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									                                                                              Ylva Henrikson, date of birth 12-10-1982
CV: Ylva Henrikson Svalgränd 3B, SE-172 36 Sundbyberg, Sweden. Phone: +46 731 54 78 64
2002-2006        BA (Hons) Dance Theatre programme at Laban Centre, London.
2005             Placement with company CIRK, Copenhagen, Denmark. Participated during rehearsal and gave a workshop.
2001-2002        A one-year programme at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm, Sweden.
1999-2001        Dance programme at the Culture school of Örebro, Sweden.

2009-04/09 Vertical Exile-West Bank & Vertical Exile Copenhagen’09, by Sara Gebran.
2008-10    La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble. Choreography: Sara Gebran. Stockholm, Copenhagen; Uppsala, Göteborg.
2008-03    Homelife. Choreography: Joe Wild. Performer: HuBe Dance Collective. Home Sweet Home, Rep San Marino.
2008-02    Buy-Land. Film by: Ylva Henrikson, Yokohoma Dance Film Festival, Japan.
2008-02    no name Thousands. Choreography: Sonja Jokiniemi. London Resolution Festival 2008.
2007-10    Buy-Land. Film by: Ylva Henrikson, Idyll Film Festival, Stockholm.
2007-09    Exchanging: Memories of Movements Part 1 & 2. Artistic director: Sara Gebran, tour Denmark and Sweden.
           Århus Festuge, Århus, Dansescenen, Copenhagen and Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm.
2007-08    Snails, Choreography: Anna Moscatelli; London Bar, Barletta, Italy.
2007-08    All Is Love. Choreography and dance: Ylva Henrikson. Music: Martin Q. Larsson. Song: Lisa Hansson.
           Stockholms Kulturfestival 2007.
2007-06    Buy-Land. Film by: Ylva Henrikson, Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankylä, Finland.
2007-05    Homelife in Audiovisualmomentum. Choreographer: Joe Wild. Performer: HuBe Dance Collective, Brighton
           Fringe Festival, Brighton Media Centre, Brighton.
2007-04    Homelife. Choreography: Joe Wild. Performer: HuBe Dance Collective. Il Frontio, Fuccechio, Italy.
2007-04    One String of Light in No Space. Choreographer/dancer: Ylva Henrikson. Music/song: Mariam Wallentin.
           Artisten, Gothenburg.
2007-03    Homelife. Choreography: Joe Wild. Performer: HuBe Dance Collective. Brighton Fringe Festival Launch Party,
           The Ship, Brighton and Ungkulturdagarna organized by Riksteatern, Stockholm.
2007-02    Buy-Land. Choreography: Ylva Henrikson. Dance: Ulrika Berg. Open Stage, Örebro.
2006-12    Irreversible. Film by: Ylva Henrikson. A dance film festival, Dans på duk, Örebro.
2006- 11   Fine Line. Choreography: Angela Woodhouse; Bonnie Bird Theatre, London.
2006-10 Choreography: Alice Mundchien; TanzTage Basel 06, Basel, Schweiz.
2006-09    Crash. Choregraphy: Firenza Guidi; Gerddi Aberglasney Gardens, Wales.
2006-07    Show Case Festival, London. Irreversible (2006), a dance film produced and choreographed by me. Participated
           also in choreographies by Martina Conti, Joe Wild and Goldfish Dance Company.
2006-02    Lets Blame It on the Weather. Choreography: Christina Jensen; Resolution Dance Festival, London.
2005       More or Less the Same as Before. Choreography: Jasmiina Sipila. Site-specfic solo in New Cross, London.
2005       Buffalo. Choreography: May-Clare McKenzie; site-specific work performed in Deptford, London.
2004-…     Member of the Explorer Dance Collective, London. During 2006 participated in different dance festivals in
           London, Rome and Basel. Since 2004 worked site-specific at galleries, bars and churches around London.
2003-2006  During my education at Laban Centre I have worked with many different choreographers, among others Lea
           Anderson, Angela Woodhouse, Athena Vahla, Gary Lambert and Lisa Kendal. I have performed their pieces at
           the Bonnie Bird Theatre in London as well as during a tour 2006.

2007              Improvisation, David Zambrano (15 h), Danscentrum, Stockholm.
2007              Film course for choreographers (35 h), Gunilla Heilborn, Trappan/Dansalliansen, Gothenburg.
2007              ADEKWHAT/Philippe Blanchard rep. (15 h), Niklas Stureberg, Dansens hus, Stockholm.
2007              Floorwork/ Contact improvisation (10 h), with Khosro Adibi, Nya Teatern, Örebro.
2007              Contact improvisation (30 h), with Benno Voorham, Stockholm.
2006              Wired Aerial Theatre (20 h), with Wendy Hesketh, London.
2005              Physical theatre (30 h), with May-Clare McKenzie, Laban, London.
2004              Astanga yoga (40 h), Yoga Centre, Örebro.
2004              Breakdance (16 h), Danspalatset, Örebro.
2004              Voice (15 h), Drill Hall Theatre, London.
2003              Lighting (30 h), with Ross Cameron, Laban, London.
2003              Voice (20 h) with Mike Crawford, Nya Teatern, Örebro.
Singing classes since 1993, and been active in several choirs in groups and solo.Voice: alto.
Have trained acting at Nya Teatern in Örebro, Sweden 1996-2000. Performed in several pieces.
Film making and editing for dance documentary and dance video.

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