13                                       Edgar
                                                           Send to SF for
                          30 Oct-3 Nov   15                review                 SF/Edgar

                                         Closest                                  Edgar
Approve BP with UWA                      management
management                               meeting to week
Approve BP with UWA                                                               Edgar
board                                    Next board
                                         meeting (Q4)
Brief UWA management
                                                           Presentation on        Edgar to co-
on BMCA Business                         August
                                                           purpose and the        ordinate with BP
Planning progress and                    management
                                                           advantages of BP and   team
seek their support                       meeting
                                                           current status
Consultation with
stakeholders ??
Decision on Third visit                                                           UWA/SF/UNESCO
     Embedding Business Plan in UWA : Actions
•   Brief UWA management on advantages of Business Planning approach
    and current status of BMCA Business Plan

•   Consider reviewing BMCA Business Plan with stakeholders e.g. fenceline
    communities, tour operators, concessionaires
•   Just do it !
     Bwindi ‘Education’ Centre Proposal : Actions
•   Plan is to utilise UNESCO to secure funding for Bwindi visitor centre
          by securing direct donations from UNESCO funds, and/or
          utilising UNESCO co-ordination to secure other donor funds
•   Responsible : John Makombo Lead responsibility and operations input
                  Olive Kyanpaire UNESCO partnership coordination
                  Edgar Buhanga Planning co-ordination and EIA
•   Actions :    Advise Moses Mapesa to lobby for funding with Kishore
                 (deputy director WHC) at GRASP meeting in Paris and
                 discuss intended proposal      (Edigold Monday)
                 Complete rough draft of WHC funding proposal form and
                 submit to UNESCO co-ordinator 21/07/2006
                 Liaise with UNESCO coordinator to finalise funding
                 proposal        for WHC funds or to other funding bodies
                 if necessary
                 Aug-Dec 2006 (WH funding deadline 1st Feb 2007)
              Observations : Shell & UNESCO
•   Impressed with efficient and dedicated management BMCA by UWA and
    knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff
•   Need to use UNESCO World Heritage property branding more actively in
    signage and promotional materials
•   Use UNESCO co-ordination, funding, promotional and educational
    materials more actively
•   Consider early impact of ‘Virunga Massif’ WH designation (expected July
    2007) on business and develop strategy
•   Be proactive in using ‘free’ promotional opportunities e.g. Queen’s visit,
    photographic and filming materials, embassy exhibitions
•   Use feedback from visitors, tour operators and guidebooks to understand
    your potential market, their perception of you and to develop new
•   Look for places where tools & ideas in Business Toolkit can be put to
    immediate use => Business Plan Thinking

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