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Law Firm Proposal by khy14500


Law Firm Proposal document sample

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									  Request for Proposal
for Website Redesign and


Firm Overview
[LAW FIRM] is a leading law firm in three of the fastest growing communities in America.
Since its inception in [YEAR], [LAW FIRM] has grown to more than [NUMBER] lawyers.

[LAW FIRM] is a full service firm representing a broad range of clients, from local companies to
national and international corporations. The firm's clients include prominent national and
international companies involved in a multitude of markets, including [list industries].

[LAW FIRM] has three main practice groups: [list practices]. [Describe firm].

[LAW FIRM] defines its uniqueness through its diversity and the integrity of its lawyers. One of
our founding partners, helped establish the basic principles of the firm, which are still very much
a part of our day-to-day life. Examples of these rules are treating all visitors as you would guests
in your home and understanding that the client comes first and their satisfaction is the measure of
our work.

Website Background

The current version of our website was designed and is hosted by [HOST]; The site is built in
frames and is a flat, as opposed to database driven, site.

Our current site was launched in [date]

Goals of our Redesigned Site

New business can come from seminar speaking, article publication, and association and
organization participation. However, the majority of our new business comes to us through
attorney and client referrals. Therefore, the primary goals of our redesigned web site are:

   To facilitate the referral of business and to provide information about the firm in an easily
    accessible and navigable site

   To build [LAW FIRM]’s image as a technologically capable and client- need focused firm

   To provide up-to-date materials to visitors seeking information on substantive areas of law

   To portray to prospective recruits, law firm graduates and laterals, [LAW FIRM]’s image as
    a top law firm that provides a good quality of life

   To allow visitors to request additional information and/or contact a [LAW FIRM] member

   To provide enhanced search capabilities so visitors can more easily obtain the information
    they are seeking
   To allow visitors the capability to download information such as directions, attorney phone
    and fax numbers onto their PDA

   To possibly support multimedia, client extranets and other client resources

Content Needs and Wants for New Site

As our clients’ level of technology has increased, so has our need to service these clients.
Increasingly, when developing new clients or recruiting attorneys, our website is often the first
point of contact people has with our firm.

We plan to convert our current text to the new site. However, we would like the text reorganized
in a more functional manner, perhaps by type of visitor to the site or per the designer’s

The site currently has approximately [number] pages. Please visit [WEB ADDRESS] to view our
current content. We would like our new site to include additional content such as published
articles, upcoming seminar announcements and registration capabilities. The site must be
searchable from its own search engine and from standard search engines. Pertinent information,
such as attorney names, phone and fax numbers as well as directions should be downloadable to
a PDA. This can be done through the use of free software called AvantGo. In addition,
depending on cost, we would like to update the site with the use of Flash technology.

Project Timeline
Our current contract with [HOST] expires [DATE]. The designer must be able to complete the
project by that time or transfer the current site and its contents to a new host. This process
should be as seamless as possible. Demonstration of this process and a timeline with phase
completion should be submitted with the proposal.

Design Experience

It is important that the web developer demonstrate their design expertise. Please provide sample
graphic design work as well as years of experience and past employment for proposed website
designer(s). Information should be provided only on individuals who would be assigned to
the development of our site. If this is done in a team approach, provide technical and design
experience for all team members. Also provide at least three client references with their contact

It is also vitally important that the designer demonstrate an understanding of professional service,
specifically the law firm culture and ethical standards. This can be shown through previous law
firm site development and/or acknowledgement and comprehension through verbal
communication. The developer should articulate things such as how they would handle
Martindale-Hubbell links and registration as well as a working knowledge of legal terms and
Design Approach
Please indicate the approach and process your company would take in the website design
including management of the project. This must also include your opinion of the earliest version
of browser connectivity and software limitations, to which the site can and should be designed.

Site Ownership
The developer should explain their policy and limitations on site ownership. Details such as
ownership of text, interface, database, graphics, logos or other artwork as well as program and
process rights should be included. Identify and explain all ownership options and whether your
company is willing to negotiate.

Site Maintenance
The developer must outline all options available for maintenance of the site with a differential
cost breakdown for each option. Developer should propose an updating process that
demonstrates efficiency and accuracy with an explanation of consequences if and when these
processes are not followed. Please indicate which pages are available for client self- update and at
what rate this option is offered.

Website Registration
It is imperative that a visitor be able to find [LAW FIRM]’s site easily on important legal
research sites as well as on commonly used search engines.

The developer must indicate what search engine and directory registration is included in the
website redesign and what methods are in place to maintain frequent hits on our site. Please
provide experience and information on ancillary products available to achieve a high rate of
return for our site. Also indicate whether our site will require additional registration with search
engines and outline additional fees for registering the redesigned site in the cost section of this

Website Hosting
Developer should identify their capabilities to provide web- hosting services. A detailed
explanation and description of the infrastructure, where our site would be hosted, connectivity to
Internet, security and management services should also be included. We also ask that de veloper
identify other organizations with which our redesigned site would share resources. Please
identify specific fees associated with these areas in the cost section of this proposal.


It is important that we receive valuable and useful information about visitors to our site. This
means more than just a print out of what URL the person came from and a number of page hits.
The developer should indicate what capabilities they have to track visitors to a client’s site and
what beneficial information is gleaned and available for review by the client. If developer
retains an outside company to track this information, please provide the company’s name,
sample reports and any collateral materials available.

The developer should provide a cost breakdown for all services that can be provided pursuant to
the items discussed in this request. Please indicate price for all- inclusive items as well as a la
carte type services. We understand that given the uncertainty of the scope of the project, yo u
may not be able to provide an absolute precise total cost. However, the successful proposal will
provide the firm with a favorable and complete pricing package based on the criteria outlined in
this proposal.


Please submit proposal for web site development no later than end of business day [DATE].
You may include company promotional materials in addition to your proposal response as long
as they are attached. Please do not include loose papers or brochures.

Submit two (2) copies of your proposal in hard copy format. You may submit an additional copy
of the proposal via e-mail if you wish. Submissions and questions regarding the proposal should
be directed to:


This proposal is voluntary and does not commit [LAW FIRM] to compensation for any
costs incurred in preparing the proposal. [LAW FIRM] reserves the right to accept or reject the
developers proposal in part or in its entirety. All responses received shall become the sole
property of [LAW FIRM] and dissemination of the proposal is at [LAW FIRM]’s discretion.

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